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Became an Airrosti Provider:2023

Undergraduate School:North Central Texas College

Graduate School:Parker

Hometown:Midlothian, TX

Hobbies:Spending time with family and friends, being outdoors, and getting to play a sport any chance I get.

Interesting Facts:I played college baseball for 2 years at a Junior College before starting Chiropractic school. I actually grew up going to Airrosti for multiple different sports injuries and they played a big part in me wanting to work here.

What Airrosti Means to Me:Airrosti allows me to impact patients' lives every chance I get. By providing people with high quality treatment and allowing for time to build relationships that lead to the best patient care possible!

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by Kendall Degraphenreed

Even though my issue was not totally resolved, nor expected, the therapy and education provided by Dr. Garrett was great and therapeutic in itself. Great job, Dr. Garrett! Your services will be recommended. Thank you!