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Became an Airrosti Provider:2015

Graduate School:Cleveland Chiropractic College -KC

Hometown:Enid, OK

Hobbies:Super Nintendo, watching football, true crime podcasts, collecting houseplants, jigsaw puzzles, riding bikes, hiking, and being outside with my family.

Interesting Facts:After getting married in Las Vegas, my husband and I had a Halloween party for a reception.

Awards and Recognitions:Clinic Service Award Award of Excellence 2018 Award of Excellence 2019 League of Elite Airrosti Providers 2019 Airrosti San Antonio Leadership 2022-2023

What Airrosti Means to Me:Having the support and resources to provide patients with the best treatment possible.

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by Miguel Leija

I went in with what was told to me by Dr. Lakin, was frozen shoulder in both arms. I had very little mobility for around 2yrs. After 4 treatment visits and counsel on exercises. I am what i feel 80% better and plan to get to 100% with continued exercises shown to me. Thank you Dr.Lakin you have given me back a better quality of life.

by Morgan Zachmeyer

I dealt with ankle/heel pain for a while, managing my pain with a brace and reduced activity. I went to Airrosti Alamo Ranch and found out it was a calf injury impacting the other areas of my leg, and Dr. Lakin and Anderson worked on my leg as such. After each visit, and individually using the exact instructions on my portal (icing, foam roller, taping, and exercises), I saw improvement each time I completed the day’s requirements, and these exceeded my expectations. I only needed to attend three visits, and am fully equipped with exercises moving forward (to continue recovery and if pain arises again). The system really does work if it is properly utilized, and I am endlessly grateful to the chiropractic and physical therapy staff!

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by Sheri Cooper

I started Aug 2021 at Airrosti with Dr. Lakin due to lower back pain. After 3 visits it was still painful so she ordered an MRI. That test changed my life and might have possibly saved it! It showed I had stage 4 Kidney Cancer that had already moved to my lower spine (I am 54). She immediately called me and sent me the report. I hurriedly found the other doctors I needed for treatment. She has texted me periodically checking on me. Had she not ordered that test, I would still be unaware! Forward to now Feb 2022-when my nerve pain in one leg due to surgery before kidney diagnosis I knew exactly who to go to. So far, only a few visits in she and Mason have worked together to give me the exercises and with her hands-on care, I am feeling ov+ show moreer 70% better. I look forward to going for treatment with both Dr. Lakin and Mason as they truly care and treat you like family. I refer anyone who has issues to them. Again, her thoroughness, ability, and caring possibly saved my life!

by Sharon Aradine (Team Lone Star CF)

So just some background; I’ve previously torn both shoulders and have had surgery on both, with my most recent surgery being last February on my right shoulder. When I hurt my left shoulder 5 weeks ago, it felt like the exact pain when I had torn it the two times in the past, and with the CrossFit Games coming up I was in pure panic mode. I was taking max doses of ibuprofen, trying to stretch it and take it easy, but nothing was working. As a Hail Mary, I was going to get a cortisol injection to just work as a band-aid to make it through training and the Games, but decided to try Airrosti first because I want to avoid having yet another surgery. Insert Dr. Lakin. After the first visit, I actually had more range of motion than I expecte+ show mored, which made me hopeful. Fast forward 3 visits later, and today was the first time in 5 weeks I have been able to do a workout without modifying anything and do it pain-free. I still get some pinching and slight pain, but it is nothing compared to where I was when I first started seeing her. I have 2 more visits scheduled and I cannot wait to tell her about my workout today and how I was pain-free the entire time. I also never really believed in taping, but after my visits, I’ve definitely become a believer in it (also pleasantly surprised how sticky and long it lasted). Dr. Lakin and Airrosti legitimately saved me in allowing me to still participate with my team at the CrossFit Games. 5 weeks ago I wasn’t sure if I would be able to compete. I even told my teammates that I was 90% sure I was out and that they might want to start training with our alternate. It made me super excited to hear Airrosti was going to be at the Games (especially since they’re from Texas and we’re the only Texas team there whoop whoop). I can’t wait to get more treatment that I’m sure I’ll use at the Games from your team, and truly owe my success and ability to compete because of Dr. Lakin and Airrosti. Thank you again for helping coordinate my visit and treatment, Naomi – I couldn’t have done it without you too!!

by D Jemal

I had been suffering for months with pain in my elbow and shoulder due to multiple injuries. Massage and chiropractic care were not bringing lasting results, so I had to dig deeper. Dr. Lakin aggressively treated my arm (at my request), and brought me back to a place where healing could finally begin. I’m very thankful for her skills, persistence, and the assistance of her physical therapist Paige. I highly recommend Dr. Lakin’s services to anyone searching for unmedicated, non-surgical pain relief!