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Became an Airrosti Provider:2017

Undergraduate School:University of Illinois

Graduate School:Indiana University & Logan College of Chiropractic

Hometown:Orland Park, IL

Hobbies:Distance Running (5Ks to Marathons), Triathlons, Climbing, Adventure Travel, Strength Training & Conditioning, Chicago Sports (Bulls, Bears, White Sox, Blackhawks) Craft Beers, Cooking, Barbeque, My Awesome Family.

Interesting Facts:I completed a half marathon to the summit of Pikes Peak of Colorado

Awards and Recognitions:Cum Laude Graduate, 8x Dean's List, ACE Scholarship Award Winner, Chicago White Sox Sports Med Intern, George Huff Award Winner, Certificate of Achievement of Athletic Training, Sports Medicine Staff of 2 Big 10 Championship Teams (Basketball & Football)

Professional Affiliations:NATA, NSCA, Motion Palpation Institute, McKenzie Institute

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by Manuela Junqueira

I had been in horrendous pain in my back for 4 weeks when my pain doctor referred me to Dr. Pappas. Honestly, I was skeptical. My pain was 9 or 10/10 most days, even with opioids, steroids, and all sorts of other pain meds (which I stopped because they weren’t helping). I could hardly work because I couldn’t sit even for 10 minutes, and I couldn’t focus because the pain was so intense. In 5 sessions, FIVE, my pain completely disappeared, to the point where I went to finally see my mom in Brazil, a trip that, thanks to many layovers and delays, took 25.5 hours (with a toddler in tow!), and I didn’t even remember I had had pain before. The trip was 2 days after my last session. I honestly cannot recommend Dr. Pappas and Chris enough, this + show morewas absolutely unbelievable! I can now finally use my super cool folding kayak! Thank you so much!!

by Blaine Helwig

I have had neck issues for 7 years going back to 2013. I was in a car accident in the mid 80’s – struck from behind when I was stationary in traffic on IH35. I believe this is the cause of the neck issue I have now. The discomfort changed my lifestyle. I could not longer cycle like I had been. I had gone to surgeon, and he wanted to operate and fuse vertebrate together as a permanent fix. I chose pain management giving up all activities that triggered an event. However, the pain chronically came back every 7 months to a year. I went to Dr. Pappas yesterday. He examined the neck area, and prescribed measures to strengthen the areas. In 24 hours, the pain has diminished by 90 percent. This visit was the second to Dr. Pappas. He also helped+ show more me rid a nagging calf injury that I had since hiking the El Camino in Spain a year earlier. Just fantastic care and results driven medical attention from this doctor! Highest Recommendation to see him for any muscle or tendon issues a person may be having. I am of the belief, if he cannot cure them, no one can.

by Matt Barrera

First and foremost Airrosti is an organization that has a great culture and ethos, getting you back in action through functional active therapy. I have been battling back pain for years that comes and goes. I was going to normal physical therapy and not getting the results I anticipated I would. I was able to see Dr. Pappas and within the sessions, I could tell a difference. While this is something that I will have to maintain the rest of my life, I have been given the tools and confidence that it is manageable. Dr. Pappas, thank you for your professionalism and work ethic. Thank you, Dr. Pappas and Airrosti for your support of our military members, old and new. It is a true testament to this company!

by Jeff Hallock

I went in to see Dr. Pappas for help with a twisted ankle and a pulled hamstring. My ankle was a long-term injury, had twisted multiple times over the years and just had done it again recently. The hamstring was a new injury. Dr. Pappas was amazing with helping me fix my ankle and recover a significant amount lost mobility and range of motion. When I went in to see him about my hamstring I could barely walk on it, driving and sitting was creating significant pain in my leg and glutes. After one appointment my pain was significantly decreased and my range of motion increased. After my third treatment, I was virtually pain-free, able to walk with ease and was getting back to light jogging and weight-lifting. For any future soft-tissue inju+ show moreries I have in the future I will definitely be coming back to Airrosti for treatment.

by Victoria Fleming

I have been dealing with neck and back pain from a herniated disc since 1999, and recently diagnosed with bursitis in both hips. I had neck surgery in 2005 and was afraid I was going need surgery on my back in the near future. I have had neck discomfort, and migraines to where I would get dizzy since the surgery on my neck, and injections in my hips. I heard about Airrosti and decided to try it out. I was treated by Dr Pappas three different times on each area, and some very simple stretches and exercises to do that goes along with the treatment plan. I don’t have any more pain, head aches, and my range of motion is so much better. He is amazing at what he does! He is extremely knowledgeable, listens to you, patiently teaches you about y+ show moreour condition and the treatment, and has the best bedside manner. This is the best choice I’ve ever made in my healthcare. I would highly recommend making an appointment with Airrosti before seeing a specialist.

by Victoria Fleming

I have had back and neck pain since 1990 and recently diagnosed with bursitis in both hips. I had three treatments on each area along with my homework assignments of some simple stretches and exercises to do. I have no more pain and my range of motion is much better. Coming to Airrosti was the best thing I ever did, because if this didn’t help my next step would have been a consult with a Neurosurgeon. Dr Pappas is amazing, compassionate, caring and awesome at what he does!

by Jim Hoover

Dr. Pappas was able to give me relief from my low back issue each time he worked on me. However, the best thing he did for me was to show me several exercises that I can use to relieve the pain I experience from Spinal Stenosis. They really do the job. After a few minutes of exercise, I am better able to bend toward the posterior and the ache is greatly diminished.