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Became an Airrosti Provider:2019

Undergraduate School:Lipscomb University

Graduate School:Masters' in Sports Health Science- Life University Doctor of Chiropractic - Life University

Hometown:Davenport, Iowa

Hobbies:Traveling, officiating youth/adult volleyball & basketball, reading, running.

Interesting Facts:I traveled to Asia for two months.

Awards and Recognitions:Former Division 1 Basketball Player

What Airrosti Means to Me:Airrosti provides me with the training and tools to deliver the best care for our patients!

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by Karen Hagin

I was confused about whether I needed treatment with Airrosti or to go to my orthopedic doctor. I scheduled a Zoom consultation appointment, and after answering my questions, the doctor believed my problem to be soft tissue pain, so I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Latoia McGowan. I would encourage anyone unsure to do this further investigation and Zoom consultation. I was limping and had pain in my left leg and hip area. The first visit was painful enough that I skipped one week. When I returned, Dr. McGowan reminded me that it might get worse before it gets better. It did, but not for long. I took it slow and easy. She also told me that everyone’s fast (We Fix Pain Fast) is different. During this time, my husband had a health injury+ show more that caused both of us trauma. Dr. McGowan was such a good listener. She kept me grounded and on track. Every week, I was getting better; I had less pain, less limping, and more ability to lift my left leg to get into the car. I was happy with Dr. McGowan’s techniques, exercises, and encouragement. I was also happy that Airrosti had specific goals and not to just keep getting treatment. I am a very grateful patient.

by Jason Pitzel

Dr. McGowan helped me this past summer with an upper back/rear delt muscle strain. I was in a lot of pain a lot of the time. She really helped me not only with treating me for my strain, but also with stretching my chest and better posture. For a while, I was pretty down about my injury, but working with Dr. McGowan and doing the exercises has me now completely healed. I highly recommend Dr. McGowan and Airrosti!!!

by Jose A. Castillo

The exercises as prescribed by Dr. McGowan healed my shoulder muscles’ limited mobility over a period of 4 weeks. I recovered my mobility 100% and cannot be any happier with the amazing results.

by Nicole Wilson

Airrosti was absolutely life-changing in my prenatal experience. Prior to receiving physical therapy, I was experiencing constant pain as a result of my pregnancy. Thanks to the exercises, stretches, and recommendations of Dr. McGowan I was able to greatly reduce my pain, improving my pregnancy and overall quality of life. I can not recommend Airrosti services enough.

by Rusty Pierce

I have been to Airrosti for multiple injuries, but most recently I went in for my shoulder after a traumatic car accident. The program wasn’t easy, but I had immediate results, and it was great to use the app to map trends in pain, hold myself accountable, etc. Dr. McGowan is a total pro, and was a great cheerleader throughout my recovery.

by Shannon Deichler

I consulted with Dr. McGowan via remote recovery visit for acute pain in my ribs under my armpit. She diagnosed it as Slipping Rib Syndrome, quickly mailed PT-quality equipment to my house, prescribed a series of exercises to alleviate the pain. She met with me virtually once a week to check on my progress, adjust exercises, and advise on my treatment plan, until the pain stopped. She was also available by text through the app, and quickly answered all my questions. I resorted to remote chiropractic help because of a spike in Covid-19, but I honestly didn’t have high expectations for remote chiropractic work. I was very happily surprised at the level of care and concern, tailored treatment plan, constant communication — and success of t+ show morehe treatment. I’m a convert. I highly recommend Airrosti and Dr. McGowan.

by Edmund Curran

Very professional care. Targeted and customized just for me. In my case, I should be able to avoid this injury again, thanks to my set of stretches and exercises. This regimen will complement my running and the strength classes that I attend at the gym. Dr. McGowan in Houston was fantastic at listening and asking questions and diagnosing and following up! My treatment was all via “Airrosti Remote Recovery”, and that worked perfectly for me. If I get another sports injury, I will consider going in-person, because I have at least 10 providers I can drive to in San Antonio, but I will also consider using Remote Recovery again. It was very convenient, and there was zero hassle of getting to my appointments. I did not sacrifice any quality by+ show more using the remote option. Dr. McGowan told me to do ranges of motion, and by her clinical process, diagnosed and treated me as well as an in-person visit. Thank you, Airrosti and Dr. McGowan.

by Michelle Wooten

I came in for my first visit with tennis elbow. I was wearing a brace for support that went from above my elbow almost to my wrist. Lifting anything with my right arm was painful at best, even drinking coffee! After the first visit, I began to feel relief, and was able to stop using the brace! The stretching and exercises I was given to do were simple but effective. With each succeeding visit, I was given a few more exercises for at-home recuperation. When I finished my fourth and final visit my pain and discomfort were almost gone. The stretching and exercises I continue to do at home take less than 10 minutes. My quality of life is so much better, I can sleep better, I can carry groceries, and I can drink coffee without wincing! Dr. Mc+ show moreGowan is the BEST!!

by Nicolai Mitchell

I came to Dr. McGowan suffering from a knee injury. My knee was swollen, I could barely walk and the pain was now affecting other areas because of the discomfort. I had already spoken to 2 other doctors who clearly couldn’t help outside of prescribed meds and suggested rest. Dr. McGowan however quickly found the problem areas and knew what methods of treatment were necessary. What I especially loved, was the fact the she not only treated the injury but also educated me on the cause, body function and how the steps to recovery would be executed. Her expertise has to place her at the top in her field. I am eternally grateful that I found her and she was able to help me at a time when I was suffering the most. Thank you Dr. McGowan for ever+ show moreything.

by Theresa McCue

I suffered from tension headaches for years, but lately, they had become more frequent. I had heard about Airrosti from my niece and decided to give it a try. Dr. McGowan is fabulous!! I could not believe the amount of relief I got after one visit. When she gave me the massage, it felt like she was going over speed bumps in my shoulders. It was painful, but I felt so much better. The best part is, they give you “homework.” They give you the tools you need to maintain the progress you make with the massage portion of your visit, as well as exercises to strengthen the muscles. It’s been a few weeks since I have been in, and I still feel great! Thank you so much, Dr. McGowan! I’ll be back soon!

by Pamela Thompson

I was referred to Airrosti by my co-worker who had been treated successfully by this program. I was in so much pain and it was getting worse. Dr. McGowan listened to me and pinpointed my pain sites immediately. I felt better after the first visit. Dr. McGowan is professional, knowledgeable, patient, caring, thorough, and gifted. I am now pain-free and feeling 100 % better. I have recommended the Airrosti clinics and Dr. McGowan to all my aching friends.

by Armando Pedraza

Exceptional service! She resolved and soothed my pain to a tolerable and manageable level. I would definitely recommend her to other people.

by Tonja Smith

My right hip was catching, causing me to stop, bend over, and breathe through it. Dr. M identified the muscle group that was causing the problem and helped me to be able to move freely. I am thankful for her knowledge and skill in relieving soft tissue concerns. Thank you Dr. McGowan!

by Janet Hunt

I have gone to Latoia McGowan for two separate situations and each time I was received immediately pain relief and instructions how to continue my recovery. She listened to my problem and concerns and was able to take that information to relive my muscular pain. She has powerful hands!!! I had pain in the hip (broken leg) due to walking incorrectly and shoulder area. I have recommended her to several friends and colleagues; I will go back to her as needed.

by Shadai Siguenas

For about 2 months or so I’ve been having this sort of discomfort/pain in the upper back region and every other day it would be on the right or left side. I went to see Dr. McGowan about it and she began asking all kinds of questions to see what kind of pain or discomfort, in what particular region of the body, how often do I have this discomfort/pain, as well as what could be the issue of it occurring. She managed to figure out where in the upper back the discomfort was located and managed to do a deep tissue massage in order to stretch out that particular muscle and also do a couple of exercises at home and/or at the gym in order to relieve any tension or discomfort in that particular part of the back. So far I feel way better than I+ show more did a couple months ago. I know for a fact that if I ever need some pain relief or readjustment I’d go to Dr. McGowan.

by Italia Maldonado

I came to Airrosti because I’ve had a neck pain for several months already. Dr. McGowan understood what my problem was and she addressed it very well. After the first appointment I saw an improvement already, at the end of my 3 sessions my pain was gone. I thought it would take more that 3 sessions because my pain was really uncomfortable, but she is amazing and she really helped.

by Tanya Phillips

Dr. McGowan was a god send. I had severe back issues and she helped me to understand possible solutions. I always felt better after I went to her sessions and she trained me on daily exercises to continue my treatment after. Dr. McGowan is very professional yet down to earth and I felt so welcome in her office. Lastly, she followed up with me after my sessions were concluded. I definitely recommend her. She is knowledgeable, professional, warm, courteous and caring!! I will always choose her and Airrosti with my pain management needs!!

by Eric Schneider

I lived with a restricted range of motion and moderate pain during some movements of my right arm for over 2 years. After my wife recently experienced significant improvement in her shoulder condition following Airrosti treatment, I was still skeptical but decided to try the treatment myself. Upon completion of the last of my 3 treatment sessions (1 per week for 3 weeks) with Dr McGowan, I estimate my improvement in range of motion and level of pain/discomfort is about 80-90% better (i.e. I am at within about 10% of “normal” range of motion/near zero pain . . . with the expectation I will continue getting even better by doing at-home stretching/movements that Dr. McGowan taught me about through the 3 treatments program). I am able to par+ show moreticipate more fully in the CrossFit and Boot Camp sessions I participate in and am especially pleased with achieving the top goal that I told Dr. McGowan about at the start of my treatment – being able to through a baseball with my grandsons. I found the sessions to be very informative, and appreciated her professionalism and demeanor – I looked forward to each session and am a believer in what Airrosti can accomplish and without surgery or medication. Unlike surgery, there is no delayed recovery time – the treatments and at home stretches/movements are the recovery, so results are immediate. Thank you, Dr. McGowan!