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Became an Airrosti Provider:2013

Graduate School:Parker College of Chiropractic

Hometown:Dallas, TX

Hobbies:Running, mountain biking, and having fun with my wife and kids.

Interesting Facts:I've run 6 marathons so far and I speak Laotian fluently.

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by Irish Kinney

My first experience with Airrosti was with Dr. Armstrong after a debilitating fall. In just four visits, he was able to significantly reduce my pain, increase mobility, and equip me with the knowledge and exercises I needed to continue rehabbing at home. Just recently I completed an extended period of treatment with Dr. Armstrong and Elijah McKinney for age and arthritis-related pain and instability. As a result, my strength, mobility, and balance have increased significantly, and I’m increasingly confident that my hip or leg won’t unexpectedly give out on me. What a relief! Dr. Armstrong is personable, knowledgeable, and attentive. He’s a great communicator and has once again equipped me with the understanding I need to continue p+ show morerogressing. Elijah McKinney was also personable, knowledgeable, and attentive. He was instrumental in my progress, choosing exercises that targeted my weak areas. He was always laser focused on how I responded to exercises and made appropriate and creative changes based on my specific condition. Dr. Armstrong and Elijah McKinney are a great team. Receiving treatment from them has been a game changer for me.

by Samantha Cather

After several back surgeries and physical therapy, I had lingering pain in my back every time I bent down to pick something up. The physical therapist told me it would fade in time. When it didn’t, I went to my first free Airrosti seminar. They sent me home with some stretches and an appointment later that week. The improvement was remarkable and I was pain free by my third appointment. Airrosti is now my go-to and I will drive out of my way to see Dr. Armstrong.

by Susan Rayburn

It felt like I had a knife sticking in my lower back, and I could not get comfortable in any position. I was very skeptical that exercises and pressure could fix my problem. After 3 sessions I am able to function again. I would recommend this therapy to everyone.

by Kathy Brown

Although the new Airrosti clinic has been in our building for about 1 month, I am already having my second injury treated. I saw a reduction of pain in my upper back and shoulders to zero, and an increase of range of motion in 3 visits! I am know having my foot treated. I anticipate that I will no longer need surgery due to Dr. Armstrong’s treatment and Kristal’s help with therapy exercises. They are both AMAZING!! I couldn’t be happier with my experience and tell everyone I work with to take advantage of the healing power of Airrosti!!

by John Cockrell

I came in for a severely tight neck muscle that was prohibiting me from turning my head to the left and experiencing pain from simple neck movements. This was my second time to Airrosti and I am even more in awe of the process and how quickly and efficiently it works. Dr. Armstrong was extremely affable, detailed on what would be done and how it would help, and very professional. I was scheduled for 4 visits but things went to well on the first and second visit that I was discharged after that. I have no lingering pain or complications. Playing sports for the better part of my life I have dealt with countless minor injuries and ailments and nothing compares to how fast and efficiently Airrosti has helped me overcome the two I have seen + show morethem for (neck and previously a shoulder). For anyone skeptical of the process should go once and all concerns will be quelled. While not every injuring myself would be ideal I can say without hesitation that I will ONLY go to Airrosti any time I do. Thank you!

by James Reed

I came to Dr. Armstrong 18 months after a broken calcaneus in left foot. Dr. Armstrong did an evaluation of my condition and after 3 visits increased the range if motion of the injured foot therefore improving my quality if life. Dr. Armstrong is very professional with great communication skills. It was a pleasure to be associated with him. I wish I had come to him a lot sooner I recommend his service to anyone with soft tissue limitations.

by Paulette B.

I saw a flyer at the local gym that I attend. I inquired about the presentation and I decided to attend. Dr. Armstrong demonstrated some movements and let the attendees practice the movements as well. After the seminar, I approach the doctor and asked if it on heel pain. He replied, “Yes” (paraphrasing). I was in great pain and I was willingly to give this treatment a chance. I made an appointment and I received my first treatment on July 25, 2014. The very next day I noticed change, immediately. My next treatment was July 29, 2014 and I noticed a significant amount of change in my pain level. At my final appointment, August 7, 2014, I was down to no pain. Dr. Armstrong gave me specific instructions for me to do between vis+ show moreits. I am very impressed with the treatment I received during my visits. I would without hesitation recommend Airrosti. Dr. Armstrong utilized his specialized training to make significant improvement in my chief complain of “heel pain”. Way to go Dr. Matthew Armstrong!