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Became an Airrosti Provider:2018

Undergraduate School:Texas A&M

Graduate School:Texas Chiropractic College

Hometown:Taylor, TX

Hobbies:I love spending time with my wife and 3 kids (1 daughter and twin boys). I also love playing and watching sports (I'm a diehard Texas Aggie fan, especially football.), watching movies, and I love to go fishing.

Interesting Facts:I used to be a competitive powerlifter. My best lift ever was a 710-pound deadlift.

What Airrosti Means to Me:I absolutely love working for Airrosti. It allows me to practice the way that I've always wanted to, putting what's best for my patients ahead of anything else and making sure they get the right care for their needs.

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by Ruth Rogers

I lifted a shovelful of dirt and felt my back grab, and knew I would be out of commission for at least 3 weeks. I couldn’t even move, the pain was so bad! One of our friends suggested I to go Airrosti. Usually I’m pretty stubborn when it comes to seeking medical care (typical nurse!), but it hurt badly enough that I went with it. I was able to get a same-day appointment the very next day. I limped into the office, and less than an hour later I walked out with my normal stride and a HUGE decrease in pain, armed with exercises that continued to decrease my pain daily.

by Rachel Pound

Dr. Parsons & Kirsti are both very good at what they do. I appreciate how they helped me with my shoulder pain. They created a treatment plan for my specific pain and evaluate it every visit until you reach your goal. Thank you!

by Hayden Riley

I came in to see the AIRROSTI staff about a shoulder injury from working out. When they told me they plan to release me after 3-4 visits, I was skeptical because I was in some serious pain. Fortunately, I was pleasantly surprised that I am back to full function in my shoulder after 4 visits! The thing that really blew me away was how much I learned about how to use a series of simple stretches, rolling, and exercise that could keep not just my shoulder feeling good, but my entire body. Thanks, Kirsti and Dr. Parsons!

by Meg Anderson

I have been suffering from limited mobility and pain in my shoulder for a couple of months now. From the very first visit, Dr. Parsons was able to increase my range of motion and decrease my pain. His assistant (Kirsty) has been amazing, too. I really appreciate how understanding they were and fun to chat with. It helped distract me from the pressure points getting worked on during my therapy. These two have been magicians with my shoulder!

by Dusty Whitfield

I started at Airrosti for some numbness in my leg and within a very short time, Dr. Matthew Parsons was able to quickly diagnose and treat the area. After the first visit, I felt immediate relief and was provided easy exercises that were modeled for me by Kasey Forest. I love the fact that I could continue to improve by simply continuing these easy exercises in the comfort of my home. Dr. Parson does a great job of listening to all of my concerns, assessing my range of motion, and providing immediate treatment so that I can go home feeling better. I returned to Airrosti later for a completely different chronic issue and was welcomed again by Dr. Parsons who provided another treatment plan to improve my super limited range of motion. This+ show more time I was provided exercises by Kristi McConnell. I have been to many clinics in the past for this chronic issue and I cannot say enough about how passionate, friendly, welcoming, professional, helpful, and knowledgeable Dr. Parson, Kasey Forest, and Kirsti McConnell are and they have a gift of providing quality medical care to our community. I appreciate them so much and I refer as many people as I can to their clinic.

by Kaywin McCall

I’m currently a senior at Texas A&M and will commit to being an officer in the Army in August. Throughout different workout sessions, sleeping wrong, and just overall use of my body over the past 4 years at A&M, I’ve had numerous injuries. My first thought after I pulled a muscle in my back, felt something wrong in my knee, plantar fasciitis, and everything in between was “I need to go see Dr. Parsons”. I would waddle to his office broken and hurt and then walk out feeling better than before the injury after less than 3 visits. Every time I come across an injured cadet in the Corps, I always direct them to Dr. Parsons and Airrosti for the best medical care for injuries in the Brazos Valley. Dr. Parsons not only treats the injury + show morebut makes his clients feel comfortable and confident in his office by how he explains the injuries to them and draws them on the board. I’ve learned a lot more functional anatomy from seeing him over the years than I have in some anatomy classes I’ve taken! I’m truly thankful for all the help Dr. Parsons has helped me with over the past few years!

by Adrienne Person

Dr. Parsons relieved shoulder pain that prescription meds couldn’t touch. After just 4 visits he has pretty much stopped all the pain I was experiencing. I was unable to sleep, taking muscle relaxers and steroids just to get a couple of hours of sleep. I couldn’t reach to change the radio station in my truck before I came in. He listened and really pinpointed the troublesome areas and explained everything along the way. Kirsti was wonderful as well providing physical therapy and explaining why certain exercises were important. Both of them are very personable and are invested in the patient finding relief for chronic and acute pain. They saved me from a road of paying for MRIs, specialists, and who knows what else!

by Julie Goldfine

I started having lower back pain about 8 years ago. I got various amounts of help from my primary care doctor, friends who were physical therapists, and my own research. Finally, I had given up and just dealt with the pain and decreased mobility. Then, a friend recommended Airrosti. My husband and I agreed to spend the money to see if it could help. Enter Dr. Parsons. He was personable, compassionate, and extremely well-trained. After doing a few movements, he could identify the source of my pain and got straight to work. With just two treatments and guidance in learning a few new exercises with Kelsey, I was walking normally and able to play ball with my son again! Not only did Dr. Parsons and Kelsey help alleviate my pain immediately, + show morebut they also taught me how to move correctly and helped me understand what was happening with my muscles when I used them incorrectly. Now, it is seven months later, and my lower back is doing well. I haven’t been 100% faithful with the exercises, and I can tell when I skip them for too long. It is a good reminder that I have to do my part to stay healthy! My treatment at Airrosti gave me hope and an understanding of how I can help myself. TOTAL GAME CHANGER!!!

by Brandon Dominguez

I hurt my back 10 days before my visit. Dr. Parsons diagnosed the problem and even found some areas of sensitivity that I didn’t know that I had. He applied therapy and Kelsey explained the exercises well. Though I was sore later that evening, I continued to improve.