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Became an Airrosti Provider:2007

Undergraduate School:Texas Tech University

Graduate School:Parker Chiropractic College

Hometown:Perryton, TX

Hobbies:Running, biking, watching sports - especially baseball, basketball, and hockey.

Interesting Facts:Have ran 4 marathons with the best experience being the Portland Marathon in 2015. I'm not a good swimmer even though I thought I was before trying a triathlon.

What Airrosti Means to Me:Airrosti is rewarding because I get to see patients respond much more quickly than in traditional therapy. That makes me want to come in to work each and every day.

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by Andrea Willis

I experienced multiple health issues which left me with lingering mobility issues. I couldn’t raise my arms above shoulder level. After a couple of months I was able to raise my arms high no limits since. I recommend Airrosti to everyone now.

by William Barrick

I was having a lot of pain in my left knee and was having a hard time walking. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Yocom. I was able to get into, see him quickly and we talked about my pain. We went over the location of the pain and the type of pain. He examined me and covered a treatment plan. After the first visit I was feeling relief and was able to walk more easily. After Dr. Yocom’s treatment I went in to see the Physical Therapist and cover exercises to do to help the healing to continue. Natalie the PT worked with me and took her time to go over every exercise with me. She also emailed me a link that showed each exercise encase I forgot how to do them. Both Dr. Yocom and Natalie worked with me until I was back to normal. Both are + show moreso caring and helpful. They are both miracle workers.

by Christopher Latimer

I injured my shoulder lifting weights at my gym and neglected to take the rest that I needed initially. After several months of inflammation and limited range of motion, I decided to try several physical therapy options. Doctor Matt Yocum at Airrosti was recommended to me by another gym member and I was very impressed with his ability to find the source of pain in my shoulder and help me work my way through it with various stretches and exercises. I work for Southwest Airlines and I was very happy that the majority of this care was covered under my health plan, as it helped me avoid surgery for the foreseeable future. Thank you!

by Mary Anna Salo

I have had the privilege of being treated by two Airrosti certified providers – Dr. Alex Friel and Dr. Matt Yocom. It is due to their high-quality work and care that I am continuing to pursue a necessary stress outlet as well as source of pleasure – running. I am a professional pianist with serious side-interests in running and physical fitness. Over-training and incorrect running shoes led to me developing tendinitis in my left knee as well as creating left IT band pain. I went from half-marathon prepared to running no more than a mile. I had never seen a sports doctor until I went in to ACP, Dr. Yocom. And I am thankful he was my introduction into the world of sports rehab. Dr. Yocom accurately diagnosed and treated both issues in four+ show more visits, enabling me to begin seriously running again, a gift for which I was deeply grateful. Injuries seem to be my strength these days and another one followed shortly after my first visits to Dr. Yocom. I took a misstep while running, rolling my left ankle and causing a lower left leg sprain and Achilles’ tendinitis. The sprain sent me back to Airrosti after four weeks of hit-and-miss training. And I am so glad it did. Beyond these new injuries, hurting in both lower legs while running was normal for me and had been for easily over a year. I haven’t been running that long, so I had just assumed the consistent aches and pains I had during runs of any length were just part of what it meant to be a runner. My thoughts were soon to be disproved. Due to Dr. Yocom’s schedule being full, the Airrosti support team scheduled me with Dr. Friel. As I described my symptoms to him for not only my lower left leg and ankle, but also my lower right leg and perpetual discomfort I experienced in runs, he informed me that running should not hurt. This information shocked me. In three visits, he dealt with the sprain, achilles tendinitis and other over-worked muscles. His work enabled me to participate in a 4-mile race for which I had been registered for several months. I not only placed in my age division, but also (and more importantly) got my first glimpse of what it meant to run without nagging pain. To be able to focus almost exclusively on the run itself and not pain in my lower legs blew my mind. Because of Dr. Friel, I am now considering doing another half-marathon, a distance which I have run, but shy away from due to hurting. No more! Thanks to Dr. Friel’s work and the specific maintenance instructions he gave me, running without pain is becoming a reality. I am grateful!

by Stephanie Dyar

I came in after suffering knee pain for over a week. After my first appointment I left the office pain free! It was amazing! The staff was so friendly and made me feel very comfortable. They helped explain every thing to me and didnt mind all my questions. I have told everyone about Airrosti and why they should go there!

by Kathrine Cross

I had been struggling with tendonitis in both of my knees for about 4 months. I had seen an orthopedist, tried physical therapy, ice massage, rest, anything else I could try and I was still having pain issues. I was told about airrosti by another crossfitter who said they had a great experience with them, so I was evaluated at an event at the airrosti booth they had set up and made an appointment with Dr. Yocom. My knee pain was tolerable after the first appointment so I was ecstatic! After my second appointment I was able to do front squats for the first time in 4 months without pain, and after the third appointment I felt practically back to normal! My knee pain was minimal, and was not so much pain anymore as it was soreness from bein+ show moreg able to do all the things I could before my knees started hurting!! I am so grateful I made that first appointment! Airrosti saved my knees and gave me long awaited relief from my knee pain!! 🙂

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