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Became an Airrosti Provider:2019

Undergraduate School:Baylor University

Graduate School:Parker University

Hometown:Fort Worth, TX

Hobbies:Cycling, camping, playing with my toddlers, going to family gatherings, and I love to dance salsa. .

Interesting Facts:My husband proposed to me while we were on a bike ride on the Trinity River with big hot pink letters that were laid out on the hill that said "Will You Marry Me Mendy."

What Airrosti Means to Me:Being an Airrosti Provider means that I can do what I am passionate about which is helping people get out of pain fast so they can go back to doing the things they love. And because of the great support system Airrosti provides, I can focus 100% on delivering high-quality care to every patient, every single visit.

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by Priscilla G

This was my first experience with physical therapy to help treat an injury. I am a total believer in Dr. Abilez and Kathleen. They both took great care of me and helped me get back to normal. I’m very grateful!

by Veronica Chacin

For a long time I’ve had discomfort in my lower back specially on the right side, I’ve had chiropractic treatment done but nothing was as great as Airrosti. They were very kind at this location and informative. I will say while this was one of the most painful treatments I have ever received, dealing with those few minutes of pain for a body that will feel great for a long time is very much worth it! I have never felt better and I went from a 10 on the pain scale to 0 in 4 visits. Airrosti was a recommendation from my mother, now I’ll be the one recommending it to everyone I know!

by Marilyn Schwartzbeck

I wanted to train for a half marathon, but have been dealing with nagging gluteal muscle tension and piriformis pain that prevented me from working out. After seeing a chiropractor without relief, the doctor recommended trying Airrosti, (since I was sure it was a muscle problem rather than skeletal). Dr Abilez explained what my problem was along with the treatment plan and why it works. After two sessions I could tell that the tension was released and I was able to work out again. The stretches and rehab exercises in conjunction with the treatment worked great to get me back into training for my run. I felt that the staff genuinely cared about me and provided an individualized plan of care and invited my follow up questions. This is well+ show more worth the money as it is a real solution to the problem without frequent return visits.