Michael Hilton, DC


Became an Airrosti Provider:2019

Graduate School:Parker University

Hometown:Natchitoches, LA

Hobbies:Writing, reading, working out, and ballin'.

Interesting Facts:My first novel, Bobby Robot, will soon be published.

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by Christina Perron

Tennis injury/ hard to move, breathe, cough or sleep. Tried Airrosti and I’m a full blown believer....Dr.Michael Hilton at Mockingbird / Dallas location is amazing, full of knowledge and thrives on his patients healing. I was a pain level of 9 and walked out 2. I’m pleasantly surprised....enough to write this testimonial ...just crazy the difference in pain. I’ll be back!

by Megan Gauldin

Training for my first half marathon and pretty new to long distance running. In my late 20’s, gradually increasing my mileage, I cross train, and try my best to prevent any injuries. Went for a run one Monday and had some significant pain in my foot. RICE’d my foot until that Sunday and went for a run. Immediately had the same pain in my foot. I’m freaking out. I have no idea how to fix this but know it’s gotta be fixed. IM RUNNING THAT HALF. Searched around for recommendations on Facebook running group, and saw Airrosti suggested more than anything. Airrosti calls me after I submit a form online, the lady looks up offices near me, and we pick one that was convenient. Insurance covers majority of the cost. SUPER EASY. Office was eas...+ show morey to find and I waited maybe 30 seconds at the most before Dr.Hilton came to greet me. He listens to what I say, watches me run, and tells me what he can do to help. So far I’ve done 3 visits within a two week period, and was able to run 4 miles pain free with in a week. After two weeks I ran 8 miles with no problems!

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