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Became an Airrosti Provider:2008

Undergraduate School:Texas Chiropractic College

Graduate School:Texas Chiropractic College

Hometown:Pasadena, TX

Hobbies:Fishing, Golfing, Cycling, Woodworking and riding ATV's. Spending time with my beautiful wife and our dog. I have also been known to Crossfit from time to time.

Interesting Facts:Finished my Doctorate of Chiropractic Degree at age 23. I was the youngest member of my graduating class. Practiced traditional chiropractic care for 1 1/2 years following school. Started with Airrosti in 2008 and haven't looked back since.

What Airrosti Means to Me:Airrosti has giving me the tools to personally impact thousands of patients lives, over the past 12+ years, in a greater way than I ever assumed possible

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by Lenira Piratininga

My experience at Airrosti changed my life! I’m so extremely grateful for Dr Matthys and Claire! A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with two herniated discs. I could barely walk, I was constantly in pain and I had a 3yo and a 9mo to take care of. I did an MRI and my back surgeon doctor told me to try PT. I tried for a few months and nothing. He also told that me my only option could be surgery, but I really wanted to avoid that. I did some research and with so many great reviews from people in my neighborhood recommending Airrosti I decided to give it a try. From the first session I was already a total different person. Dr Matthys talked to me, listened to every detail, answered all my questions and explained everything clearly before + show morethe session. Then I had a session with Claire. She does an amazing job as a recovery specialist. She showed me a couple of exercises and stretches and taught me how to move myself correctly while taking care of my kids and house. With all that, I was able to avoid more injuries and also able to straighten my muscles giving a better support to my back. My recovery was very fast and I was able to go back to my normal life, to be happy again, to play with my kids, to exercise, etc. This is something that I’m gonna have to deal with my whole life but I know if I have any crisis I’ll have Dr Matthys and Claire to help me. A year ago a friend of mine spent months suffering from back pain, trying everything, stopped working, could barely walk. After I insisted a couple of times she finally gave it a try and guess what? From the first session her life was already changed and with just a couple of sessions she was back to a normal life and as grateful as I am. After a long time living my normal life I needed to go back once again this year and again, like magic, they treated me and put me back to my normal life. I had a breast reduction surgery and was not able to sleep in different positions for a month. The nerve of my left foot stopped working properly and I couldn’t be on my tip toes lifting my body, I had no strength and control of my left foot. It was scary and I thought I wouldn’t have control of my foot anymore, wouldn’t be able to jump, run or walk properly. I scheduled an appointment with Dr Matthys and again, after a couple of sessions and exercises, little by little I was able to recover my foot entirely. My back surgeon doctor talked about surgery but I was once again saved by Dr Matthys and Claire. Now I’m treating a chronic migraine that I have been living with for a few years. I didn’t know they could also treat this type of issue but here we are just getting better again! By my long testimonial you can imagine how grateful I am to have found Dr Matthys and Claire. They’re not only amazing professionals but also great people with enormous hearts! They change lives and they can change yours. Just give it a try! Thank you Dr Matthys and Claire, I really appreciate you guys!

by Dean Villoz

5-star review Michael Matthys is excellent at fixing the problems I have had with the back, knee, and abdomen.

by Brian York

I don’t how, but I developed a pinched nerve in my back that would cause pain all the way down into my right toe. After having a different kind of ailment in my back many years ago, I thought this was a similar event and returned to my chiropractor. But after a few visits, nothing was changing, so on the advice of my wife, I went to my PCP to discuss a referral to Airrosti. What happened after my first visit was nothing short of amazing. Michael worked over the nerves and tissues surrounding my troubled area and then sent me to the after-care specialist, Courtney, to discuss my new at-home therapy. After a few days of doing the prescribed roller ball and foam mat routines, I was off of my pain medication and the pain that prevented me fr+ show moreom walking the short distance to the mailbox and back was completely gone. All that remained was a periodic short “asleep” sensation in my lower leg that rarely lasted. I returned today, two weeks later for what I believe will be my last session. Michael worked the nerve clusters once more and my new after-care specialist, Claire, provided me with a few more exercises to do for a little longer. My experience with Mike, Courtney, and Claire can only be described as a 10 out 10 experience. I had no idea such therapy existed but I am so happy that it does.

by Sheri Bertrand

I had a lot of pain for over a year in my lower back and hip on my right side. After seeing a chiropractor for several sessions and still not seeing an improvement, I decided to try Dr. Matthys at Airrosti Sienna after hearing my daughter and husband rave about him. Dr. Matthys is very nice and listened to all my theories (I was sure it was sciatic) and quickly diagnosed me (it was all the ligaments and muscles around the sciatic, but not the actual sciatic). He treated me that day and gave me exercises to do at home and within 4 sessions I had 95% improvement. I continue my exercises which have kept the pain away and improved my flexibility and overall quality of life. I’m very impressed and highly recommend Dr. Matthys!

by Ashley Magliaro

Dr. Matthys was very thorough with me and got me back up and running in no time. Only had to go in for two sessions and I feel great! Highly recommend him!

by Lesa Hernandez

Dr. Matthys and Danny are great. They listen to everything you tell them and try to find the right solution. First visit I was impressed with the fact that Airrosti does not intend for their services to be ongoing and they try to fix you as quick as possible. Most other places drag it out as long as they can it seems. I was so impressed that I am sending my granddaughter and best friend.

by Audrey Garcia

“After my ankle injury I was on crutches and in a boot and willing to try anything and everything to help me get back on the basketball court. After only my first visit to Airrosti my ankle was significantly less swollen and more mobile, and it only continued to rapidly heal from there. What would have taken over a month, took roughly a week to become playable again. Airrosti will honestly be my “”go to”” for any injury from here on out.”

by Beverly McMillan

Two months ago while working in my flowerbeds I came upon a snake…in my fear, instead of running away I freaked and fell hard with my arm above my head. My insurance doesn’t cover Airrosti, so I went to regular doctor who x-rayed the shoulder. No broken bones and gave me pain pills. After 30 days of intense pain and no sleep at night, I went to Airrosti. 4 treatments later and I am pretty much back to normal. I will continue doing the exercises and applying ice. But I am so HAPPY!!!

by Mike Elabarger

I’d suffered with regular right shoulder pain for over ten years. It was to the point where I couldn’t change the radio channel in the car with shooting pain. I’d been to physical and massage therapists several times, going so far as getting an MRI on my shoulder. Nothing was ever identified as broken or not working correctly (structurally), and so I’d receive physical therapy work and my pain would persist. After 4 Airrosti appointments, I was pain-free in all my daily activities, and the prescribed rehab regimen has allowed me to stay pain-free. I wish I’d known about Airrosti a long time ago!

by Madelyn Metzger

I was a senior in high school and injured my ankle while playing basketball. My goal was to go to college on a basketball scholarship and the timing of my injury was terrible! A foot specialist wanted to have me wear a boot for six weeks. When the doctor realized my predicament, he referred my to Dr. Matthys at Airrosti. After just a few treatments, I was back on the court again! I was able to get an athletic scholarship and play women’s basketball at Chadron State College in Nebraska. I still use a lot of the exercises that I learned during my few treatments at Airrosti!

by Jacob McCaleb

I have gone to Airrosti for three different injuries. Every time I have gone they have helped me recover in a very short amount of time. In the time that I was recovering they help me not only to recover but to help me string to strengthen and prevent me from getting injured again

by Vicky Bagwell

Thank You Dr. Matthys for increasing my range of motion.

by Kyle Dvorak

I pulled my hamstring three weeks before I visited airrosti, and I was still in major pain. After only 3 visits, I was able to play in a tournament 3 days after the treatment, with virtually no pain. The airrosti treatment helped immensely and I’m very happy with the results.

by Rebecca Clifford-Todd

I had been to my orthopedic doctor several times with severe knee pain. I need the left side of my body because I had a stroke in 2007 and so depend on it to walk and so forth. The orthopedic doctor had tried shots and meds, so he had heard about Airrost and sent me there. I’ll never go anywhere else. I saw Dr Matthys 5, yes, I said only 5, times. And saw his PT helper. They were great! To this day I still use his exercises. The pain is soooo gone and I can use the left side of my body because of Airrosti.

by Natalie Wilemon

Dr. Matthys is awesome! My son injured his back during a baseball game, and after only a few sessions with Dr. Matthys, he was back to full mobility and able to play at his previous intensity.
Dr. Matthys also helped me…I sustained an injury to my neck two years ago and had gone to other chiropractors with no relief. After seeing how he helped my son, I set an appointment. The pain and lack of full movement I had experienced for two years was gone after a few visits. It was wonderful!

Dr. Matthys and his staff are amazing… they genuinely care about their patients and do not “”string you along”” for more appointments than you need like other providers will sometimes do. We heard about Dr. Matthys from a friend, and I’m s+ show moreo thankful we went to him.

I highly recommend that everyone see him for neck and back problems… whether they are old or new.

by Daniel Mansour

I first became aware of Airrosti when I was benefit manager for a governmental organization. Skeptical of their claimed outcomes, they proved the claims during a trial period. And I was one of the patients who received treatment and enjoyed the outcome of being pain free lower back pain.
In June 2014 as a retiree I again saw Airrosti for sciatic nerve pain. I had a vacation scheduled but the pain was so severe I considered canceling until I went to Airrosti. In just four treatments I was able to walk without pain. Airrosti is the first place to contact when muscular/skeletal pain does not resolve itself after a couple of days.

by Alan Ekery

I did not know what to think when I first started. I was by an 85 mph fastball square on the left shin in January 2014. My shin and ankle would swell by the end of everyday. The only thing that worked was a compression sock and that made me feel like an old man. After 3 sessions there is no more swelling and the black mark has dissipated. Best of all no more compression sock yippee. I am a believer. Thank you to Dr Matthys and Danny for everything and giving me my youth back with no compression sock.

by Lexi Apodaca

My foot was injured three years ago. It was so painful that I could not put any pressure on it. I was on crutches and in a walking cast for eight long months. My mom took me to five different doctors including a podiatrist and two different orthopedic surgeons. No one could diagnose what was causing my pain or how to fix it. I had 2 different MRIs within three months that showed normal results. I had a steroid shot in my foot that did not help much. The orthopedic surgeon wanted to do exploratory surgery to find out what the problem was. My mom and I did not want the surgery. Luckily, we found Dr. Matthys. After not being able to walk on my foot for eight months, after one visit with Dr. Matthys and his trainer, I was limping on it. I co+ show morentinued to do the exercises he instructed me to do and my foot got better and better. Three visits and three weeks later, I was literally jogging around the parking lot with Dr. Matthys. He healed my foot that quickly! It turns out I had fasciitis…the covering around the muscle was injured from being pulled.
I’m so thankful that I was able to walk on my foot again. I was also able to play volleyball and basketball again. Thanks, Dr. Matthys. You are AWESOME.

by Scott Myers

I was referred to Airrosti by a friend who works for the company to treat calf pain that I have experienced off and on for 10+ years. As an Army Officer, not running is not an option and I needed help. Dr. Matthys and his team started me on a treatment plan and also gave me exercises and stretches that I could do at home. I’m happy to report that five months later, I am running pain-free. Thanks Airrosti! Give them a try!

by Jeff Crombie

My family has been going to Airrosti for years and love the results for each issue they’ve had so when I popped my knee while stretching I decided to give them a try. Michael Matthys did a great job of explaining the issue I had and massaging the area. Danny Yerges was very helpful with teaching me how to stretch using a roller and understand why those areas were important in healing my injury. Three visits later my injury is almost completely healed. I highly recommend Airrosti in Georgetown.

by Lori Celum

Airrosti has helped my daughter and myself with several injuries. Dr. Matthys is amazing!! My daughter dislocated her elbow and the treatments helped reduce her pain and allowed her to get full range of motion much quicker than expected. She is also currently rehabing from ACL surgery and Dr. Matthys is helping to loosen the muscles and improve range of motion so that she will be 100% ready to return to sports when she is cleared. Airrosti treatments helped to rehab a pulled hamstring of mine and allowed me to get back to running and working out very quickly. I am currently going to Dr. Matthys for a herniated disc in my back.
Basically, if there’s an injury in our family we will go to Airrosti when possible! They get you back to + show moredoing what you love faster than any other treatments we’ve tried. (:

by Lara Hite

I was suffering from plantar fasciitis and was in great pain. After numerous visits over many weeks to both my general practitioner and a podiatrist, I was showing no improvement. I was prescribed several medications, fitted with a walking boot and given a battery of exercises to perform daily, to no avail. A friend suggested I see an Airrosti doctor, of which I had never heard of and although skeptical, figured I would try it as nothing else had helped in the least. I got an appointment rather quickly with Dr. Matthys. He took the time to really listen to me then performed his first treatment. I was amazed! I walked out of his office an hour later 95% better than I walked in. He scheduled me for three subsequent treatments but we ended + show moreup canceling the last one, as it was unnecessary. I have had no recurrence of pain in two years and although I now live three hours away from Georgetown, would gladly make the drive to see him again should the pain return.

by Laura Arroyo

Prior to going to see Dr. Matthys, I could hardly turn my neck without discomfort. He has corrected and now I have great movement, plus a strategy to keep me pain free going forward! Definitely would recommend Dr. Matthys.

by Bear Updyke

“I’ve had lower back pain for a few years but have learned to deal with it while pursuing my hobbies (weight lifting and softball). A couple of months ago I had a strong sharp pain occur around my tailbone region while while I was lifting and performing a squat rep. The pain would get worse when I would bend over or pick anything up from the ground. I went to a traditional chiropractor but it did not help. I went to my primary physician and she prescribed me pain medication, muscle relaxers, and told me that I should never lift weights again and to just focus on cardio since heart disease runs in my family. I told my physician that lifting weights was a hobby for me and that me to stop was out of the question. She told me that if I conti+ show morenue to lift, I would probably have to have surgery. My next step was to get a deep tissue massage. While it felt refreshing, that pain continued and I was almost out of options.
I spoke with a coworker and he recommended Airrosti with Dr. Michael Matthys. Since I was out of options, I was willing to try anything. After the first visit I was skeptical because I really didn’t feel a change. Since I am not a quitter, I continued the appointments and guided exercised and after the next few sessions, I was miraculously cured.
I was amazed at how this program actually work and grateful that my coworker recommended Airrosti, Dr. Matthys, and his staff. I am back to lifting weights, playing softball, and being pain free.”

by James Bartosh

I was scheduled to have surgery on both wrist for carpal tunnel. The therapy and exercise after 4 treatments fixed my left hand. I had surgery on my right and they are both as good as new.

by Lydia Headley

I am in 7th grade. I hurt my leg falling out of a tree. My dad took me to Airrosti since I was one week into my basketball season. Dr. Matthys worked out my muscles hard but it was totally worth it and I walked out of his office that first day. ( I had been using crutches over the weekend.) Dr. Matthys and Danny helped me out by encouraging me to do the exercises and getting me back in shape. Now I’m back on the basketball court.

by Karen Vogele

My story begins with shooting, sharp pain in my heels from my first step out of bed in the morning. I am an avid Jazzercise fan and I seemed to have neglected my feet by not keeping up with purchasing new athletic shoes when my old pair was worn. I heard about Airrosti and Dr. Matthys from a friend who had the same diagnosis, Plantar Fasciitis. I saw Dr. Matthys and Danielle for a handful of visits where they treated my calves, feet and shins (for another recurring problem I have, shin splints). They taught me exercises for stretching and strengthening my muscles, along with foam rolling which is such an easy thing to do to help your muscles. I no longer get out of bed and dread stepping on the floor. My pain has diminished almost comple+ show moretely. Thank you Airrosti and Dr. Matthys for helping me be able to enjoy Jazzercise again!

by Pam Rush

My daughter had been suffering from back and neck pain because of tension from sitting at a computer all day – and happened on to an Airrosti booth at a health fair her employer was hosting – and it changed her life. So, I decided I would see if it could help me with my chronic migraines and related neck pain and sought out Dr. Matthys. He and his staff were very helpful and knowledgeable – and after a series of treatments, I found that my migraines were occurring less frequently – and when they did, I used the home exercises and ball – and was usually able to head them off. I am definitely a fan of Airrosti and continue to do the stretching and targeted exercises that they taught me – and I have referred them to all of my family and fr+ show moreiends 🙂

by Hunter Anderson

I have went to Airrosti several times over the years for different problems. Dr. Michael Matthys has helped me with my tennis elbow and back issues that flare up and they have always fixed me right up after a few visits and given me the information on stretches and exercises I can do at home that help avoid seeing him.

by Alissa Zamarripa

I’m an avid runner and weightlifter and I came to Airrosti with pain in my left hip, which was impacting my runs. It reached the point where sitting and walking hurt as well. I couldn’t have been more pleased with Dr. Matthys and staff. They made me feel comfortable and taught me proper stretching and foam rolling techniques that I use to this day. Highly recommended.

by Michelle Broddrick

I was suffering from severe shin splints in both legs. I was determined to stay on task with my recent commitment to boot camp. Mind you, this coming from nearly a completely sedentary lifestyle. I searched around and looked for various options. I looked at materials, did research and asked friends before deciding to give Airrosti a try. I learned so much just in my first visit. I learned and experienced that a big part of what Airrosti does is breaking down the fascia or releasing it. The process feels like the deepest deep tissue massage you have ever felt. I mean deep! Come off of the table deep. Yes, it is uncomfortable but I experienced a difference and improvement with the treatment each time. Even though I was most often to the p+ show moreoint of tears at my visits, I continued to return because I knew it was helping. The taping was very helpful too! Dr. Matthys and his team are incredible. The entire office, treatment and follow-up were top notch. I faithfully did my homework, after realizing that it was a large part of the treatment success. The treatment was firm, but Dr. Matthys was sympathetic and listened to me or watched for cues as to when to stop or when to move on. He spoke to me throughout treatment to be sure that I understood what he was doing each step. He or his staff then walked me through homework, taped me up, and put ice on me immediately afterwards or instructed me to do so if I could not wait. The staff and treatment exceeded my expectations. If you are looking for something effective long term and not just a sports massage, this is the go to place!

by Terri Isbell

Dr. Mike has treated several injuries for me over the last 2 years including IT band, shoulder & Achilles and the results have been fabulous. The combo of his work and the exercises have made me able to continue my training without interruption. It has also taught me how to maintain my body so I can help prevent repeat injuries. I recommend Airrosti to anyone who has a soft tissue injury and Dr. Mike & his staff are great!

by Amy Janik

A few years ago, I was suffering from the worst case of Plantar Fasciitis I’d ever had. It was in both feet, and had been for well over a year. I’d had it before, so I knew what the recommended treatment was, but those exercises weren’t helping at all, so I just stopped doing them, and resigned myself to being in constant pain. My husband learned about Airrosti at his company’s health fair, and encouraged me to check it out. Dr. Matthys was amazing, and explained in great detail what was happening to cause my feet such pain, and how he could help. Since my case was so severe, and in both feet for so long, it took about 8-10 sessions before I was completely pain free, however, most injuries can be successfully treated in as little as 4 se+ show moressions. His technique was painful at times, but ultimately worked wonders, and I learned several new exercise techniques for more than just the affected feet. It has been over 2 years since my treatments and I have not had ANY recurring issues with fasciitis or other foot pain. Any time I hear of anyone dealing with an injury or pain, I recommend Airrosti to them. When you think you are out of options, you’re not!

by Marissa Austin

I had suffered from severe migraines for quite a while. On my first visit Dr. Matthys was able to find the trigger point and relieve the tension. With just a couple follow ups — and following doctor’s orders for appropriate stretches — I have been migraine-free for over six months!

by Sharon Kimble

A close friend of mine who suffers from unrelenting pain due to fibromyalgia among other things, was exasperated with the lack of results from traditional treatments. I mentioned to her about the information I had seen in the Family Medical Center office in Georgetown, thinking they might be able to offer her some relief. Additionally, I had begun having moderate to severe pain in my left knee, so we both made appointments to go see Airrosti. Dr. Matthys was very informative, and explained the type of work they do, and what he could do to help me with my knee pain. Between the treatments, and the exercises which they showed me, I have had lasting relief from my knee pain. I also had additional work done on my IT band, which was very tigh+ show moret and painful. They gave me exercises and with the treatments, and knowledge of how to do the exercises when the pain starts to show up again, I am able to manage my chronic tendonopathies without drugs, and get almost immediate relief from the pain after I do the exercises. Thank you for your help and information! I really appreciate the lasting changes in my ability to live and do the things I want to do!

by Sharonda Cooper

I am a group fitness instructor and with teaching about ten classes each week, I need my body to work. If I am hurt, I can’t teach, so I do my best to take care of myself with a healthy diet, good rest, and lots of foam rolling! I am usually able to find the source of my pain and take care of it with the tools I have at home, but a few months ago I noticed a lingering pain in my right hamstring that went up into the gluteal region. It was particularly bothersome during driving. I tried everything I knew to do and the pain only got worse. It did not prevent me from teaching, but it affected my range of motion and my form. I finally decided to call Dr. Matthys. I had used Airrosti years ago and remembered how rapid my recovery had been. I + show moreknew that Dr. Matthys could help me as he has been helping my group fitness manager with her aches and pains. She told me that he was extremely professional and extremely talented and since I trust her, it was easy to trust him. He is very familiar with what I do and after a few short tests, he was able to target the injury. On my third visit, some of the pain was still lingering, so he tried something a bit different and it worked! He and his assistant were able to show me the exercises that would aid in my full recovery and then would help me prevent the return of the injury. Today, my hamstring feels better than it has in months and I am caring for my muscles in a different, more comprehensive way. I am grateful to Dr. Matthys for his professionalism, for his wonderful attitude, and most of all, for his desire to truly help people like me know how to avoid injuries that will keep us in his office. In my line of work, pain is inevitable and the next time I get to the point where I cannot help myself heal, Dr. Matthys will be the one I call!

by Eric S

I thought I would drop a quick line to share my experience. I hadn’t been able to stand up straight for over two weeks and needed some help right away. I went to a regular chiropractor and couldn’t get the relief I so desperately needed. I found Dr Matthys online and decided to give it a shot. I am sure glad I did. He made me feel comfortable and I left standing straight up. I had instant relief. I came back again for a follow up visit to complete my care. If I have anymore back issues I will certainly go back to see Dr Matthys.

by Megan Huff

I began going to Dr. Matthys Airrosti therapy for my shoulder. I have had pain when I sleep and work out because of playing volleyball for many years. The therapy was very easy and helpful. After several sessions my shoulder was feeling better. I did not have much pain sleeping and I have been lifting more weight than I have in the last couple of years. The exercises they provided me with were helpful to keep my therapy up when I was finished with my sessions. I would recommend Dr. Matthys and Airrosti to anyone who is having pain issues.

by Jan Johnson

My husband and I have had aches and pains for a very long time and have tried many traditional types of therapies with minimal results. But our daughter convinced us to go try Airrosti and the results were amazing. Dr. Matthys did an excellent job of not only eliminating our pain but teaching us how to prevent from coming back again. I would absolutely recommend Airrosti and Dr. Matthys to anyone experiencing pain!

by David Gindler

I was training for a Ragnar Relay, and I kept having major issues with my calves. I would run about .25 or .5 miles, and I would get a sharp pain in one of my calves. This kept happening for about 3 months and I really could not train. One of my teammates mentioned Airrosti, so I checked out my local doc and found Michael Matthys. I scheduled an appointment, and he told me what was going on and started a treatment plan. The very next day I was able to run without pain! I didn’t go far, as recommended, and after my treatment program was over, I was running 6 miles with no issues. I have since ran in another Ragnor and had some maintenance visits to be sure I am good. For me, this was a life changing experience. I was thinking I would have+ show more to give up running, but instead I have been able to increase my training.

by Pam Helge

“My experience with Airrosti Therapy has been extremely effective in treating my tennis elbow, hip and neck pain issues, while still being active. Dr Matthys and his staff are well trained in the Airrosti Therapy and you will receive a personalized treatment plan at each visit. It provided me relief at my first appointment , with no medication !!! I do recommend Airrosti Therapy to my friends and family to help with any pain.”

by Nadya Watson

I have been to Airrosti on two separate occasions and Dr. Matthys sped my recovery and helped me get back to working out pain free as fast as he could. I love their technique and all the stretches they tell you to do at home and the way they truly treat your body as a whole not just treat a certain area. I know that I can always rely on them to do everything they can to help me with my injuries!

by Amy Knowles

I have seen Dr. Matthys for several different issues and each time he has worked on me, I have been able to return back to my activity in a record amount of time. He is very thorough with his examination and his deep tissue pressure to fix my issue. Not to mention I work in a field where I deal with athletes everyday, and sprained ankles are a commonality. I recommend my athletes to go and see him all the time and their recovery rate is cut in half compared to other methods of recovery. Do your research and understand how valuable deep tissue massage therapy is to recovery rate! I HIGHLY recommend you see him if you have any pains you have had for a while or a very new injury that you don’t have time to deal with! Dr. Matthys is your man+ show more!

by Julie Sharifian

Dr. Matthys has been a big help to our family both with chronic pain issues & sports injuries. He always goes above & beyond to help and get us in as quickly as possible! Highly recommend he & his staff!

by Niki DuClos

I have an erupted L5 S1 disc. Instead of surgery I decided on couple steroid injections in my back and to learn about physical therapy. I have heard about Airrosti and was happy that we have a facility in my hometown. I went to Dr. Matthys and on the very first visit, I felt completely at ease, he answered all my questions and concerns and even gave me suggestions that I’d hadn’t even thought of. After the first session with Dr. Matthys, I saw the physical therapist that was very kind and was patient with me considering I’m middle age, okay, over the hill! 🙂 Anyway, she took time showing me the proper techniques. I went home that day with literature, step-by-step exercises to do at home. I went for another two visits and by then I+ show more was on my way to recovery. I’m able to keep up with the physical therapy at home and if I have any questions, it nice to know I can just call their office to answer my questions. I felt like family. My sciatic nerve is staying “calm” with the exercises I do and I’m so thrilled I decided to not have surgery and to see the team members at Airrosti!

by Samantha Shockley

Mike has been the biggest help! I’ve seen him a few times for a reoccurring injury. This is due to my stubbornness of not wanting to stop lifting. The most surprising help I’ve received was when I was at a CrossFit Competition, and I re-injured my shoulder. Mike was at this competition and was able to assess and help right away, and sign me up to see him for re-evaluations immediately following the comp. He will not only help, but if he knows he can’t fix it (because it’s outside of his practice) he will direct you to the proper resources. Bar far the quickest and best care I’ve received for an athletic injury.

by Chad Allen

“I received treatment a few months ago from Dr. Matthys. I was very uneducated about Airrosti. I had been suffering from pain in my knee during running, and it got to the point to where it hurt so much, I couldn’t do it anymore.
I never went to a traditional doctor, because I didn’t want to pay the bill for an MRI or X-rays. I also wanted to avoid any kind of surgery.

When Dr. Matthys and another associate did a series of visits at our fire station, I decided to give it a try. Unlike other doctors or medical facilities, they had a plan to get me back to normal, and no ongoing never ending treatment or visits.

After four short visits I was back to normal and running again. I am grateful for the experience, and glad + show moreI chose to go to Airrosti. I would highly recommend them if your experiencing any kind of discomfort. You won’t be disappointed.”

by Bridget Hancock

I was referred to Airrosti by my chiropractor for ongoing problems with my neck and back. I was quite impressed with the professionalism and knowledge exhibited by Dr. Matthys and his staff. He is very good at understanding the issues and actually getting to the cause of the pain. He worked on releasing my problem areas, and by working with his staff, finding ways to keep the problem areas from returning, in a minimal amount of appointments. I have referred my daughter and others at the gym experiencing pain. When telling my story, I’ve been joined by others at the gym who have amazing stories of release from pain or nagging injuries. I now consider Dr. Matthys and his staff part of my “medical team” to keep me healthy!

by Amanda Kreller

I was introduced to Airrosti by an athletic friend who swears by it. I was getting ready to do a half marathon and during my training I had significant pain in my IT band and I had no idea how to fix it besides the stretching routine that I did daily. When my friend told me to go to Airrosti I had no idea what to expect, but I was hoping for relief! I saw Dr. Matthys the week before my race and he did what he could, which was intense and amazing at the same time! I saw him multiple times after the race for further treatments and he was able to provide relief, treat my symptoms, and give me stretching techniques to aid my healing. I really couldn’t believe that I wasn’t in pain anymore and that I could run without worrying about if the pa+ show morein was going to return. Dr. Matthys has always been kind, patient, and respectful. He listens and then treats the area(s) effectively. I highly recommend Airrosti!

by Becky Folta-May

I made an appointment with Dr. Matthys because I was having severe neck and shoulder pain. I had such limited range of motion that I could barely turn my head from side to side. Dr. Matthys told me up front that he recommended 5 visits and that is what it took. He’s a wonderful, caring Dr. who really listened to me. The first visit was done very thoroughly and my many questions were answered. I liked the therapy sessions which followed each time and the “homework” really helped. I highly recommend Dr. Matthys and the Airrosti rehab.

by Monica Torres

In my mid-thirties, I decided it was time to get back in shape since my two children were school-aged and I had more time for myself. I enjoy walking and jogging, but I was experiencing a worsening pain in my hip after every exercise session. I was referred to try Airrosti. I was skeptical since I had never heard of it and didn’t understand fascia soft tissue treatment but willing to try it. I would’ve never realized the problem began in my leg leading to my hip. In just a summertime of once a week visits, Dr. Matthys fixed my “hip” problem. No more pain after walking or jogging even two years later. I am so glad I went and grateful to Dr. Matthys and his kind staff for improving my life.

by Tina Parker

I am a very active person and when I started having shoulder pain during workouts, a friend referred me to Airrosti, boasting a quicker healing process and long term results. I made an appointment and right away I felt that Airrosti and Dr. Matthys were a great decision for me. He took time to explain what he felt my issues were based upon some very simple movements I had to make. He was able to see the imbalance between several of my muscle groups. It was great to find out that my shoulder was not injured, it was just not functioning correctly because of the stress of other muscles pulling on it incorrectly. During the span of 3 visits over 2 weeks, my shoulder was functioning correctly and he gave me the tools to keep things in balance+ show more on my own without recurring visits. I would strongly recommend Airrosti and Dr. Matthys to anyone who is having muscular discomfort.

by Manny Martinez

Earlier this year, I suffered some ligament strains in my left knee. I was walking with pain and could not kneel down in Church, nor put any weight on my left leg. I went to see the folks at Airrosti in Georgetown. Mike was very thorough in his approach. He spent the time with me, he listened, he tested my knee’s flexibility vs. the pain. Mike massaged my knee and guided me through physical therapy to alleviate the pain and bring back the flexibility. I would recommend Mike and Airrosti to anyone.

by Darlene Moore

I first heard about Airrosti from the owner of the Car Wash where I take my car. He saw the wrist brace I had on my right wrist (of course I’m right handed) and asked what happened. I told him I injured my wrist from pulling a very heavy bag of sand and my doctor diagnosed it as Tendonitis and told me to wear the brace and not exert it. He shared his Airrosti story of how his elbow Tendonitis (from water skiing) improved 90% after several Airrosti treatments. I read several testimonials online and watched several testimonial videos for Airrosti before scheduling my first appointment. I am so happy I decided to try Airrosti!!! Before my treatments I had such wrist pain that I couldn’t wash my own hair. (Not that I minded having my h+ show moreair done at my hairdresser’s!) It also hurt to do such daily routine tasks as writing, using the keyboard, and folding laundry. Dr. Matthys was so skilled in administering the treatments to my wrist. He had a lot of experience in treating workers with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and I benefitted from his experience! I took about 10 sessions (more than the usual) for satisfactory improvement. And afterward I was able to see a 90% improvement in my Tendonitis and I am happy to report it has continually improved over the last 6 months to 95% to 98% improvement!!! I continue to use my Lacrosse ball that I purchased at Dr. Matthys’ office on sore spots that may crop up in my spinal area between the shoulder blades. I continue to get amazing relief with that. I shared my success story with my general practitioner, who told me she had heard other success stories, and that she is considering adding an Airrosti therapist as a treatment option a day or two per week for her patients in her clinic. I highly recommend Airrosti and Dr. Matthys and his team of professionals!!! My insurance didn’t cover my visits, but it was more than worth the cost to get relief and rid myself of a pain that would wake me from a sound sleep and be the first thing on my mind when I woke each morning!!! I am so happy I heard about Airrosti!!!

by Shelby Garcia

I had horrible back pain for a few months and the Airrosti team made it all go away in just a few visits. So thankful. They were very friendly and helpful!

by Chris Brown

My name is Christopher Brown I work in the law enforcement field. Before I came across Airrosti. I had nerve pain in my right hand from working out at the gym. My pain was so bad I couldn’t workout like I needed, I went to three different doctors even the ER, and no one could tell me what was wrong. One day I was at a Golds Gym in Round Rock, Texas where I meet a guy by the name of Eddie who worked for Airrosti. Eddie explained to me briefly what Airrosti was and set me up with an appointment. I thought hard about nit even showing because I didn’t believe it would help my pain. I decided to go to the visit where I met doctor Matthys who knew exactly what was wrong with me and began treatment to my right hand. Immediately I felt a differe+ show morence, a good difference. As I went on my second visit I felt better to my third visit feeling great and followed up with my last visit which put me feeling at 100%, my hand felt better than before. While attending my appointments, Dr. Matthys kept me informed and gave me the knowledge needed to get better and stay healthy. The staff is friendly and knows exactly what they are doing. Danny helped me out with my rehabilitation. Thanks to her I now do some of the exercises she gave me to stay healthy as well. I didn’t believe at first, but I’m telling you guys if you have any pain joint pain, tendinitis etc. they are the one to call. I owe everything to Airrosti in the Georgetown location.

by Elise OConnell

I’ve seen Dr Matthys for several over use injuries. I have found that Airrosti has been so quick and effective in treating my injuries and allowing me to be pain free.

by Derrick Neelley

I was a 6 sport athlete in high school, and also played football at UMHB. I had an irritated IT band in which had been bothering me for years!! One day, Dr. Matthys came to one of my classes and talked about what he does. I thought that I might as well give it a try, and let me be the first to say, it was incredible!! It felt so much better and in so little time. Recommend this to any athlete or anyone having any sorts of problems.

by Megan Turnipseed

I had a lingering pain issue in my ankle from an injury that didn’t heal right. After 3 short treatments (and me listening to the Dr.) I was completely pain free. This was an issue I dealt with for 3-4 years and I still cant believe the pain is gone and has remained that way for three years now!!! VERY IMPRESSED!

by Lynn Kabella

Pain free in 3 days! I thought, no way. That’s impossible. I’m now writing to say it’s true. I had been dealing with back spasms for several months. I saw several doctors which sent me to another doctor. One of those doctors finally sent me to Dr. Matthys. After just the first visit, I was surprised at how much better I felt. By the 3rd visit, I was pain free! If you are suffering from any type of pain, you owe it to yourself to give Airrosti a chance to get rid of it for you.

by Brenda Fendrick

I first went to Dr. Matthys after seeing my PCP for an IT band issue from running. I was given the option from my PCP to do “”traditional”” therapy or “”alternative”” therapy. When given these options, I always choose “”alternative””, and I’m so glad I did! Having never been to an Airrosti facility before, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Dr. Matthys identified the pain quickly and gave me his opinion of the underlying issue. I loved the fact that he wasn’t interested in the amount of time it took for me to have better range of motion….whether it took 2 sessions or more, he was just interested in my recovery. My health was more important than their bottom line….how refreshing.After just a couple of sessions with Dr. Matthys, I no+ show moreticed the IT band seemed resolved and the pain was now showing up more at the root of the problem. Rather than just treating my symptoms, we continued sessions until the initial injury was addressed.
Being faithful to do my exercises and foam roller at home had me feeling better quickly, AND I was encouraged to continue running during the therapy, which was great.
I can only summarize by saying that I will be an Airrosti fan from now on and will not hesitate to recommend the program to anyone that asks.

by Madison Vardeman

My biggest accomplishment in life was without a doubt earning a scholarship to play collegiate soccer. I was so excited and so proud that all of my hard work had finally paid off. I trained so hard, and was in the best shape of my life. And then out of all things what happens? Halfway through two-a-days i strain my groin. I was out for nearly 2 months. Not exactly the greatest place to be in life being a homesick freshman in college. And to make matters worse my groin refused to heal, no matter what treatment i did at the trainers. I was finally recommended to visit the Airrosti located near my college campus, and it was great advice. Dr. Matthys was phenomenal–an overall great guy who genuinely cared about getting me back on the pitch+ show more. Within a few weeks they had me back and ready to play, and I am so grateful for their help.

by Kendra Hoduski

I have degeneration in my lower back and within 2 visits I felt awesome. I go back periodically maybe once a year to help me out but I would recommend to anyone because it is highly effective.

by Tim Pukys

I have been treated by the Airrosti Staff for several injuries such as, dislocated shoulders and biking accidents. They diagnosed, treated and got me back to the activities I love. Also, as a local swim coach many of my athletes have been successfully rehabilitated by Airrosti, including my own children. If you have an injury that is affecting your daily life I recommend an appointment to Airrosti.

by Darla Carrillo

I have had limited flexibility and tightness on the right side of my back and my right arm. Within three treatments from Dr. Matthys I regained my flexibility and no longer had any persistent “sore’ muscles. I did not realize how bad my condition had actually become over the years until I received my treatments. What a difference!!! I would highly recommend Airrosti to anyone suffering from any pain or muscle issues. It is well worth trying!

by Sarah Cox

I saw Dr. Matthys for a back injury I have struggled with for years. Running made my feet go numb, and it was getting harder to maintain my workout routine.
My results were nearly instant, though I always did the recommended “”homework”” to give myself the best opportunity to recover. The biggest test was passed over the last couple of weeks….I’ve gone on two runs over the last couple of weeks over two different surfaces, and NO PAIN OR NUMBNESS AT ALL!

I have and will continue to recommend Airrosti to those who are injured or in chronic pain. Thank you!!

by Jessica Bailey

I went to Airrosti for help with a knee/leg issue as well as a neck issue, both of which were hindering me from completing fitness goals… a triathlon and a half marathon. Dr. Matthys was wonderful from the start. He was able to diagnose and treat each injury in a short amount of time, I never had to stop exercising, and have been injury free ever since. I recommend Airrosti to friends and family at the very mention of pain. Additionally, Dr. Matthys and Trish were great about working around my busy “mom schedule”… with four kids and a job, it can be tough to take care of me… he made it easy to get back on track!

by Bradley Sanford

After suffering repeated calf muscle tears I tried out Airrosti for the first time. Where traditional rehab took me 30 days at a time to get back to an active state, Dr. Matthys had me jogging the next day and at full speed in a week. Not only did he address my symptoms, he found the true source of my repetitive injuries and addressed the source. I have been calf injury free for more than 2 years now! I would not hesitate a second to go back to Dr. Matthys again for any injury I have. I have even sent my kids to him for their sports related injuries. I recommend Airrosti to all of my workout friends whenever they are in discomfort.

by Dave Skinner

I had gone in to visit Dr. Matthys after experiencing lower back pain for an extended period of time. The injury was due to exercise program I had been following. During my first visit I was impressed by the approach. Dr. Matthys took a considerable amount of time to listen, evaluate, and then explain my injury and what treatment was needed to correct. Understanding the treatment plan was very important to me as I want to truly understand the problem. I like to do research on my own. The treatment that was delivered was very effective and realized considerable relief after the first treatment. Upon completion of the treatment schedule I was pain free. Not only did he cure my pain, he set me up with information and a home regime that enab+ show moreles me to maintain my lower back health. Dr. Matthys and the entire staff was both professional and courteous. I have recommended several friends and co-workers to Airrosti for care. The approach that Dr. Matthys and Airrosti for treatment was refreshing and holistic. I would recommend Dr. Matthys and Airrosti to anyone with confidence.

by Clint Anderson

Dr. Matthys has successfully treated my shoulder and foot. He did this while supporting my continuing participation in workouts. I appreciate his very real concern for alleviating pain and limitations. I feel he truly cares for me as a patient and a person. I highly recommend him.

by Jamie Smith

I had been introduced to this treatment modality by a business associate. He provided a convincing testimony for his visit. I was amazed how my pain in my lower back was alleviated to a minimal level on my first treatment. On the second visit, I was instructed to perform a right leg raise in the supine position. I was unable to do so. I was trying to communicate a leg raise but it did not respond. After applying Airrosti to the lower extremity, I was able to raise my right leg. I am a completely satisfied with the results of this treatment. I have experienced alleviation from pain, increased mobility and taking part in recreational activity that I had been avoiding because of pain and immobility. I have nothing but positive remarks to co+ show moremment for the way I was treated at the Family Medical Center in Georgetown. Give Dr. Matthys an opportunity to improve your quality of life.

by David Hall

I am age 51, run three miles daily, and have been a Texas high school basketball official for 25 years. I had been having serious issues with both Achilles tendons and heels to the point where I could barely walk the morning after a game. Luckily, I was referred to Airrosti in Georgetown, TX with my issues. Despite my initial skepticism, the treatment provided by Dr. Mike Matthys along with the series of exercises demonstrated by Trish Kottaridis (which I still adhere to on a daily basis) enabled me to return to nearly full speed in an amazingly brief period of time. I would not have been able to continue to run/officiate without Airrosti and the top-notch staff in Georgetown. I wholeheartedly recommend the Airrosti experience and the wo+ show morenderful work that Dr. Matthys and Ms. Kottaridis provided me, and challenge anyone to give it a chance like I did–you will be more than satisfied with the results!

by Julie House

I am a huge fan of Airrosti treatment after suffering from hip pain while training for an Olympic-distance triathlon. Dr. Matthys’ treatments alleviated the pain in just a few weeks. What I loved most that I was allowed and encouraged to continue training (with caution, of course) while receiving treatments. The day of the race, I had no pain, and walked away from the finish line with minor stiffness. I was so impressed with Dr. Matthys and his staff. Their work helped me reach a goal that I was afraid would have to be shelved. Since the race, I have continued the exercise and stretching regimen and am happily experiencing no more hip pain. Airrosti works!

by Gwenda B.

Dr. Matthys and Trish had helped my daughter a lot with her back pain, so when I had been dealing with severe pain in my left leg, I decided to go to Airrosti and see if they could help me. It took several visits but with time and the exercises that they had given me, my leg pain has gone away. At Airrosti they gave me options to getting relief before seeking out other expensive tests and treatments. Thank you Dr. Matthys and Airrosti!

by Laura N.

I’ve been amazed at how fast Airrosti works. I first sought help with hip/low back pain. I had tried weeks of massage, anti-inflammatory medications, and rest. Nothing worked. A friend recommended Airrosti. After just one visit I was nearly pain free. I was completely better after just three visits. When I pulled my calf muscle, I called and they got me in that afternoon. Again, in one visit I went from barely able to walk, to walking with almost no pain or limp. In three visits I was back to normal. Whenever I talk to someone in pain, I recommend they give Dr. Matthys a call!

by Will T.

After rupturing a disk in my lower back, my life changed dramatically. I went from a very active guy, to giving up most activities that I enjoyed. Over time the pain decreased, but quality of life was still not as I had hoped. The biggest setbacks were severe muscle spasms that wouldn’t release. Dr. Matthys has helped tremendously with alleviating the spasms and has helped me regain some of that quality of life that I had been missing.

by Brian M.

Each time I come in to the office I am surprised on what I learn. I find there are many issues that can be taken care of without getting x-rays or other medical procedures done. I also like the fact that I have to take less meds! Thank you Airrosti!

by Demetria W.

Recently I was dealing with an obscure problem. The sudden symptoms came on strong with dizziness, fullness in the ears, ringing in the ears and lightheadedness. I was seeing several different doctors for four weeks and no one could give me an answer. At this point I was starting to have stiffness in my neck and made an appointment with Dr. Matthys. I explained my symptoms and he worked on the muscles in my neck and my traps. During our first session he was able to trace and bring out the intensity of the symptoms just by adding pressure. Once the pressure was relieved the dizziness or ringing in the ears would subside. I finally felt like I was able to distinguish the problem. I continued seeing Dr. Matthys twice a week for about+ show more four weeks, and he relieved my problem areas. There is nothing more frustrating when an injury or pain starts to control your quality of life and that is exactly what this nagging problem was doing. I am just glad I made that appointment with Dr. Matthys because I could still be visiting with multiple doctors trying to figure out what was wrong with me.

by Joshua V.

Many thanks to Dr. Matthys and his staff for fixing a problem I had been dealing with for several months. Over the course of wearing my duty belt, I developed back problems on the lower left side of my back. After several visits to my doctor, another couple to a chiropractor, and even one visit to a medicine man, it was time to try something different. Dr. Matthys was able to take care of my back problems within a few weeks and his staff provided me with plenty of stretches and exercises I could do on my own. A few months later and I am still doing well. Thanks again, Doc!

by Terian S.

After a serious hamstring injury sidelined me in 2011 and my frustration in traditional therapy deepened, I had a colleague refer me out to Dr. Matthys. I had heard about Airrosti and their three visit average and great results, so out of complete desperation I made the call. Three years later, I continue to seek him out for the little things that happen when you are an athlete and to proactively avoid injury. And, thanks to him, that hamstring has held up beautifully. I teach high intensity fitness classes five days a week and train on my own off days. Dr. Matthys and his team never let me down, always make time for me and most importantly keep me moving and healthy. They have also done master classes for my facilities, workshops+ show more and been supportive of all of my staff. We continue to look to Airrosti to keep us in top shape with as little visit time as possible. I refer all my clients there as well. Couldn’t do my job without them. They are cutting edge, young, passionate and professional. I just can’t say enough great things about them!

by Michelle J.

Two years ago, I fell on my back from a chair. It was a careless thing to do and so I put it out of my mind. Slowly, pain crept in and took over. I tried getting back massages nearly every week, but the relief would not last. This led to constant headaches and the kept me from having good days. Luckily for me, my doctor suggested that I go to see Dr. Matthys before undergoing an MRI. I was amazed that I felt good after one visit. I was not completely healed, but Dr. Matthys was confident that he could help me within three to four visits. I was given hands-on treatment and then taught exercises to strengthen my back. I began to stand up straighter and feel much better. I felt so well that I brought in my daughter who was in pain + show morefrom playing her flute in twisted positions for marching band. She wanted to wait until marching was over, but I made her go right away because this program is excellent for athletes. (I run into my former students who are star football players in the lobby often.) Now, she and I feel great and we both highly recommend anyone with aches and pains to go to see Dr. Matthys as the Airrosti plan works. Life is too short to live in pain. I only regret not going earlier. Thank you, Airrosti!

by Kerri B.

Pride keeps me from ever wanting to call the doctor. After experiencing pain in my hamstrings and glutes for about 10 months, I decided it was time to call Dr. Matthys. On the first visit, Dr. Matthys asked me many thorough questions about the nature of my injury. His easygoing nature helped this stubborn girl feel comfortable about my decision to call. Dr. Matthys formed a treatment plan and went to work on my trouble areas. After the first visit, my leg began to feel better within 24 hours. I could definitely tell a difference in pain level and mobility. Dr. Matthys treated my leg for a total of 4 visits and my pain was completely gone. If I ever have another injury, I will not hesitate to call Dr. Matthys. I wholeheartedly recommend + show moreMr. Matthys and the Airrosti system!

by Julie N.

I was referred to Dr. Matthys by my boss for a lingering injury to my knee, or so I thought. In addition to working a full time job, I am a group exercise instructor. For the first part of 2014, my left knee hurt to the point where I could no longer participate or enjoy the exercise classes I attended. I was also not able to wear high heels or go down a flight of stairs without pain in that knee. On my first visit to Airrosti, they were very friendly, prompt and got down to business. Dr. Matthys explained that I had a muscular issue that was affecting my knee. With his therapy procedure along with instructional help from his office, my pain was almost completely eliminated in 3 visits! If you want to get to the root of your issues and ge+ show moret on with your life, get in to see Airrosti!

by Cliffa F.

I am an avid runner and love to CrossFit as well. As I have aged into my 50s, I have desired to stay just as active and maintain the same volume and intensity as in my 30s. However, my body has not always agreed with this philosophy. With aging I realize I am more susceptible to overuse injuries, but I refuse to give in. I am thankful that I was referred to Airrosti, and in particular Dr. Matthys. Regardless of my injury or my pain level, he assesses thoroughly, and gets me back on the road and in the gym within 1-3 visits. I have no doubt that without Airrosti that I would have had to decrease or retire from running. BUT NOT TODAY! Thanks Dr. Matthys!

by Christine T.

I have been having problems with my neck and low back pain for months. I have been going to several Airrosti doctors, but I would say that Dr. Matthys is the best Airrosti doctor. He was very attentive to my problem, did not rush me and took time to fix the problem. He always spent about 30 minutes on my visits, unlike other non-Airrosti doctors who just spent about 10 minutes with you and rushed you out of the door.
He also has an awesome therapist, Dale, who not only taught me some stretching exercises, but also taught me how to have the right posture when doing weight lifting. I did not realize that my low back pain problem might be caused by my bad posture when doing my exercises at the gym. Dr. Matthys is very knowledgeable a+ show morend has experience with all different kinds of problem people have. I would say that I am almost pain free now because of Dr. Matthys. Dr. Matthys will be the best Airrosti doctor who I will recommend to my friends.

by Stephanie F.

As a daughter of a chiropractor, I have always been a fan of the chiropractic philosophy. However, after multiple car wrecks and additional athletic injuries, I had unresolved issues that were causing some chronic pain. My step-son (who is now an Airrosti provider) recommended Dr. Matthys and it was the answer to my problems! He was able to give me great relief with just a few treatments and I have been back whenever I have a need. Dr. Matthys and his staff are caring and professional and I highly recommend them to anyone who is tired of masking their pain with pills or ineffective methods of treatment!

by Maria R

I started seeing Dr. Ryabinov for my hip pain. I am a competitive Olympic weightlifter and a CrossFit coach, so this hip pain was cramping my lifestyle! For about 1.5-2 years I have experienced this pain. I tried EVERYTHING from chiropractic, acupuncture, physical therapy, massage therapy, and ART. After getting an MRI and finding there was no tear, I figured I would just live with the pain and/or have to stop lifting competitively. Dr. Ryabinov helped my hip like none of the above has. I now lift pain free and am much more conscious of the mobility I need to perform to keep healthy. Thank you Dr. Ryabinov and Airrosti for allowing me to keep doing what I love!

by Molly Pendlebury

Dr. Matthys has taken me from excessive pain to a PR on my clean and jerk in 24hrs. He does an awesome job at diagnosing the issues and fixing them fast. I have highly reccomended him and Airrosti to my friends and clients to keep them pain free, moving and doing what they love.

by Annette Leija-Jaksic

I was treated for lower back and sciatic nerve pain that went down to my leg. After a few treatments and the exercise therapy the pain was completely gone. That was two years ago!!! I recommend family and friends to Airrosti for complete recovery of body aches! No more pain pills or continuous chiropractor visit. Amen to that!

by Carol Thrasher

I was having trouble with my hip and my doctor recommended that I try Airrosti for treatment. It has proven to be the best thing. I have had shots before and then pain came back. After 3 treatments and doing the exercises daily, I have had relief. I highly recommend this form of treatment for joint relief.

by Gina Watson

I have suffered from lower back and shoulder pain for almost 20 years. I have been to countless doctors, chiropractors and to several rounds of physical therapy with no relief. I had just resigned myself to live with the pain until I was referred to Dr. Matthys. He listened to my concerns and within a few weeks of treatment, I was moving easier and feeling such relief. I didn’t realize how much pain I was really having until it started to actually go away. The exercises Trish taught me are easy, doable and maitainable. I truly feel incredible now that I can live my life without the pain that has burdened me for so very long. I highly recommend you give this a try. Especially, if you have given up hope. Thank you Dr. Matthys and + show moreTrish! You have made such a difference in my quality of life! I can’t explain how much it means to me.

by Mike P

Dr. Matthys helped me with a tennis-related elbow injury – in a few visits I was able to improve the range of motion and reduce the pain. I’m playing better as a result!

by Jeremy Brann

My son Jordan hurt his ankle first game of last years football season. He couldn’t run on it the next week, on Thursday Dr Matthys treated him and Jordan was able to play that Friday night.

by Joe Austin

Being a college football coach takes a toll on your body and before finding Airrosti I was under weekly Chiropractic care. Airrosti treated the causes of my pain, not just the symptoms, and I have not seen a Chiropractor in two years.
Joe Austin
Head Football Coach
Southwestern University