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Became an Airrosti Provider:2008

Undergraduate School:Texas Chiropractic College

Graduate School:Texas Chiropractic College

Hometown:Pasadena, TX

Hobbies:Fishing, Golfing, Cycling, Woodworking and riding ATV's. Spending time with my beautiful wife and our dog. I have also been known to Crossfit from time to time.

Interesting Facts:Finished my Doctorate of Chiropractic Degree at age 23. I was the youngest member of my graduating class. Practiced traditional chiropractic care for 1 1/2 years following school. Started with Airrosti in 2008 and haven't looked back since.

What Airrosti Means to Me:Airrosti has giving me the tools to personally impact thousands of patients lives, over the past 12+ years, in a greater way than I ever assumed possible

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by Demetria W.

Recently I was dealing with an obscure problem. The sudden symptoms came on strong with dizziness, fullness in the ears, ringing in the ears and lightheadedness. I was seeing several different doctors for four weeks and no one could give me an answer. At this point I was starting to have stiffness in my neck and made an appointment with Dr. Matthys. I explained my symptoms and he worked on the muscles in my neck and my traps. During our first session he was able to trace and bring out the intensity of the symptoms just by adding pressure. Once the pressure was relieved the dizziness or ringing in the ears would subside. I finally felt like I was able to distinguish the problem. I continued seeing Dr. Matthys twice a week for about+ show more four weeks, and he relieved my problem areas. There is nothing more frustrating when an injury or pain starts to control your quality of life and that is exactly what this nagging problem was doing. I am just glad I made that appointment with Dr. Matthys because I could still be visiting with multiple doctors trying to figure out what was wrong with me.

by Joshua V.

Many thanks to Dr. Matthys and his staff for fixing a problem I had been dealing with for several months. Over the course of wearing my duty belt, I developed back problems on the lower left side of my back. After several visits to my doctor, another couple to a chiropractor, and even one visit to a medicine man, it was time to try something different. Dr. Matthys was able to take care of my back problems within a few weeks and his staff provided me with plenty of stretches and exercises I could do on my own. A few months later and I am still doing well. Thanks again, Doc!

by Terian S.

After a serious hamstring injury sidelined me in 2011 and my frustration in traditional therapy deepened, I had a colleague refer me out to Dr. Matthys. I had heard about Airrosti and their three visit average and great results, so out of complete desperation I made the call. Three years later, I continue to seek him out for the little things that happen when you are an athlete and to proactively avoid injury. And, thanks to him, that hamstring has held up beautifully. I teach high intensity fitness classes five days a week and train on my own off days. Dr. Matthys and his team never let me down, always make time for me and most importantly keep me moving and healthy. They have also done master classes for my facilities, workshops+ show more and been supportive of all of my staff. We continue to look to Airrosti to keep us in top shape with as little visit time as possible. I refer all my clients there as well. Couldn’t do my job without them. They are cutting edge, young, passionate and professional. I just can’t say enough great things about them!

by Michelle J.

Two years ago, I fell on my back from a chair. It was a careless thing to do and so I put it out of my mind. Slowly, pain crept in and took over. I tried getting back massages nearly every week, but the relief would not last. This led to constant headaches and the kept me from having good days. Luckily for me, my doctor suggested that I go to see Dr. Matthys before undergoing an MRI. I was amazed that I felt good after one visit. I was not completely healed, but Dr. Matthys was confident that he could help me within three to four visits. I was given hands-on treatment and then taught exercises to strengthen my back. I began to stand up straighter and feel much better. I felt so well that I brought in my daughter who was in pain + show morefrom playing her flute in twisted positions for marching band. She wanted to wait until marching was over, but I made her go right away because this program is excellent for athletes. (I run into my former students who are star football players in the lobby often.) Now, she and I feel great and we both highly recommend anyone with aches and pains to go to see Dr. Matthys as the Airrosti plan works. Life is too short to live in pain. I only regret not going earlier. Thank you, Airrosti!

by Kerri B.

Pride keeps me from ever wanting to call the doctor. After experiencing pain in my hamstrings and glutes for about 10 months, I decided it was time to call Dr. Matthys. On the first visit, Dr. Matthys asked me many thorough questions about the nature of my injury. His easygoing nature helped this stubborn girl feel comfortable about my decision to call. Dr. Matthys formed a treatment plan and went to work on my trouble areas. After the first visit, my leg began to feel better within 24 hours. I could definitely tell a difference in pain level and mobility. Dr. Matthys treated my leg for a total of 4 visits and my pain was completely gone. If I ever have another injury, I will not hesitate to call Dr. Matthys. I wholeheartedly recommend + show moreMr. Matthys and the Airrosti system!