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Became an Airrosti Provider:2008

Undergraduate School:Texas Chiropractic College

Graduate School:Texas Chiropractic College

Hometown:Pasadena, TX

Hobbies:Fishing, Golfing, Cycling, Woodworking and riding ATV's. Spending time with my beautiful wife and our dog. I have also been known to Crossfit from time to time.

Interesting Facts:Finished my Doctorate of Chiropractic Degree at age 23. I was the youngest member of my graduating class. Practiced traditional chiropractic care for 1 1/2 years following school. Started with Airrosti in 2008 and haven't looked back since.

What Airrosti Means to Me:Airrosti has giving me the tools to personally impact thousands of patients lives, over the past 12+ years, in a greater way than I ever assumed possible

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by Megan Huff

I began going to Dr. Matthys Airrosti therapy for my shoulder. I have had pain when I sleep and work out because of playing volleyball for many years. The therapy was very easy and helpful. After several sessions my shoulder was feeling better. I did not have much pain sleeping and I have been lifting more weight than I have in the last couple of years. The exercises they provided me with were helpful to keep my therapy up when I was finished with my sessions. I would recommend Dr. Matthys and Airrosti to anyone who is having pain issues.

by Jan Johnson

My husband and I have had aches and pains for a very long time and have tried many traditional types of therapies with minimal results. But our daughter convinced us to go try Airrosti and the results were amazing. Dr. Matthys did an excellent job of not only eliminating our pain but teaching us how to prevent from coming back again. I would absolutely recommend Airrosti and Dr. Matthys to anyone experiencing pain!

by David Gindler

I was training for a Ragnar Relay, and I kept having major issues with my calves. I would run about .25 or .5 miles, and I would get a sharp pain in one of my calves. This kept happening for about 3 months and I really could not train. One of my teammates mentioned Airrosti, so I checked out my local doc and found Michael Matthys. I scheduled an appointment, and he told me what was going on and started a treatment plan. The very next day I was able to run without pain! I didn’t go far, as recommended, and after my treatment program was over, I was running 6 miles with no issues. I have since ran in another Ragnor and had some maintenance visits to be sure I am good. For me, this was a life changing experience. I was thinking I would have+ show more to give up running, but instead I have been able to increase my training.

by Pam Helge

“My experience with Airrosti Therapy has been extremely effective in treating my tennis elbow, hip and neck pain issues, while still being active. Dr Matthys and his staff are well trained in the Airrosti Therapy and you will receive a personalized treatment plan at each visit. It provided me relief at my first appointment , with no medication !!! I do recommend Airrosti Therapy to my friends and family to help with any pain.”

by Nadya Watson

I have been to Airrosti on two separate occasions and Dr. Matthys sped my recovery and helped me get back to working out pain free as fast as he could. I love their technique and all the stretches they tell you to do at home and the way they truly treat your body as a whole not just treat a certain area. I know that I can always rely on them to do everything they can to help me with my injuries!