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Became an Airrosti Provider:2014

Undergraduate School:West Liberty University

Graduate School:New York Chiropractic College

Hometown:Wheeling, WV

What Airrosti Means to Me:Airrosti is a family. We all work together, collectively pushing in the same direction to accomplish the goal of offering the best patient experience and outcomes in the health care industry.

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by Brenda Moreno

Dr. Simon is absolutely amazing! I had been experiencing sciatica pain for a few months until I decided to schedule an appointment. After just 1 appointment I noticed a huge improvement. Dr. Simon is personable, he truly cares about his patients. I will continue to go to airrosti for any future issues and definitely recommend my friends and family.

by Cuc Lam

As a restaurant chef, my forearms, shoulders, and feet ached on a daily basis, but it took a 16-in diameter steel wok to put both my arms out of commission—thankfully not for good! Dr. Simon & Mercedes are a terrific duo who never gave up on my healing and rehabilitation. I basically suffered “tennis elbow” in both of my arms when I first started therapy with Airrosti. Weekly sessions with Doc & Mercedes at the Houston location changed my life and allowed me to return to the kitchen again. Over the years, as the commercial kitchen life reared its ugliness in the form of shoulder and foot pain, it was truly a relief to know that I wasn’t alone. Thanks, Doc! Thank you, Mercedes! I definitely recommend this team for healing! Dr. Sim+ show moreon & Mercedes are professional, knowledgeable and best of all, simply kind humans. <3

by Josh Armendariz

Every time I sneezed, I experienced severe pain in my arm and shoulder. Dr. Simon explained the issue and immediately got to work. After my FIRST appointment, I felt incredible relief. After my third appointment, while following my recovery plan, I was virtually pain-free. I went from thinking that I’d be dealing with incredible pain for the rest of my life to golfing and playing with my dog. Thank you, Dr. Simon!

by Howard Franck

I couldn’t walk or stand without intense pain in my right leg. Chiropractic, message, and medical treatment had no effect. I was at a loss on how to attack this problem when my chiropractor suggested that I see Dr. Michael Simon, an Airrosti practitioner in Houston. Dr. Simon listened to my complaints, examined me, and advised me that he could correct my problem, how long it would take, and what I could expect along the way. I found his knowledge and confidence very reassuring after others had only vague ideas as to what my problem was and no solutions. Dr. Simon began every session by listening to me for as long as I wanted to comment. He performed certain muscle loosening procedures on me. This was not always pleasant but always m+ show moreade me feel much better. He, and his assistant Michelle, taught me exercises and stretches to perform at home. Everything Dr. Simon told me came true and within the timeframe that he had initially set out. When I came in, I could barely walk or stand without pain and in a very short period of time I was able to walk four miles again with ease and stand without pain. I would use Dr. Simon and Michelle again in a minute and am advising all of my friends to use him for similar problems.

by Joanne Jumper

I started going to Airrosti about a month ago. I went in with extreme lower back pain – I’ve already had two back surgeries but still experiencing quite a bit of pain in and around the same area. When I went to see my surgeon, he recommended that I try Airrosti because he felt like it would be very beneficial in my case. I got to say that at first, i was skeptical – as I’ve had surgery, and many PT sessions and even a Neurologist Massage Therapist…..The big difference was Dr. Simon and Michelle – he took such good care of me, he pin pointed my source of pain almost immediately. He worked on teaching me some exercises to do that would help the pain… I then would go in another room with Michelle and she gave me more lower back exerc+ show moreises that will help build my core….I was just released from the program this week – – I’m doing what they taught me and my pain level from Day 1 was at least an 8, it is now barely even bothering me! Thank you so much for helping me get my life back- – if I do something that makes me hurt, I do my exercises, and it works like a charm…

by Debbie Dix

I had pain in my lower back to the point it was interfering with everyday life. Dr. Simon’s team came to our workplace and gave a presentation on possible rehabilitation strategies for lower back pain. I liked what I heard and it just made sense to me, so I scheduled an appointment. I like the knowledge that Dr. Simon has; it makes me feel comfortable and safe in his care. It took 4 treatments of soft tissue manipulation over the span of 2 weeks and I went from high degree of pain to NO PAIN. I was expecting weeks and weeks of physical therapy; traditional doctors wanted to fuse my spine, then gave me prescriptions for drugs that made me feel ‘fuzzy’ and disjointed…not even coming close to explaining why I was in pain. I have been seek+ show moreing a holistic alternative to invasive surgery and addictive drugs. Dr. Simon explained everything clearly, referring to easy to understand charts in his office and explaining every step of what I needed done. So, I learned and with that knowledge will be able to be pain free using very simple exercises. Amazing!!! Thank you Dr. Simon!!!!

by Cynthia Keller

I first experienced the relief that Airrosti can provide a few years ago after a car accident. I wasn’t getting relief from standard chiropractor treatments so my chiropractor referred me to Dr. Powell. I had already undergone numerous procedures for my back and neck, everything except surgery and all with no real relief. A couple of treatments with Dr. Powell and my neck has been pain free ever since. After several treatments to my back, I was pain free for over a year. The harsh reality is that life gets in the way and we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves and before you know it, the pain is back. I recently had to go back to see Dr. Powell and I’m happy to say he fixed me up again. I need to remember to keep doing the exercise+ show mores prescribed and take note of what works and what doesn’t for me. Thanks Dr. Powell for what you and Airrosti do!

by Susan Jenkins

The pain in my thigh got so bad I couldn’t walk or crawl. Using crutches I had to stop every 2-3 steps to cope with the pain. I could not sit in the waiting room and had to lay down in a room til my appointment. Within 2 days I could get around with 1 crutch. Within 5 days (3 treatments) I was walking without crutches. Then continued exercises to build strength back.
Dr Simons was amazing. The treatment is uncomfortable but sooo worth it. And I appreciated his stories and information during the treatment.

I highly recommend him

by Marinela Taylor

I’ve had plantar fasciitis on and off for the past 3 years. It worsened as I tried to become more fit. It would get better after a year or so with traditional care and abstaining from my favorite activities, but as soon as I increased my intensity during workouts, the symptoms returned. I did not want to stop since I had recently become a fitness instructor. I heard about Airrosti through another active friend who had gone through a similar experience but was able to stay active during her treatments. I decided to try it for myself at a place that was just around the corner from work. I really didn’t know what to expect. All I knew was that I wanted to get better quickly. Airrosti stresses active recovery. Dr. Simon was determined to fin+ show mored the root of the problem and work with me not just to alleviate immediate pain, but demonstrated practical ways to prevent future injury. Through a series of visits, I started to feel better each and every time. I was amazed at how little time that took compared to my last round with other care. I also learned a lot about how to care for my feet on a daily basis (and not just given a pamphlet and sent home with a pain medicine prescription). Dr. Simon is a wealth of information and coupled with his personable nature made some of the more painful visits bearable. I thank him and Airrosti for getting me “back on my feet” in a matter of a few weeks!!

by Erica Harton

After more than a decade of chronic back pain that no doctor could fix, I tried Airrosti. I felt relief after the initial appointment and, after a few more visits, I was completely pain free! Dr. Simon was very professional that made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. He went the extra mile to ensure I was fully healed! Should any other injury ever arise, Airrosti will be my first call!

by Doretha Vance

I have suffered with sciatica pain off and on for a couple of years. With each reoccurrence the pain would intensify. My son referred me to Dr. Simon. Being a professional athlete and seeing the results of his improvement after only a couple of visits with the doctor I made an appointment. I could hardly walk and pain pills were not working. After Dr. Simon evaluated me he said he could help me. I felt better after each visit. After a few visits there was a major break through! I could walk without limping or pain. The excruciating pain that took over my body was gone . Thank you Dr. Simon and Airrosti for restoring my life back to normal!

by Donovan Greer

As a Former NFL Athlete, my body has experienced many sports related injuries. Dr. Simon started treating me for my back issues as well as a severe turf toe. His work is fantastic I feel so much better and look forward to his treatments. My foot will require surgery at one point, Dr. Simon has alleviated the pain and is making all strides to have me prevent surgery. Thank you Dr. Simon for all your help and for making me feel much better!

by Sandra Moreno

I came to Airrosti a bit skeptical and not knowing what to expect. It was just one pain bothering me for so many years that I never gave much thought any longer; I just figured it was a pain I needed to live with. To me, it was something all adults (and even teens) walk around and live their lives with “background pain.” I didn’t know how much relief just 1 visit to Airrosti would bring. The type of relief treatment with Dr. Simon has brought to my life is beyond words. I have absolutely recommended Airrosti and Dr. Simon to anyone around me who complains about pain or an injury. 3 injury treatments in and I have never felt the type of relief from my injuries that I do now.
Have the sessions been easy? Not usually but;+ show more any difficulties during my sessions are forgotten following the immediate relief I feel. Dr. Simon is so great with getting a feel on my mood for the day and the patience some of my injuries have involved as well as the patience involved in working with me. Dr. Simon is very thorough in answering any questions I might have and is always available should I have a question or issue arise before my next appointment.

Am I completely injury free now? No, I understand that my oldest injury goes back to my pre-teen years and the newest to earlier this year. I know it is a work in progress and any damage done can’t be completely taken care of the first time around. However, when they say “rapid recovery” Airrosti really does mean just that. Dr. Simon has prepared my body for rapid recovery and I should be ready for round 2 should the need ever arise for any of my treated injuries.

Is it worth it? Absolutely, I have no doubt.

Dr. Simon, I can’t thank you enough for the changes you have brought to my old injuries and quality of life improvement I have felt since our first session.