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Became an Airrosti Provider:2021

Undergraduate School:Rice University

Graduate School:Texas Chiropractic College

Hometown:Missouri City, Texas

Hobbies:When I'm not treating patients, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, walking my dog Quincy, and traveling!

Awards and Recognitions:Published in Nutrition Journal in February of 2018 when doing research with the Children's Nutrition Research Center.

Professional Affiliations:Texas Chiropractic Association

What Airrosti Means to Me:Airrosti means that we put our patients first! Helping patients reach their goals and live a pain-free life is so rewarding. It is great to work for a company that genuinely cares so much about people.

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by Frances Reynolds

I have used Dr Patterson for several different issues. She is amazing. She knows just where to work to get you back on track fast! Also, the manual therapy that goes along with her treatment is far better than traditional physical therapy, which may take several weeks to start helping. I usually have just a few appointments, and that’s all it takes to get me going again.

by Alicia Taylor

I went to my primary physician and complained about a pain I had in my glutes. I did not know what it was and she recommended Airrosti. I had never heard of Airrosti, but I thought I would try. I made the appointment and was impressed with the questions and the fact they stated they would let me know how much it would be before I went to the appointment. I made my appointment and went in for my first visit. I expected to see a receptionist, but the doctor called me herself. WOW! She then asked several questions, had me do some exercises, and told me what she thought it was and how to fix it. She performed a deep muscle maneuver, found the spot quickly, and worked on it. She was very friendly and knowledgeable and answered all my question+ show mores. She then told me how long she thought it would take. She then led me to her assistant who showed me how to do my exercises and how they appear on the app. They also answered all my questions. I was very impressed. I left the facility and went home, and Dr. Patterson sent me a text and asked how I was doing and if I felt better. I really appreciated the personal touch. It let me know she was truly interested in my well-being. The rest of the appointments went about the same and I can truly say if I have any more pain, I will gladly go to them. It was such a great place, with great personal touches and Dr. Patterson was the best! I would recommend this place to someone who is feeling pain.

by Brooke Sisan

Myself and both of my boys have seen Dr. Patterson for injuries and pain. It’s amazing how she knows right where to dig in, literally! To really pinpoint where the problem is coming from, address it, and then fix it! Her advice sometimes goes beyond just the therapy directions as well. It’s nice to have a voice of reason with teenage boys. My favorite piece of advice she had for both of my physically active, athletic sons was, “You have to love the recovery more than you love the sport.” With the way athletes push themselves these days, this piece of advice was a little nugget of gold! Thank you, Dr. Patterson!

by Alberto Matta

I’m an active sports and outdoor person. Forty years old with lower back pain on and off. I had mild to terrible lower back pain, which was fixed in 3 visits. I was diligent in my daily home exercises, and it worked. I’m back at the gym and ready for bow opening season! I totally recommend Airrosti!

by Isabella Villalobos

I came to Airrosti looking for a solution to a lower back pain that I had been experiencing for several months. After seeing multiple professionals, Dr. Monika Patterson was the only one that didn’t make me feel like I was just another patient. Her care was outstanding in every way, she helped me heal when I thought I would have to live with back pain permanently. I also want to make note of Michelle’s kindness and professionalism when doing rehab exercises with me. Seeing them during my appointments made me feel at ease. I would highly recommend Airrosti and Dr. Patterson!

by Melody Bolin

I went to Dr. Patterson after suffering from a lower back strain/spasms for almost a month. I had already tried muscle relaxers, rest, etc. with no success. Dr. Patterson was so thorough, professional, and empathetic! She scheduled four visits, but relief was obtained in just 2! Now, it’s up to me to continue my exercises given. I will not hesitate to go here FIRST for any pain or injuries!!!

by Kathleen Bowen

I have suffered from chronic, debilitating back pain for years. My activities had become very limited and it was taking its toll on my overall health and well being. A friend suggested that in addition to the other treatments I was receiving, I might want to see Dr. Patterson. At that point – I figured why not..what do I have to lose. After a short time with her I was back to riding my horse, going to the gym and even hiking (with a full backpack)! She checks in on me regularly and I can go in for “tune-ups” when necessary. She has taught me how to manage my back issues so that they do not completely disrupt my life. It really was life changing.

by Ashley Hinkle

I’ve taken my son to see Dr. Patterson multiple times and every time she’s so polite and helpful. She takes into consideration his activities and works out a plan best suited for his needs and that has helped him heal quickly. Definitely recommend her!

by Jeremy Aumaugher

DC Patterson in a very short time fixed my back so I could enjoy my Wilderness trip. She does a great job and communicates the plan very well.

by Robert Gordon

I had chronic pain in my left arm and neck. Dr. Patterson was able to help me lose this pain. Her treatments were effective.

by Lindsey Catterall

I came in with a tennis elbow and after a few treatments, I was able to get back to playing tennis. I was treated very well and my doctor was very personable. I did the recommended exercises and used the recommended brace. I am happy to report I am now pain-free.

by Jim Molloy

My sacrum was moved out of place after getting hit during an ice hockey game. It took my wife and me two minutes to get out of bed after the injury and I could not put weight on my right leg. I was hobbling around with limited core mobility until I met Dr. Patterson. After one visit, I was touching my toes. After one week, I was skating again. After several months of doing my daily core and strength training exercises, I’m back competing on the ice twice a week. Thank you Dr. Patterson for getting me straightened out and back in the game! I tell everyone my Airrosti story because traditional Chiropractic techniques would not have worked.

by Tia Watson

Dr. Monika helped me understand and treat my chronic neck pain. I had only ever been given quick fixes for my neck but Dr. Monika not only treated my pain but set me up with tools to ensure that I stay out of pain long term. I really am grateful to her for helping me with something that was an issue for me for years.

by Kaeti Lord

I went to see Dr. Patterson with knee pain that was making walking painful and walking downstairs nearly impossible. She assessed the problem and came up with a plan. From the first visit, my knee improved and after a further two visits, it was pretty much fixed. The sessions involve an assessment, then treatment – this can be painful, but Dr. Patterson was great at explaining what she was going to do, after the treatment my knee invariably felt better straight away. We would then go through some stretches and exercises that I would complete at home. She would make sure that they suited me so I wouldn’t skip them. It is perhaps strange to say you enjoyed health care visits, but I really did, Dr. Patterson has a great manner, really rel+ show moreieved the pain I was feeling and has provided me with an exercise toolkit to hopefully prevent the pain from coming back. I don’t normally rush to the doctors with anything, but I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Patterson.