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Became an Airrosti Provider:2011

Undergraduate School:East Carolina University

Graduate School:Palmer College of Chiropractic

Hometown:Richmond, Va

Hobbies:Surfing (whenever I get the opportunity), snowboarding, working in the yard, and hanging with my wife Ally and three sons: Finn, Sully and Murphy.

Interesting Facts:Afraid of rollercoasters but not skydiving. Weird.

Awards and Recognitions:2010 Clinical Excellence Award Winner

What Airrosti Means to Me:The best part of my job is when someone tells me they can run, play, pick up their children, or anything else they value, without pain. Those testimonials reinforce our mission and motivate us to continue helping others.

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by Denise Prince

I came in for issues with both my left shoulder and hip area. Paige and Aaron were professional, friendly, and patient in helping me understand the issues and what I could do to help the recovery. I’ll continue to recommend them to anyone in pain.

by Sherry Thiltgen

Dr. Hanger is AMAZING. He takes the time to listen to you. He is extremely knowledgeable. He sincerely wants to help his patients. He obviously cares about us too! He has completely fixed my significant neck pain in 2 or 3 appointments about once a year when it goes out of whack. I have a herniated disk in my neck. I tried it all…surgery consults, chiropractor, cupping, massage, acupuncture, physical therapy/exercises…nothing worked until Dr. Hanger. It does not hurt nearly as much as you may think and is certainly less painful than a traditional chiropractor or acupuncture and it is fast. Huge thanks to Dr. Hanger! It is so comforting to know when I have pain, he will fix it.

by Kathleen Bently

I was one of those people always skeptical of “adjustments” but after a year and a half of constant neck area pain, I decided to take my doctor’s advice and visit Dr. Hanger’s Airrosti center in San Antonio. After the first visit, I couldn’t really tell much difference, but I went back for the 2nd later that week. Some improvement! After the 3rd, I had hope that I wouldn’t have to take any more arthritis medication, pain medication or muscle relaxers for the condition. After the 4th, my pain level was down to 2 on a scale of 1 to 10. I went once more and am now sleeping well once again with only a slight twinge of pain if I turn my head all the way. We had decided to move all our belongings from a rental house to our new hous+ show moree a year and a half ago and I had been in pain ever since, trying this medication and that with various side effects from feeling tipsy to dehydration. A cervical MRI and X-rays showed nerve narrowing and bone spurs in my neck area which was “degenerative” per several specialists I saw so I had assumed there was no relief for me other than medication. Much to my surprise, Dr. Hanger’s deep tissue massages and his assistant’s physical therapy lessons gave me hope of a medication free treatment option! Thanks again Dr. Hanger!

by Michele Wright

A recent severe lower back sprain lead me to Dr. Paige Hanger. As this was not my first injury I sought with Airrosti and Dr. Hanger, it was my worse injury to date. Unable to stand, sit. lay down, sleep or able to accomplish any basic tasks, I contacted Dr. Hanger. Within a short period of time he had an appointment for me. Having to arrange for transportation to the appointment due to the pain level, I arrived at Dr. Hanger office also in tears. With a pain level radiating at a 9+ Dr. Hanger quickly assessed my injury. Manipulation and Rehab exercises began. Within a few days movement was returning. He was able to get me back to work and life within a week. IT was a stubborn back sprain. His devotion to his patients and their well-bei+ show moreng as well as recovery has once again gained a momentous respect for what Airrosti can do. Dr. Hanger and Rehab Therapist Amber MacMillan are simple awesome! They have taken the time to answer any questions I had during treatment and went above and beyond to even check in on my progress over a weekend. That is priceless! Over the last 2 1/2 years I have pursued Airrosti for back, knee and foot issues and have been grateful for the treatment received. As a person who contests the instant “prescription drugs theory” Airrosti has become a new “medicine” for me!! Thank you to Dr. Hanger, Amber and Airrosti!!!

by Michelle McIlvoy

In September I tumbled down several stairs and sprained by my foot and my ankle. Additionally, I suffered from two avulsion fractures. The affected ligaments were the anterior talofibular ligament and the calcaneofibular ligament. As a personal trainer and health coach, and a busy mom of 5 who worked out regularly, I was immediately sidelined and relegated to a boot for almost five weeks. Afterwards, I was given an ankle wrap and was suggested physical therapy which I started immediately and continued for two weeks before contacting Dr. Hanger. My foot and ankle were weak from inactivity and there was still little flexibility even after several PT sessions. Walking was difficult and my calf muscles were extremely tight, making it difficu+ show morelt to walk and walk up/down my house stairs. Additionally pointing and flexing my foot showed very little range of motion. By the evening after my first visit with Dr. Hanger my walking had improved. My ROM continued to improve steadily as well. Today, after 5 visits I am now back to working out and living my life as normal. It’s hard to believe that only 5 weeks ago I was hobbling around and hardly able to move my foot. My regular Airrosti visits with Dr. Hanger and Amber, combined with my “exercise homework” got me back on the move. Thanks, Dr. Hanger and thanks Airrosti!

by Ruby Zbranek

Both times that I have gone in for my back and my neck and oh yes my arms. I have come out a hundred percent better every time. I have had to cancel my last two appointments but need to go in again. I want Airrosti in my corner for my 1st Rock and Roll Marathon. I am doing the 1/2.

by Lisa Parnes

I developed a neck problem overnight that prevented me from moving my head at all. Dr. Hanger and Amber got my neck working again so I could actually move my head as it should. Many thanks to both of them for making me feel so much better!

by Tammy Leija

I have been working as a graphic artist for over 20 years. During most of this time I have had shoulder and neck pain, due to extended hours at a computer. It would not be noticeable at all times, but during times of stress I would have severe pain. It got to a point about 3 or 4 months ago that the pain was daily, and almost more than I could bear. I couldn’t sleep, work was painful, even raising my arms to wash my hair proved difficult. My primary care physician recommended airrosti treatment. Dr. Hanger performed some mobility tests and proceeded with treatment. I was given some stretches and exercise to supplement the treatment. I only had 4 visits and now I am almost completely pain free! It is almost too good to be true. The painfu+ show morel knot that I have had in my neck for years is GONE! I cannot sing the praises of my providers enough!

by Dave Wegmann

Had an exceptional experience with Dr. Paige Hanger, and with his associate, Amber Macmillan. Had multiple visits with these fine folks over about a 5 week span to address both Achilles tendonitis and elbow pain in both arms. Visits were informative, tutorial, and therapeutically productive. Most useful during the visits were the discussions of why these injuries happen, and how to maintain the body using exercises/stretches, etc. to prevent further incidents. Visits transcended a doctor/patient relationship, and became more of a comfortable friendship. I will certainly recommend my friends and co-workers to these fine Airrosti providers, and will visit them again if and when the occasion arises.

by Samantha Hernandez

I suffered with upper back pain for many years! I am a dancer and I have been dancing for 17 years now and it has always been an issue. I hated missing practices due to my back or even missing performances! Those are memories I can never get back! But until recently, I had surgery to repair a double hernia, and my back pain only got worse! Since my surgery, I was unable to sleep on my stomach, so I was forced to lay on my back, which was pure torture for me! The knocks, the pain, it was unbearable! I would cry at night because of the pain, it got so intense that it hurt to move, or even to breathe! I didn’t think it could get any worse than it already was, but I was wrong…I spoke with my family doctor and he immediately reccomended Dr+ show more. Paige Hanger and his team! I had never been to Airrosti before but I always heard amazing things! I gave it a shot and I do not regret it! My back feels brand new! I am able to lay flat on my back now that all of my knots are gone, no pain, no restrictions, I never thought this was possible! My Airrosti Team is amazing, I’m so grateful I stumbled upon them! Now, I am going to make sure my dancer friends know about Airrosti so that they don’t have to suffer like I did! I am walking proof that Airrosti works, I can’t thank them enough!

by Judy Trevino

Had numbness in thumb, index finger and some middle finger symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. Within 3 visits I was able to feel my fingers again!

by Deborah G.

I was lucky to be referred to Dr. Hanger by the owner of Fleet Feet San Antonio after I injured both knees trying to take up running. After my fourth run my knees began to hurt badly and the pain worsened for almost two weeks until I could hardly walk at all.
Dr. Hanger was able to reduce my pain significantly after my first visit, which amazed me. The three times I was able to see Dr. Hanger and his lovely therapist left me feeling 99% better. I am easing into running again, while religiously continuing to do the physical therapy they showed me.

Dr. Hanger’s knowledge is superb and what I learned from him opened my eyes to how my very sedentary habits had led to the weaknesses and imbalances that precipitated my injurie+ show mores. This inspired me to not only continue learning to run, but to commit to full body fitness. I’ve now joined a gym and I have Dr. Hanger to thank for that.

Also, his manner is wonderful which is important for someone as painfully shy as myself. If I need Airrosti again in future I will not hesitate to call on him again, as well as refer him to anyone I know who could benefit from this wonderful therapy. Thank you so much!

by Toni C.

I started seeing Doctor Hanger after seeing many other providers with no relief. I have Arthritis and Aseptic Necrosis of my hip. I also have a spinal deformity that has caused my gait to be odd all my life. Very toed in and rocky. If anyone remember Walter Brennen, it was that walk. Doctor Hanger began working on me. One spot at a time, very methodical. He has straightened my toed-in leg and improved my gait 100% while still taking care of the fragile hip. My pain is so much improved, I now only take meds when needed instead of routinely. He is a miracle worker. I sing the praises of Airrosti to anyone who will listen. Now my trainer at the gym has started seeing a provider because he has seen such a change in me.

by Randy B.

I had to visit an Airrosti provider 4 different times,over the course of 2 years for lower back pain due to negligence on my part and improper lifting. I was back to normal in 3 – 4 visits. This saved me time, time off from work and money.