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Became an Airrosti Provider:2008

Graduate School:Texas Chiropractic College

Hometown:Santa Fe

Hobbies:BBQ Cook-off competitions, Coaching Softball, Playing Golf and Hunting.

Interesting Facts:I participated in Rodeos for twenty years Calf Roping, Team Roping (Heeler) and Steer Wrestling. These events allowed me to cover several U.S States, and allowed me to meet wonderful people along the way.

What Airrosti Means to Me:After being in a private practice for 12 years, I found Airrost! I had been practicing in Alvin, TX treating athletes using several soft tissue techniques with good results, but it wasn't until I went to work with Airrosti that I saw absolutely great results. I am very excited to know that I have the ultimate treatment protocol that gives fast long term results with recovery times averaging 3 visits, and allows my patients to go back to there activities rapidly with increased range of motion, strength/endurance and decreased pain.

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by Haili Pue

I could not walk from a sports injury in my right hip. I was limping. I had no former injury in the right hip and caused wear and tear to it from working out. I could not walk and Dr. Unger & Alex at the Tuscan Lakes location got me back to my normal self. I have to ease into my normal workouts again, but without them, I would be in bad shape. The first hip doctor I went to told me the damage was permanent and I couldn’t ever run again – they said that my hip was shallow and that my ball & socket didn’t meet up correctly. I followed up with another hip doctor, for a second opinion, who said that I had wear and tear from working out by not stretching enough, not enough resting or yoga on rest days; And recommended that I do Airrosti a+ show morend a cortisone shot. It turned out to be damage to my right hip from working out (not a shallow hip). The shot did not help from my second hip appointment, but Airrosti did. It took 7/8 Airrosti appointments for me to get back to being normal again without any pain. Dr. Unger & Alex gave me the tools to utilize at home to know my body better and to know exactly how to warm up and what to do post-workout. They gave me the tools to be normal again & how to get back to my old self before the injury. I am so entirely grateful for that. I was in great pain before then & months of physical therapy and doctor’s appointments did nothing for me but Airrosti did. Thank you to Dr. Unger & Alex for fixing me!

by John Anderson

I would highly recommend dr. Paul Unger to anyone with lower back pain L1 S5 disc problems when I went in to see him I could barely stand up straight much less stand and have a conversation with anyone for a short period of time and knowing the problems I have with my discs I am not willing to go see a chiropractor and let them pop my back a friend of mine recommended doctor unger with airrosti so I decided to give him a try on the first day I didn’t feel any difference other than being sore from dr. Unger procedure so I was kind of hesitant and wondering if it was really going to work week 2 he spent a little more time on me and I started to feel a little better by week three I was really feeling good with very little pain week 4 all my+ show more pain was gone 2 days after I seen him his process is painful but like all things in life you have to work for good results I would recommend him to my family and anyone I know very nice guy and so is Alex the physical therapist

by John Anderson

I just want to start off by saying I get back injection for my L1-S5 herniated disc problems when the problem occurs I can’t even stand up straight much less stand up for 5 minutes without my sciatic nerve locking up my thigh and calf, or even feeling like I have a charley horse all day. This time it was going to take a month to get in to see the pain doctor to get a injection, so I spoke with a friend of mine he suggested using Airrosti. I told him there’s no way I’m going to let someone pop my back knowing I have herniated discs he said they don’t pop any bones they’re not a chiropractor, so I gave Dr. Paul Unger in League City a chance. I won’t say it’s not painful, but once they find your trigger /pressure points he uses a lot of pre+ show moressure to work out the kinks so if you can deal with a little pain he’s the man for the job. I was feeling better after the first visit the following week I was feeling even better after the third week I was at 98%. This guy is great!

by Gene Houser

My wife and I were on a 10-day trip to Texas to see our new grandchild and our two older grandchildren and families. Two days into the trip I experienced extreme pain in hip and back that debilitated me and left me immobile. Through a friend of my daughter we were referred to Dr. Paul Unger. He saw us within 24 hours and treatment me until I left Texas. The doctor and his staff are phenomenal!! Even checks in with me to see how I am doing. Would recommend Dr. Unger to everyone!! Thank you for helping me.

by David Alcorn

I came to Dr. Unger in severe pain, caused by spasms and cramping. I was referred to him, so I submitted an online request. He called me immediately, as if I was the most important person to him at that time. He didn’t discuss anything about my appointment, he just wanted to inform me that I had nothing to worry about – and he would take care of my issues. That’s exactly what he and Alex did for me. I have no more pain after 1 month. I highly recommend Dr. Unger to anyone experiencing pain and tired of doctors just providing pain meds. He is the SOLUTION!!!

by Shelia Barden

Airrosti has helped me through more CrossFit Regionals and Games than I can remember. I love how thorough the treatment is and how great I feel afterward. Thank you for always helping me not only through competitions but life as well.

by Rachel Garibay

This is my first experience with Airrosti since I moved to Houston. I would like to share my consistency that I have with Paul and Molly. By my third visit, I’ve seen a HUGE improvement on my lower back. Working on trigger points, throughout my glutes, hips and adductors, then finish off with rock tape and some foam rolling. All in all, I would like to thank Airrosti for doing an awesome job! Thank you! I definitely would recommend Airrosti to others.

by Amy Jo Oliver

We were first introduced to Airrosti and Dr. Unger after my husband, an aircraft mechanic for Southwest Airlines, needed further treatments following two difficult shoulder surgeries. We were pleased with his improvements as well as Dr Unger’s Airrosti methods. In fact, we were so impressed that when I experienced a hamstring tear and one of our son’s developed extreme knee pain, we decided to go to Dr. Unger for treatments. We both experienced GREAT results almost immediately which was a huge blessing as I am a trainer and avid athlete and my son is a track athlete. Of course we loved the immediate improvements we experienced and appreciated the individualized stretches and strengthening exercises prescribed, however, we also loved the + show moreattention, care, and kindness Dr. Unger showed us. A definite win on all counts.

by Nurit Mittlefehldt

After working for an inventory company and carrying a computer on one side of my hip, my sciatic nerve on the other side bothered me for several years. Finally, on the advice of my PCP, I went to Dr. Unger at Airrosti. 5 sessions later (and diligent home exercises) I was pain free – still am, after three years. My second issue was a continuous pain in one point in my back. Couple of months of this got me to the tipping point – and to another visit to Dr. Unger. Results? No pain after just one visit! I recommend Dr. Unger and the Airrosti method whole heartedly!

by Michael Corder

In 1988, I had a terrible weight lifting accident which sent me to the ER. After an exhausting number of tests, it was determined that at least one lumbar vertebrate was fractured and at least two discs were ruptured. The actual term the Orthopedist used was “disintegrated”. I struggled with severe pain for four years, until I relented and underwent an eleven hour surgery, which involved spinal fusion. The surgery did nothing to relieve the pain. For twenty-four years, I’ve struggled daily with pain management. In 2015, I happened to meet a very well known Orthopedic Surgeon, at the Ironman Sports Medicine Institute, and who happens to be a spine specialist with an NFL team. After reviewing my case, he told me that it’s time for m+ show moree to leave the surgeons alone. He gave me a referral to an Airrosti Rehab Center, and let me know that this treatment is different than anything I’ve ever tried. He also insured me that it would work. Skeptically, I followed his recommendation. After two treatments, the intense sharp, burning pain was greatly reduced. After my fourth treatment, it was gone. Twenty-four years of suffering was gone in only two weeks. I’m now back in the gym, taking long runs on the beach, and feeling like I’m a kid again!

by David Cogswell

I had been dealing with lower back pain for about a year now and I’m very active with Martial Arts, weight training and Golf enthusiast. I went to my regular Chiropractors and then tried a new provider in which either relieved the pain temporarily, or made it worse or there was just no change at all. I was majorly frustrated and was lost for ideas of what to do next, and thinking I may have some sort of permanent damage to the nerves or major disc issues and would need possible surgery. Before throwing in the towel, I remembered a Chiropractor I worked with years ago and remembered a technique that he used to use, which was a muscle testing technique that actually pinpoints the problems. I remembered and looked up Dr. Paul Unger and saw + show morethat he was an Airrosti Practitioner. I had no idea what this was all about, but I went ahead and made an appointment immediately. I was looking for some relief of some kind and I didn’t want surgery. Dr. Unger remembered me from my competition days in 2002, and 2003. He immediately put my mind at rest and told me that this issue could be resolved with a few treatments as long as I followed his and Leslie’s advice. The Airrosti techniques started to work immediately, the pain was reducing and disappearing rapidly. It took me 6 treatments before I was released. Today I have more mobility and flexibility now then I have had in over a year and have started back lifting weights and all other activities with moderate progressions. Thank you Dr. Unger and Leslie Brown for getting me back to normal. You’re the Best in Class!