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Became an Airrosti Provider:2017

Undergraduate School:Texas A&M University, College Station

Graduate School:Texas Chiropractic College

Hometown:Austin, TX

Hobbies:I love to be outside with my two dogs, Moby and Moose! I also love running, reading, traveling, scuba diving and spending time with my friends and family.

Interesting Facts:I played lacrosse for Texas A&M University. I am 5'0" - what I lack in height I make up for in personality.

Awards and Recognitions:Graduated Valedictorian from Texas Chiropractic College

What Airrosti Means to Me:Airrosti has not only provided a way for me to live out my passion for helping people, but also an amazing community of support and friendship.

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by Caroline Calderon

I visited Dr. Westbrook after being in a car accident last summer and having constant lower back pain. After several sessions with her, I found relief and could go back to resuming my regular activity without the constant pain. She made me feel very comfortable and explained the treatment process and timeline. I have gone to Airrosti for all my PT needs in the last five years.

by Ky Harkey

I had been suffering from back pain for a few years before I finally connected with Dr. Westbrook at Airrosti. Her approach combining focused massage with therapy was an absolute game-changer. Thanks!

by Ernie Luna

I cannot say enough about Dr. Westbrook. I had never had any type of physical therapy or chiropractic session before. When my longtime elbow pain started to become a problem in my daily life, my girlfriend recommended Dr. Westbrook to me. I’m a gigging drummer so needless to say, I need my arms to be in top shape! Dr. Westbrook welcomed me with such a chill vibe and helpful attitude. Within the first session, I was already feeling better and had a better understanding of what was going on with my muscles, joints, bones, etc. She made me feel right at home and gave me the tools and exercises I needed to heal quickly. It didn’t feel like a doctor helping, it felt like a longtime friend and I truly appreciate that. Thank you, Dr. Westbrook!+ show more

by Diane Siler

The folks at Airrosti Red River are amazing, especially Dr. Westbrook. Over the years, I had accumulated several persistent aches and pains, but what got me in originally was acute lower back pain. After about two months with my chiropractor, he recommended Dr. Westbrook to supplement the adjustments. After just a few sessions, I started feeling a lot of relief. We then began addressing the older issues one by one. In less than three months, I was feeling so much relief in my lower back, upper back, calf, and ankle. And it wasn’t just the direct manipulation that I attribute to my improvement. The staff really know their stuff. I learned ball, rollers, and band techniques, stretches, and exercises that directly address my specific issues+ show more. Six months later, I still use those tools when I get flair-ups. As a bonus, the staff are just so fun and friendly. I loved talking with them and would always leave my appointments feeling not just physically better but also happy from the conversations. In summary, they are all a great group of highly skilled professionals, and I highly recommend them!

by Yann Cohen Addad

Rachel is just a magician. Every time I’ve had to consult, whatever the issue (back, thighs, ankle, etc.) was, she fixed it within an hour. I always come out from Airrosti way better than when I went there. I feel good and the exercises I’m given make sure that I can work on my pain at home. Besides, I really like chatting with Rachel while she works on me. Even if it is sometimes painful, I know that she’ll always get me back at 100%.

by Brandon Easterling

Dr. Westbrook and her staff were incredibly helpful in addressing some pain I had in my knee as a result of playing tennis & pickleball. I would highly recommend a visit if you have a pain you just can’t shake.

by Katharyn Howe

I’ve now seen Dr. Westbrook for a variety of injuries, from typical lower back pain to my big toe from dancing at my wedding! I always feel confident that Dr. Westbrook is going to get me back to feeling healthy and active again soon. I’m very grateful for her valuable knowledge and skills!

by Bill Banowsky

Dr. Westbrook has helped me with injuries to my shoulder and hand as well as chronic issues with my back and ankle. In every instance, she has helped me not only relieve pain, but establish techniques I can employ on my own to maintain a pain free life! I am very grateful for what she has done for me so that I can continue to enjoy the activities that make life worth living!

by Liz Layton

I hope my story inspires you to take the next step and book an appointment with Airrosti but specifically with Dr. Westbrook. I’m from Houston and I’ve been a runner for 12+ years. I needed Airrosti back in 2016 for IT Band issue and became a believer. Fast forward to 2021 here in Austin, Texas. Last summer I ran a race with the wrong shoes and high elevations and the outcome was Plantar Fasciitis in both feet. I tried everything from socks to cold therapy to special shoes and nothing solved the issues. I booked an appointment with Dr. Westbrook and she was the kindest caretaker I’ve seen in a long time. She truly listens and was mindful of my financial situations and was able to get me to almost 💯 in 3 visits. The support and f+ show moreollow up over the months were sincere and nice. I highly recommend her because of the services but more so for the care.