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Became an Airrosti Provider:2011

Undergraduate School:Texas A&M University-Kingsville

Graduate School:Parker College of Chiropractic

Hometown:Kingsville, Tx

Hobbies:Sports, outdoors, hunting, fishing, coaching kid’s sports.

Interesting Facts:I have a wife, Charissa from Shiner (YEP...THE HOME OF SHINER BOCK!), and two sons Landen and Carson. I have a background in sports medicine and was a licensed athletic trainer for the State of Texas for 2 different school districts. I also had a teaching degree in Physical Education and Health.

Awards and Recognitions:Voted Best Chiropractor, Best Pain Management, and Best Sports Medicine by Hays County Texas citizens.

What Airrosti Means to Me:Airrosti changes lives! Airrosti as a healthcare company strives to be the best in positively changing an individual’s life by decreasing pain. Airrosti helps me show someone suffering with pain, how to improve their quality of life. Having someone tell me that I helped give them their life back is priceless.

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by Rebecca Webre

Dr. C fixes butt pain fast!!!! I started having pain in my tailbone, not knowing what to do. I was referred by a friend to Dr. Christensen and he knew exactly why and what to do. I can finally sit down with no pain!!! Thank you Dr. C

by Mary Lynn Molenda

Dr. Christensen was able to help me get out of pain almost immediately. I was told by other doctors that I would need surgery for my knee problem. In just a few visits, I was out of pain and he taught me how to keep out of pain. That was two years ago and I’m still going great.

by Logan Cunningham

Airrosti has kept me in the game by providing successful rehab that has allowed me to compete at the Highest Level as an Olympic Trials qualifier, Nationally ranked, Internationaly Competative, Professional Pole Vaulter. #Don’tStop

by Marci Chaddick

After injuring my elbow and shoulder while playing tennis, I tried numerous steroid injections and two rounds of traditional physical therapy. I was still unable to play tennis nearly two years after my injury. My orthopedist told me that surgery was my last option since nothing else was helping. While I was saving up my money for surgery, I met a tennis pro and he recommended Airrosti. After just a few treatments, Dr. Randy Christensen had me back on the tennis court. No surgery for me! Thank you, Dr. Christensen. Airrosti is absolutely amazing!

by Kameron Grammer

I found Dr. Randy Christensen completely by accident and I thank God that I did. When I made my first “same day” appointment I knew I needed help as the right side of my neck, shoulder and upper back were completely locked up. I had never heard of Airrosti and had no idea what to expect, but they were first on the provider list for my insurance. At first we talked about what was wrong and Randy had me move my head in several directions to assess where my pain was the worst. I soon found out what Airrosti was…WOW, how can anyone have that much strength in their thumbs? By the time I left, Randy and Veronica had me able to move without the pain I had walked in with. They explained that I would be sore and possibly + show morebruised under the tape. On what was to be the day of my third and final visit, I woke up in rotator cuff hell in my left shoulder from an old injury of years before. They immediately redirected my treatment and exercises to my shoulder. From that point, I bounced back and forth between severe neck pain and severe shoulder pain. Dr. Christensen ordered an MRI on my shoulder and suggested that I may also need one on my neck. The MRI came back showing and impingement and bone spurs. He then referred me to an orthopedic surgeon who wanted to start out by trying steroid shots and waiting for a month to see if they worked. The shots did not work and all the while my Airrosti team did an amazing job keeping me as pain free as possible. After the month, the surgeon agreed that I needed surgery and it was scheduled for another month out. After scheduling the shoulder surgery, I had an MRI on my neck and was referred to a spine surgeon. It was determined from the MRI that I had acute stenosis in C5 and C6 with more bone spurs around those two discs and nerve compression on both sides of my neck making me a candidate for surgery to remove the two discs and replace them with artificial bone, plate and screws. I was so discouraged and scared at this point that I didn’t feel I could make an intelligent decision on how I should proceed. Randy took the time to talk me through both surgeries and what to expect afterward. He helped me get my thinking back on the right track and even went so far as to promise he would help see me through both of these issues. During the shoulder surgery, a rotator cuff tear was found that was in need of repair taking my recovery time from two weeks to several months. While I was going through four months of physical therapy, my Airrosti team kept my neck from locking down again. At eight weeks post surgery, Randy began working on my repaired shoulder and did more for me with the treatments and exercises he customized for me than all the physical therapy I was going through. Five months out from shoulder surgery and I am finally cleared to proceed with spine surgery. Randy Christensen has kept his promise to me to see me through both of these painful issues. I can’t imagine where I would be at this point without him or his amazing recovery specialist, Veronica Castro. He and Veronica will not only be an important part of my future medical management, but I will forever think of them as lifelong friends who were there when I needed them most. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you Randy Christensen and Veronica Castro.

by Zachary Brown

After 7 months of suffering chronic pain in my shoulders, I finally decided I had to do something about it. They had started to hurt so much that I was unable to complete a single rep of incline bench press or side lateral raise. After 3 short, enjoyable sessions with Dr. Christensen, I feel no pain when I perform either move and even got some great tips that have allowed me to bring my workouts to the next level. Would highly recommend.

by Terry Wendland

After dealing with back pain for 10 + years, I am completely out of pain after 3 sessions!! At my first visit, I was so impressed that Dr. Christensen had already reviewed my patient form and was very knowledgeable about what was going on with me and my symptoms. He puts you at ease and explains exactly what he is going to do in the visit. While being very professional, he is also approachable and will answer all questions. He spends quality time with you and you never feel rushed. I would recommend him to everyone I know!! I only wish I had found him earlier, but as I look forward to retirement, I am happy that I will no longer experience back pain!! He has also given me the tools to self-treat with valuable exercises that I will c+ show moreontinue to do.

by Melissa Janeiro

I have been suffering from back and rib pain for over 10 years. Dr. Christensen was the ONLY DC to tell me that I had a subluxed rib & damaged cartilage and not scoliosis as many other doctors had told me in the past. His team was able to help me take my pain and discomfort from a 7-8 to a 2! As long as you keep up with the exercises and recommendations, Airrosti DOES work!

by Kathy Mendez

I had a frozen shoulder in which I had been suffering for about 6 months in which I had seen an orthopedic surgeon. I had tried the recommended physical therapy and had a steroid injection and even pain killers. But I did not like being on pain killers, I wanted relief without drugs. The type of physical therapy, I was receiving was not helping.It felt as if my muscle needed to be massaged, and my arm not bent into a direction, it clearly would not move to. I was in excruciating pain, even just lifting a grocery bag, or sticking my arm out through the window for the teller. I would have shooting pain at night in which I lost many hours of sleep. A friend suggested Airrosti and it was well worth the visit, I wished I had gone initially. I+ show more could move my arm after the first visit. It was a great alternative to steroid treatments and drug therapy, if you want a drug-free treatment free of side effects. I would highly recommend anyone to Airrosti.

by Becky Miller

I first learned about Airrosti in 2011 after my family and I were involved in a serious car accident. Airrosti helped me regain mobility in my neck and shoulder after spending three months in a titanium halo to mend my broken neck. Most recently I’ve seen Dr. Christensen for plantar fasciitis. I’m training for the London Marathon in April but was experiencing several heel pain after my runs. I was afraid to see medical attention for fear my training would be sidelined, but once I found the condition could be treated with Airrosti, I scheduled an appointment. The recovery has not been quick, or easy, but through it all I’ve been able to keep up my running. At one point I was convinced I would be forced to live with the pain, but no + show morelonger. While I am not yet completely symptom free 100% of the time, great process has been made. I am very pleased with the treatment I received and always tell my friends with aches and pains to give Airrosti a try.

by Morris Bardwell

I have 2 bulging discs that I have been getting injections for for 5 years, not to mention going to chiropractor every week or so. Since my first visit with Dr Christensen I went 6 months without any thing else I recommend this to every one.

by Jackie Lloyd

I came to Randy after a prolong recovery from Knee surgery. Tissue had tighten up and the entire leg was not working well. Randy worked on the tissue from my hip to my lower leg. Veronica Castro worked with me on the exercises.I am doing them regularly, and the results are fantastic.

by Desmond Williams

I didn’t even know what Airrosti WAS before I was referred to their office by my regular physician. I am BEYOND glad that I was! I have never healed from an ankle injury so quickly! I was off of my crutches in two days and close to 100 % in a little over 2 weeks. The physicians there were AMAZING and not only took care of the injury, but they made me feel like ALL of their focus was on getting me better. I loved the experience, even through all of the pain.

by Peggy Lindenborn

I had a neck injury over 40 years ago and had always had pain and trouble looking up, I would get very dizzy and nauseous. I have had many treatments over the years, but until I found Airrosti, never any long lasting relief. After just 3 treatments, my pain is gone and I can fully function with my neck. Dr. Christensen and Veronica are fabulous to work with. Our entire family will look to Airrosti first with any pain or injuries. The results are truly amazing.

by Sylvia Cantu

Hi my name is Sylvia Cantu and I have been with this lower back pain for months. I got referred by my physician to Airrosti. And that was the best thing he could’ve done for me. I can say I survived the thumb! With the visits I had with the doctor and his assistant I am pain free and with the home exercise they recommended I know I will have a pain free life. Thanks again to them!

by Kyle Colson

I was born with scoliosis and live a very sedimentary lifestyle, working full-time in front of a desktop computer. After four years of pain killers, physical therapy, chiropractors, and other attempts, I was told nothing would help other than eventual surgery, so I checked out Airrosti. Airrosti’s therapy has restored my back and neck to functional relief. In addition, they have educated me on proper exercises and posture techniques for work and at home. I have been incredibly thankful for the staff and Airrosti’s practice. Best of all, after years of pain killers, I have not taken a pain pill since my initial treatment with Airrosti. I have recommended many friends and family members to Airrosti and am greatly thankful for my treatment.+ show more You guys are awesome!

by Dan Pitcher

The San Marcos location has been very efficient at getting me into my appointments, addressing my concerns without making assumptions and then providing the best (non-invasive) methods to heal quickly.

by Blake Noble

If you have a past or present injury that just doesn’t seem to go away or get healed, I highly recommend Airrosti treatment for rapid recovery. Have you ever sneezed to hard and threw your back out? It actually happened to me. Having your back go out is one of the most painful things to endure. Once it happened, I knew right away what I had to do….Airrosti treatment. Dr. Christensen, with Airrosti, has successfully treated me and got me back in motion. After just ONE visit, I was able to touch my toes again. After the THIRD visit, my ailment was gone. In addition, Airrosti Treatment has been the sole part of healing an elbow injury as well. I got what I call ‘Baby Elbow’ (Tennis Elbow) from holding my new born baby girl in a + show morebent position for two weeks. After just a few treatments, I have regained strength and am able to enjoy the things that matter most…family fun. It is apparent that Dr. Christensen takes the time necessary to evaluate your injury, incorporate a permanent solution and is passionate for patient recovery. For that, I am forever grateful. Thank you! I survived the thumbs!

by Jonathan Grosch

I had been suffering from plantar fasciitis for more than two months, and the MD’s I had seen provided no relief. Despite stretching the foot and calf and taking anti-inflammatory drugs, I could not finish a round of golf or take a long walk without pain and limping. After only one session with Dr. Christensen I was able to play golf pain free! This first session resolved 90% of the problem, and after three sessions plus the exercises he prescribed, the problem is fully resolved. I have regained the “pep” in my step which was missing for months. Airrosti’s methods certainly work!

by Alyssa Ojeda

I was having terrible back & heel pain, especially during long workouts. Dr. Christensen & his staff were incredibly knowledgeable and knew exactly what exercises & advice to give me to help relieve my pain! Their friendliness and expertise really surprised me and I wish it took more than 3 appointments to get me better because I would love to go back and see them!

by Carlos Garcia

“After many months of pain in my shoulder, it had finally reached a point to where I no longer had full range of motion, and it impeded everyday activities. My doctor recommended Airrosti to take a look and determine the best course of action. They happened to be in the same building as my doctor’s office, so it was convenient.
Dr. Christensen and his associate, Ms. Castro, got me going in the right direction immediately after the first visit. With each session I felt my shoulder returning to its old self more and more.

My results were quick, and I have already recommended Airrosti to my family and friends.”

by Shelby Klodnicki

Went in as referred by my personal trainer. Was treated immediately on the first visit. Dr Christensen was very attentive and knowledgeable. He gave me information that I knew but hadn’t implemented. There was some new information on deep trigger points in areas I did not know that would effect my piriformis.

by Isaac Tallerine

As a competitive Olympic weightlifter, full time student and part time employee on campus at Texas State University. Stress has been playing a negative effect on my physical and mental state. In early October I strained by back and competed through the pain at a competition on October 25th. This was not smart and my back got even more messed up. I couldn’t figure out how to fix it and was getting more stressed-out for I needed to train for the Texas State Championship coming up soon in January. This competition is a big deal and I need it to qualify for nationals. After trying many different therapies and noticing no results I remembered visiting an Airroisti Doctor a few years back and how much it helped. I then scheduled an appointment+ show more with Randy Christensen in San Marcos, TX. Within the first 10 minutes Christensen figured out why by back was hurting. I was having issues breathing properly and also had a week right glute that was causing severe pain in my QL. Basically he located the issue pretty fast after trouble shooting. I then visited him two more times and found that the pain was significantly lessened. The thing that also helped me allot was the taping and exercises Veronica Castro CRS had me doing. I am not saying my back is at 100% yet but my back has gone from 40% to about 80%. I am very pleased with the methodology Airrosti uses, to fix physical issues then and there without quandary. With the help from Airrosti I am now training at nearly full capacity and am confident that I will reach my goals at the 2015 Texas State Weightlifting Championships.

by Shane Fraser

I had a nagging bicep injury that wouldn’t go away. With Randy working the problem and prescribing some rehab exercises for me at home, I was able to get this injury gone for good.

by Elanor Dean

I found about Airrosti from my fitness trainer who recommended them to alleviate my chronic foot pain. My feet hurt anytime I attempted physical activity which prevented me from running for longer than a few minutes. In just a few visits they were able to improve my physical ability in ways that I did not even realize. My fitness trainer started pointing out every time that I was able to do something that would formerly hurt my feet. They were able to fix my foot pain and provided me with the tools and exercises to continue strengthening the underdeveloped muscles that caused the issue in the first place. They are a super great team and I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you!

by Bryan Russmann

I was originally having trouble with pain in my left foot and was referred to Airrosti by my primary care physician. Dr. Christensen was outstanding in the care he provided me. He was able to discover that it was a rare nerve related issue and referred me to a podiatrist to address that issue. Because of the great success in treating my foot, I went back to seek treatment for issues that had arisen in my knees over many years. Dr. Christensen discovered that pain was due to a muscular imbalance of over development in my quads, and again got me on the path to being pain free. Now, I have moved on to lingering pain stemming from a previous shoulder surgery and am progressing past those issues that both my surgeon and physical therapist hav+ show moree not been able to help me get past. Bottom line is that I have been engaged in an athletic life for over 21 years. While I thought that my pain and injuries were due to age, my Airrosti team has shown me the path to maintaining that lifestyle indefinitely, something I am deeply grateful to them for! I am convinced that the success to living an active and completely healthy lifestyle will be to use Airrosti first and foremost from now on for any injury or muscular/joint pain that arises. You just can’t beat it! Thank you!

by Julie Jaimes

Thank you Dr. Christensen for all your help, I have had to manage my pain with all sorts of medication and since I have been coming to your office and learning your techniques on how to relieve pain I have been a complete new person. I truly recommend Airrosti!

by Jamye Horne

Because I live in Helotes (NW San Antonio), I typically use Corey Fabling; however, last December, I was Christmas-ing in New Braunfels when I was hit with a severe case of vertigo. While not a stranger to vertigo, none of my “tried and true” remedies worked. Thankfully, I remembered that Airrosti was an option for vertigo treatment and luckily, I was able to get in to see Dr. Christensen. Drs. Christensen and Grosch were professional, sympathetic and thorough. Dr. Christensen worked me through the hard part first. Then, from Dr. Grosch, I learned exercises to do at home to keep the dizziness at bay. I also learned practical ways of identifying vertigo versus general dizziness caused by other factors which has come in handy. I am glad th+ show moreat Dr. Christensen was available and able to take care of my issue so the holidays were not completely ruined.

by Yvonne McGowan

I have a total fusion in my back T10-S1 ….in addition, I was diagnosed years ago with fibromyalgia. The muscle spasms in my back and legs are stupefying! The deep tissue work and physical therapy techniques that I was given by Dr. Christiansen and his team relieved my tension by 65-70% and there is a residual effect that I notice. I continue to do the exercises I was taught, as well. I am quite happy with my continuing results.

by Jessica Weiss

After being ignored by on-post doctors at my Army base, Airrosti helped diagnose and eliminate my hip pain.

by Paula Brown

I was a little hesitant to go for treatment. I was immediately put at ease by my doctor. He explained every step of the way what was being done and the reason for doing it. After three treatments I was greatly improved. I would not hesitate to refer my friends and family for this treatment.

by Krista Maldoando

I went to see Dr Christensen for pains in my neck, weekly migraines, and tingling in my hands. After 3 visits and a few simple exercises my migraines have simmered down to just minor headaches, and the pains in my neck have slowly dwindled down to where I can now move my neck without much pain. The tingling in my hands is now down to once in a while and not every time I sit and type.

by Tammie Goetsch

My husband received Airrosti treatment about six months ago through his work. He was amazed that in three days the issue with his foot was gone. I had years of headaches and shoulder aches due to the way I carry stress. I decided to try Airrosti. I am amazed that in three treatments I am not having any more headaches. Thanks to Dr. Christensen and his recommendations on sleeping patterns, I am resting better. I would recommend this treatment to anyone with any issues.

by Jay Horton

I was told by several friends to seek Airrosti treatments for my pain. If I hadn’t experienced it myself I wouldn’t have believed it! For my neck pain I’d tried pain reliever pills, cortisone injections, acupuncture, physical therapy, and topical salves with very little relief. In 5 minutes Randy Christensen somehow took my neck pain away by pressing on the area around my neck and shoulder! I’ll tell the truth, the treatment was rather uncomfortable. But when he was through, the pain was GONE. COMPLETELY GONE! That fast. He told me the pain would probably return. It did, in a reduced level. But he and his staff had shown me how to self treat the problem. He didn’t lure me for return treatments. He showed me how to treat myself and told m+ show moree to come back only if I needed it. He instructed me how to deal with my own neck pain treatments. All I can say is “AMAZING”. I honestly don’t know if he can relieve everybody’s pain, but I will say that it is WELL worth your time to give him a try. I’ll bet that he can help most other people like he helped me. I’m indebted, thankful and amazed.

by Joni Starr

I had terrible back pain, could barely walk. Now I feel great and have learned plenty of exercises to help me stay this way.

by Bill Jones

I first went to Dr Christensen with what I thought was a knee problem. After his exam he determined the knee was OK and after some therapy the pain was gone. Airrosti did a great job for me.

by Becky Miller

In November 2011 I broke my neck and shoulder in a car accident. I was confined to a halo for 3 months. After the halo was removed, I began physical therapy to help regain mobility in both my neck and shoulder. PT was helping, but not to the degree I would have liked. My husband was seeing Dr. Christensen to for hip/knee treatments related to the accident and suggested I go as well. Three treatments later I had more mobility in both my neck and shoulder than four weeks worth of physical therapy had been able to provide. I tell everyone I know who has any type of pain all about Dr. Christensen and Airrosti.

by Walt Tallant

I had arm and foot pain. I had tried other methods to relieve this pain to no avail. I went to see Dr Christensen and immediately knew what was wrong and how to fix the problem. He not only solved my problem in just a couple of visits, but showed me ways to keep the issue from coming back. Dr Christensen has an awesome bed side manner and I highly recommend him and Airrosti. Have an open mind and give it a chance.

by Jenny Fifield

I’m a personal fitness trainer in San Marcos, Texas. I always refer my clients to Dr. Christensen when they have injuries. Whether it is knee pain, back pain, or any other type of sports injury, I know that he can have them fixed up in a matter of days. When I had an injury in my back that put me out of exercise for a week, I went to go see him and I was better than before and two visits!!! Don’t wait in pain, go to Airrosti and get it fixed!

by Monica Kiss

Love, love, love Airrosti Therapy! About ten years ago I sustained a shoulder injury in a self defense class. I never did see the doctor about it as I am stubborn and assumed the pain would go away eventually on its own. Well…it finally caught up with me. It was like someone sticking a hot poker through my shoulder. My personal trainer had been an Airrosti patient before and recommended that I check it out. After the first session with Randy, my Airrosti therapist, I was amazed how much the pain went down. Lucky for me, the injury I have can be treated without surgery. Randy taught me exercises to target the affected areas I need to work on to stabilize and maintain my shoulder. Now I am pain free! Yay! Thank you Randy and Airrosti!</p+ show more>

by Casey Purvis

Due to some tight muscles and some mobility issues in several areas, I devolved some issues in the thoracic and lumbar area. I could not train or function properly for over a month. Within a week, Dr. Christensen had me back in box and working out again. After three weeks I was back to achieving personal records.

by Roxan Schultze

I had a pinch in my back for probably 10 years. And went to many chiropractors and massage therapists without any relief. After 3 visits with Dr. Christensen I had no more pain. I would recommend Airrosti to everyone.

by Cala Kelly

My freshman year of high school, I pulled my hamstring while cheerleading. When I pulled my hamstring, I was recommended to go to Dr. Christensen who is AMAZING! He is friendly and truly cares about the patient’s well being. Whenever I told him I had an issue with certain areas of my body he helped fix them with no questions asked! I would recommend that anyone go to Dr. Christensen for their injuries!

by Lisa Hager-Benavides

I went to Airrosti twice and was extremely pleased with the level of care I received. Both times I had injured my shoulder and within 2-3 appointments, my shoulder felt much better and I was able to move without pain. I was in such pain one time that Dr. Christensen fit me in for an appointment at the last minute. I continue to use the therapy suggestions I received to prevent future injury. I have recommended Dr. Christensen to numerous friends who think they have no other choice but to live with pain.

by Daniel Jackson

I had a great experience with Airrosti, and have already recommended their services to my co-workers! I came in with an IT band injury that was causing severe pain every day, it was really taking a toll only ability to perform my physical training required for work. In just a few visits I’m back to 100%, and was given the info on how to prevent a similar injury in the future.

by Julie Schneider

I’m 50 years of age with degenerative disks in my lower back, and arthritis in my hip. For years I have been dealing with it by taking medication and back injections. I was losing sleep at night with pain & discomfort in my lower back/hip, and waking up in the morning with more pain, low back stiffness, and difficulty getting dressed. After only 3 visits to Dr. Christensen at Airrosti, and learning several simple & easy exercises, I am sleeping through the night, pain free, and getting ready for work in the morning with ease. These past few months have been just wonderful. Thank you so much.

by Jason Weber

My life has changed forever thanks to Randy and the Airrosti team in San Marcos, TX. I went in for a nagging lower back/SI joint issue that kept me out of work for weeks as a UPS driver. Thankfully Randy was able to get me back to work after a few visits. I have been pain free now for months and back to running and working out. He helped me heal but most importantly he taught me how to prevent this in the future through stretching and foam rolling which is now a daily habit. I CAN’T SAY THANK YOU ENOUGH and my customers are happy to get their packages again. Two Airrosti thumbs wayyy up!

by Zane McCoy

I had injured my back a few years ago lifting and for the last couple years when through pain and suffering and just managed it. Then I had a friend who had the same injury done to him and he went to the team here in San Marcos to see if he could be fixed. After only 3 treatments he was back to lifting and so I figured sense I’d done everything else for my back one more thing to try and fix it wouldn’t hurt. It was truly remarkable only after the first day how I felt, and after the other to visits my back was back to 100%! The Airrosti team here in San Marcos knew their stuff and had excellent knowledge of ways of teaching me how to also prevent me for ever getting hurt again. If anything I recommend it if your able to receive it. It tru+ show morely amazing not having any more pain and I’ve come back stronger then ever now in the gym.

by Kathy Gold

I had been nursing a hamstring injury for the past 3 years! It was a constant nagging pain that restricted my walking and jogging. On the very first visit, within a matter of minutes, the pain that I had felt every time I lifted my right leg was GONE. Randy worked out the tightness that caused the restriction in the hamstring. He showed me specific stretches and exercises that help me keep the pain away. I can now jog and walk pain free. It is AWESOME! Thank you and I highly recommend this type of therapy.

by Heidi Luna

I was having severe back pain that had been plaguing me for weeks. I was reluctant to go to the doctor because I knew the remedy would be medication and lots of rest. This time I was happily surprised by my doctor though because she recommended Airrosti. At this point, I was barely even able to bend over, let alone even perform my regular work duties. I scheduled right away thinking it sounded too good to be true. Dr. Christensen was amazing. He was very thorough with not only his questions about my history but he also explained in detail what Airrosti was, how it worked, and how we were going to fix my issue. There was also an assistant who walks you through physical therapy modes specific to your concerns. They went over the types of e+ show morexercises I should be doing at home not only to remedy my immediate concern with my back but how to avoid this from happening in the future. The best part was Airrosti helped me within 3 visits. Even now, a year or so later, I utilize what they taught me EVERYDAY. I wish I could convince everyone to go when they have any type of injury, even the people with chronic injuries who feel there is nothing left to help them. I can’t thank Airrosti enough for helping through that horrible pain and also teaching me importance of preventative care for myself. Thanks Dr. Christensen and Justin.

by RL Cubit

Randy and his staff are extremely professional and knowledgeable. One doctor I had talked to recommended surgery for my foot pain. Working with Airrosti, I was able to fix my foot pain completely and avoid a costly surgery. I am very thankful and now live my life pain free.

by Kaitlin Hopkins

I am so grateful for Dr. Christensen. Without him and Airrosti treatment I would still be suffering daily and in pain and with limited mobility in my neck and shoulders from a preexisting injury. For that I am eternally grateful. I have no doubt that without my sessions I would have been looking at surgery and/or drugs to deal with the pain, for something that was easily treatable in three visits, and me committing to doing the exercises he gave me. I have been a professional Broadway stage performer for over 25 years and it has taken a toll on my body, thanks to Airrosti and Dr. C’s expertise I am in great shape and NO PAIN! I have referred my family, friends and students to Dr. C over the past few years for Airrosti treatment and every+ show moreone says the same thing…thank you, he is a miracle worker! Usually in 3-5 visits people are back to normal activity. SO thank you Dr. C and Airrosti for keeping me and my dancer and musical theater students injury and pain free. And thanks for helping my mom with her knee too! She is walking and doing great! Gratefully, Head of Musical Theater at Texas State- Kaitlin Hopkins

by David Cacy

I had some bad knee/leg pain. Dr. Christensen, in three visits, was not only able to fix the pain but to show me how to prevent it! Saved me a lot of money from going to doctors to figure out the problem. I highly recommend Airrosti for anyone!! Thank you so much!

by Robin Orta

I spent two months out of work with a rotator cuff/ brachial nerve injury. I was skeptical of my arm working normally again. Airrosti turned a skeptic into a believer. I’ve been blessed with great Doctors in my life. Dr. Randy and his crew are no exception. If you choose Airrosti , do not be scared of good pain.

by Justin Luna

I’ve suffered from sacroiliac joint dysfunction for years, constant back issues, and injury prone because of it. With just a few visits at Airrosti with Justin and Dr. Christensen I was adjusted and given the knowledge and the tools on how to prevent and maintain full range of motion. I will never be structurally sound, but since I’ve been going to Airrosti I’ve cut way down on injuries while participating in more sports than I ever have in my life. I tell everybody I can about Airrosti. Drink plenty of water and don’t stop. Foam rollers rule.

by Bucky C.

I woke up one morning with a severe neck cramp. After several days of trying to work it out on my own, I went to Dr. Christensen. He carefully explained what was causing my pain and the best treatment program. Over the course of three visits in a two-week period, my neck pain was relieved and I was a happy man!

by Mary Lynn M.

Airrosti helped me greatly. Dr. Christensen was professional, and his diagnosis was accurate. I am pleased with my Airrosti experience.

by Jack W.

Airrosti and Dr. Christensen have been the most important factor in my training in the last few years. I was plagued with “injuries” and pain from training, so I was constantly taking time off from training. Working with Dr. Christensen has opened my eyes to the importance of quality movement and awareness of the human body. Dr. Christensen is very friendly and knows how to explain the systems in the body in a manner that is very easy to understand. Without Dr. Christensen and Airrosti I would be in pain and miserable. I love to tell everyone about Airrosti and am so happy when people tell me that they went and are now pain free! Thank you Airrosti and Dr. Christensen.

by Bryan M.

I have been to Airrosti many times in the past few years for a range of untimely injuries; a torn up ankle, strained neck, shin splints, tmj, and back issues to name just a few. This process has become a go-to conversation at the gym, theatre, and even choir. Airrosti has completely changed the way I recover. I do not have to sit at home for a week or two on Motrin hoping for an injury to heal. The body often needs to be guided in the right direction of recovery and Airrosti has exceeded all expectations. Airrosti has provided the most affordable, efficient, and complete way to stay healthy within my 22 hours of school, multiple jobs, performance, and general goals of staying as productive as possible.

by Joan N.

I have been helped several times by Dr. Christensen. The most memorable time was when I went in with terrible pain in my pelvic area. I was leaving for Thailand the next week and was concerned that I would have to cancel. My GYN and I decided I would have a hysterectomy when I returned. After one treatment, the pain completely went away. I have felt no pain in this area for over two years now.

by Kenneth B.

My symptoms began as sciatic nerve like pain in my lower back with shooting pain down buttocks and leg. Dr. Christensen was able to alleviate the majority of the pain with the first appointment. By the second visit, I felt super. The visits with Dr. Christensen and the physical therapy plan he laid out for me restored my live style back to normal. I would highly recommend Airrosti to friends and family. Thank you Dr. Christensen and Airrosti.

by Frances S.

In March 2014, I fell at home. A trip to the ER revealed a dislocated elbow. The ER physician popped it back in place and I was put in a brace and sent on my way. A couple of days later, I went to my Orthopedic Physician. I was put in a different brace and was told to follow up as needed. Luckily, my employer had our local Airrosti group in for a lunch and learn for our employees. I was able to meet with Dr. Christensen about my dislocated elbow. I knew my elbow and surrounding parts were still painful and had limited range. Dr. Christensen did some range of motion tests and some pressing on and around my elbow and determined I needed some therapy. I made an appointment for the following week. My first visit was a little painful, but+ show more oh boy, I was able to move my arm up, down and bend it enough to reach my back. The popping that I had been feeling when I moved my elbow was GONE! This was amazing! I had one more visit and I was released from care. Originally, Dr. Christensen advised that I would need maybe three to four visits, but my elbow issue was resolved in just two visits. Thanks, Airrosti!

by Cynthia W.

I showed up to my appointment 15 minutes early looking forward to finally getting some help for my hip pain. Dr. Christensen was right on time. He introduced himself with a smile, and personally escorted me to the exam room. Once in the exam room, Dr. Christensen began getting a history of my injury and when it bothered me. Dr. Christensen then did a physical exam and was able to find the cause of my problem. What impressed me was that Dr. Christensen showed me on a picture chart the areas I was experiencing pain and how it could affect other areas, as well. I can’t tell you how relieved I was because I was hurting and couldn’t exactly pinpoint the area. Dr. Christensen took the time to explain what happens with the type of injury I had+ show more and what his treatment would be. He used the color chart to follow through the muscle group and explain why I was experiencing pain and was right on when he pointed to the areas.So now that Dr. Christensen knew what was bothering me, he had me do a simple exercise, a squat. I thought I did an okay job. I was asked to try again but lower. I was struggling.
Next came treatment. Dr. Christensen was very professional during treatment and explained everything he was doing. I could tell he was definitely making a difference for the better and the restriction on my muscles was loosening up.
Now for the amazing thing! Dr. Christensen had me try a couple more squats after treatment. Wow, is all I can say. I was able to almost be able to touch my behind to the floor with no pain at all! I had not realized how much my pain and injury was restricting me.
My visit was not over yet. I was taken to another room where Dr. Christensen and Veronica (Certified Recovery Specialist) discussed the best rolling exercises and stretches for me. Veronica was very pleasant and upbeat. She not only explained again what kind of problems my injuries were causing me but how the foam rolling and exercises targeted those areas and about recovery. Veronica demonstrated everything first and then had me try after each one. It was not overwhelming at all and she walked me through when it was my turn. Veronica even emailed me the exercises, gave me my own folder with treatment plan, and my own foam roller brochure with all the exercises step by step with pictures. I had no excuse not to do them! I bought a foam roller from Airrosti so I could get started right away.

by Jenessa B.

Airrosti was recommended to me for hand numbness that I thought had to be carpal tunnel. I was really looking for an option that didn’t require surgery, as my workload would not allow me to be out for a number of weeks. I was able to go to my Airrosti appointments during my lunch hour with little or no missed time at work. It only took three appointments to get my issue under control, and you see a difference after the first visit. I was happy to avoid surgery. Dr. Randy Christensen was great, and I have recommended Airrosti to many co-workers and family members. I have also been back to see Dr. Christensen for a different issue and had the same great results.

by Logan C.

After months of preparation, I bought my ticket to compete in the 2013 Indoor USATF National Championships for Pole Vaulting. I placed fourth, but injured my hamstring in the process. After trying almost every possible method of rehabilitation for my strained hamstring, I turned to Airrosti. In two weeks I was not only pain free, but I was able to jump a new personal best and secure a National leading mark. Without Dr. Christensen and Airrosti I may not have been able to complete my 2013 season and perform at a national level.

by Ryan T.

I have been working out and getting therapy for 22 years and never found any therapy I could count on, until introduced to Airrosti four years ago. Since that time we have treated both knees, hamstrings, calves, both shoulders and a bicep with total success. Never once has it taken more than three treatment sessions to get back to normal life and two treatments is the norm. Not only have my injuries been taken care of, but we’ve corrected countless movements I’ve picked up bad habits on in the gym and life (ie. knees going too far forward on squats to not sitting correctly in a chair). I have referred literally dozens of friends to Airrosti and every single one has thanked me and said they were fixed up in short order. I highly recom+ show moremend Airrosti to anyone active or anyone that has an injury or just a nagging pain that will not go away.

by Cierra C.

I have been treated by three different Airrosti doctors and Dr. Christensen has been, by far, the best! He not only treated my injury in three visits, but he also gave me tips and exercises for rehabilitation on my own. I love his work ethic and his positive attitude. Definitely going to him for any other injury in the future! Airrosti is the best method for an amazingly quick recovery.

by Melanie N.

For almost a year I have had pain when attempting to lift my left arm up, to the side or back. I was terrified I had an issue that would require surgery. Following my treatment with Dr. Christensen, I am happy to say I can move my left arm all around. Both Dr. Christensen and Justin were amazing. I would highly recommend Airrosti, and have!

by Ryan C.

I originally came to Dr. Christensen January 2013 to have a hamstring injury looked at. I am a power lifter and I had two of the biggest meets of my life coming in April and May. Recovering from my hamstring injury was a necessity to perform well. Dr. Christensen took me from unable to do light weight deadlifts, to being able to pull more than I did before the injury. In April I ended up deadlifting for the win at USAPL Collegiate Nationals, something I would not have been able to do without the work done by Airrosti. I have again returned to Dr. Christensen and Airrosti to have my chronic back injury worked on, as well as issues in my upper back worked on. I have learned new ways to manage my pain and injuries and most importantly preve+ show morent them through the exercises taught to me. I firmly believe that without the consultation and work done by Dr. Christensen I would not have been able to compete at the level that I do.

by Laurie T.

I originally went in for help with Plantar Fasciitis. My foot had been bothering me so much it would wake me up at night. I had no idea that he would help me understand several other issues that I had. On my second treatment, he noticed that I was turning my foot out when I walked in a way that was consistent with the muscles in my hip being too tight. I had not told him, but I was born without a hip socket on that side. That issue had been resolved before I was two, so I didn’t realize that it could still cause issues. Over the last few years, I’ve had lots of lower back pain and pain in my lower abdomen. I’ve had that looked at every possible way. From an ultra sound to a colonoscopy, you name it, doctors have tried it. Or at le+ show moreast that’s what I thought. No one thought to check out my back, hip, and posture. I never thought of it either. I went in for help with my foot and left without the pain in my foot, back, or abdomen. Dr. Christensen could write a whole new verse to “The hip bone’s connected to the thigh bone” song. Thank you Airrosti, I really appreciate the help and recommend it to every one I know. My daughter has even recommended it to her football player friends.

by Cricket D.

I have a degenerating disc in my lower back and have ridden horses all my life. My back began hurting to the point that I could not sleep. In 2003, the pain became so bad I went to a back specialist, had injections in my back several times went through his therapy, and as soon as I began ridding horses, the pain was back. I took muscle relaxers every night to get some rest. My sister told me about Dr. Christensen and Airrosti, so I gave it a try. After my first visit with Dr. C, I slept through the night for the first time in six years. After my three visits, it was amazing. Dr. Christensen has also helped me with my foot problems and I am able to run 5Ks with my Labrador Retriever. Wish I would have know about Airrosti earlier, + show morebecause I would have saved a lot of money from back injections and could have been maintaining my health in a much better way! Thanks for taking care of me Dr. C!

by Charlie W.

I came to Airrosti after two low back surgeries to help reduce the pain and improve the quality of my life. What Dr. Christenson and the Airrosti crew did for me was nothing short of a miracle. They didn’t stop with just my low back. My shoulder was in bad shape also. Dr. Christenson and the Airrosti crew took care of everything. My shoulder is on it’s way back to being a healthy functional shoulder. If I was still playing sports and came down with and injury, Airrosti would be the first place I would go. In fact I am not playing sports, but just trying to stay in shape Airrosti is still the first place I am going. Dr. Christensen and the San Marcos crew are #1. They will get you back on the playing field and keep you strong and healthy + show morebetter than any other outfit out there.

by Linda D.

I have returned to Airrosti over the last three years for back pain, leg pain and most recently for neck pain. Dr. Christensen and his Recovery Specialists are “miracle workers” in my opinion. I know that the treatment works and never hesitate to return when I need them. I have recommended the Airrosti team to many of my family and co-workers through the years and will continue to do so. This is definitely my first line of defense against pain, and Dr. Christensen is “The Best Thumb” in the business.

by Brian P

I was involved in a car wreck one year ago and I turned to Airrosti. I was treated in the minimal amount of visits and recovered nicely. Airrosti stands out by taking a completely different approach to the healing process. Also, Airrosti carefully educates the patient regarding how they can use exercises to strengthen the injured muscle groups.

by Amber S.

I was amazed with Airrosti. After one treatment, I had mobility and after three I was almost back to 100%. During my sessions I was taught methods and exercises to strengthen the weak muscles.

by Jamie P.

I first went to Airrosti for what I thought was a knee injury. Come to find out it my knee pain was actually being caused from an old injury from when I was 16 and an avid dancer. I had dislocated my hip and my hip flexor was the main cause. Dr. Christensen provided treatment for a couple of months and provided me with invaluable information on how to prevent the issue. I have followed his recommendations and have seen a vast improvement.

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