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Became an Airrosti Provider:2011

Undergraduate School:Texas A&M University-Kingsville

Graduate School:Parker College of Chiropractic

Hometown:Kingsville, Tx

Hobbies:Sports, outdoors, hunting, fishing, coaching kid’s sports.

Interesting Facts:I have a wife, Charissa from Shiner (YEP...THE HOME OF SHINER BOCK!), and two sons Landen and Carson. I have a background in sports medicine and was a licensed athletic trainer for the State of Texas for 2 different school districts. I also had a teaching degree in Physical Education and Health.

What Airrosti Means to Me:Airrosti changes lives! Airrosti as a healthcare company strives to be the best in positively changing an individual’s life by decreasing pain. Airrosti helps me show someone suffering with pain, how to improve their quality of life. Having someone tell me that I helped give them their life back is priceless.

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by Rebecca Webre

Dr. C fixes butt pain fast!!!! I started having pain in my tailbone, not knowing what to do. I was referred by a friend to Dr. Christensen and he knew exactly why and what to do. I can finally sit down with no pain!!! Thank you Dr. C

by Mary Lynn Molenda

Dr. Christensen was able to help me get out of pain almost immediately. I was told by other doctors that I would need surgery for my knee problem. In just a few visits, I was out of pain and he taught me how to keep out of pain. That was two years ago and I’m still going great.

by Logan Cunningham

Airrosti has kept me in the game by providing successful rehab that has allowed me to compete at the Highest Level as an Olympic Trials qualifier, Nationally ranked, Internationaly Competative, Professional Pole Vaulter. #Don’tStop

by Marci Chaddick

After injuring my elbow and shoulder while playing tennis, I tried numerous steroid injections and two rounds of traditional physical therapy. I was still unable to play tennis nearly two years after my injury. My orthopedist told me that surgery was my last option since nothing else was helping. While I was saving up my money for surgery, I met a tennis pro and he recommended Airrosti. After just a few treatments, Dr. Randy Christensen had me back on the tennis court. No surgery for me! Thank you, Dr. Christensen. Airrosti is absolutely amazing!

by Kameron Grammer

I found Dr. Randy Christensen completely by accident and I thank God that I did. When I made my first “same day” appointment I knew I needed help as the right side of my neck, shoulder and upper back were completely locked up. I had never heard of Airrosti and had no idea what to expect, but they were first on the provider list for my insurance. At first we talked about what was wrong and Randy had me move my head in several directions to assess where my pain was the worst. I soon found out what Airrosti was…WOW, how can anyone have that much strength in their thumbs? By the time I left, Randy and Veronica had me able to move without the pain I had walked in with. They explained that I would be sore and possibly + show morebruised under the tape. On what was to be the day of my third and final visit, I woke up in rotator cuff hell in my left shoulder from an old injury of years before. They immediately redirected my treatment and exercises to my shoulder. From that point, I bounced back and forth between severe neck pain and severe shoulder pain. Dr. Christensen ordered an MRI on my shoulder and suggested that I may also need one on my neck. The MRI came back showing and impingement and bone spurs. He then referred me to an orthopedic surgeon who wanted to start out by trying steroid shots and waiting for a month to see if they worked. The shots did not work and all the while my Airrosti team did an amazing job keeping me as pain free as possible. After the month, the surgeon agreed that I needed surgery and it was scheduled for another month out. After scheduling the shoulder surgery, I had an MRI on my neck and was referred to a spine surgeon. It was determined from the MRI that I had acute stenosis in C5 and C6 with more bone spurs around those two discs and nerve compression on both sides of my neck making me a candidate for surgery to remove the two discs and replace them with artificial bone, plate and screws. I was so discouraged and scared at this point that I didn’t feel I could make an intelligent decision on how I should proceed. Randy took the time to talk me through both surgeries and what to expect afterward. He helped me get my thinking back on the right track and even went so far as to promise he would help see me through both of these issues. During the shoulder surgery, a rotator cuff tear was found that was in need of repair taking my recovery time from two weeks to several months. While I was going through four months of physical therapy, my Airrosti team kept my neck from locking down again. At eight weeks post surgery, Randy began working on my repaired shoulder and did more for me with the treatments and exercises he customized for me than all the physical therapy I was going through. Five months out from shoulder surgery and I am finally cleared to proceed with spine surgery. Randy Christensen has kept his promise to me to see me through both of these painful issues. I can’t imagine where I would be at this point without him or his amazing recovery specialist, Veronica Castro. He and Veronica will not only be an important part of my future medical management, but I will forever think of them as lifelong friends who were there when I needed them most. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you Randy Christensen and Veronica Castro.