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Became an Airrosti Provider:2013

Undergraduate School:University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point

Graduate School:Logan College of Chiropractic

Hometown:Green Bay, Wisconsin! - Go Packers!

Hobbies:Golf, working out, playing guitar, and reading.

Interesting Facts:I played in a rock band throughout high school and college. I also played college football

Awards and Recognitions:2021 Best Cincinnati Chiropractor from Cincinnati Magazine

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by David LaFleche

After suffering with hip pain that radiated through my leg anytime I sat for more than about 30 minutes and pretty much every time I went running, and after trying chiropractic and massage therapy visits, Dr. Balza was the one who said, “I think it’s not your hip or leg, it’s your back.” Within a couple of weeks, between Dr. Balza and Kristie, they had me back to my old self and I’ve not had the problem again. It’s been two years and I’m still in great shape. I highly recommend them.

by Sue Weibel

I was sidelined for over 3 years from running due to serious pain from plantar fasciitis. I tried orthopedic MD’s, injections, therapy, orthotics…. Nothing got rid of the nagging pain. This year was the 20th year anniversary of the Flying Pig Marathon and I was determined to run. One of my gym friends mentioned Dr. Balza and the success he had with an Achilles injury. So I gave it a shot. After 4 visits I was running pain free and able to complete 16 weeks of training and finish the marathon without any pain. I won’t lie, if I stray from my stretching exercises I start to feel twinges but once I get back on my program it goes right away. I learned so much and have referred many other running friends to Dr. Balza. Thank you for giving m+ show moree back my running life! Forever grateful!

by Angela Parker

I met Dr. Balza and his staff at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital during a foam roller seminar. I was intrigued with the seminar and his statement about resolving most soft pain injuries in three sessions and hoped he could help me. I had three major problems that I needed Dr. Balza to resolve. I had sciatica, passive tension in my left shoulder and pain running down the side of my left foot. He was definitely a man of his word and all three areas are now pain free (I was so sorry I hadn’t met him sooner). For the first time in 21 years, I no longer have pain and I consider that a miracle. I am making sure that I continue to do home therapy with my foam roller and my new best friend a lacrosse ball. Thank you Dr. Balza for giving me my joy+ show more back

by Shelley Kelly

I have heal pain caused by plantar fasciitis that has lingered for many months. I had 3 visits (1 per week) with Dr. Balza which included 30 minutes of therapy and then 30 minutes of exercise. I followed the exercises at home. My foot pain is gone. I highly recommend them!

by David LaFleche

After two years, nothing helped with intense pain from my right hip down through my foot. I’d had X-Rays, done P.T., seen an orthopedic surgeon and still driving and running were done with constant pain. In my second visit, Dr. Balza said he thought my problem may be coming from my lower back. We changed my treatment for four more visits and I’m about 90% pain free or more and back to running up to 8 miles (in Utah foothills this week) with almost no discomfort at all. It’s thrilling. I have a half marathon in November. Last year I ran it in pain the whole time. This year I can’t wait to run it without pain. I WILL be without pain. I would refuse to see someone else if I had an injury. Dr. Balza and Christie worked magic and I can’t reco+ show moremmend anyone more.

by Melanie Roaden

To even talk about my experience with Airrosti and Dr. Balza brings tears to my eyes. I was at a low point in my confidence and physical ability when I walked into his office earlier this year. At 33, I had 3 surgeries within 12 months on both of my feet and a year after recovery, my feet hurt still me all day, every day. I remember getting out of bed in the morning and limping for the first hour or so before my body adjusted to the pain of walking. As an active person who exercises regularly, my physical health was declining but my mental health was much worse and I was quickly losing touch with my life that I love. From the moment I walked into the door, Dr. Balza and his staff treated me like a part of the family. He made me believe t+ show morehat he truly wanted to help me and each visit reassured me that I was in the right place. Every time I left his office, I felt better than before but I was still skeptical as to how long it would last because nothing else worked, so why would this? I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. It never did. After 6 visits, I was discharged with BRAND NEW FEET! I don’t limp anymore. I work out 5 days a week, including lifting heavy weights, which is a passion of mine. I smile every single time I think about how grateful I am to walk normally again. When you come across the right people at the right time, it’s definitely meant to be. I will forever be grateful for my experience with Airrosti and the joy that they replaced in my life.

by Marissa Caldwell

I’m 29 years old. I came to Airrosti with a severely herniated disk, spondylosis, scoliosis, arthritis, and an umbillical hernia (post pregnancy). Since working with Dr. Balza, my back has improved immensely. My hernia reduced on its own. I’ve been managing pain and have been able to increase mobility. I was able to run the half Flying Pig Marathon this year. I am a Mixed Martial Arts fighter who hasn’t fought in five years, but thanks to Dr. Balza and the Airrosti staff I’ll be making my way back into the cage next month. They have helped me make improvements to my physical health without the use of surgery or medication. I’m grateful for all of their knowledge and support.

by Jed Hartings

Airrosti has simply worked wonders for me. I was skeptical at first, but now I’m telling everyone I know about the success of their approach. This testimonial is a little long, but if others might benefit from hearing my story, I want to tell it. I’m an avid runner who was sidelined with knee pain for 18 months, until I found Airrosti. After years of marathon and ultra running, I began developing anterior knee pain (typical symptoms of runner’s knee, chondromalacia patella, etc.) and this time it seemed serious. I saw a couple MD’s, had MRIs, visited my usual go-to chiropractors and soft-tissue specialists, and did lots of therapy. But the pain got worse through several months and I eventually had to quit running altogether. The diagnosi+ show mores seemed to be a mix of quad tendinosis (not tendinitis!) and grade 3/4 chondromalacia (frayed knee cartilage with small complete fissue in trochlear groove). Over the next year, I tried every treatment in the book, starting conservative and getting more aggressive after no results. My treatments included physical therapy, active release, Graston technique, and then on to prolotherapy (needling quad tendon and patella with sugar water injections) and PRP (platelet-rich plasma injection in quad tendon). I even had stem cells drawn from my hip (11 ga. needle inserted with ‘hammer assistance’) and injected into my knee joint – I was desperate. I eventually got back to some modest mileage, but nowhere near the speed or distance I used to run. The knee was still not right, and wasn’t getting better. After 18 months, my orthopedic surgeon finally agreed to operate and I underwent a standard arthroscopic cleaning (quad fat pad trim, plica removal, smoothing cartilage). The usual recovery time is 8 weeks, but after 4 months I was still limping when I walked and struggled with stairs. At this point, I felt out of options. I had seen at least 10 different specialists and spent north of $10K out-of-pocket for treatments, not to mention loads of time. It was then that someone (a dancer) told me about Airrosti and their approach to soft-tissue injuries. I was skeptical that my injury was ‘soft-tissue’, yet was still convinced my problem could be fixed. I made an appointment and was immediately impressed by the fact that my doctor, Dr. Rob Balza, called me the night before my appointment to hear about my problem and history. I thought I might have scared him off at that point, but he said “No problem. I look forward to meeting you tomorrow.” Over the next 2 months, I had seven 1-hr visits with Dr. Balza and team: 30 min of hands-on therapy and consultation with Dr. Balza, and 30 min working on PT/stretching/rolling and KT taping. After the 3rd visit, there were clearly noticable improvements. After the 6th visit, I was running as far and as fast as my conditioning allowed, without any setbacks. I’m now ready to race a half-marathon and consider myself fixed. After all I had gone through, it took only 6 visits with Airrosti to cure a problem that had me sidelined for 20 months. No special injections or surgeries, just a knowledgable pair of hands, a foam roller, and some tape. The lesson I take from this is that traditional medicine likes to focus on imaging diagnosis, hard tissue, and expensive treatment schemes, while neglecting soft-tissue, muscle balance, and functional movement, which were clearly the main cause of my problems. It seems Airrosti has made a breakthrough in sports medicine with their approach to clearing up scar tissue and restoring fascia and muscle function. It worked for me, and I’m so grateful!

by Kate Wagner

I had been looking forward to October for months. I was running a Ragnar Relay to raise awareness for a genetic condition my daughter has called 22q, and also running my first marathon. Imagine how heartbroken I was when I tripped on the stairs and sprained my ankle the last week of August. Once the swelling subsided and the pain mostly went away, I jumped right back into the heart of my running routine, packing on 35-40 miles per week. Within two weeks, my opposite calf began screaming with every stride, thanks to my overcompensating for the sprained ankle. I was about to run my first 20 miler but was petrified I wouldn’t finish. How could this happen after such a strong training season? I had been so dedicated! Another runner suggested+ show more looking into Airrosti. I managed to get an appointment with Dr. Balza the next day. He looked at me like I was a little crazy for wanting to run a 20 miler the next day, but also assured me that I would feel better than I have in months once we finished my course of treatment. When I left the office after that first therapy session, I was absolutely floored at how much range of motion my ankle suddenly had. I didn’t realize how much pain I had been in until I no longer felt the pain! After completing my third session, I was ready for my Ragnar Relay, and I ran that weekend nearly pain free. But the true test was when I ran 26.2 miles two weeks after that. He worked out the last of the kinks those two final sessions before my marathon, and I was able to confidently and painlessly complete my first full. I can say without a doubt that it would never have been possible without the treatments I received from Dr. Balza and the education I received from Lauren. I will gladly refer anyone with soft tissue injuries to Airrosti!

by Oliver R

I cannot say enough about Dr. Balza and the excellent treatment I have received. I have seen him for shoulder and neck issues and had fantastic results. Not only is Dr. Balza an excellent Airrosti practitioner, but he is also an excellent listener, ensuring that he specifically addresses my concerns and clearly explains the treatment and underlying causes. He not only fixes the current problem, but he also provides great guidance on future injury prevention. Aside from the tremendous physiological (and corresponding psychological) benefits, there is also a significant cost savings. I see Dr. Balza and his team as a safety net. A condition that used to require multiple physician visits, diagnostic tests, and weeks of therapy, is of+ show moreten addressed in a handful of visits with Dr. Balza. Better results faster. Less time off work. And cost savings for me and my employer.

by Laurie Cianciolo

As a body builder, figure competitor and personal trainer, several years of heavy weight training wore through the cartilage in my left hip, requiring  a total hip replacement. The surgery went so well, I was released after two weeks and back in the gym doing barbell squats, only to suffer a stress fracture in my femur bone. I was put on crutches for 6 weeks. Within 2 weeks of that ordeal I fell on the crutches and broke my femur bone in 3 places, needing a total hip revision and femur repair including a metal plate and cables.  I was devastated and down for months.  Determined to get back I worked tirelessly in the gym month after month to get strong again and was finally back doing what I loved.  But I knew the right hip wa+ show mores next. The pain was constant. I decided to do a competition, and had the right hip replaced the following week.  Seven months later while squatting, I got a sharp cramp in my right quad muscle. The pain was so severe I had to stop. After a week the pain moved along the side of my ITB. I was even feeling it in my hip flexors. I rested it for weeks. But whenever I tried to do even a body weight squat the pain returned. I was so discouraged, and after an MRI and 2 visits to a sports medicine doctor I felt lost. A friend convinced me to call Airrosti and make an appointment with Dr Balza.   I was so skeptical. My case was so complicated, but I had nothing to loose.  Weight training was my passion.  My first visit with Dr Balza he listened intently to my history.   He did an assessment and diagnosed me immediately.  He assured me that he could have me squatting again in no time. That was the best news I had heard in months. That day I felt like he gave me my life back. He also told me it would be a process. There were so many internal hip stabilizer muscles involved as well as the hamstrings.  Each visit He worked very methodically on the muscle groups, releasing areas that had been so tight and bound.  They were actually causing muscle imbalances. He did the same with my left leg given the history of injures and surgeries. He instructed me each time what to do outside of our office visits, which always included foam rolling technique and specific exercises. He was always available for me whenever I had a question.  Within just a few weeks I was squatting again. Adding weight little by little each week. I am now back to where I was and it couldn’t of happened without the expertise of Dr. Balza. He is incredible, and I will be forever grateful to him and Airrosti. I would recommend Airrosti to anyone, and will continue to recommend him to all of my clients.

by Caleb Gaus

ad hyperextended my knee completely tearing my LCL, ACL, and medial and lateral meniscus. The surgeon said he needed to repair the ligaments and both meniscuses inhibiting my ability to compete at this level again. After a long 6-month recovery, I was determined to compete again in a decathlon. While I was nowhere near my pre-surgery abilities, I still completed three Decathlons that season. Shortly after my track career had ended, I blew out my knee again playing basketball. At this point, I had become a pro at being injured. With the knowledge from my Exercise Science degree, numerous doctor visits, hours spent in rehab, and strength and conditioning coaching, I had become very skeptical of how most practices handled injuries and+ show more physical therapy. It seemed as though the immediate solution was surgery instead of attempting rehab first and performing surgery as a last resort. This ended up being the worst surgery of them all – 6.5 hours of surgery, knocked out for 9.5 hours, an overnight hospital stay, and the list goes on. To top it all off, I went in scheduled for three procedures, but they discovered two more issues. They were only able to fix four due to insurance coverage again. This surgery and subsequent therapy confirmed my observations on the factory style surgeries of cutting quicker than you can rehabilitate them. This resulted in yet another surgery to fix the remaining problems with plans to get one more within that same year. This would bring my knee surgery count up to a whopping five surgeries with the potential of a sixth in the near future. They told me that I would not be able to do half of the activities that I would like to do and should never run again. Then, I heard about Airrosti. I was immediately attracted to the fact that they were non-surgical, but if you absolutely needed surgery as a last resort, then they would immediately send you to a specialist. I also loved the idea of only needing an average of 3 days to treat your injury and the education they provided on how to remain injury-free. I decided to schedule an appointment to see for myself. As soon as I arrived at the Cincinnati office, I was greeted by Dr. Balza. He was very personable and friendly right from the start. The great thing is that they block out a whole hour to work with you, starting your appointment at the scheduled time. This is unlike the long wait patients usually experience before meeting with a traditional orthopedic specialist. After getting to know Dr. Balza, my fears and hesitation subsided. As we went over my lengthy medical history, he quickly and thoroughly responded to my questions, demonstrating his vast knowledge of sports injuries. This immediately put me at ease. He then did some evaluations and began to check all of my imbalances and weaknesses. He was very quick to pinpoint my problem areas and the causes. He was very informative, patient, and made sure I understood what was going on. He then began to correct these problems with manual therapy. This is something that is very rare, yet essential to fixing injuries. Immediately, I could feel the results of his work and followed it by testing out the problem areas. The pain and imbalances for the problem area were non-existent. I was simultaneously shocked and impressed. Subsequently, he demonstrated different exercises and foam rolling I needed to do at home and in the gym. He wrote it out to ensure I could continue these practices in order to prevent these issues (or new ones) from ever reoccurring. I was hooked – not only did he fix my problem areas, but he also provided me with a ton of professional knowledge and resources.
Overall, I am very pleased with my experience with Airrosti and Dr. Balza. After spending a large amount of time, money, and frustration on previous sports injury experiences, I will never go that route again. I will definitely recommend future clients, family members, and friends to choose Airrosti.

by Crystal Adams

I started going to Dr Balza in August of 2014 for upper back, neck and shoulder pain. I was in a very bad accident that broke my back in 2004 and I have been suffering severe and chronic pain ever since. After ten years of pain, I had forgotten what it was like to live without pain as it had become part of my regular daily life and routine. For the last few years I had been receiving regular chiropractic care. I always felt great after my appointments, however, the pain and problems would always resurface because my problems were not actually permanently resolved. After seeing Dr Balza, I have little to no pain (depending on how diligent I am with my at-home rehab exercises). I am able to live each day without having to lay down and take+ show more Aleve or Tylenol every day. I feel complete freedom to do anything and not worry if I will be able to endure my day without pain. I love my new pain free life and am so thankful to Dr Balza for giving me that freedom!

by Crystal Adams

I went to Dr Balza in August 2014 for low back pain I have been suffering with for 10 years. I was in an ATV accident in 2004 that resulted in a fractured T-12 vertebrae and a very long 8 hour surgery giving me rods and screws in my spine. Over the years, I have had low back pain that has increased as time has gone on. For the last 3 years I did get chiropractic adjustments, which helped a lot, but never actually took care of the problem permanently. After 3 visits with Dr Balza, I have had no low back pain at all. I am able to work out, go walking, stand for longer periods of time, etc without having to sit down every 3-5 minutes. I feel amazing and love the freedom I have to do the things I have always wanted to do pain free. Thank you+ show more Dr Balza for giving me a pain free life!!

by Lauren Whitton

I came to see Dr. Balza in October for low back pain, which I had problems with for more than 10+ years. After the first visit I stood up off the table and felt immediate relief. I was amazed with what he was able to do with just the first visit! I came in to see Dr. Balza three more times, which fully resolved my low back issues. He was able to explain to me why I was having low back pain and how to prevent it from coming back in the future. I would highly recommend Airrosti to anyone!

by Betsy Brogan

My journey with Airrosti began with me seeking help for my headaches that I had consistently every day for more than 4 years. I had tried medications, massage therapy, conventional chiropractic therapy, etc. During my first treatment with Dr. Balza, I could literally feel my headache melt away. I couldn’t believe it! I am now almost two years without a headache, thanks to Airrosti!
Since that time, Dr. Balza has helped me with several injuries. One of these was a sprained ankle that was several months old. Dr. Balza worked on my ankle and taped me up, and on my lunch break I found myself jogging on the sidewalk without pain!

My lower back has also been trouble for me after having 5 children, and Dr. Balza has helped me not o+ show morenly get rid of the pain, but also to retrain the muscles and strengthen my core so the pain does not return. Dr. Balza also taught me to love my foam roller!!

Thank you, Airrosti! I don’t know where I would be without you!

by Christopher Lemmel

I am the Head Coach at Triumph Strength and Conditioning. I have had numerous shoulder injuries in the past and a severe back injury a couple of years ago, these flair up from time to time and Rob has done an absolutely stellar job not only working with my schedule but also allowing me to train while recovering. I cannot thank Rob enough for the time he has spent helping me get past issues that have gone unresolved for so long. My right should had pretty intensive surgery 6 years ago and a lot of scare tissue had built up, in just three sessions Rob and broke apart a ton of built up tissue and I could not be happier with my improvements. If you need to see someone SEE HIM, office is easy and convenient to get too!

by Tyler Wilson

I’ve been working in construction for many years, which has made me push myself through many injuries. Recently I have been feeling tightness in my calf. I tried stretching, but nothing seemed to help. One day while at work I stood up and felt a pop in my calf muscle. I was unable to put any weight on that leg. After coming in for just my first visit to see Dr. Balza, I was able to put my entire body weight on that my leg. I truly believe in what Airrosti has to offer and feel anyone with an injury should go in to see Dr. Balza!

by Derek Kidney

15 years ago during middle school, I was on a ski trip with my family. I ended up taking a hard fall and damaging my left shoulder. Being young and with my family’s financial situation, it was never properly evaluated. Flash forward to two years ago, I decided to join a crossfit gym. Now, my shoulder had been bothering me since 1998 at this point, but it was bearable. As I advanced in movements in the gym, became more competitive and pushed my body more, the pain became too much. Dr. Balza stopped by our gym for free injury assessments and I decided to try. We scheduled an appointment after a talk and he promised to have me improved after just five visits. I can’t express enough gratitude for all that Dr. Balza has done, in working+ show more with me through this and really making me virtually pain free for the first time since I was a youngster. I have been discharged for several months now, but I still receive messages from the good Dr. just to check on how I’m doing. Airrosti has enabled me to advance farther than I ever thought I could in my lifting. Thanks a million.

by Taylor Spivey

I felt a pop while I was back squatting at my local Crossfit gym and quickly realized something was wrong. I decided to try Airrosti to help me figure out what damage I had done and they lived up to their reputation. Dr. Balza was amazing in diagnosing what was wrong in my olympic lifts as he is very familiar with crossfit and the various movements involved. In addition, every bit of homework he gave me was personally tailored to my recovery. The best part is that Dr. Balza was always available for questions and any help that I needed. I have tried other physical therapists and various chiropractors and Airrosti was as good as the best of them. Dr. Balza exceeded my expectations. I am now a better lifter and cross fitter in general. Dr. + show moreBalza will not only help fix what is wrong, but he will teach you and equip you with the tools necessary to prevent you from injuring yourself in the future. Thank you Dr. Balza and Airrosti!!!

by Sarah Klaine

When I was training for my second half I started to have serious pain in my left knee and hips. I couldn’t get comfortable sitting and especially when laying down. At my first visit with Dr. Balza I found out all of the problems were do to my IT band being very tight. AFter working on my IT band, Dr. Balza gave me some exercises to help strengthen my muscles that were under used due to little cross training. I was shown how to use a foam roller to help as well. My first visit brought my pain down from an 8 to a 3. I went out and did an 8 mile training run completely pain free. After my second visit I could lay in bed on my side pain free.
I have been able to run pain free since then as long as I keep up with the exercises and foam+ show more rolling that he taught me.

by Jeffrey Robinson Jr

Great experience. Quick turn around from old sports injury, making it much easier for me to return to playing sports without any complications. Definitely worth it. Dr. Balza is a genuine person as well. I would recommend Airrosti to everyone. Actually I have.

by Keith Runion

Before seeing Dr. Balza I had been working in the Information Technology field for over 20 years along with the same number of years of bodybuilding style isolation workouts under my belt.
I had just transitioned to a standing desk and Crossfit workouts. The standing desk was working great but my Crossfit workouts were hampered by my crazy lack of mobility and past workout induced injuries.

Dr. Balza has not only eliminated pain from old injuries but drastically improved and continues to improve my mobility. Before my treatments I could literally not touch my own shoulders, perform an overhead squat with a PVC pipe or even begin to execute a proper snatch or clean.

As my coaches at Triumph Strength & Conditioning w+ show moreould agree I have made great strides in all areas. I am now able to not only touch my own shoulders but execute an overhead squat and continue to progress in my goal of performing a proper full depth snatch and clean on a level I never thought possible.

by Carissa Haneberg

I came in to see Dr. Rob after “tweeking” my shoulder during a Crossfit workout. After seeing Dr. Rob I had a lot of work to do cause my lats weren’t properly engaging which was causing all sorts of issues. Because of Dr. Rob’s work and my “home-work” of foam rolling, stretching and strength building my shoulder is better than ever. I was just able to overhead squad 105lbs completely stable and strong through my shoulders just the other day.

by Robert Haneberg

The first time I came to see Dr. Rob was for issues in my ankles. I have a notorious history for sprained and rolled ankles. This not only caused problems with me squatting in my CrossFit WODs, but also left me hobbling every morning when I would get out of bed. After just one treatment the popping, crackling and pain went away and I don’t have problems when I get out of bed in the morning. Not only this, but my range of motion for squats instantly improved. His treatments have truly been a game changer for me.

by Christian Husky

I am a full time personal trainer and my day is filled with varying levels of activity from one hour to the next. This makes for a high stress environment for my joints and muscles. Several months ago work and play took is toll and led to a series of severe muscle spasms throughout my neck shoulder and arm on one side. I was directed to Dr. Balza by a coworker. To be honest I was skeptical having never worked with a chiropractor. Within the completion of one session with Rob, knew I was wrong. Having been nearly immobilized, after my first session I regained almost all range of motion and strength. Over the course of the next few weeks I stuck with my therapy prescription and received a handful of treatments. My problem was nearly solved+ show more. But like most injuries there were setbacks. After aggravating my neck by pushing too hard, Rob and his team at airrosti were there once again to help. I am happy to say that I am injury free and equipped to handle most flare ups on my own thanks to the therapy techniques learned after each appointment. I recommend Rob Balza and the Airrosti team to all my clients and will most certainly return in the future if need be.

by Sean Besselman

I go to Rob any time that I have pain that is lingering more than a couple of days. Regardless of where my pain is Rob can pinpoint it, help to resolve it, then provide me exercises and stretches that can help prevent the injury/pain from reoccurring in the future. His expertise and professionalism come through in his work every day. The only thing I wish is that I had found this kind of treatment earlier in my sports career as it has proven to be a competitive advantage to me as an athlete.

by Tom Awadalla

Dr. Balza has been treating my nerve related leg pain on/off for the past year. During my course of treatment I have noticed exceptional results and great improvement. Clearly passionate about his work, Dr. Balza quickly evaluated my condition, created a course of treatment, and made sure that we executed the plan. As my condition changed he prescribed new treatment to make sure I was staying ahead of the cause of the pain. His guidance/treatment is greatly appreciated and he is truly and exceptional healthcare provider . I would unconditionally recommend Dr Balza to others as well as the Airrosti treatment methodology

by Michael McNaughton

Nagging lower back injuries have plagued me for a number of years. Each instance would sideline me for 3-4 days at a time, but would subside and I would carry on as usual. However, my latest episode was different than the others. It was clear the years of ignoring the symptoms and signs had caught up with me. Dr. Balza helped diagnose and treat the underlying issues that proved to be my nemesis. Within days of the first treatment my ROM at the hips was better than it had been in over a decade. The focused strength work Dr. Balza prescribed has helped to treat and prevent further injury. Thank you!

by Ronda Russell

My 18-year-old son had been suffering with chronic headaches for 18 months. His headaches were so severe at times that he would be flat on his back for 3 & 4 days at a time. He described his headaches as “peaking at a 12” on a scale of 1-10 but “never less than a 3.” We had been to 5 traditional physicians and had been through a litany of diagnostics, including x-rays and an MRI, before coming to Airrosti at the recommendation of a co-worker. Dr. Rob in their Clifton Ohio office accurately diagnosed (I am convinced) my son during the first visit. He treated him with muscular manipulation in the office and gave my son exercises to complete at home. I can HAPPILY say that my son was CURED of his headaches after 4 visits!!!! (Actually, he w+ show moreas cured after 3 visits, but I insisted he go back for the 4th and final visit because he was going away to college and would not have easy access to Dr. Rob). I NO LONGER worry about my son’s health and well-being. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

by Braley Millin

I started Crossfit in April of this year, and met Dr. Balza at our gym when he was doing free injury assessments. My main complaints were about shoulder mobility since for the majority of my day I sit and stand with my shoulders down and forward. After going to see Rob a couple of times, he was able to teach me how to stretch and work on shoulder mobility so that I was less prone to those types of injuries. I still stretch and do all the exercises that he taught me and am happy to say that all is well! My experience with Airrosti was positive and encouraging and I feel so much more confident and prepared for every workout! Thanks y’all!

by Allie M.

I injured my right shoulder doing CrossFit. I met Dr. Balza at CrossFit Covington when he came to do injury assessments. After my injury assessment, I was able to start therapy right away. Dr. Balza was very accommodating of my hectic schedule and always found a way to fit me in. Not only did he work on my shoulder, but also he gave me stretches and exercises to keep my shoulder strong. After just a few visits I was ready to compete in my gym’s CrossFit competition. I would recommend Dr. Balza to anyone. He is amazing!

by Ashley T.

Recently, I experienced some wrist pain associated with an overuse injury. Within two sessions focusing on this injury, Dr. Balza was able to treat me and make me pain free yet again! In summary, I am a huge believer in the treatment that Dr. Balza and Airrosti provide and have experienced firsthand the healing power of their treatment methods. I am impressed not only by the treatment they provide, but by the stretching, rolling and other prehab techniques they teach to prevent further injury.

by Alicia O.

I was introduced to Airrosti a little over a year ago. I had knee pain that not only impacted my exercise and sports, but also made simple tasks like kneeling to play with my daughter almost impossible. I thought that all the years of volleyball had finally caught up with me and that I would have to have surgery. Then I found Airrosti and Dr. Balza. My knee was pain free after three visits and has remained that way for over a year! I recently saw Dr. Balza again for a shoulder injury due to boxing/volleyball. Again, just a few visits and I am back into all my activities. I was playing tournaments within a week! Dr. Balza even corrected my hitting form, and taught me exercises, so that I can avoid future injury. Airrosti focuses o+ show moren the cause of the pain, resolves it, and gives the patient the knowledge to maintain a pain free lifestyle using their exercise and stretch program. I am back to playing sand volleyball, boxing, running, and tending to my daughter without pain. I owe it all to Airrosti and Dr. Balza!