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Became an Airrosti Provider:2013

Undergraduate School:University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point

Graduate School:Logan College of Chiropractic

Hometown:Green Bay, Wisconsin! - Go Packers!

Hobbies:Golf, working out, playing guitar, and reading.

Interesting Facts:I played in a rock band throughout high school and college. I also played college football

Awards and Recognitions:2021 Best Cincinnati Chiropractor from Cincinnati Magazine

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by David LaFleche

After suffering with hip pain that radiated through my leg anytime I sat for more than about 30 minutes and pretty much every time I went running, and after trying chiropractic and massage therapy visits, Dr. Balza was the one who said, “I think it’s not your hip or leg, it’s your back.” Within a couple of weeks, between Dr. Balza and Kristie, they had me back to my old self and I’ve not had the problem again. It’s been two years and I’m still in great shape. I highly recommend them.

by Sue Weibel

I was sidelined for over 3 years from running due to serious pain from plantar fasciitis. I tried orthopedic MD’s, injections, therapy, orthotics…. Nothing got rid of the nagging pain. This year was the 20th year anniversary of the Flying Pig Marathon and I was determined to run. One of my gym friends mentioned Dr. Balza and the success he had with an Achilles injury. So I gave it a shot. After 4 visits I was running pain free and able to complete 16 weeks of training and finish the marathon without any pain. I won’t lie, if I stray from my stretching exercises I start to feel twinges but once I get back on my program it goes right away. I learned so much and have referred many other running friends to Dr. Balza. Thank you for giving m+ show moree back my running life! Forever grateful!

by Angela Parker

I met Dr. Balza and his staff at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital during a foam roller seminar. I was intrigued with the seminar and his statement about resolving most soft pain injuries in three sessions and hoped he could help me. I had three major problems that I needed Dr. Balza to resolve. I had sciatica, passive tension in my left shoulder and pain running down the side of my left foot. He was definitely a man of his word and all three areas are now pain free (I was so sorry I hadn’t met him sooner). For the first time in 21 years, I no longer have pain and I consider that a miracle. I am making sure that I continue to do home therapy with my foam roller and my new best friend a lacrosse ball. Thank you Dr. Balza for giving me my joy+ show more back

by Shelley Kelly

I have heal pain caused by plantar fasciitis that has lingered for many months. I had 3 visits (1 per week) with Dr. Balza which included 30 minutes of therapy and then 30 minutes of exercise. I followed the exercises at home. My foot pain is gone. I highly recommend them!

by David LaFleche

After two years, nothing helped with intense pain from my right hip down through my foot. I’d had X-Rays, done P.T., seen an orthopedic surgeon and still driving and running were done with constant pain. In my second visit, Dr. Balza said he thought my problem may be coming from my lower back. We changed my treatment for four more visits and I’m about 90% pain free or more and back to running up to 8 miles (in Utah foothills this week) with almost no discomfort at all. It’s thrilling. I have a half marathon in November. Last year I ran it in pain the whole time. This year I can’t wait to run it without pain. I WILL be without pain. I would refuse to see someone else if I had an injury. Dr. Balza and Christie worked magic and I can’t reco+ show moremmend anyone more.