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Became an Airrosti Provider:2014

Undergraduate School:Howard Payne University

Graduate School:Parker College

Hometown:Bangs, Texas

Hobbies:Sports (mostly kid’s sports), family fun and church activities. !

Interesting Facts:My hometown’s population is only 1500. I have 2 dogs a Boston Terrier Gracie and Boxer named Bella.

What Airrosti Means to Me:Airrosti is the “Good Guy,” when it comes to healthcare. Both doctors and patients alike are able to get honest answers and help, with providers who truly want them to get well as fast as possible. No gimmicks or selling… just results!

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by Nina Plummer

I was seeing a traditional chiropractor (outside Airrosti) and after 7 visits I still did not feel any improvement. After my 1st visit to Dr Burns I felt 95% better! Plus, my recovery specialist, Bobby, was very knowledgeable and you can tell he is well educated. He has been a great teacher, but most importantly, the exercises he has been teaching me have helped tremendously in my recovery.

by Josh Jacobs

I had a great experience with Dr. Burns. He is a very nice guy and a pleasure to work with. I had pain in my back that radiated to the front rib cage. He worked it hard and feeling much better. Thanks, Dr. Burns!

by LS McLain

I have been working with Dr. Burns for over 4 years. any pain or ache I’ve had has been found and fixed as a result of his skill and professional expertise. It is hard to find someone to truth your body and healing process too. Having Dr. Burns in my corner has literally been a career saver as I am a work champion powerlifter on the U.S.A National Team.

by Jacqueline Monroe

My daughter had been dealing with a back injury obtain while playing tennis for approximately two weeks when a colleague recommended Airrosti. I made an appointment with Dr. Burns and he immediately pinpoint the problem. After the first treatment, there was immediate pain relief with a return to the court later that day. We only required two treatments for her back pain before she was at her full capacity. I will definitely use Dr. Burns in the future.

by KJ

Just wanted to say thank you to you both for fixing me up and making my back much, much better than what it was. Good to see that you guys actually care and explain what it is that you are doing and what is expected. Had doubts that it would work, but you guys worked your magic. For that I can’t thank you enough. Everything is 10x better than before stepping foot in your office. Please pass this on to your boss if you can, that or give me your boss’s e-mail and I’ll tell him myself. Once again…THANK YOU VERY MUCH………

by Heather Underwood

I have had this annoying pain in the middle of my back for over 2 years, ever since my lower back surgery. After two physical therapists and chiropractic care I had pretty much given up on it ever being completely gone. It wasnt until I moved here to San Antonio that it got bad enough to effect my sleep. Dr. Burns found the problem and corrected it in only 3 appointments! I have no more back pain, and am able to be more physically active! You won’t meet a friendlier, more caring, and down to earth doctor and physical therapist than Dr. Burns and Dale. Thank you for helping me!

by Vicki Porter

my neck tightened up suddenly and I couldn’t turn left or move my head. as a last resort, I made an appointment at the airrosti office. Before getting here I was impressed that the office called me to see how I was doing. Once I got here, Dr Burns was so friendly, caring and genuine. He really felt bad that I felt bad. While it hurt like heck during the treatment, he made me laugh and got my mind off the pain. Then I went to meet Dale for the therapy part. He too was very kind and sincere. After I spent my 1 hour at the office, I left standing straight up and without pain!!!! It was amazing and really unbelievable. by the weekend, I had no pain whatsoever. Moving like a champ again!!!!! I would recommend these two to anyone!!!! Thanks</p+ show more>

by La’Tonya Chandler

I wanted to say that I was extremely pleased and satisfied with the care I received from Dr. Burns and Dale his recovery specialist. I was glad that they were able to help me even though I had a bulging disc. I also liked the fact that they did not keep me coming back once my pain kept on decreasing.

by Patti Reiner

Definitely felt less pain after first visit. After 3 visits with Dr. Burns pain has significantly gone away. Have not had to use pain medication the last couple of days. Would recommend this care to anyone.

by Brett Rea

I had been suffering from pain in my feet for months before coming to Dr. Burns. During that time I had seen a podiatrist and a dozen different insoles with no improvement. After a couple visits with Dr. Burns I am back to normal and getting through my day pain free. Thank you.

by Mikael Roberto

I came in to Airrosti one day in great pain, and in crutches because of a foot pain. After the first treatment, I was already walking with minimal pain. On my second visit, there was minimal pain and after that visit I was walking with no pain and very minimal discomfort. Third treatment my foot felt perfect. I definitely will definitely recommend Airrosti to friends and family.

by JB LaCombe

After straining an abdominal muscle i visited Dr. burns a total of 4-5 times of a 3 week period. In a very short amount of time i went from being unable to do no physical activity without pain to a full range of motion.

by Jon Elia

My experience with Airrosti has been outstanding. My pain level has decreased significantly. The staff was excellent with the knowledge of the injury, and taught me everything I need to know to contain it.

by Sarah Polson

I came to Dr. Burns and Dale Garcia unable to stand up for even short periods of time and in extreme pain. This happened right before Christmas and after 3 visits I no longer have pain and have returned to regular activity. I am so grateful to both of them.

by Caleb Reger

I’m a huge believer in Airrosti! I had reoccurring low back pain for years and it hindered my ability to be comfortable and also to do things that I enjoy such as working out and golf. After my first visit I felt that the process was clearly going to work. 2 visits later my pain was virtually nonexistent. In addition to the physical benefits of Airrosti I can also say I haven’t met any Airrosti employees that aren’t fantastic people. I put Dr. Ryan Burns at the top of that list.

by Clint Dodson

When I severally rolled my ankle, I thought I’d be down for several weeks and in my line of work that’s just not an option. I could barely put any weight on it let alone walk without limping. After one visit I walked out of there with no limp and after several days of strengthening exercises I was just like new again. Thanks Airrosti!!!!

by Kalyn Mizelle

After weeks of prevailing hip pain while running, I sought treatment and after 2 visits the pain was mostly gone. after the third i was running again with no problem at all. Both docs were very understanding and helpful and cared about helping me get better.

by Jerry Beene

We had heard great things about Airrosti, but hadn’t needed treatment until football season this year. My son Brady suffered a shoulder injury which the family practice PA said might be a sprain, put his arm in a sling and said to check back in a week and if it wasn’t better they’d xray it. That’s not good news in the middle of the football season, so we got a referral to Dr. Burns who evaluated Brady, proposed a treatment plan and told us what to expect. After 3 treatments over the period of a week, Brady was back on the field playing at full speed. Dr. Burns has been great following up on Brady and we’re glad to have him as our “go-to” guy for treatment. We’ll be back, and refer other to him at every opportunity.

by Joshua Re

Being my Senior year for football and that i lost my junior year to a torn acl it was my goal to come back stronger than i had been. The amount of muscle gain i put on put a strain on my upper leg and lower abdominal muscles tightening up weekly after my game. The visits I made two times a week to release the muscles and gain full motion with my legs and maintain my speed allowed me to complete my senior football career and land All State Honors.
In the past i have used Airrosti for track and again without Airrosti i would not have made State Championships back to back. I’m sure i will be on track to utilize Airrosti again as I approach my final year in track to keep my legs fresh and fast!

by Anna Hansmann

Dr. Burns and Dale are life savers!!! I came to seek their services after a fall, crick in my neck and ultimately a pain so severe I could not move my right arm without my eyes watering. I was referred to them by my sister who had suffered from neck and back pain. When i spoke to her the morning my pain began she insisted on making me an appointment because they had helped her within one visit!!! Thank God for my sister and Airrosti because within two days of my first visit I am pain free and feeling great!!! Great job by Dr. Burns and Dale, My husband will be visiting you soon!!!

by Lynn Archer

I have a desk job that involves constant hours in front of a computer. This led to neck and back pain that ultimately caused sleep issues. Dr. Burns was great and gave me good methods to deal with the pain and treatments and home therapy exercises to prevent the pain in the future. I would definitely go to him again and my husband also ended up seeing him after my visits for treatment as well. I have recommended Airrosti to several people since then.

by Lisa Fontes

I broke my back in June of this year and of course had surgery to repair the damage. Also did rehab for about a month thru my doctors office. Although it helped somewhat I felt like I needed something more. I was still hurting and couldn’t stand up straight very well. So my boss mentioned Airrosti to me. I didn’t like the idea of someone working on my muscles. I guess I was really Adrain’s of someone touching my back. Well I decided to call two weeks later and got in right away. I have to admit it hurt on my first and second visits but it got easier as time went on. I feel so much better and I can stand up straight now. Dr. Burns and Dale Garcia helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m hoping to go to work soon! They are my + show moreheroes!

by Kelly Black

I have visited Airrosti in the past for tension headaches and tendonitis in my left wrist, but my most recent visit was for back pain that started out so severe I could hardly walk. As soon as I left my first visit with Dr. Burns I felt remarkably better–I could finally take a deep breath without wincing and could walk with my normal posture. I returned 4 more times and am now feeling completely better…it’s like magic! I will continue to contact Airrosti for any musculoskeletal issues in the future and I happily refer my friends/family to them as well. Dr. Burns and his therapist Dale are a great team and fun to work with!!!

by Carla Cornish

When I first started coming in to see Dr Burns, I was feeling very desperate. I had been having pain in my hips and back for so long, I didn’t feel as though I would ever get better. After a few times with Dr. Burns, my pain had dramatically diminished. Dr Burns taught me various exercises that are necessary to keep me pain free and agile. I’m a 54 year old woman that felt 20 years older when I started at Airrosti and now I feel 53! Ha. Many Thanks to Dr Burns and his staff at Airrosti.

by Larry Andrews

I came to see Dr Burns for lower back and neck pain. I had been waking up every night for years with back pain, and tingling/burning in my legs. After just 4 visits, I have been sleeping through the night, and feeling so much better. I am recommending Airrosti to all my friends. It is a life-changer!

by Maria Wolfarth

I had a lot of pain in my neck and I had trouble sleeping. Coming to Airrosti I am able to sleep without pain. I recommend treatment to anyone.