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Became an Airrosti Provider:2014

Undergraduate School:Texas State University

Graduate School:Parker University

Hometown:Bremond, TX

Hobbies:Sports, hunting, fishing, spending time with family and friends.

Interesting Facts:I had 18 inches of my small intestines removed when I was 3. I had 20 people in my high school graduating class. I tore my ACL and dislocated my shoulder all in the same football game, but I finished the whole game.

What Airrosti Means to Me:Airrosti gave me the chance to be the best doctor that I could be. I love seeing how quick this treatment works for the patient, and if it doesn’t work then we are sure to get that patient where they need to be. Airrosti has the best support system and they always go above and beyond to take care of their own. As a company we all truly believe in our mission to be the best and always give our best no matter the situation in order to change healthcare for the better.

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by John Vermillion

I’ve seen Dr. Corley for two different issues, one pertaining to back pain, and the other for knee. It’s not just the relief from soft tissue manipulation, but the educational expertise, that sets Arrosti, and specifically Dr. Corley, apart from a normal family physician. Dr. Corley invests himself in his patients as well as arms you with great information that, when performed as directed, should, and did in my case, eliminate pain and future visits. He spent the necessary time to enlighten me, as well as directly working on my soft tissue problem. Outstanding support staff. Montana will work with you on exercises and show you the proper way to engage them. I love these guys! Thank you for all of your help.

by Kathy McGrath

Dr. Corley and Montana are amazing. I went to him about 8 months ago due to neck/shoulder stress and when you pressed on the knots causing the pain I felt relief run through my arm to my head. He has become a regular must for me. Montana provided me with exercises I can do at home to keep the stress in my neck and shoulders away. I recommend anyone that suffers from tension and pain to visit Dr. Corley.

by Jamie Easterwood

Thanks to Dr. Corley and Lindsey my shoulder is so much better! I learned so much from them about simple things I can do at home to keep improving. They are so helpful and informative…..and it only took three sessions. Highly recommend.

by Thelma Walters

For months I suffered from a pain that was in the right buttock accompanied by tingling/numbness in the right leg. Sometimes I was barely able to walk and function. I saw my regular doctor, a neurologist and had physical therapy. All to no avail. I just wanted to feel like “me” again. I was slowly becoming depressed. One day my daughter asked if I had considered Airrosti. I had not considered it because I had never heard of it. But I was willing to try anything so I could feel better. I made an appointment and saw Dr. Corley. After some initial questions he determined that the muscles on my right side were extremely tight and having spasms around my sciatic nerve. He explained what he was prepared to do and how. I must say that I really + show morewas not prepared for the amount of pain I was about to experience. HOWEVER, it worked. I had only 3 visits and I was pain free after the 2nd visit. I have been singing his praises ever since. The process worked for me and I would highly recommend Dr. Corley and the Airrosti center. I can’t stop talking about him to anybody that I know who has a pain, sprain or muscle issue. Thank you so much Dr. Corley.

by Janice Haynes

I was referred to the Airrosti Center by my foot doctor due to intense pain in my feet.I had received several injections that did not work. I was very skeptical about treatment mainly because I didn’t know what to expect. Dr. Corley called before my first appointment to see if I had any questions about treatment. I went to my first treatment and was amazed and in pain afterwards. I wasn’t sure I would return for a second visit. Casea made my rehab so much fun that I knew I would return for subsequent visits. I completed six weeks of therapy and I must say that I never thought I would be virtually pain free. I want to thank Dr. Corley and Casea for being professional, attentive and fun. It was more than going for therapy, I built a profes+ show moresional relationship that will last a lifetime. Thanks again for allowing me to want to wear shoes again

by Tara Rosier Gonyea

I wanted to share my story of how Dr. Corley created the “near miracle” that I ask him for with only 3 Airrosti treatments on my right foot for plantar fasciitis. I came limping into Dr. Corley’s office in early December with a nagging heel pain that had been diagnosed by a podiatrist as plantar fasciitis. This doctor had prescribed a giant boot to walk around in if I had to walk and had told me to stay off my feet for two months. After two weeks of staying off my feet and walking in this boot only when I had to around the house, my heel pain was worse and my back was really starting to hurt from walking crooked due to the giant boot that was supposed to help! I was very frustrated! A woman I met told me about Airrosti and I immediately + show morefound Airrosti online and was referred to Dr. Corley. I told Dr. Corley on my first appointment that I needed a “fast miracle” because I was leaving in a week to do a work project that would entail me to be on my feet for around 10-12 hours each day for about seven days walking around. In other words I needed this heel pain gone fast! After the very first treatment I would say my heel pain was 75% better. Then after only two more treatments I felt I was ready to tackle those long days on my feet. As far as I was concerned from the terrible pain I felt when I first arrived to Dr. Corley’s office to leaving after just three treatments he really did deliver a “near miracle.” The pain was not 100% gone, but I would say it was 90% better. Thanks Dr. Corely, you and the Airrosti methods are “miracle workers!”

by Sarah Brisebois

Knee problems began approximately two years ago. Some days pain prevented me from engaging in exercises I enjoyed, such as running, squats, yoga, spin, etc. Even walking could be cumbersome. I saw an orthopedist who ordered an MRI. Fortunately no surgery was recommended but she suggested physical therapy. I did not have the time or energy to pursue that so I attempted stretching and other exercises on my own to fix the problem. My spouse, a Crossfit instructor, recommended Airrosti. I learned my insurance would cover it so I located Dr. Ryan Corley as a provider. He is a friendly, attentive, knowledgeable, and professional provider. He began treatment immediately and encouraged me to keep trying the workouts I once enjoyed to determine i+ show moref treatment was working. After 4 visits, I am now mostly pain-free and back to my previous level of physical activity! Airrosti is painful but simple and I’m grateful it worked for me.

by Rita Wiegenstein

Being an active senior, I occasionally suffer injuries and look to Airrosti to help with those injuries. Five years ago I visited my first Airrosti with plantar fasciitis which I had off and on for 25 years. With four treatments, I have been pain free since. Recently, after acquiring help from two podiatrists without success, I visited Dr. Ryan Corley with pain on the ball of my foot. In four treatments and a course of exercises, I am now pain free. I highly recommend Airrosti and Dr. Corley.

by Eileen Tertocha

I believe I was quite a challenge for Dr. Ryan Corley as I am an active 92 year old with severe arthritis in my back and I regularly experienced pain in my right hip when walking. Dr. Corley devised a series of exercises (using a tennis ball of all things!) for me to do regularly at home, plus performing manual treatments on my hip and leg at most sessions. The result was excellent. I rarely have the pain in my hip, and if it returns, the exercises he prescribed, relieve me of the pain. My sincere thanks to Dr. Ryan Corley and Airrosti!

by Jenny Richardson

I started working out religiously and was really getting in a healthy groove when plantar fasciitis hit me hard. The simple task of walking was painful. I could barely walk, much less work out anymore. I got custom made orthopedics and those were not doing the trick. I am a coach by profession, so I know how to stretch, ice, etc, but I could not find a solution for my foot. Dr. Corley hit on certain aspects of my muscles that I never thought would help my foot/heel. I did not realize that muscles in my knee would be affecting my foot. I learned so much in each session while receiving treatment. It tremendously relived my pain. He showed me new ways to stretch and rehabilitate my foot. I am now able to run and walk with out pain. Like I s+ show moreaid, I am a coach. I send my athletes to Airrosti all the time.

by Kelly Elliott-Mank

I am very thankful to Dr. Corley for treating the pain that I was experiencing from plantar fasciitis in my right foot. I am consistently on my feet while working in the medical profession. I have been dealing with this foot pain for over 2 years. With the help of the Georgetown Airrosti treatment program from Dr. Corley, I have been able to work long shifts and exercise with minimal to no pain.

by Dustin Curlee

I recently visited Airrosti for 2 separate injuries: 1 was my piriformis and the other was a sprained MCL. Both injuries were causing me severe pain, lack of sleep, and extremely limited function and movement. Dr. Corley started with the piriformis. Admittedly, it was pretty painful, but I immediately began to feel relief as he was working through the various muscles. Three visits total and the pain was gone completely. With each visit I had a greater range of motion, less pain, and more flexibility. Next he worked on the MCL. It was the same type of experience. Once again, 3 visits later and my MCL is completely relieved of pain and my range of motion and flexibility are back. With each visit I was also given homework to do. It was easy+ show more stuff. I had to foam roll, ice, and do some band work. He showed me each exercise while in the office, had me do it, and made sure that I didn’t have any questions. So I did the homework. Rather than having to have surgery on an MCL, rather than spending who knows how much on doctor visits, and rather than me suffering through pain, Airrosti took care of the issue in an incredibly short amount of time. I couldn’t be more pleased. I certainly don’t hope to hurt myself, but if I do, guaranteed I will be back in the office to see Dr. Corley before I do anything else.

by David Hill

My recovery was sped up by 2-4 weeks!

by Robert Emmert

I strained my back while working out, and having used Airrosti in the past, I knew that going in for treatment would be the fastest way for me to get back to 100%. I was immediately surprised with how knowledgeable Ryan was in not only providing the Airrosti treatments, but in giving me useful injury prevention techniques and stretches to use moving forward. I highly recommend Airrosti treatment to all of my friends when any injuries arise, and would definitely recommend this location in particular. Thank you for helping me to get healthy and pain-free again!

by Felicia Cortez-Luna

I have to admit that when I was first referred to Airrosti, I had my doubts and have not always been a fan of this type of treatment. But, I am now a firm believer and very happy that I made the call to receive this type of treatment and all that these Dr.’s do to help you recover and get back to normal routine. I am very thankful to Dr. Corley for all he has done to correct my problem thru the treatments I had with him. I highly recommend to anyone who are having issues with pain due to injury or any other problems.

by Chris G.

I was experiencing extreme tightness in my lower back and hamstrings and I had always had issues with flexibility. After several treatments, my flexibility had dramatically increased and I was able to touch my toes standing up for the first time in my life. I highly recommend Airrosti to my fiends and family.

by Kim C.

I was having lower back pain for several months. Dr. Corley was not only knowledgeable, but he truly cares about his patients. Would definitely recommend!

by Jennifer W.

After months of chronic painful knee issues and disappointing visits to various chiropractors and osteo doctors, Dr. Corley was able to help me understand the source of the issue, dramatically reduce the pain, and show me how to perform preventative maintenance. I am beyond thrilled with the outcome of the treatment and highly recommend him.

by Robert F.

After only six visits over the course of three weeks, the activities that Dr. Corley’s recommended that I perform made my sciatica manageable. I would love to say that my sciatica is “cured”, but I guess a lifetime of wear & tear may not allow that. But the truth is, if I remain conscientious and routinely perform the activities that he prescribed (approximately 20 minutes each time, three times a day), I can return to a normal life. I am doing our daily dance practice, attending our bi-weekly lessons and enjoying a full evening of ballroom dancing several times a month…all with very little or no discomfort. Most importantly, the risk of surgery is no longer being considered! My appreciation and admiration for Dr. Corley+ show more is immense and I am so thankful that I was able to find him. I honestly recommend him to anyone who needs this kind of help.

by Delia G.

About 18 months ago, I had big toe surgery. I gained a new toe joint, but also a bad case of tendonitis and significant scar tissue. This resulted in an extremely painful situation. Dr. Corley was able to breakdown the scar tissue and relieve the tendonitis issue, which allowed me to again take short walks without pain. The care and concern for my problem was exemplary. My advice, to anyone who is interested, is “don’t delay — see Dr. Corley today.”

by Matthew Y.

I am a pretty active guy. I think sometime during my many mountain biking wrecks or during one of my sand volleyball dives, I injured my wrist. It started off as a dull ache, but over the course of a year it had developed into something much more painful. I basically quit playing volleyball and was limiting my biking. Through my work I had a chance encounter with Dr. Ryan Corley at an Airrosti information booth. After mentioning my wrist I ended up getting a free first session. I didn’t really know what to expect. The treatment was a bit painful, but at the end of it my wrist felt great. Dr. Corley went over exercises he wanted me to do and I ended up coming back in for two more sessions. After the last session, my wrist felt am+ show moreazing and I was kicking myself for not getting it taken care of sooner. I’m back to playing volleyball and mountain biking like it never happened. I would highly recommend Airrosti. One last thing, do the exercises!

by Elise O.

Dr. Corley is great! He was able to zero in on which areas of my body were giving me constant low back pain. Turns out it was tightness in my upper hips. He fixed me in two visits!

by Ginger C.

I felt like I pulled or tore something in my glute and immediately went in to see Dr. Corley. He was thorough in trouble-shooting what would help me heal quickly. As a CrossFit gym owner and coach, I appreciated his professional manner and how he understood my need to keep working out and moving. I was particularly impressed in the varied forms of rehab-stretches and exercises to keep me working hard in the gym.

by Brad H.

I’d been involved in CrossFit for roughly two years injury free when my wife decided that we should participate in a Tough Mudder obstacle course. First obstacle in I injured my elbow/tricep and continued on and completed the course. My arm bruised and I believed that I had separated the tricep muscle and was going to need surgery and be out a couple of months. Deciding to forgo a visit to the orthopedic surgeon, I cornered Dr. Ryan at the box and asked his opinion. He comforted my fears and scheduled me for a visit. After three visits, showing improvement after each, I was back in the box fully recovered. Dr. Ryan’s professionalism, care and receptiveness to my injury were unparalleled. I strongly recommend visiting a local Airrost+ show morei provider upon the first onset of pain or injury.

by Baylor F.

Dr. Corely has been a life safer to me! He has helped me with everything from tendonitis to pulled muscles to my ribs being out of line. He always gets me back playing my sport when other treatment methods would have kept me out for weeks or months. He’s also just amazing person that I’m happy to have as one of my doctors. Thank you so much!