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Became an Airrosti Provider:2013

Undergraduate School:Penn State University

Graduate School:New York Chiropractic College

Hometown:Warren, PA

Hobbies:Exercise, Sports, & Outdoor Activities. Spending time with my wife and twin, 2 year olds!

Interesting Facts:I really enjoy live music and have been to over 100 concerts.

What Airrosti Means to Me:Airrosti means a better way to serve my patients through the best soft tissue treatment for musculoskeletal injuries I have ever seen. Airrosti has taught me a much more efficient, and comprehensive way to help my patients get out of pain very quickly. I have been practicing as a chiropractor for 7 years and have never seen such rapid recovery of musculoskeletal injuries that truly lasts. Airrosti has meant the world to me and I feel so fortunate to be a part of such a great, caring group of people.

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by Janet Matty

Dr. Brinkley and Emily helped me with my left leg. I had an injury & if I did receive treatment I KNOW surgery would be likely. Doing the exercises daily helps!! And the foam & ball rolling is the best. I recommend Airrosti to others and I will be returning for another area of the body.

by Cami Davis

Sam worked on 2 separate areas that I had definitely waited way too long to get treatment. When I came in, I was barely able to walk, due to plantar fasciitis, and he alleviated the pain to the point that I could walk and function within 5 visits. The exercises he sent with me have helped continue the healing process while allowing me to walk as much as I want to. Then he went to work on my significant shoulder-neck pain. My shoulder-neck pain that I’ve had for many many years has been greatly reduced and I can function & work out. And I now have mobility back in my neck and shoulder. He also gave me simple, but effective exercises to strengthen that area once he freed up the tight muscles in my neck, shoulder, and arm. I also really a+ show moreppreciated how each visit Sam showed me what was impinged and how he was going to get to that spot to work one. I feel so much better, no more chronic pain. Thank you so much Dr. Sam!

by Jennifer Wiltshire 

I am so thankful to have been referred to AirRosti. I just finished my last treatment today. I had a total of four. When I first came in my pain was very painful and interrupting my life. The process was painful. With the help of Dr.Brinkley and the exercises that Lauren instructed me to do, I finally am pain free and can get back to enjoying my life again. I recommend AirRosti to anyone who wants to be pain free fast. It works!!!

by Kevin MacMillan

I came to Dr. Brinkley knowing it would take fewer visits to address my problem. He remedies the problem by listening and getting to the fix.

by Andy Frank

I have seen Dr. Brinkley a couple of times for shoulder and elbow issues related to golf and working out. He has been an excellent resource not only in helping me resolve my pain but also giving me root cause with ways to prevent it going forward. The treatment, education, and prevention are a great value and the reason I continue to see Dr. Brinkley.

by Stefan Brooks

I was referred to Dr. Brinkley by a cycling friend. I originally thought I had a knee injury because of specific pain that would arise while riding my road bike. It was easy to set up an appointment. Upon my first visit Dr. Brinkley discussed my activities and realized that I had a tight IT band attributed to several groups of leg muscles being knotted up due to my lack of proper stretching before and after such activities. Through his therapy in the office as well as advice on proper exercises to do at home I was back to my active self after 4 visits. I really liked that after each office visit I received an email that contained links to those proper stretches and strengthening exercises that were provided that day. I continue to use th+ show moreose therapy exercises and remain pain-free and without issues on my road bike as well as when running or swimming. Thanks, Dr. Brinkley!

by Joanne Beach

My back was originally injured 30 years ago and I have suffered with back pain on and off all these years. I’m now 54. I’ve gone to physically therapy in the past, but going to Dr. Brinkley has been the quickest for pain relief. I felt relief after one visit and then was released after 3 visits. He is very kind and makes you feel comfortable. His assistant is wonderful at teaching you the exercises that you need to do to help stabilize and build your core strength. They spend time making sure you are doing the exercises correctly and they answer any and all of your questions. I highly recommend this practice and I am so grateful to Dr. Brinkley for taking away my back pain.

by Laura Georgiadis

I was introduced to Airrosti at a local athletic club’s vendor fair. I had a great conversation with Dr Samuel Brinkley and Juli Liebig, Certified Recover Specialist. I explained to them the story of my ‘malfunctioning’ hip and how I had seen a chiropractor for several years with very little improvement. I was told the hip was ’tilted’ and that I may have to look into surgery. Dr Brinkley immediately told me I would not need surgery. I met with Dr Brinkley and Juli three times and each time I improved. I was given instructions on how to continue my therapy at home. Just this morning I woke up to find myself sleeping on my side, the side I usually don’t sleep on because my hip aches too much. There was zero pain. I’m exceptionally pleased+ show more with the Airrosti method, philosophy and doctor care. I have been recommending this treatment to all others I know.

by Blair Martin

During a mixed doubles tennis match I suffered a partial avulsion hamstring injury from my pelvis at the end of June 2015. I was told the chances of me playing tennis again would be slim. If I was a world class athlete they would have done surgery to repair the injury, but being a competitive league player didn’t qualify. I was on crutches for 6 weeks. In that time I weathered through some pretty uncomfortable PT, but which definitely got me off crutches and on the road to recovery. The Therapist told me an injury of this nature takes at least a year to heal. At the end of PT I told my therapist I felt he had done all he could for me but that I was unable to run. He put me on the treadmill and proceeded to increase the speed. Instead of + show morestriding, my leg was basically marching on my affected side. He determined I was a master of compensation. I was strong enough to accomplish getting to the point of being off crutches and working through my exercises, BUT I had skillfully done this without the use of my glute because my brain would signal this will hurt “use an alternative” method. In other words my glute was not talking to my leg at all. I found an exercise physiologist who concurred with the finding and worked with me for about 6 sessions to get me to start using my glute again. This was a milestone because I started cautiously playing social tennis at the end of October. I was playing about 3 times a month. I was happy to be on the court again even though my mobility was still slightly hampered, and I still was very guarded because of the pain factor. I started using Kinesio-tape which seem to give me some stability. I could run for about 3 steps but I could not stop suddenly. My leg felt like I still had something limiting my extension, and in turn it was so tight I felt if I stopped suddenly it would POP again. I was at a fundraiser and met Dr Brinkley. A few players on my tennis team had highly recommended him. I spoke to him about my injury, and he explained what Airrosti could possibly do for me. It was getting into the holiday season and I put it on the back of my mind. I finally emailed Dr Brinkley and said I didn’t know if I needed his services but could he evaluate my situation. This is where Airrosti and Dr Brinkley changed my life. Dr Brinkley was extremely professional. He listened very carefully and thoroughly explained after he evaluated my leg what I would need done and how we would accomplish improving my pain level, mobility, quality of life including getting me back to playing tennis. I am not going to sugar coat this, the therapy was intense. I had many areas of adhesions from my glutes down through my calves that needed to be addressed. The initial sessions were uncomfortable (I have a high pain threshold)but as the therapies continued I was noticing they were getting easier. There were days I had some bruising but my pain level was decreasing, and my mobility improving with each session. Dr Brinkley said the treatment varies for each injury. On average I think he said it takes 2-3 sessions.My injury was a little more extensive so it took a little longer. In conjunction with the manual manipulation I worked with his assistant Juli, who went over proper foam rolling, lacrosse ball pinpoint rolling, exercising, icing, and taping of my leg. Over this period of time I continued to play tennis and started noticing that I was moving so much better. I had gotten to a point that I felt I could attempt to play a competitive match. I played a doubles match and won. I actually played 3 times that week. I went back to Dr Brinkley and he had me perform some movements that I said I felt little twinges when I went for balls. He fine tuned the therapy, and I decided I would try to play another competitive match the next week. I played doubles again and played better then the week before. Again I played 3 times that week. Dr Brinkley released me the week of that match. To think I went from playing 5 days a week before my injury, to being told I would probably never play tennis again , to playing socially 3 times a month, to now playing 3 times a week is incredible. Foam rolling,exercise, icing as needed, and knowing my limitations are going to be a way of life for me. Without Dr Brinkley, Juli, and perseverance I would not be where I am today.

by Michelle HERDT

I am a 34 year old mother and wife. I am a hair stylist, hence on my feet all day as well. I first injured my back in my early 20’s… Causing my L4/L5 to bulge and cause chronic back pain. It was managable for awhile….until the summer of 2012.. I did a 3 month landscaping project at my home..creating beds.. Tilling, ripping out plants..putting plants in..trees..mulching…etc.. 2 weeks after I finished my project, I woke up in the worst pain of my life. I couldn’t sit up, or roll over..I was S1/L5 is herniated and down to 25% & my L4/L5 was bulging and down to sacral joint was beyond angry.. I did chiropractic work for 15 months and finally had to see an ortho surgeon. I received my first cortisol injections tha+ show moret did alleviate my pain for nearly 2 years. The inflammation crept back and I needed another set of injections..these however, only lasted a few months! I started popping nambeutone (nsaids) every day like they were jelly beans again..A dear friend of mine, (who is an airrosti provider but lives an hour away) gave me Dr.Brinkley’s information. I called that moment and was blessed to see him that same day.. Since day one, I have not taken any anti inflammatories! I had a total of 5 sessions and can say I am pain free! Dr.Brinkley and Juli are my angels and I thank God for them everyday! They gave me my life back❤❤❤❤ The session fee was a small price for the quality of life I have now! I have given out so many of his pamphlets and business cards to my clients and I will continue to sing their praises!. Thank you airrosti!! My only regret is I didnt go sooner!

by David Poe

“In August 2009, I was shot in the right hip while serving with the United States Army in Afghanistan. While I didn’t believe the injury was having much effect on my day-to-day life, when I started CrossFit in 2015, I began to notice some extreme mobility issues. The muscles and scar tissue in my right hip were not only limiting my range of motion, but were affecting my performance in the gym, and actually had a much greater impact on my daily life than I had previously imagined. There were even times that my hip would lock up, and it would take several minutes for the muscles to relax again. I went to Airrosti in the spring of 2016 to see if there was anything that could be done to an injury that had occurred over 7 years ago. Dr. Sa+ show morem Brinkley noticed that I was favoring one side of my body more than the other, and that my right hip was affecting other areas of my body that were trying to compensate for that hip. It was affecting almost every aspect of lower body movement. After just a couple of sessions, Dr. Brinkley and Juli Liebig were able to virtually eliminate any pain associated with the hip, and gave me enough knowledge to fully understand what was happening under the skin, and how to continue improving and strengthening that hip. I owe a huge thank you to Dr. Brinkley, Juli and the entire Airrosti team. Thank you for what you do for the CrossFit community and our service men and women!

by Bryan Harris

I was having some trouble with tightness in my tricep. I went to Airrosti and within three sessions I could see a major improvement. I play baseball and Airrosti helped me out a lot, so I would not have to be unable to play for a while. They have tremendously improved my arm, and they also gave me exercises to help prevent future injuries. I had a wonderful experience at Airrosti.

by Tera Fleming

For more than a decade, I have dealt with back issues, primarily problems with my SI joint. For more than a year, I have had chronic and often debilitating back pain, sometimes unable to walk without limping. I tried exercise, resting, visiting a spinal doctor, having an MRI and multiple x-rays, and undergoing traditional chiropractic treatment. My trainer suggested I visit Dr. Sam Brinkley at Airrosti. After 8 visits, I am officially discharged today, and free of pain! I’m sure there will be days when I feel a twinge of something not right, but now when that happens, I know what is causing it and what to do. I can’t recommend Dr. Brinkley and his practice highly enough – I am truly grateful.

by Marion Caldwell

I thought that I would have to live with pain for the rest of my life. That was until Dr. Brinkley came into our work offices for a complimentary consultation. Dr. Brinkley and his team set up and met with each of the interested and curious employees. One behind the other, we walked in complaining of neck, back, knee, etc pain. I had an issue with my legs (or so I thought). I could not open them, spasm would shoot down my legs and sometimes, my back would hurt so bad, I just about thought I would not be able to be mobile again! Immediately after I told Dr. Brinkley of my issues, he asked some key questions, asked that do a few simple movements and put pressure on a few spots and ta da, I was diagnosed with Hip Flexer issues. Who knew! I+ show more finally know what is wrong with me and it has a name. I could go on and on about the methodology but what really “got me” is no cracking, no popping, no bone tussling, no pills, no gimmicks….just straight work. After 5 sessions, I have been able to walk, bend, and become more mobile with no drugs but discipline. Airrosti give you the tools to feel better. For anyone who believes in the holistic approach to pain and overall wellness, doesn’t agree with the doctor who just prescribes a pill so you don’t feel the pain, Airrosti is a breath of fresh air. I am not where I want to be but I am where I thought I never could be. It is up to me to continue the stretching and guidance that I have been taught. Thank you for giving me back my life!

by Tim Lillibridge

I visited Sam after nearly 20 years of persistent back pain. I was told it was due to a bulging disc and my options were drugs or surgery. Sam treated me in a few short visits my mobility returned. I was hesitant to get out of the chair many times due to the pain. After his treatment, I am now working out at the gym every other day and back to riding my bike on a daily basis. I am planning a bike trip this Summer and next year planning to cross the US on my bicycle.

by Andrea B.

I have been suffering from chronic back and neck pain since I was a child due to scoliosis. I have been getting traditional chiropractic adjustments for the last 25 years with some short-lived relief. However, once I saw Dr. Brinkley the results were amazing! I have never had such positive and long lasting benefits after just one treatment! I am so thankful that I found out about Airrosti and can live pain free!

by A. F.

I have a history of shoulder pain after being in a bad car accident.Last year the pain got so intense that I had to stop doing yoga, as even a down dog was too much pressure. I also had to constantly take medication to get through the day. The treatments with Sam were very helpful. Even after the first treatment I was feeling a lot of relief. I was also given at home exercises to support the shoulder and was given videos on how to do them properly. My shoulder is much better now. It is not perfect, but I am back to yoga and never take medication. The Airrosti method really works and is a great alternative to on-going medication and omitting the activities that you love.

by Autumn T. P.

I had herniated a disk in an injury at work. Having followed all of the traditional treatment plans for such an injury, I was told the pain wouldn’t ever really go away and that I would be in and out of therapy and getting cortisone injections for the rest of my life. I was 26 and devastated.
In 2013 a co-worker had sought treatment from Dr. Brinkley and was encouraging me to reach out to him. Skeptical was an understatement for me at that point, but the mobility my co-worker had gained after just two treatments blew my mind.

I then made the decision that would change my life; I called and made my first appointment. After meeting Dr. Brinkley, learning about his process I settled in for my first session and he was able to gi+ show moreve me what no doctor or therapist could — hope for a pain free life.

Almost a year out from my sessions I’m experiencing a quality of life that traditional medicine said I would never have again. I am forever grateful to Airrosti and Dr. Brinkley for everything they have done for me.

by Tom B.

My 13-year-old son, Joshua is a competitive basketball player and tall for his age. While his size is an advantage in sports, he seems to be prone to soft tissue injury (sprains and strains). Three weeks ago, he sprained his ankle rather severely while practicing. This was especially disappointing because 10 days from the day of his injury, we were departing for a beach vacation that was entirely built around an elite basketball tournament in Myrtle Beach.
After icing and rest for nearly a week with little hope of his playing at the beach, at the advice of my physician, Randy Baggesen, we booked an appointment with Dr. Brinkley.

After one visit, which Joshua reported as uncomfortable but very worthwhile, he was noticeably be+ show moretter. Two days later (on the eve of our departure for the beach) he had his second visit. Despite the discomfort of the process, my 13 year old had NO RESERVATION about going back again. He was very adamant with the exercise prescription the Dr. Brinkley provided. With two treatments, he played in the tournament completely unimpaired by his ankle. He scored 32 points in his third game.

Upon our return, Joshua had a final visit mostly for good measure because he was by all outward appearances cured, and has been perfectly fine ever since.

The experience was fantastic. Dr. Brinkley and his associate were kind and brilliant in their delivery of the therapy. And the results were simply unbelievable.

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