Sandi Kramer, DC


Became an Airrosti Provider:2015

Undergraduate School:University of North Texas

Graduate School:Parker University

Hometown:Skellytown, Texas

Hobbies:Anything outdoors! I enjoy working out, going hiking, and riding four-wheelers. I love to spend time with my husband, family, and my two dogs Copper and Bella.

Interesting Facts:I lived in Bogota, Colombia and worked in the Olympic Training Center. I was there for 3 months prior to the 2012 Olympic games to help the athletes improve their function and performance while preparing for London.

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by Ron Carrizales

I had been in pain from the right side of my arm, down to numbness in my fingers. The pain was so severe I could not sleep at night. I called Arrosti and they made me an appointment with Dr.Kramer. After 2 visits, and with help of her Assistant Pete, I am pain free and sleeping great at night. Thank you so much Arrosti, Dr. Kramer, and Pete.

by Mirta Martinez

I've lived with soft tissue pain in my quad and hip for two years after I had a partial hip replacement due to a fall. I had several rounds of PT, steroid shots and was even taking Norco at least twice a week. Nothing helped. My pain continued and affected my ability to walk without a limp. I read about Airrosti on Facebook and did my research. When I read it only takes three sessions to get relief I was ecstatic! I made an appointment with Dr. Sandi Kramer at the office on Fredericksburg in San Antonio. She worked on my quad and hip for three sessions and my pain is 90% gone! Pete taught me some exercises and also taught me about small equipment you can buy to massage the pain points. I've learned so much more from Dr. Sandi and Pete than ...+ show moreI ever did from any physical therapists. My quality of life has improved immensely. I'm back at the gym! I'm continuing my exercises they taught me. I highly recommend Airrosti if you want relief from whatever pain you are having. Three sessions!!!

by Matt Williams

My daughter was having ankle pain after each volleyball practice or game. When rest, ice, and stretching were not causing her to improve, we contacted Airrosti and were quickly able to see Dr. Kramer. Dr. Kramer is fantastic. She bonded quickly with my daughter and over several appointments relieved the ankle pain while teaching my daughter how to improve her ankle and leg strength to prevent further injuries. Thank you Dr. Kramer. You are awesome!

by Fernando Martinez

I had been suffering from lower back pain an tightness that I wasn't able to do the things I love to do anymore. Dr. Kramer quickly diagnosed my issues and treated me so they where quickly resolved. She did such a wonderful job explaining to me everything she was doing in treating me that it made the experience wonderful. Their was discomfort due to my issues but because of her explanation I understood the purpose and was happy to return for other treatments. She was also exceptional when explaining and demonstrating my rehab that I was to do at home. Her explanation of how it tied into her treatment and how it would help correct the issues causing my lower back pain was very clear and easy to follow. Her professionalism and true compassion...+ show more for me and my pain; made me truly believe in the methods she used to treat me. The results have been wonderful and have truly lead to return to doing all the things I love.

by Pamela Obarowski

Back in December, I enjoyed a fun family vacation at Disney! However, between sleeping in an uncomfortable bed that week, and standing in long lines all day, my back did not appreciate it. By the end of the vacation, I couldn't stand or sit comfortably. My lower back was in extreme distress! I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Sandi Kramer, and told her about my back issues. She explained her treatment plan, and I was surprised at how quickly she expected me to recover. I've been on other chiropractic treatment plans that seem to last years! Not at Airrosti. Dr. Kramer detailed what techniques she would use to heal me, and then went right to work. While being treated, it was a bit uncomfortable. The injured parts of my body was quite sore, ...+ show moreand Dr. Kramer really worked on those areas. However, she assured me that in a short period of time, I would be feeling significantly better! My pain was significantly diminished after only two visits, and in a total of four visits at Airrosti, my back pain was completely alleviated! It was truly incredible how quickly Dr. Kramer was able to fix my problem areas. Between Dr. Kramer's technique, and the physical therapy she prescribed, my body has never felt better. I am extremely grateful for Dr. Kramer, and the time she took to heal my body. Thank you Dr. Kramer!!!