Stephanie Nino

Stephanie Nino, PT, DPT

Due to carrier contracts, this provider only accepts the following insurances- BCBS, Cigna, UHC, Scott and White, First Care, Friday Health and Nomi Health. Patients who do not have these insurances listed can always be seen at our self-pay rates.

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Became an Airrosti Provider:2016

Undergraduate School:Texas A&M University

Graduate School:Texas State University and Texas Tech University

Hometown:Del Rio, Texas

Hobbies:Running, hiking, sand volleyball, traveling, cooking, listening to live music, country dancing and really anything outdoors.

Interesting Facts:Worked on the medical team for the 2014 NASL Champions, San Antonio Scorpions. I went on the world's longest summer toboggan run in the Swiss Alps.

Awards and Recognitions:San Antonio Business Journal's 2013 40 Under 40 Award, Co-author of Ch.19 in Orthopaedic Rehabilitation of the Athlete By Reider, Davis, Provencher Published in 2015, Featured in Today in PT for STOP Program

Professional Affiliations:Olympic Training Center Sports Medicine Division Volunteer Program, APTA, TPTA, AAOMPT, USA Track & Field

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by Thomas Brown

I recently saw Dr. Stephanie Nino for a leg injury that made it painful to run or walk fast. She had me up and on my feet again in minutes! But that hardly describes how much she has helped me. I went to her once literally dragging my right leg. I’m a physician, but I didn’t realize I had suffered an uncommon and severe injury; I just went to her because I was limping. She quickly recognized what was wrong, correctly diagnosed me, called an excellent surgeon, and ultimately guided me back to full use of my leg. I was so impressed by her knowledge, immediate action, and her care! Another time, I suffered a very painful neck injury prior to a World Masters Jiu-Jitsu competition. Pain medication and cervical steroid injections helped a + show morelittle, but not enough to allow me to compete. Dr. Nino worked her magic on my neck, which allowed me to stop the medications and comfortably fight my way to two medals. I cannot thank Dr. Nino enough for how much she has helped me. She is simply superb!

by Alan Kowalik

Mine was not a typical injury where I sprained my back. I was trying to load some equipment and took a bad fall and ended up bruising the whole left side of my back. I was in a lot of pain. Dr. Nino helped me get back on track. The therapy and stretching exercises really helped, and I am back to doing my job and getting all the work on the farm done.

by Cathy Pover

Over the years, I have had varying injuries from jogging, walking, or just doing work around the yard. Each time I have seen Dr. Stephanie Nino and she is amazing! Through dialogue, she can quickly assess my issues and always has a treatment plan that helps me get back to 100%. I will never go anywhere else. I highly recommend Dr. Nino!

by Tim Fitzharris

My son incurred a strained rotator cuff from middle school football. At the initial assessment, he had a 50 % mobility range. After the first session, he had a 75% motion range. After two more visits, he was able to play football, and his shoulder was 100% after the game. The Airrosti recovery time frame was 1 1/2 weeks. Stephanie did a great job treating his injury and with the healing he experienced. I’m so pleased with the results!!!

by Leticia Long

I was experiencing hip issues that felt like a painful horseshoe on the right hip bone. I felt it when I walked. I have had multiple knee surgeries and felt quite guarded before seeing her. On my first of four visits, I felt safe and knew immediately she cared about my pain and knew what to do. Her touch and professional expertise allowed my guard to relax, and my breathing resumed skillfully while she released stuck triggers in my body. Exercises were given at each visit, and if implemented as instructed – the pain will go away! Her assistant Pete was excellent with his instruction. His voice was soothing, and showed his care and concern that the exercise was being implemented correctly. Both of them explained what was occurring every s+ show moretep of the way. I am elated to have had such a phenomenal experience with Airrosti. I am grateful for this experience.

by Serge Paxton

Dr. Nino has been spectacular and somehow was able to get me right back onto my two feet from multiple pains I’ve been trying to resolve for an extended period of time. Tele worked for me and Dr. Nino was very responsive to all my questions. It was also very educational and at the appropriate time showed me visuals to help understand the mechanics behind the treatment and what the root cause is. You’re awesome!

by Carrie Holl

Dr. Stephanie Nino surpassed every expectation I had of the process. I did the PT through telehealth which was an important consideration for me given my busy and current workload in COVID-19. She was thorough, caring, and devised a very helpful PT regimen. The use of the app to support the PT process was incredibly helpful. It had video representations of the exercises too with a mechanism to record each time I did PT and my process in it. I found it very user-friendly. While my case ultimately resulted in a surgical process, my work with her clarified that I did everything I could to ensure that this was the most appropriate next step for me. That was critical to my sense of well-being. In fact, she pinpointed the exact nature of the i+ show moressue (C5-C6) even before I underwent extensive X-Rays and an MRI which confirmed it. The testing revealed that ultimately I had nerve damage in my bicep and C5-C6 herniation and nerve damage that indicated that surgery was the only next appropriate step for me (confirmed by two spinal specialists). It was my work with Dr. Nino that made me feel confident in my decision-making in that regard. She was incredibly supportive and helpful in transitioning me to the next stage of this treatment plan and my ultimate recovery model. She also offered very helpful support and guidance in terms of how to work with my primary care provider in the interim. I had researched PT options extensively before making this decision. I was exceedingly pleased with Airrosti and Dr. Nino. She was absolutely wonderful to work with, a very caring and supportive individual, as well as an excellent PT and diagnostician!

by Krista Andrews

I had this terrible pain in my upper back and neck that lasted for weeks. The pain was at its worst whenever I tried to sit or lay down, and it was driving me crazy. I’m a working college student so not being able to sleep or sit for long periods of time was an issue. However, after one visit with Dr. Niño, I was finally able to get some quality sleep, and after the second visit, I was able to sit for 30 minutes at a time without any pain. She pointed out the problem areas in my back, relieved my pain, and showed me the proper exercises to reinforce my back muscles and prevent future issues. Throughout the whole process, Dr. Niño was incredibly professional and understanding. After a couple of weeks of treatment, the pain was gone, and+ show more I was able to resume all of my everyday activities. I’m very grateful to Dr. Niño and the team at Airrosti for helping me get back to normal.

by Mary Boxwell

1 treatment is all it took for my knee pain to be relieved! Even an ortho doctor thought microscopic surgery would be required… I would highly recommend Stephanie @ Airrosti to anyone!

by Lane Copelin

On March 30th, 2018, I woke up with an extremely swollen and irritated ankle. I did not know what could have caused it. I had not fallen, stumbled, rolled off anything, or had any type of accident that would lead me to believe I had injured it. I researched and talked to friends with the condition and tried everything under the sun for pain relief associated with the “flareup”. This went on for weeks. I continued slamming pain meds and roughing through the intense pain. Before my insurance stopped at the end of October 2018, I reached out to a local ankle and foot doctor. He set me up with some x-rays, and MRI, and then shot my ankle up with meds using a very large needle. The pain continued. It plagued me until my girlfriend’s close fri+ show moreends came to visit. Tyrell said there was a place called Airrosti that his sister worked for out of Austin, TX. A quick Google searched revealed there was a location right down the street from my house. The receptionist welcomed me with open arms. Dr. Nino rounded the corner with her beaming eyes and welcoming attitude. Her delivery was perfect, and I was shocked that a sprain could be so painful for this length of time. I walked, WALKED, without a limp for the first time exactly one year to the day (almost). It’s intense. VERY INTENSE, but it works. I ran for the first time tonight in over a year. I walked all day on concrete in a shop environment, on ladders, and then shopped at the grocery store. Dr. Nino and Lauren cared about me. It was about me and how I needed to get better, so I could get back to me and my adventures.

by Maria Lara

I had what felt like a shoulder issue between my shoulder blade and spine, that annoying area. I needed the pain to go away because I was testing for my kettlebell instructor certification. I was able to get an appointment right away. Dr. Niño is delightful, professional, knowledgeable, and best of all a very down-to-earth, and easy-to-talk-to human. Her approach in my treatment got me back in training form in a week, and now I have a new friend. The whole team at Airrosti is the best!

by Esther Kim

I came to Stephanie with a shoulder sprain when I was unable to do anything overhead for many weeks, including handstands. In our first session, Stephanie was very professional and knowledgeable about the source of my pain and provided great context into the connected muscles. At the end of the first session, I felt no pain when I went overhead, but I was also able to do a handstand at Airrosti! Instantly, I was hooked! Since that session, I have seen Stephanie for multiple injuries over the past two years and in all of those instances, I was healed in 3-4 sessions. Even if I haven’t come in for months, Stephanie was always kind and followed up with me regarding my activities and how my body was holding up. She is very thoughtful and con+ show moresiderate and always thinks of her patients first. I would HIGHLY recommend her to everyone I know and that is an understatement!

by Jeff Spaulding

I have had pain in my left heel for the last 6 months. I haven’t been able to work out, it had been difficult to walk with out pain. I went to Dr. Nino in San Antonio. After she treated my heel I went from being in almost unbearable pain, with every step to no pain. Its been about a week and my heel feels like new.

by Lauren Watson

I had chronic pain for 6 years. I was advised to take medication, do physical therapy, get injections for the pain and nothing worked. After my first appointment with Dr. Nino and Bryan Meyenberg, the pain was reduced so much. The results were amazing in the short time it took! I have no pain and its a relief to know that. Thank you Dr. Nino and Bryan Meyenberg.

by Lisa Bastian

After doing a work interview requiring me to sit 3 hours on a couch with almost zero support, my lower back began to hurt the next day with pain of 7+ on scale of 10. My husband suggested I try Airrosti as it had fixed his injury in 2 visits. Dr. Stephanie expertly found my pain problem and manipulated a few areas during each of my visits; and I progressively got better. After my last visit yesterday I am pain-free and back to life again! The exercises provided are key to maintaining my back health, too, and I am grateful to her team for all their kind and professional help. You can tell they really care about you here as a patient and as a person. Highly recommend! Try this first before any talk of surgery or pain med overload as HEALIN+ show moreG / FIXING is Airrosti’s end game. The future of restorative health programs is now and with this company.