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Became an Airrosti Provider:2013

Undergraduate School:Centre College – Danville, KY

Graduate School:Life University in Marietta, GA

Hometown:Paintsville, Kentucky

Hobbies:Exercise, sports, particularly basketball, keeping up with wife, 2 young daughters, and 2 large dogs.

Interesting Facts:Played college basketball at Centre College, Senior the year ranked finished 23rd in the country.

What Airrosti Means to Me:Hope. Hope that there can be relief for frustrating soft tissue and musculoskeletal injuries. Airrosti means reaching your goals and helping return someone to their life as quickly as possible.

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by Tyncia Robert-McMillan

Had great pain from routine workouts. Dr. Rutledge assigned different exercises and massages to assist with my treatment plan. Both were efficient and effective and I am grateful. Thank you Dr. Rutledge and physical therapy team.

by Debbie Kevlin

I have suffered from lower back pain my whole life but it wasn’t until the condition of my lower back started seriously affecting the daily life that I sought help from Dr. Rutledge. Only three visits and I am back to daily exercise and feeling better than I have in thirty years. Aside from the hands-on therapy, he provided counseling and exercises that not only relieved my pain, it will enable me to take personal control of my health and remain pain-free for years to come. I wish I would have found him years ago!

by Christy Whitaker

I cannot say enough about Dr. Rutledge and his staff! I am simply amazed at my recovery and how far I came in such a short period of time. I literally was in so much pain with my back and had seen so many doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, etc. that I was at the point I thought I would never get better. I was sleeping on the floor and with so many pillows to prop my legs up as I slept and was in tears every day. I have been a dance teacher and a school teacher for years and have always been very active, so being in so much pain and not being able to find relief was overwhelming. Then, my prayers were answered when I heard about Airrosti! Dr. Rutledge listened to everything I had tried previously and helped me work on the areas t+ show morehat were causing me the most pain. His staff was able to give me resistance band exercises that I did daily that truly helped me improve so quickly, and I was soon feeling back to my regular self!!! I was shocked at how fast I was finding relief! I can honestly say I would recommend anyone and everyone go see Dr. Rutledge for any type of pain! I know that if I have any pain in the future, instead of wasting my time and money going from doctor to doctor trying to find relief I will go straight to Dr. Rutledge! Thank you again Airrosti!!!

by Charlye Hebert

As a CrossFit athlete and trainer, I sometimes encounter aches and pains from my workouts. Stuart is always my go to guy for getting me back in shape. A few months ago, I suffered a freak shoulder/elbow injury a week before a competition and Stuart not only worked me into his busy schedule on short notice, but got me game ready and even helped me at the competition to ensure I was safe and pain free. We refer a lot of our athletes to Stuart who comes to us with chronic pain in their knees, hips, and back. By combining Stuart’s advice and adapting CrossFit movements to fit our athlete’s needs, we have a high rate of athletes, especially older clients, becoming pain free after a lifetime of discomfort. His work, bedside manner, and ability+ show more to interpret patients needs is unparalleled in the Houston area. Stuart will always have our recommendation to athletes and people alike with chronic or sudden pain.

by Marie Duncan

I had severe pain in my forearm that was quickly spreading to my upper arm and shoulder. Within 4 visits my pain was virtually gone. I then began receiving treatment for my low back which was quite painful. within 3 visits the pain was gone. I highly recommend Airrosti for pain relief and proper education on things you can do at home to assist in your recovery.