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Became an Airrosti Provider:2012

Undergraduate School:Boston University

Graduate School:Palmer College of Chiropractic West

Hometown:Moreno Valley, CA

Hobbies:Playing with kiddos, reading, watching/playing sports.

Interesting Facts:I have been part of the USA Swimming Medical Staff for 10 years and get to travel to exciting International competitions with our team. I have also been the Team Doctor for the Austin Outlaw’s Women’s Football Team for the last 14 years.

Awards and Recognitions:USA Swimming Sports Medicine High Performance Award

What Airrosti Means to Me:It’s a game changer! Being able to positively affect so many patients’ lives in such a short period of time! I’m so happy to have found Airrosti!

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by Caroline Navarro

I have had plantar fasciitis for almost three years. I have seen an orthopedic doctor; I use shoe inserts, I have received steroid shots, and have been recommended for surgery. I saw Dr. Morris for a few weeks, and when she told me that I had graduated, I really doubted that I was fixed. Two weeks after graduation, I facilitated a convention where I was on my feet daily for a week. I had zero pain. It was incredible!!! Now I’m reassessing my body and what other parts I can take to Dr. Morris so she can fix me.

by Anthony Wood

My athletic department at Westwood HS has been using Dr. Morris for the last five years with great success. After an injury to my back, I decided to give them a try for myself. I went in to see her four times and felt a significant improvement. I was very pleased with my quick recovery and professional service with everyone at her office.

by Jaime Johnson

I’ve been going to Dr. Morris anytime my neck acts up. First time was 5 years ago and I couldn’t turn my head, and whether I was sitting, standing, laying down, anything, it was agony. I went to her on a recommendation and after only 1 session I went from a 10 to 4! I had 2 follow up sessions, but probably could’ve stopped at 2 b/c I felt great. I didn’t have to come back until about 2 years ago and then again this past week. I’m a stomach sleeper and being 41, that means I get some discomfort. After one session last week, and buying the pillow she recommended for side/stomach sleepers when I asked for one, along with the PT I do at home, I’m good to go! Seriously, any aches or pains, joints or muscles, go to Airrosti for quick and lasti+ show moreng relief!

by Wendy Bonn

Tara Morris, DC is the real deal. I had never heard of Airrosti until a news segment about an Olympic swimmer seeking relief from chronic pain, I then drove to Austin from North Texas to see a certain Airrosti practitioner. She also said they promised some real pain relief in less than 5 visits or they would refer you to someone who could help. After a huge surgery I was having excruciating muscle spasms and the surgeons had little advice what to do so I gave it a try. Immediately following one session I could suddenly touch the floor with my fingertips. At the end of our session work my muscle spasms almost completely went away and suddenly I was flexible again. She can work miracles with her hands and training. I’ll admit it really hur+ show morets but 10-30 min of pain for days and months of relief is so worth the temporary treatment site pain!

by Walter McMahan

At 46, I’ve had back problems on and off for over 30 years. The range was a wide gamut from severe spasms that left me incapacitated for a week to the usual something-is-out-of-whack. Two weeks ago my back seized up and it felt like getting stabbed when breathing. After a week of missing work and being in constant pain, enter Airrosti. Oh my, when I think about all the months of my life I could have back if this form of treatment had been around earlier. Three days after my 2nd visit, I was over 90% better. They provide a little manual manipulation (force the fascia to relax) and a good chunk of education on stretches and strength building for the affected area. Sounds simple? Who knew? I love this place. They are not after your money. T+ show morehey are not in the business of coming up with clever ways to keep you coming back. They want you done in 3 visits or less. And their approach works.

by Thad Tucker

I injured my left achilles tendon in October 2014 and developed tendonitis. I rested, visited a podiatrist who prescribed anti inflammatories and orthotic inserts but nothing helped. Each time I started running again the pain in my left heel would return immediately. Finally a coworker recommended Airrosti therapy to me in April 2015. I had never heard of this type of therapy but set an appointment with Dr. Morris. She initially had me complete a variety of walking and movement exercises which really opened my eyes as to how much mobility I had lost in my left leg and ankle. The manipulation of the tendon was somewhat painful but completely worth it as my left leg and foot felt better after the first treatment. The stretching and exercis+ show morees taught to me by Maria were easy to follow. After only three visits I was almost back to 100% and my gait had returned to normal. Amazing! I wish I had discovered Dr Morris, Maria and Airrosti months ago. Highly recommended to anyone with soft tissue injuries.

by David Feltes

Tremendous! I came to the office with a tennis elbow injury that I had randomly fell into literally off a medicine ball that I would sit on at work. My arm hurt a lot, I could barely lift 5 lbs without having forearm and elbow pain. Within 3 visits my arm felt almost 100% better with no pain. I was extremely impressed with their work to the point where I scheduled an appointment for them to look at an ongoing knee pain I had from running and wear and tear over the years. I’m completely fixed now. They’re very progressive experts with flawless techniques and I’d recommend them to my family before anyone else. Thanks Airrosti Rehab!

by Nicole Cantu

I went to Airrosti for back issues–while I didn’t have any single incident or series of incidents that injured me, apparently the tension and carrying too many bags or too heavy of bags at once made my muscles extremely tight. I tried massages, hot baths, stretching, and nothing helped. A friend mentioned going to Airrosti for neck/upper back issues and finding it very helpful, so I decided to do the same. It was worth the investment of time and money! Dr. Morris worked out the muscles, and observed that my right shoulder blade was actually much higher than it should be because my trapezius muscles were so tight that they were pulling it up. Though I experienced what felt like chronic tension in my back, I had no idea how severe the pro+ show moreblem was. Dr. Morris and her colleagues also showed me several exercises to do with a lacrosse ball and the stretchy bands, concentrating on rolling over my trapezius muscles and strengthening several back muscles. So I did the exercises in the office during my appointments so they could observe and make sure I did them correctly, then I did them at home twice a day (for the most part) in between appointments. They also taped my back at the end of each appointment, which seemed to help. Dr. Morris initially estimated that I would need 2-3 sessions, and I noticed a huge improvement by the 3rd session, but decided it best to have a 4th. My back muscles are much more relaxed now, and I had forgotten how they were supposed to feel! The staff encouraged body awareness going forward so I can notice when the muscles are starting to get tense or tight and intervene early with stretches and exercises. The staff advised continuing to do the exercises as needed for maintenance. Also, I mentioned that I drive a lot for work, so they even suggested a stretch to do by sort of holding the steering wheel and pulling back–which has been very helpful because it’s an effective stretch for me and I can do it in the car, on the go, and don’t have to take extra time out or have any special equipment with me. And they did a good job explaining what had led to the problem, so I have made sure not to cram so much stuff in my big purses so they’re not so heavy, straining my trapezius muscles.

by Julie Weller

I’m 23 years old, but my knees felt 53. The cause was normal wear and tear from a very active lifestyle, but on top of that, I had torn my meniscus and was told I needed surgery. It hurt to walk up stairs or even sit down and get up from the couch. All of it was getting in the way of my strength training goals – I was frustrated to say the least. After 2 visits with Dr. Morris and her team, I was almost pain free in both knees. By 4 visits, all pain was gone and my injured knee had almost full range of motion restored, no surgery needed! To this day I continue with the tips and tricks whenever I go a little too rough in my workouts, and they still work like magic. I owe the gains I’ve seen in my physical ability to Dr. Morris. Had it not+ show more been for her quick and quality work, I don’t think I would be very active in my sport anymore. Thank you Dr. Morris!

by Meredith Tucker

I have respiratory issues that cause me to cough frequently, and because of that, I hurt my ribs frequently. I know when this happens I can count on Dr. Morris to fix me up, as she does every time. She knows me so well and knows how my body responds to treatment. I got through my rough pregnancy because of Dr. Morris and I owe her a great deal. So thankful for Airrosti’s services.

by Ajay Pappu

I went in with multiple pain locations in the neck, arm and lower back which were a result of sports and work out injuries. Dr. Morris precisely diagnosed the problematic areas and worked on them. Going in early and getting the treatment done helped me recover completely. She was very helpful and her accurate treatment of my pain centers helped me get back to my workout life and sports I love to play. I would definitely recommend Airrosti and in particular Dr. Tara Morris for treatment.

by Tyler Terrazone

I’ve been to Dr. Morris several times for several different injuries. Most significant was a dislocation of my right shoulder. She was able to stabilize the shoulder capsule so that I could perform at a high level of activities prior to offseason rehabilitation. Most recently, she was able to correct a slight muscle strain in my left groin area after 2 visits. The exercises and treatment provided was more than enough to remedy the issue and get me back to exercise and weight lifting.

by Cindy Haas

I have known Dr. Morris for several years and she was able to rehab me through a shoulder injury. I reinjured my shoulder and found her at Airrosti – the Airrosti process had amazing results! It is a “different” process but really works. Dr. Morris also used the Airrosti process on my knee and was able to not only correct the issue after a few appointments but teach me what to do to keep it from happening again. I would highly recommend the process and Dr. Morris.

by Amanda Bottoms

I started having some severe neck/back pain that got so bad that I could barely move. I made an appointment with Tara and was able to get in pretty quickly to see her. She could tell immediately that I had some severe muscle tension that needed to be worked on. She was very thorough with her work and made sure I was aware of what she was doing to help me. After the muscle work, I learned some exercises that could keep it from coming back or getting worse. Then I was taped up and sent home. I saw Tara for a total of 4 visits and by that point my pain was pretty much completely gone. She was able to help me release my muscle spasms as well as teach me how to take care of myself moving forward. I highly recommend Tara to anyone needing help+ show more with pain!

by Yolanda Walker

I went to Airrosti on my daughter’s recommendation. She had been there for treatment and was very satisfied. I had a knee that had been bothering me for years. Recently, I had hurt it again so I took my daughter’s advice and went in to see them. I could not bend my without extreme pain. When I got up in the morning, my knee was in pain and it felt swollen and as if I had a brick on my knee. After my first treatment my knee felt much better. It took four visits before my knee felt better than it had felt in years. I can bend it now without pain. When I get up in the mornings I no longer feel like it is swollen and don’t have the heavy feeling anymore. It’s been weeks now and it feels great.

by Jenny B.

I am not an athlete, but I had somehow injured my shoulder and was suffering chronic pain that would even keep me awake at night. Several friends, including my husband, recommended Airrosti and I was encouraged by their stories. The Airrosti team is amazing! They diagnosed my shoulder pain quickly and immediately began therapy to start the healing process! They taught me stretches and strengthening exercises that have been life changing! Thank you Dr. Morris and team!

by Clea C.

I had chronic pain and tightness in both of my upper hamstrings. I decided to try Airrosti after a couple months of getting regular massage treatments without much relief. Making the appointment was easy and I was impressed how quickly everything was checked with my insurance. On my first visit with Dr. Morris, I was immediately struck by how much knowledge she had about sports related injuries, and how quickly she diagnosed and focused in on the problem area. The treatment itself wasn’t as painful as I thought, it actually felt kind of good to have months of built up tightness immediately taken away. My range of motion dramatically improved after one visit and one leg was completely pain free. The other leg took two more visits, + show morebut I left with zero pain. The exercises were very simple and were not time consuming. I was very happy with my results and have recommended Airrosti to several friends. Dr. Morris really knows sports injuries, plus she was very friendly and accommodating.

by Paul W.

After suffering a high ankle injury and not improving for over two months, Dr. Morris helped progress my recovery via myofascial release and rehab exercises. Thanks to her, I was back to playing the sports I love after just a handful of visits.

by Julio D.

I have been to the Airrosti clinic twice to treat two separate instances of physical pain with great success! The first time I had a pain in my right wrist. I did not know what caused the pain, but it was so bad that I couldn’t open a door unless I made a fist first. After visiting my family doctor who put me in a brace for two weeks that did nothing, a friend recommended Airrosti. I went and within five visits my pain was gone! In addition, I now had the knowledge and skills that I needed to get rid of the pain on my own when it started to creep back up. The second time, was a couple years later. I had developed pain in my left hand after two months of holding my first child. Again, within a few treatments the pain was significantl+ show morey reduced. After I continued the exercises and stretches I was able to get passed it and keep it away. I am a firm believer in these treatments. I have recommended Airrosti to all my friends and family that have ongoing pain issues. This really works and I love that they can do it in only a few visits!

by Nancy E.

I visited Dr. Tara Morris at Airrosti after I started experiencing knee pain and leg tightness from running. After the first visit, I was already feeling so much better and able to run without pain. After five visits, all the tightness in my legs was completely gone, and I also learned many new stretches and exercises to prevent injuries in the future. I would recommend Dr. Morris and Airrosti to anyone experiencing pain from any type of injury. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results!

by Logan B.

I have used Airrosti for years. I play competitive basketball and need to stay healthy to be on top of my game. Whenever I am hurt, I always go to Dr. Morris first. Several times, I have been referred to another doctor for x-rays, but usually in one to three visits at Airrosti I am good as new. Last year, I sprained my ankle in practice the day before our first game. I went to Dr. Morris the next morning and she was able to not only get the swelling down and the pain reduced, but I was able to play the entire game that night. Thanks Dr. Morris!

by Curtis P.

I started seeing Dr. Morris in March of 2013. I have seen her for severe feet problems, knee issues, back trouble, and even torn tendons in my fingers. I have always been treated with the most professional respect that anyone could ever ask for. The treatment itself is beyond words that could express the help that she has made in my life. Starting with the foot, I have had a very severe pain in my right foot for multiple years, and after just three treatments I have been pain free. Before I saw Dr. Morris for this injury, I had several shots placed in between my toes and the pain of the shots was more than the pain of the injury, and what more those shots where just temporary relief. It always came back and even worse the next time. Like+ show more I said three visits to the doc and guess what — I have been pain free since March of 2013. Now that is what I call success. The back Dr. Morris has treated has enabled me to continue to play golf and have the mobility to enjoy my life without back pain. My back hurt so much that I literally had to hire someone to mow my yard. I even enjoy doing that chore now. I strongly recommend Airrosti for treatment and most of all I have nothing but the greatest things to say about Dr. Morris. It is because of her that at the age of 55 I still enjoy doing the activities that I enjoyed and was able to do when I was younger, and most of all I get to enjoy them pain free.

by Jason G.

I was referred to Airrosti by my primary care physician. I had recently injured my ankle, and wanted to heal the injury, as well as address long-standing issues that had been preventing me from working out. I met with Dr. Morris, who began immediate treatment on my ankle, providing at-home exercises along with in-office therapy. After three sessions, my swelling had subsided, my pain was greatly diminished, and I was ready to confront my other mobility issues. From what I assumed was a lower back injury, I had not been able to run or work out strenuously without pain for well over a year. Dr. Morris assessed my pain and flexibility, and determined my issue stemmed from a hip, not back, injury, and began treatment. We completed sever+ show moreal sessions, each of which ended with increased flexibility and movement, until before my discharge, I was able to attempt a few short runs without pain. I have since been maintaining my at-home exercises and stretching, and have been able to up my running intensity without pain. I am very pleased with my experience with Dr. Morris and Maria, and am very happy to get back to my exercise routine.

by Christopher G.

I’m Christopher, 27 years old, and I play a ton of Ultimate Frisbee. Even though Ultimate is a non-contact sport, I periodically sustain injuries during games or team practices. I’ve aggravated a hip flexor, hamstring, heel and AC joint to name a few. Immediately after any new injuries occur, scheduling an appointment with Airrosti is my highest priority.Airrosti gets me back, into the game, faster than any other injury treatment methods I’ve ever tried. Their staff is always incredibly knowledgeable and seem to genuinely care about getting their clients back to 100 percent as quickly as possible. I recommend Airrosti to my coworkers, friends and teammates on a regular basis!

by Norayr M.

I had a torn achilles tendon repaired, and post op Dr. Morris put me on my feet and walking within 4 sessions! My surgeon was surprised at the speed of my post op recovery. Highly recommended!