Terra Schanzenbacher, DC


Became an Airrosti Provider:2012

Undergraduate School:Wilfred Laurier University

Graduate School:D'Youville College

Hometown:Waterloo, Ontario Canada

Hobbies:Fitness, hiking, reading, yardwork

Interesting Facts:I was born in raised in Canada. I can walk on my hands.

What Airrosti Means to Me:It’s not possible for me to describe in one concise sentence what Airrosti has come to mean to me over the years. All I can say is that I feel privileged to work for a company with such an honorable mission, and for the opportunity to work alongside such amazing people. I’m proud and grateful to serve our community through such an incredible company.

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by Grant Jacobs

I have been fortunate to be treated by Airrosti doctors over the past 7-8 years for different injuries. For the past few years I have been treated by Dr. Schanzenbacker. Although I have enjoyed all the doctors that treated me Dr. Schanzenbacker has been my favorite. As soon as you meet her you can see how much she loves what she is doing. She takes the time to explain your injury, the proposed treatment and the reason why. Dr. Schanzenbacker is a true professional and Airrosti should be proud to have her.

by Mary Beth

Dr. Terra and Paula helped both me and my daughter recover from injuries. After spending 3 months in PT for a frozen shoulder with very limited success, I was able to see huge improvements in about 3-4 weeks. My daughter had trouble with her hip flexor from dance, and she was also able to eliminate the pain with Airrosti. We both really enjoyed meeting Dr. Terra and Paula and appreciated their expertise and help in getting us back to normal!

by James Fischer

Three weeks ago, pain in my lower back had gotten so bad that I could barely put my shoes on. My ride to work was so painful that even slight highway transitions almost sent me through the roof. After seeing my PA, she recommended Airrosti. Dr. Terra Schanzenbacher and her assistant Paula were miracle workers. They definitely understand the mechanics of bones and muscle and how to get things working correctly. Dr. T not only got me on a quick road to recovery, she identified the source of my problem. After just one week, 90% of the pain was gone. Now, I barely notice any discomfort at all. I'm back at the gym and as active as I've ever been. I'm so grateful for what they did for me.

by Deborah Riojas

I want to thank Dr. Terra Schanzenbacher, in March of this year I had very bad pain in my right heal. I had gone to a Podiatrist, but shots were all my options besides surgery. I was not up for that I would have to be out for at least 8 weeks. They recommended Airrosti, which I had already heard of them since my son played sports and we had already taken him and it worked. My husband had also had a shoulder injury and he also went to Airrosti which he is great now also, so I made my appointments and I have had a great outcome. I am able to do whatever I want, Walk, Run, everyday life things. I owe it all to Dr. Terra. If you have second doubts about this treatment please change your mind and try it out. I have recommended my Boss and a Cowo...+ show morerker for two different injury's and they thanked me for doing this. Thank Goodness for AIRROSTI 2017

by Haven Boisjoly

Dr. Terra Schanzenbacher I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Terra Schanzenbacher at Airrosti. I went in to see her when I had some bad pain in my leg during a training run. It was the heaviest training week for my 1st marathon. I was worried I had a stress fracture. She confidently diagnosed a tendon problem, in office treatment (no meds!), and an at-home exercise plan. She gave me her cell number and checked in on me during the next few weeks. I feel a ton better and now know how to manage my condition. Any other doctor would have probably sent me out to radiology, given me meds for the pain, and would have told me not to run. Instead, I can go confidently into my upcoming marathon. Thank you, Dr. Terra! If you want a doctor who und...+ show moreerstands the mindset of sports training, go to Airrosti! I only had 3 visits with her and I feel 100% better. P.S. Following the at-home exercise plan is key.

by Donna Saey

All my life, I've been an active person. I have played basketball, softball, swimming and soccer. As with any sport, there are always injuries. I've had my fair share and then some. I was also a drill instructor for the USAF and marched everywhere for 3 years. Fast forward 30 years and my body was about ready to give in. I've been to many doctors with minimal result for my various aches and pains. I was seriously contemplated a wheelchair just to get around. I was hobbling around the gym one day and one of the trainers asked me what was wrong. On this particular day, my plantar fasciitis (in both feet) was really yelling at me. The coach said "I can help with that." She said she was a provider at Airrosti. No one has ever been that confiden...+ show moret in saying that to me, so I decided to give it a shot. After the initial assessment, the doctor said I really wasn't walking, that I was more like stepping. She said it would be difficult and it would probably take more than the normal 3-4 treatments to get my feet back to somewhat normal functionally. We both agreed on a treatment plan and she went to work. Even after the first treatment, I could tell there was a big difference. At my second visit, I asked if she could work on other area I was having problems. All in all, she worked on both feet, both hips and both shoulders, making this 55 year old feel more like a 35 year old! I cannot thank her enough for literally giving me my quality of life back!

by Jana Nolan

The Airrosti team that I see is beyond fantastic! I have gone to see them for both shoulder and knee pain. The reason why I keep going back is that they dedicate time to understand my issue and explain [in words that I can understand] what caused the pain and how to fix it. I highly recommend going to see them for a long term fix to your pain!

by Becky Trantham

I've been to Terra to help me with a few different issues. The most recent one was shoulder pain from sitting at a computer all day, having a long commute, and taking care of 2 small children. She helped me identify what I do that causes the problem so I can do what I can to stop making it worse in all aspects of my life because every aspect contributed. She also worked with her magic thumbs to resolve it quickly and teach me how to keep it resolved as much as possible. I love that she's eager to teach me everything she can because when I'm in pain I want to learn how to fix it. I was doing things that make it worse and I had no idea. Now I know how keep it in check. I just have to actually do what she says even when I don't feel like it.

by Adam P

I learned SO much about my injury and how to prevent it from happening again from Dr. Schanzenbacher & Andre! I'm getting off my nerve pain medication right now and I haven't felt any sciatica pain return. I will use Airrosti exclusively moving forward shall I need their services again. I'm extremely satisfied with my experience!

by Lance Pate

For the last 3 years I've had several issues and pain with my upper back and my shoulders. I spent most of 2014 meeting with pain management and orthopedic specialists and taking x-rays, MRIs, CAT-scans, etc. to determine what was wrong with my joints and/or bones. After spending thousands of dollars I wasn't any closer to long-term relief than when the year started. It wasn't until I met with Terra did I learn that the issue and pain was related to my muscle tissue and severe knots that were created because of 2 decades of bad training habits. Working with Terra and team has eliminated the pain I was in and educated me on how to avoid recreating the same pain down the road. I'm lifting and working out properly and I'm looking forward ...+ show moreto a pain free future while continuing to work on my health and exercise goals. I really appreciate the opportunity they have given me.

by Aaron Jachade

I cannot rave enough about Dr. Schanzenbacher. Her treatment on both of my knees for patellar tendonitis has been incredible. I have one more treatment on my knee which already feels great and then will be moving on to my shoulders. Thank you Dr. Schanzenbacher and to your recovery specialist Andre Botha for your great work.

by Steven C.

Airrosti's treatment plans, without a doubt, work. I have had improvement from every visit, first to last. They provide excellent one on one therapy and they also give you the tools for self improvement/maintenance, so you do not have to return.