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Became an Airrosti Provider:2011

Undergraduate School:NA

Graduate School:Palmer College of Chiropractic, Florida Campus

Hometown:Salem New Hampshire

Hobbies:Playing Bass and Guitar, listening to live music, running, watching the Red Sox and playing softball.

Interesting Facts:I am not just a provider; I am also a patient. I was able to run the 2011 San Antonio Rock and Roll half marathon 1 week after straining my hamstring, thanks to our amazing Providers!

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by Leah Giovanniello

I am a busy medical professional and parent, so when I hurt my shoulders, I was limited on time to visit therapists. I just do not have multiple days per week to go somewhere to do rehab exercises. Airrosti was a fantastic option for me, and Dr. Thomas was an excellent provider! He was very flexible with my schedule and always available via chat, although I didn’t have to use it much. He tailored the exercises to me and altered them as needed. He taught me about normal discomfort in strengthening a muscle vs. straining and pain. I learned so much and have recommended this service to many people. Thank you all for this program!

by Sandy Bouldin

I had been experiencing extreme pain in my hips for about a year, when sitting, which made it hard to drive my bus route. So, I contacted Airrosti and Dr. Tom Danisiewicz prescribed some stretches and exercises that alleviated the pain, and I lost a couple pounds! I highly recommend their services.

by Corinne Jones

I came to Airrosti with lasting shoulder pain from playing volleyball for 10 years. Dr. D was really helpful in working with me to find out the exact source of my pain to know what the best therapy plan would be. He was always really receptive to my feedback and was happy to make adjustments to the the plan as needed. This was a thoroughly enjoyable and easy experience that I would recommend to anyone!

by Patricia Wadhams

I like to push myself and thought I had done too much on the treadmill. Turns out I had some arthritis in my left hip. Dr. Danisiewicz gave me some hip-strengthening exercises to do, and they worked wonders! I did them faithfully every morning when I woke up, and they helped so much! My telehealth visits were perfect, because I still work, and could have my appointment when I got home. I am extremely happy with the outcome, and it was worth the effort I put in!

by Scott Lee

Tom was very professional and knowledgeable. He quickly diagnosed my issue and prescribed the proper treatment. Within just two weeks I was on the road to healing and full recovery. Thank you, Tom.

by Clayton Penney

I had limited shoulder and neck movement.. Through a series of exercises I have had a dramitic improvement in my range of motion.

by Eric Anderson

Tom did a nice job of diagnosing my right shoulder problem (I landed on the shoulder during a bike crash). He guided me through a series of exercises, carefully ordering them and selecting associated intensity levels that helped the shoulder recover and then strengthen. Doing the process remotely worked well and I would do it again, although I hope I don’t have to!

by James Roewer

I came to Airrosti with hip pain that wouldn’t go away over a span of 4-6 months. At first, I thought it was some inflammation or impingement that would go away, but it didn’t. I was certain I had damage in the joint that may require surgery to continue doing what I love, CrossFit, pain-free. I was recommended by another happy customer, Amber Dach, who had a shoulder issue that Dr. D helped as well. Amber had a quick recovery as well and insisted I try Airrosti. Once I met Dr. D, I hit all the exercises as he prescribed and within a matter of 4-5 weeks my pain is completely gone. I’m able to participate in fitness activities that used to bring some discomfort and pain but now do not. If you’re on the fence about trying Airrosti, don’t be+ show more, take the time and give it a shot. You will not be disappointed. Thanks, Dr. D!

by Kimberly Suthers

My left elbow was bothering me due to shoulder surgery on my right. Thomas gave me several sets of exercises and Airrosti sent me the sent me the Remote recovery box with the tools I need to do my exercises. After 2 weeks of doing my exercises my elbow has no pain. Thomas was very helpful, he helped me understand the exercise by video and walking me through step by step.

by Kaijene Roberts

Even through exclusively Tele Visits, Tom was able to correctly identify what was causing me to have back and hip pain while sitting and standing for long periods of time. Over the span of just a few months, Tom provided me with exercises that immediately started to decrease my pain and increase the amount of time I was able to do the activities I enjoy! The exercises were very user-friendly and had difficulty-level options to be inclusive of any amount of pain one is feeling. The Airrosti program greatly improved the chronic pain I’ve had for a long period of my life and I would recommend to all my friends and family to try their exercises!

by Tisha Wright

I had terrible foot pain! Dr. Tom listened as I explained my issues. We discussed it and he said it was Plantar Fasciitis. He assigned me stretches and exercises to do to help me and wow — I started to feel better and walk better within just a few days. I loved that he was always just a message away. He was so encouraging through the whole process. Also knowing that I can reach back out to him is so comforting.

by Greg Podeszwa

As a business professional with limited time I appreciated the Airrosti virtual process of being able to quickly describe and discuss my injury. The provider was prompt, attentive and able to answer all my questions during scheduling.

by Julie Schaffer

I love the virtual televisit/consultation option! This fall, I have been away from home. I had a sudden nasty case of lower back pain, sciatica. Emergency room visits could only give me pain killers, so I knew I needed expert advice and help from Airrosti. I had a televisit with Dr. Tom, who is also licensed here in Wisconsin. He was very reassuring of how he could help me work through my pain and set me on the road to recovery. I scheduled a virtual visit for the next morning having the full confidence Dr. Tom could get me back on track. It was comforting knowing that if my issues weren’t getting better, that Dr. Tom would be able to order an MRI or other necessary medical exams here in Wisconsin. Having the expertise and knowledge of+ show more Airrosti available to me, even while traveling and away from home has been awesome – a valuable addition to their tool bag. I will continue to trust Airrosti and rely on them to keep me moving!

by Colton Henson

I had been dealing with bilateral shoulder pain for about 2 years that kept me from doing the things I love, snatching & overhead squatting. After meeting with Airrosti at the CrossFit Games this year, a televisit was scheduled and my treatment began. I met with Dr. Thomas Danisiewicz and he diagnosed and prescribed my rehab protocol. This treatment plan began in August. Fast forward to November and I am back to sleeping, performing daily tasks/functions, snatching, and overhead squatting again (around about 90% of what I was lifting 2 years ago) all pain free. I cannot thank this team enough for their knowledge, understanding, and care that they provided to get me back to doing the things that I love, in such a short time, without under+ show moregoing the knife. Thank you Dr. Thomas, and thank you Airrosti!!

by Herman Cardenas

I am a BJJ practitioner and strained my neck at practice. It was difficult for me to turn my head to the left without pain that spread down to between my shoulder blades. I have done the office visit before with a different injury but did not have time to take off for an office visit. So I decided to try out the remote recovery from my work office. Dr. Danisiewicz evaluated me via televisit and was able to diagnose and send me the exercises to help alleviate the pain. After one week of doing the exercises the pain had gone down and I was able to turn more to the left almost aligned with my shoulder. For the second week doctor adjusted my exercise treatment and today was my last appointment, after two weeks the pain has gone and I am now + show moreable to turn completely to the left aligned with my shoulder. This program works whether you are in the office or at home with the televisit, you just have to put in the work.

by Nancy Pagliarini

Dr. Tom was a great help. He knows his stuff. He prescribed a regimen that resolved my issue. He explained it well and was prompt with appointments. He also paid attention, responding to my progress notes and cheering me on to the finish line.

by Lance Johnson

Airrosti gave me the tools I needed to reduce my foot pain associated with trail running. I’ve very happy with the individualized approach and coaching.

by Christopher Stanley-Stevens

I loved using Airrosti Virtual appointments. The virtual visits saved me at least 4 hours of driving time for each visit and Dr. Danisiewicz expertly diagnosed and guided me through a recovery program. Thanks to diligently putting his recovery program to work on a daily basis for a few weeks, I was able to enjoy my favorite outdoor exercise and hobby with zero pain, complete mobility, and balanced strength. I highly recommend virtual Airrosti to my friends and family.

by Cheryl Meador

I had knee pain for three years and had tried multiple therapies to improve it but nothing seemed to work for more than a few days. I was discouraged and thought I would have to live with the pain. After working with Dr. Tom Danisiewicz at Airrosti virtually, I learned the cause of the pain was not the knee at all. Within a few weeks, I felt dramatically better! My exercises were easy to understand and perform correctly with the support of the app. The virtual program allowed me to receive treatment safely and without impacting my work schedule. After a couple of months, my knee pain was completely gone and if it comes back, I have the tools to address it on my own. Best of all, I am more active than ever – my pain and my anxiety about m+ show morey knee health are gone! I can’t thank you enough! – Cheryl M

by Tamara Jones

I had daily issues getting out of bed. I had lower back spasms and stiffness throughout the day. My life was negatively impacted limiting my mobility. Once I started working with Dr. Danisiewicz everything changed. It happened gradually as I did the work of completing my exercises and giving feedback. We met weekly, discussed how I was feeling and the doctor made minor adjustments to my assigned exercises. If I had questions during the week or gave feedback on the app, he always responded quickly. I felt supported and encouraged. I was never overwhelmed. The doctor made it easy. I was able to experience real progress. Thank you Dr. Danisiewicz for helping to improve my daily life.

by Anna Coffee

I was walking one day and felt my left knee go out of its regular alignment. I listened to a live informational Airrosti training about the IT band and learned it could be related to my knee injury. The entire registration process was extremely simple. I spoke with my doctor, he sent me a recovery kit and exercise videos for me to complete. We then met about once a week to see how I was progressing, and I was also able to message any concerns or victories in my progress throughout the recovery process. This was an important part of the recovery phase in my opinion since the exercises were unfamiliar to me, and I wanted to be sure any pain I felt was normal. Sometimes the pain was not normal, and my doctor gave me specific modifications t+ show moreo ensure my progress continued. All in all, this was an extremely effective protocol, easy to complete on my own schedule. I highly recommend Airrosti!

by Martha Subia

I was having pain in my right shoulder. I couldn’t lie on that side (and I sleep on that side so I had interrupted sleep), I had trouble with rotation and lifting things. I live in the middle of nowhere so I have to take a day off to go to Airrosti. But I was able to have an Airrosti Remote Recovery visit and Dr. Tom was able to help me. I am pain-free and am able to sleep and move my shoulder! Thank you, thank you, thank you Airrosti and Dr. Tom!

by Jacqueline Gonzalez

After just a few weeks of prescribed exercises and a once-a-week check-in with Dr. Danisiewicz, I am practically pain-free. I was dealing with hip pain for over a year. The pain was uncomfortable but bearable. I just figured it was part of aging. Until I was invited to an Airrosti webinar where I learned that even though my pain wasn’t debilitating it was worth some attention and could be helped. The at-home recovery kit and the virtual care are top-notch and an absolute receipt for success. Thank you!

by Denise Gentile

I started this program because I have a bulging disc and it was causing quite a bit of pain, often. I was taking 3-6 Ibuprofens a day and wanted to not only reduce the daily pain in my neck but also reduce or eliminate taking ibuprofen. Over the period of time I participated in this program; starting 1/19 (it has now been just less than 2.5 months), I do 15-25 minutes of stretching a day and it has helped significantly. Dr. Danisiewicz was patient and walked me through the exercises I was directed to do and changed them up as needed, over the treatment period. Our goal was to decrease the pain by at least 50% and we have exceeded that goal! The neck not only is not as painful, but there are fewer days I feel the pain, and I have not take+ show moren any ibuprofen in several weeks! I am ecstatic with the results and plan to continue doing the exercises as needed to provide the relief I’ve obtained. Thank you Dr. Danisiewicz and Airrosti!

by George Mock

The pain started in my right wrist about 25 years ago. It eventually spread to include my whole arm and shoulder. Next, it spread to my left arm and shoulder. Two times, I went to orthopedic specialists, had lots of tests, etc. Nothing came of it. I just found ways to avoid the pain. I should have come to Airrosti years ago! My left side is back to normal. My right side has made lots of great progress. I used to despair that I would never get back to normal. But now I think I can get there. This is the best decision I’ve made in a long time!

by Janet Pollard

After years of dealing with muscle pain in my upper back from tension and postural issues, I decided to go on the defensive and seek preventative care from Airrosti (after a worksite presentation about the approach). One of my favorite things about Airrosti is that the providers want to teach you to care for your issue so that you are not seeing them over a lifetime, but getting the information and tools you need in a timely fashion. This means good news for your wallet 😉 At the same time, once you are released from your treatment program, you still have access to your doctor for a year (from the beginning of your treatment), were you to need it. Dr. Danisiewicz was so personable and really made me feel comfortable from the start of tre+ show moreatment. He not only gave me exercises to do that fit within a busy day but also listened carefully to my input and made adjustments along the way that were extremely useful as I moved toward working out and easing the discomfort. So grateful to know that, even when I cannot control all the factors that have caused my symptoms, I now know how to alleviate them.

by Adan Ruiz

I was close to giving up after previously receiving shoulder pain treatment. I heard about Airrosti through my network, and at the time, they offered a complimentary telehealth consultation. I met with Dr. Tom and he explained that this would take time, but he would be there to adjust training for my specific needs. At first, we would meet weekly to check up on my progress until I started showing significant improvement, which was then cut down to bi-weekly. A few months later, my shoulder pain was reduced significantly, and I can get back to climbing trees.

by Lesa Jurek

I’ve had chronic lower back pain, nothing horrible just a nagging pain off and on. With Dr. Danisiewicz’s exercises, I have stretched out muscles and the pulling that has contributed to this pain. He has given me a “maintenance” program to be able to watch out for any future problems. This was the first time I’ve used the Airrosti Remote Recovery, but prior to COVID I have used in-office and they have helped me with my shoulder and my hand also. This is a great program! Thank you, Dr. Danisiewicz.

by Maria Saldana

Being a long time runner I developed plantar fasciitis/ achilles tendonitis in 2009. Finally after years of pain and different podiatrist visits I now have foot pain relief from Airrosti provider Thomas Danisiewicz. He and his staff are very passionate about their work and really care about their patients. I highly recommend him and he should be set as the Gold standard in Airrosti care. Thank you Airrosti for hiring staff like him.

by Crystal Fuller

I recently strained my calf muscle and was having trouble getting it to heal so that I could get back to my regular work-outs. I heard of Airrosti and as a last resort, I decided to try it out. When I started, I could hardly walk on my left leg. Dr. Tom recommended three treatments and I would be running again. I was skeptical at first, but after three treatments the pain was gone and my calf was healed! The exercises I learned were great and I know that as an avid runner and boot-camper, they will help me with any future injuries as well. I would definitely recommend Dr. Tom & Pete!

by Irene W.

I am now pain free and able to work out thanks to Dr. Danisiewicz and Pete! Thank you both for your time and effort in getting me through this challenging time. I would recommend this team to anyone!