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Became an Airrosti Provider:2019

Undergraduate School:University of Northern Iowa

Graduate School:Palmer College of Chiropractic

Hometown:Davenport, IA

Hobbies:I love hanging out with my family and I enjoy cooking, grilling, golfing, reading, playing sports, and cheering on my beloved Hawkeyes, Cubs, and Bears.

Interesting Facts:I can build a pretty sweet looking fort for my kids. I was a State champ in wrestling back in Iowa. I learned how to make macrame from my Grandpa and can pretty much macrame anything from chairs to covering mason jars. I played rugby for the Clinton Muddy Rivers and we won the national championship which we came back from 19-0 at half to win 21-19! I know the secret to making the yard of the house greener than others, ask and ye shall receive.

Professional Affiliations:Certified Chiropractic Sports Practioner through the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians

What Airrosti Means to Me:Airrosti, to me, means helping people live their lives the way they deserve. That means helping them get out of pain fast! We, as a whole, are a very passionate group driven to positively impact the lives of many people.

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by Noelia Romero

Yes! The best thing that happened was Airrosti and Dr. Matthys. I was in so much pain, it was unbearable. I was hardly able to walk from the pain I was in. Went to Dr. Matthys and I’m not going to lie his technique was quite unusual but whatever he did that day took care of my problem. When I came in I felt 11 out of 10 pain level and walked out with probably a 4 out of 10 it really was unreal to believe. Airrosti is definitely the place to go!

by Randy McIlvoy

I could go on and on about my great experience with Airrosi in Sienna Plantation ( Missouri City, Texas) with my guy Dr. Tim Matthys. My treatment was extensive and lasted quite a while from the spring of 2020 into the summer. I had a very unique issue with my lower back, AC Joint, and other issues. My pain was severe and was also tied to neuropathy. Frankly, had it not been for Airrosti and the style of pinpoint treatment I’m not sure where I would have been. It was a VERY SLOW Rehab ( I probably frustrated your company!) but I stuck with it and most importantly, Dr. Matthys stuck with me, was patient, and gradually I began to heal and my body responded. Throughout the process, I also learned a ton about general rehab, stretching techni+ show moreques, etc, that doing daily was a must. I now have a habit that I have maintained. I’ve now been pain free since roughly late July /early August of 2020. Dr. Matthys is unbelievable, cares about his patients, and truly wants results. He’s driven by that and for that, I am truly indebted to him and Airrosti ( specifically Sienna Plantation location).

by Sylvain Vachon

I was unable to turn my head when I met Dr. Matthys. In four weeks, I was pain free and flexible. I highly recommend a visit to Airrosti.