Travis Culver

Travis Culver, DC

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Became an Airrosti Provider:2016

Graduate School:Life University

Hometown:Louisville, KY

Hobbies:Spending time with my wife and two daughters, working out and volunteering at church.

Interesting Facts:Had the honor of treating patients in Aber, Uganda during a medical mission trip in 2014.

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by Sammie Felton

I began having pains in my lower leg (left) and finally I went to my MD who recommended therapy. My co-worker recommended Airrosti, and I found Dr. Culver. He was very thorough and understanding. I felt initial pain when he was trying to loosen the nerves which were the source of my pain. I recognized the need for initial pain in order to get rid of all pain. I am almost pain free; the exercises I have been taking are very helpful to me. I feel great most of the time. I never wanted to visit a second chiropractor after an experience about 40 years ago; but this visit was great and I have already begun to recommend it to others.

by Michelle Hayes

I’m almost 49, had never seen anyone for my back. After waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to put my way on my legs, it really scared me. It went away after I got up and moved around, but having that feeling several more times had me call my primary doctor. The primary doctor’s solution was just to put a Band-Aid on the problem by giving me a Cortizone shot, which I did not do. He even mentioned a hip replacement may be needed-it was such a deep pain-the Dr. couldn’t find the problem. I found a chiropractor and went to four sessions of adjustments and x-rays that did not work. That chiropractor couldn’t really pinpoint my pain either. My sister told me about Dr. Culver. I called on a Friday morning and they h+ show moreappened to get me in that afternoon. The first few minutes of Dr. Culver touching my back/hip-he finally found my pain!! My first visit was rough but I have not had pain when I step out of bed again. It gets sore if I don’t do my exercises, but I am amazed at the quick results that Dr. Culver provided. I will tell everyone about him. I am very appreciative for his knowledge and skill. He has given me hope when I was beginning to doubt that anyone could help me. He will always be my first call in the future.

by Mary Seebach

Today was my first visit. My back has been hurting for five years straight, with some occurrences prior but it didn’t start truly bothering me until 5 years ago. My knee started bothering me about six months ago. I knew it was all related. I assumed my knee hurt because I was walking with a limp due to my back. I went to one appointment today where the doctor worked my muscles and I did exercise. I am shocked to say my knee feels better (I honestly don’t know how) and my back is popping for the first time In 4 years. For a long time my back felt like it was stuck and couldn’t pop, but needed to pop. I’m sure everyone knows that feeling. I am sore from the appointment but the fact that I can walk up the stairs is a miracle to me. I + show morecan tell after one appointment that he diagnosed me and was able to properly treat my symptoms.

by Gale Long

I have been in pain for 4 years and saw 3 chiropractors, pain specialist and an arthritis specialist to no avail. I met Dr Culver and after 3 sessions on my upper back I felt amazing. He moved to my lower back and siatic problem and I am pain free. I feel like a new person. Went to a wedding and was able to dance at the reception. That would not have happened without Dr Culver. He is an amazing Dr in his field and has the magic touch. I wish I had found him 4 years ago. He has changed my life and I am so grateful for him. I’m telling everyone I know about him and referring everyone in pain to him. Thanks for giving my life back to me Dr Culver.

by Janien Denny

I have had several injuries treated by Airrosti providers after traditional physical therapy failed. With these visits and continued exercise and foam rolling I am living almost completely pain free from all my injuries. I do usually take more than the 3 visits to have full relief but that’s just me personally. I usually need about 5 visits. Also I had been dealing with my injuries for 2 yrs before I found Airrosti. Dr. Culver treated my sprained ankle that I had been dealing with for 3 months. This time I decided not to wait longer for treatment but get on top of it right away. My ankle was so tight from the sprain before I started with Airrosti that I could not do calf raises or point my toe to even 50% of where I could before the spra+ show morein. With the treatment/home exercises/foam & lacrosse ball rolling my ankle is now at 100% mobility. I am so thankful for Airrosti!

by Kaycee Agricola

I hurt my back and hip while lifting at work, on a Friday afternoon. I called Arrosti and they had me set up immediately with Dr. Culver on Monday. I could barely walk and was in extreme pain. Dr. Culver discussed my treatment options right away. He took the time to explain weekly goals and ways to improve strength training at home. He was courteous, professional and patient with my questions. Dr. Culver not only helped me with my back and hip, but also showed me ways to stay healthy and strong in the future. I can not thank Dr. Culver enough for all of his help and support. I would recommend Arrosti and Dr. Culver to anyone struggling with pain!

by Sri Nagarajan

Being in upper back, mid back and shoulder pain for 18 months, and having tried all medical tests( X-ray, MRI and nerve conduction tests) but in vain, I came to AIRROSTI. Our corporate in-house doctor referred me AIRROSTI. I came in with no expectation and shear desire to get better and to be relieved from pain. Dr. Culver is a godsend. He treated me and relieved me of pain. He is very professional and gave me a walk through of the muscles I had problems with and the muscle groups he was going to treat in every visit . He made me realize how pain-free could feel. Thank you Dr.Culver.

by Jeremy Culver

I’ve been a runner since I was in 8th grade. It’s something that I love to do. My wife is a runner as well. Its something we love to do together. The past 18 months have been tough as running hasn’t been possible…until now.
In December of 2014, I started experiencing some pretty significant knee pain as I was preparing to run an upcoming half marathon. It persisted and worsened over the next month and in January of 2015, I decided I needed to take some time off. Time off had always allowed me to recover from any injuries in the past, or at least I had thought. After 4 months of rest, I decided to try running again in hopes of still running the half marathon. I put on my running shoes and out the door I went. Less than a + show moremile later, I was in enough pain that I knew something was clearly wrong with my knee and it was not getting better. I was recommended to a knee specialist by a friend. I finally made an appointment. He prescribed physical therapy through a sports medicine & orthopedic clinic. I was evaluated and treated for about 6 weeks. When discharged, I was told I could start running again. I tried and none of the pain had subsided. In fact, it seemingly worsened as it was becoming even painful to play soccer with my 2 sons in the yard. Now that it was starting to affect my quality of life, it became a higher priority to find out what was going on. I had come to grips with potentially never running again, but now that it was affecting even my ability to enjoy playing with my 4 & 6 year old sons, it became more difficult to cope with.

Next step was an MRI. This revealed I had a slight tear in my meniscus. Finally, the issue was discovered and I’d be able to get it fixed. In November of 2015 my arthroscopic surgery was scheduled. When I woke up post surgery, my surgeon told me the tear was actually worse than the MRI had shown but he was able to resolve the tear and everything was a success. I was thrilled. 4-6 weeks of physical therapy and with any luck I’d be running in as short as 2 months. As I began my physical therapy, things seemed to be going well, but there was still a feeling in my knee that simply didn’t feel right. As I spoke with my physical therapist and explained how my knee was feeling, I never got the impression that I was receiving any unique response to the feedback I was giving. I wrapped up my post surgery physical therapy and was told I could run. I was nervous but finally decided it was time in April of 2015. I ran 2 miles. I got back from my run and told my wife – “I don’t think I’m ever going to run again, at least like I used to”. It was clear to me during that run that my knee was not resolved. I was giving up hope that I would ever run again.

Over the next 4-6 weeks, I began to notice a dull ache in my entire right leg, literally like having a toothache that went from my ankle to my hip. Not super painful, just more annoying. I mentioned it to my wife and as we were talking she recalled a friend that had told her about this place that worked on soft tissue injuries. She promptly sent her a text message and received the reply – “Airrosti is the place Jeremy needs to go”. My wife looked into it online and discovered that there was an Airrosti location less than 20 minutes from where we lived. And the Dr. shared my last name (which isn’t all that common – we are not related by the way).

I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Travis Culver on May 18th, 2016. From the first visit, I could tell there was something special about Airrosti. Dr. Culver wanted to hear my story, my history, my background. He seemed genuinely interested in me as a person and getting me back to doing the things I loved. I was hesitant to get my hopes up. He decided after we talked for a bit and he evaluated me that I was a good candidate for treatment. I began to feel the relief in my leg after the 2nd session. That dull ache that was so persistent was disappearing. I was diligent to do the stretching, exercises, and foam rolling as well as ice that Dr. Culver prescribed. After my 3rd treatment, Dr. Culver required me to run. I couldn’t believe it. I laced up my running shoes and out I went. To my surprise, almost exactly 18 months after I was forced to stop running, I was back on the road with next to no pain. I had a total of 6 treatments with Dr. Culver and I am now running pain free. The nagging dull ache in my leg is gone. I am still diligent to do the stretches, exercises, and especially the foam roller religiously.

The things I appreciated the most about Dr. Culver:
He listened to me.
He checked in with me via text message and allowed me to text him with any questions.
He educated me.
He was genuinely excited for me.
He fixed me.

I truly believe that Dr. Culver was as thrilled as I was the first time I went for a run and had no pain. I’ve never had a Dr./Patient experience quite like this. Moving forward, I feel like I have to tools to keep myself healthy with what I learned from Dr. Culver. Should I experience any type of pain, without question, my first call will be to Dr. Culver. I’m beyond grateful for what he’s done for me.

I can’t wait to lace up my running shoes tomorrow morning and head out for a run. Its a great feeling. I look forward to sending Dr. Culver a text message when I complete that Half Marathon that I was sidelined for in 2015.

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