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Became an Airrosti Provider:2015

Undergraduate School:University of Florida

Graduate School:Life University

Hometown:Panama City, Florida

Hobbies:Travel, exercise, cheerleading.

Interesting Facts:I've chased kangaroos in Australia, I was in an 80's cover band, and was a professional cheerleader. I love trying new and exotic foods (the weird kind you see on TV), riding motorcycles, and would consider myself an expert skee-ball player. A cow-bison hybrid is called a beefalo and the unicorn is the national animal of Scotland.

What Airrosti Means to Me:Serving patients with the two most effective tools in healthcare; Highly effective treatment and rehabilitation and PASSION for helping others live life without restrictions caused by pain.

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by Michelle Rush

I’m a Lupus patient that had ACDF of my L4, L5 on November 22, 2019, then I was scheduled to see Dr. Travis Owens for my rehab. On my first visit, I was very sore and in a lot of pain, but when I met Dr. Owens he assured me that everything was going to be alright, (I think he saw the fear in my eyes). Dr. Owens, I want you to know that I feel so much better and I’m doing GREAT. I want to Thank you for all of the amazing care that you and your team provided me. I truly appreciate all of the deep tissue messages along with the Best PT, manual therapy, rehab exercises, for repairing my connective tissues, decreasing my pain drastically, increasing my ROM, gave me back my strength, a fast recovery, being patient, and for listening to me whin+ show moree and cry about my pain. Dr. Owens I don’t think I would have been able to recover as fast and sufficiently without you and your team. I have also started back working out slowly and carefully and I owe it all to you. I will miss you all and Thank you for being such an Amazing and talented doctor, You are the BEST.

by Sarah Hartsfield

I’ve had an injury in my elbow/shoulder for almost two years now. I’ve seen so many different doctors from DPTs to Chiropractors to Massage Therapists. Nothing was working and the problem was getting worse. It was keeping me from doing movements like toes to bar, pull-ups, rope climbs, etc. because the pain was getting unbearable. It was even keeping me from sleeping at night. Truly so frustrating as an athlete! I go to the same Crossfit gym as one of Airrosti’s doctors, Travis Owens, and one day he noticed that my elbow was giving me trouble. He asked me a few questions and immediately felt like he had an answer, which was so exciting because no one could seem to figure it out! I quickly scheduled an appointment with him, and by 3 visit+ show mores the problem was resolved. I’m completely amazed. Just today I did countless TTB, pull-ups, and rope climbs and didn’t even think about my left arm! What a relief after 2 years of pain!! I would HIGHLY recommend Airrosti to anyone struggling with any kind of pain. They find the problem fast and apply simple fixes as well as very doable rehab — and it works!

by Kimberly Seaholm

My first airrosti appointment I was a mess limping into the office in so much pain and right away you see smiles that greet you and offer you a water. I went through two ER visits, many doctors appointments and two months of physical therapy for my hip pain and still got no relief. The physical therapist identified the problem of my SI Joint being dislocated and corrected it but I was still walking with a cane. I am a nurse on my feet throughout a 12 hour shift and this injury put me out of work while I was immobile. Dr. Owens stepped in and told me to make an appointment to see what he could do for me. I was tearful on my first visit but as we continued through the care I was able to leave each visit with less and less of a limp. After + show moresix visits I can finally say that I am pain free! I am so thankful for the time and patience everyone had with me during this difficult injury to finally get me back to feeling myself again.

by George Wilburn

I am a now a believer!!!! As a retired 20 year Military Veteran, most of my adult health care has been provided thruough the great teaching military hospitals. Anybody that has been in the Tricare system knows getting an appointment for sports related physical therapy is almost impossible. But I get it, a lot of wounded guys need help quicker than me. I had heard of Arrosti through a friend, Dani Garcia, who was an employee. She talked it up like it was the second coming. I only thought that the tape makes you look cool. But after an injury to my calf muscle during a Tough Mudder competition left me limping around like an old man, (Not cool looking) and a 4 week wait time for a tricare appointment, I had to do something. My job requires + show more4 miles of walking minimum a day and ladder climbs of 20ft. I decided to give Arrosti a try. Dr. Owens was a magician. He had me on my feet walking better with one visit, and back at work after the second visit. This all happened within a weeks time. The downtime reduction and low cost far exceeds that of traditional rehab. I am now a true believer and tell everyone I see at the gym… JUST GO

by Jennie Fisher

I’m a competitive women’s rugby player and CrossFit athlete. A nasty tackle in a rugby game left me with shoulder injuries that my Ortho determined needed surgery. Not ready to be out of commission for 6 months to a year from the sports that I love, I decided to see Travis and work on gaining some strength/stability back in my shoulder just to see how much use I could get out of it. I didn’t ever expect to be pain-free. I’m now hitting my old PRs at CrossFit with ZERO pain! I’m thrilled!! I know this is in large part due to Travis. I diligently did the exercises he gave me, so I put in the work… but I couldn’t have done it without him.