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Became an Airrosti Provider:2013

Undergraduate School:University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

Graduate School:Parker University

Hometown:Whitewater, WI

Hobbies:Watching as many live Aggie sports as possible with my young family but will settle for any college hoops game on TV. Also, an avid fan of all Wisconsin sports teams!

Interesting Facts:I currently serve as the Airrosti Provider and Chiropractic Consultant for Texas A&M Athletics and Sports Medicine department. Previously practiced in DFW and served athletes at SMU, Euless Trinity HS, and the Fort Worth Cats professional baseball team. Former member of the Ironman Provider Network and served athletes at 4 CrossFit Regionals. Could not hit an off-speed pitch to save my life in HS or college, but I can chew a mouthful of sunflower seeds faster than anyone in America.

Awards and Recognitions:Best of the Brazos Valley “Best Chiropractor” 2020. League of Elite Airrosti Providers 2019. Airrosti Award of Excellence 2017, 2018.

Professional Affiliations:Texas Chiropractic Association

What Airrosti Means to Me:A visit to Airrosti means you are seeing someone who is going to do everything in their power to help you. I love giving confidence back to athletes and people from all walks of life when we find a problem, test it, explain it, treat it, and watch them get back to the activity they love.

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by Mallory Fritz

I injured my back lifting something and was in immense pain. It was so bad that it affected my ability to sit, drive, sleep, and work. I was approximately 3 weeks in with no relief and no end in sight when my boss recommended Airrosti to me. I haven’t looked back since. Dr. Barnes and his team are AMAZING. He quickly identified the problem – then him and his team treated me and provided me with the tools/exercises I needed in order to strengthen my back and core during each session. In time, the pain got better and then went away completely. I have continued the recommended exercises since my sessions stopped and have had no further issues or pain. I want to stress that I have never tried anything like Airrosti before and was hesitant to+ show more do so…but it was honestly the best decision I could have made. Dr. Barnes was knowledgeable, kind, and considerate. He went above and beyond to make sure I understood my injury, the treatment, and the reason for continuing the prescribed exercises. I highly recommend Airrosti, Dr. Barnes, and his team. They work together to provide the best possible care to get you on the road to recovery. Thank you, Dr. Barnes and team! 🙂

by Sachi Mandal

Dr. Barnes is great (and so is Tony). He is very approachable and helped me to recover from pain quickly. Highly recommended.

by Will Lewis

Dr. Troy Barnes was incredibly effective at identifying, treating and eliminating my injury and the pain associated with it. I had been to several chiropractors and physicians about my injury but never was able to achieve full recovery. I had just about given up believing it could be healed, but Dr. Barnes got me on the road to rapid recovery after just one visit! I highly recommend him to anyone who has persistent pain from any injury.

by Lyndsey Miller

Our daughter, Sydney, has seen Dr. Barnes for two different sports-related issues over the last two years. Both experiences were fantastic. The second time, we knew right away that we wanted her to see him again. The overall customer service with AIRROSTI is outstanding. The care is very specific and efficient. Her treatment plan was very true to the estimated timeframe. Dr. Barnes does a great job explaining and is as genuine as they come with his desire for his patients to heal quickly. We also received great follow up care. Both issues were resolved in a very short time frame and she learned great techniques to continue using in her athletic endeavors. Hopefully we won’t have to, but if the need arises we would go back to Dr. Barnes+ show more without hesitation!

by Jim Fealy

I have had back pain for years until Troy Barnes fixed me up. I have been to several doctors with no positive results. Dr. Barnes and his staff use their experience to treat the problem in a no-nonsense manner. No extra gadgets and no treatment you don’t need. This experience has made my life better. The pain is gone!

by Quinn Allen

I visited Dr. Barnes after experiencing some damage to my shoulder. Uncertain with my shoulder’s condition and functionality, Dr. Barnes walked me through my shoulder’s anatomy and it’s interaction with the surrounding muscles and joints. He was very respectful, conversational, and professional with his assessment of my injury, and offered honest suggestions to better improve my outcome. I’d highly recommend Dr. Barnes to anyone who’s on the fence about visiting Airrosti.

by Susan Karli

I first saw Dr. Troy Barnes and Kevin Bostick in 2017 because of neck & shoulder issues that I have had problems with for a very long time. After the first visit with Dr. Troy and Kevin I felt immediate relief and had less pain for the first time in such a long time. It was incredible to me. After a few more visits, I was pain free. I continue to see them anytime I start feeling issues again in those areas. What I love the most about these guys is the fact that they explain the issues they are treating that pertain strictly to my problem areas. They show me the types of therapy I can do on my own to help with relieving the discomforts. They are genuine in their concerns and truly love what they do. I am the type of person that once I bec+ show moreome a believer in something or someone, I will tell everyone. So on a regular basis, anytime the discussion comes up, I promote Dr. Troy, Kevin and Airrosti. Thank you for providing such an incredible service!

by Caleb LaFollette

I came to Airrosti with bad back pains that hindered my ability to do normal activity’s. In 1 session Dr. Troy and Kevin were able to fix it and start me on very effective rehab exercises. They have even followed up with check-in calls and emails since then. Definitely recommended!!

by Sai Kapalayam

I was diagnosed with herniated disc in my lower back 3 years ago and I had either pain or extreme tightness in my lower back most of the days. This prevented me from working out or even go on a long walk and I would have to sit every few steps. My workplace had invited Dr. Barnes from Airrosti for a free examination and I could see the diagnosis was very different and fitting compared to other doctors I have been to before. I went in for a total of 3 sessions with Dr. Barnes, got recommendations for stretches at home lasting barely 10 minutes and withing a month, I was walking and working out again. I even hiked to Mt. Guadalupe (tallest peak in TX) which was something I considered impossible before treatment with Dr. Barnes. I would als+ show moreo like to mention that the appointments were easy and I was able to get a 7:30am one which let me get to work in time and also, the bedside manners of Dr. Barnes and Kevin Bostick (Certified Recovery Specialist) were something that should be appreciated extensively. I would like to thank Dr. Barnes and Airrosti sincerely for the accurate diagnosis and treatment!

by Meranda Bassett

I had convinced my 52 year old father to run a half marathon with me in Yosemite National Park for my 21st birthday. I assumed if any one would have issues training, it would be him but while he excelled in his training, I got injured. I had what I thought were shin splints and was naively hoping that it was not a stress fracture. At 6 weeks prior to the race I had to stop running because of the pain in my shin, so I went to see Dr. Barnes and Kevin at Airrosti. I saw them three times to learn exercises and for deep tissue massage therapy and a few weeks later I ran the entire 13.1 miles of my half marathon!! There is no way I could have made it without their help, not running for 6 weeks before this race made finishing it sound impossib+ show morele but with their help I pushed through! My dad and I are both extremely grateful to Dr. Barnes and Kevin for all of their help in getting us prepared for this AWESOME race. Great doctors, great people, and great place!

by Kelli Isaacks

I visited the office of Dr. Barnes to manage pain and swelling due to a herniated disc in my low back that I’ve had since 1990. Prior to seeing Dr. Barnes, management of this injury included a muscle relaxer coupled with a high dose anti inflammatory when needed. Dr. Barnes and his team taught me that frequently, back pain is not necessarily due to the back itself, but the surrounding tissue in the hip, leg and abdominal areas. During my visits, Dr. Barnes conducted a thorough medical history, and put me through a series of physical therapy exercises in his office which included utilizing a foam roller and small racquet-type ball to build my core stability. I am happy to say that after several months of doing these exercises at home, I’v+ show moree not had to take medications and I’m pain free, getting out of bed in the morning is no longer a challenge. What I appreciate about the approach Dr. Barnes and his team take is that they want you on the road to rehabilitation in just 5 visits. Dr. Barnes and his team gave me the knowledge and tools I needed to remain pain free without frequent trips to the office. Thank you Dr. Barnes and Team, I highly recommend Arrosti Rehab Center.

by Patrick Hunt

I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Barnes in conjunction with the treatment I received from a different Airrosti provider at home while I was away at college. This was my third time choosing Airrosti as my form of treatment for an injury and I was pleased to see that the change in location did not mean a change in quality of the treatment I received. Dr. Barnes was able to help resolve my tendinitis in my shoulder within 2 visits. He welcomed me in like someone he had seen a thousand times and I think it’s important to be able to trust someone right off the bat. He provided quick care and a friendly environment, which would definitely lead to me recommending him to friends and family. If you have an issue that’s been bugging you, Dr. Ba+ show morernes is the guy for you to see.

by D’Nita Broussard

These guys are awesome!!! My son is a varsity football player and has had a lot of tension and pain in his lower back since August of 2014. He played through it because he loves the game, but was pretty much uncomfortable all year. We tried seeing a sports med doctor, bought an inversion table, and tried ibuprofen, none of it truly helped. This football season, I decided I was going to try something different. After taking him to just a few Airrosti appointments with Dr. Barnes and his assistant Kevin, my son no longer has pain in his lower back. Thank you!

by Rania Cannaday

I had severe upper back/shoulder/neck pain due to stress for several weeks. I made an appointment with Airrosti and saw Dr. Troy Barnes who was able to diagnose and treat the pain, and within the day, I was pain free. I had a follow up appointment and I felt back to normal with just 2 treatments. Dr. Barnes is courteous, professional and has a way to put you at ease. I highly recommend him. Do not waste your time and money on chiropractic services or massages, but get help from this clinic, which is much more long lasting than other methods. The pain was excruciating and he knows how to address the root of the problem and get you back on your feet quickly! Also the office and other staff are wonderful.

by Maura Casey

As an A&M employee, I was elated to learn that Airrosti was now covered by insurance. As a triathlete I had been battling a chronic Achilles tendon problem for years with no resolution and now my issue could be both diagnosed and my solution affordable. Additionally, I was about to run my second full Ironman and I needed relief in preparation for that race. I contacted Dr. Barnes and began working on my heel pain. I was never skeptical regarding improvement but was surprised that a problem that had plagued me for so many years and for so many runs was turning the corner after just a few visits. I continued with the therapy and was rewarded with significant progress. I am happy to say I did the Ironman without pain or discomfort and am do+ show moreing well with it now. Thanks to Dr. Barnes for getting me “heeled”, haaaa no pun intended. I have recommended Airrosti and Dr. Barnes to friends and co-workers and will continue to do so.

by Carl Alexander

After hurting what I thought was my back about a month ago in the gym, I finally took my wife’s advice and made an appointment with Dr. Barnes. It didn’t take Dr. Barnes but a matter of minutes to determine that I had actually hurt my left SI joint, which was causing my lower back pain. In as little as 2 office visits Dr. Barnes and his staff were able to relieve me of my pain and teach me the proper stretches/exercises so that I can self treat at home and help to mitigate any further issues. Dr. Barnes and his staff are extremely personable and professional and I would highly recommend to anyone who is suffering from muscular skeletal type issues.

by Brett Dixon

I had been experiencing lower back pain for years. It was always the worst 24 hours after running or swimming. I suspected through my own research (surfing the internet) that I was a victim of anterior pelvic tilt that left me “sway-backed”. Dr. Barnes confirmed my suspicions and set me on a path to recovery through stretches and roller/ball exercises. At first, the roller killed me! But – I learned to love it and now do it all the time. I even carry it with me when I travel. Every visit with Dr. Barnes was a personal experience. I never felt rushed and always felt like he was genuinely invested in my recovery. It took a few weeks for me to loosen what needed to be loosened and re-engage the muscles that weren’t working efficiently, but + show moreit was worth it! Here’s the thing about Airrosti – Dr. Barnes can only do so much. He helps you develop a plan and gives you homework. It’s really up to YOU to make it happen between visits by being committed to your own recovery and diligently following the plan that you developed. It was definitely worth it. I would recommend it to anyone as a first stop before seeking back surgery.

by Jennifer Kimball

Dr. Troy Barnes is the way to go.. Here is my story. I have always been a firm believer of chiropractors, I have been to many of them over the course of my life, and there lies the problem. Every time I leave I felt better but then what happens? Everything shifts right back to where it was, therefore making you a repeat customer. I was in so much pain all of the time, sleeping even became difficult. I was ready to find a treatment that worked and man did I ever. I was told about this place called Airrosti, and that it works wonders so I gave it a shot. I visited Dr. Troy Barnes a total of 2 times. After the very first time I left feeling lighter and refreshed, and yes you can feel the same way from a chiropractor, but this actually laste+ show mored (unlike a traditional chiropractor). Dr. Barnes worked with my muscles to get my bones back into the right place rather than just popping my back and shoving it back into place. I really enjoyed not having my back popped into place and feeling that my head was going to be twisted off (as I have felt many times at a traditional chiropractor). Dr. Barnes really took the time to work with my muscles. He gave me exercises that helped maintain the work that he did to get my neck and back into shape. These exercises were not only helpful but made me more aware of the areas I needed to keep up on. I still continue my exercises which I believe help. My neck feels 100 times better, and if I ever have issues again Dr. Barnes will be the first on my list. I would and will continue to recommend him to anyone. Thanks for everything!!

by Jessica Palacios

I went to Airrosti after suffering from arm pain for about a month. After my initial visit, Dr. Barnes was able to diagnose my problem and assured me that within 3-4 visits I would be feeling much better. True to his word, after four visits the pain in my arm had almost vanished and my range of motion returned. The at-home exercises and treatments have been game changing in my recovery and I plan to continue them. I would highly recommend Airrosti, and Dr. Barnes, to anyone who is experiencing any kind of musculoskeletal aches and/or pains. Thank you, Dr. Barnes and your staff for the wonderful experience!

by Aaron Riojas

I went in with abdominal pain and in 2 visits over a 2 week span, I was pain free. My doctor recommended a CT scan which would’ve cost $800+ but that wasn’t needed. Dr. Barnes was very helpful and friendly and I will definitely go back if the pain or any pain comes back. Please check them out before spending hundreds elsewhere!

by Jonathan Dikes

I was referred to Dr. Barnes by a coworker. I was suffering with stiffness and lack of mobility and range of motion in my lower back. On my first visit to Airrosti, Dr. Barnes diagnosed the problem, explained how it was affecting me, provided the initial treatment, and demonstrated exercises and stretches to increase mobility and range of motion. He followed up to check on my progress. After two visits, my mobility and range of motion greatly increased, thanks to the treatment provided by Dr. Barnes at Airrosti. He continues to follow up with me regularly to check on my progress. Thanks Dr. Barnes!

by Al Davis

Approximately 3 months ago, I experienced some horrific back pain as a result of a running accident involving a fall. The resultant pain included muscular spasms that prevented me from sleeping through the night and effectively working during the day; in essence, it hurt to sit at my desk and to get up from desk or do the travel associated with my job. After seeing me suffer through this, several of my co-workers insisted that I see Troy at Airrosti. In the initial visit, he accurately diagnosed and treated the source of my problem and provided an exercise regimen. The follow on visit provided additional relief. I am now pain free, able to resume my running and my regular work routine. An added bonus is the layman’ understanding of my in+ show morejury and how to mitigate and prevent a reoccurrence. Thanks Troy!

by Elaine Allen

I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my shoulder. I couldn’t lift my arm above my waist, and it ached all the time. I didn’t want surgery yet and prednisone is not a long term option, so I thought I would try Dr. Troy. Within 3 visits, I can lift my arm over my head, brush my hair and carry my purse! The exercises I do at home have continued to help and make movements easier. I have recommended him to several friends and will continue to do so! I also know I can get in to see him should I overdo something.

by T. Burchfield

We were referred to Airrosti by a friend and former soccer coach. My daughter has had chronic foot injuries over the years due to soccer. Most recently her issue was poor mobility. She received treatment about 5 times with Dr. Barnes and is out running again with minimal to no pain. His follow up was great and continues to check on us.I recommend this facility and Dr. Barnes as a first step when injured to asses proper treatment. The best part was my insurance actually covered this (which rarely happens).

by Tony Casper

Had knee surgery in 34 years ago and have had pain for many of the years since. I went through regular rehab, and it did not mitigate the pain. With ONE visit to Dr. Barnes, and four days of home rehab, I was finally pain free! Many thanks to Dr. Barnes, his staff, and Airrosti for the great care and concern!! Well done! Airrosti is highly recommended!

by Brandon Burge

After two shoulder surgeries to repair my rotator cuff and labrum, I found myself with limited range of motion and pain involved with every daily activity. I scheduled an appointment to visit with Dr. Barnes and after three visits nearly all the pain was gone and I noticed my range of motion improving. Dr. Barnes did a wonderful job at targeting the tissue that needed work and focusing on what was bothering me. Also, the exercises I received have been extremely beneficial. I would recommend scheduling an appointment at your nearest Airrosti if you have aches and pains, you won’t regret it!

by Brenda Grays

Dr. Barnes, This was an amazing experience. Thank you for the helpful exercises and amazing treatments. After two treatments and doing the exercises, I can say I feel 90% better. I will continue the exercises and follow the Dr’s orders. You have put a pep in my step. Thank you and may God continue to bless you in your special calling of “healing”! I will spread the word to all.

by Tracy Morton

I injured my SI joint mysteriously. I was in ACUTE pain but with the knowledge and skills that Dr. Barnes possesses, I believe by the second visit there was marked improvement. With two visits my pain went from 9-10 to a 5. After the third I was able to move around and pain was almost non-existent. The therapy that was recommended and taught will stay with me for a lifetime and I believe it was a huge part of my recovery and has helped me work on the muscles around my hip and my hip in general. I am so grateful to Dr. Barnes and his staff. He has kept in touch over email and even text. Very professional AND personable. That is difficult to find. I recommend to see him or any other Airrosti provider for REAL HELP with injuries. It’+ show mores well worth it!

by Judy Sickles

I was diagnosed with IT Band Tendinitis by my orthopedic doctor. He prescribed a steroid pack and 6 to 8 weeks of physical therapy. They sent me to the therapists at the local hospital. When I asked the therapist what she thought caused this, she said it was probably just weakness. Not much of an explanation. I went for 4 treatments. Each one started with riding a stationary bike for 10 minutes and instead of getting better, I felt like I was getting worse. So I went to my primary care physician to see if he had an alternative and in hopes he would prescribe me some anti-inflammatory meds. He told me I had the worse case of IT Syndrome he had ever seen and that usually marathon runners get this. I am NOT a runner of any kind. It hurt so+ show more bad that I couldn’t stand anyone to touch it and I was having a lot of trouble sleeping at night. So the doctor gave me the prescription and suggested I try going to Dr. Barnes. He told me that’s who he would go to if he had this problem. So I terminated the other physical therapists and made an appointment to see Dr. Barnes. Dr. Banes is one of the kindest, respectful young doctors I have ever met. He actually was interested in me as a person which helped to distract me when he was working on my leg. When I asked him what I could have done to cause it to be so bad, he explained to me how the IT Band worked and how important my glutes are to supporting my leg muscles…showed me pictures and explained how they all work together. Finally I understood! His assistant, Bethany, is equally knowledgeable and very empathetic. When I couldn’t do the exercise they suggested because of other limitations, together they found an alternative way to help me achieve the right results. After just 4 treatments with Dr. Barnes, I was discharged. My leg no longer hurts when you touch it. I’m not limping. I am sleeping without pain medication. It has been remarkable how far I have come in such a short period of time. I went back to my primary care physician and told him how grateful I was that he recommended Dr. Barnes. I will highly recommend him to everyone I know!

by Steve Shielly

I was in pain for several years! After the first visit I felt relief. By the third visit I felt brand new! Dr Troy Barnes is very personable, kind and definitely knows what to do! Airrosti and Dr Barnes have given me so much freedom from pain! Thank you Dr Barnes ! And thank you Airrosti! I can live pain free! Please see Dr Barnes Airrosti do for your pain! He will fix it!

by John Abendschan

Dr. Troy is awesome! I was training for a marathon and had stabbing pain in my knee that sidelined me. I was going 10-12 miles one day and could not go a quarter mile the next. I was able to get an appointment and within 1 visit I could tell the difference he made. Dr. Barnes and Bethany his physical therapist are very informative about my IT Band injury, have a quick plan to get back on my feet, and work well with each other to get great results. During my treatments I pulled a hamstring (my own fault chasing my daughter while playing hide and go seek) and he fixed that in no time. I coach at Boswell High School and will definitely recommend Troy and his staff to fix my players. This works and is definitely worth it!

by Steve Jones

As a Family Doctor and Team Physician in Graham, TX, I am constantly evaluating and recommending treatment for sports-related injuries. I met Dr. Troy Barnes two years ago and have referred patients to him for treatments several times, and with impressive results. Recently, however, it was my 15-year-old son who needed treatment for a hamstring injury that he was having trouble getting over. I didn’t hesitate to call Dr. Troy and he took great care of my son! An injury that normally takes up to 6 weeks to get over is well on the way to recovery after 2 short weeks. My advice to anybody thinking of calling for an appointment is, “Don’t wait!” The sooner you start the treatment the sooner you will be healing.

by Jo Hatchell

For several years, I have tried different doctors to help with my shoulder, neck, foot and leg issues, many appts, treatments, Xray(s), MRI(s), etc. I would get relief for small amounts of time but no one could ever truly diagnose my issues. I started seeing Dr. Barnes in Sept. for these 4 issues and within 4 treatments my issues went from bothering me daily to hardly at all, the treatment and suggested maintenance stretching exercises has made a huge difference in my life. I feel good again, not in pain daily. I tell everyone I see about Airrosti.

by Charles Moore

I have had severe lower back pain (S1/ L5) for over 2 and a half years. I have talked with my PCP, specialist, and consulted many others in an effort to figure out the “issue”. In the midst of this all, my doctors have prescribed pain, muscle, and nerve blocking medications. For two and a half years, I’ve taken these medicines knowing there had to be something better, something more to “fixing” this than pooping pills.On the advice of a friend, I called Airrosti and made an appointment. I was consulted with very professionally, very thoroughly, and told with honesty “if we can’t fix you within 5 to 6 visits, we will find someone who can help you”. Dr Barnes and the staff at Airrosti were great, Within 5 visits and “homework”, I was+ show more mostly pain free and in a much better position than when I started. I am able to coupe with everyday life without the need for constantly taking pills to mask the pain. Thank you Airrosti for using muscle therapy to “fix” people like me.

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