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Became an Airrosti Provider:2018

Undergraduate School:Texas State University

Graduate School:Texas Chiropractic College

Hometown:Bay City, Texas

Hobbies:I grew up surfing so anything that involves water, falling asleep to WW2 documentaries, any outdoor activity, CrossFit, playing intramural sports and I love listening to music.

Interesting Facts:I've been known to be an Air Guitar enthusiast

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by Suzanne Baker

I have been seeing Dr. Benson for different types of aches and pains. I am 63 so I do have tons of corrections. Each time is for a different issue because what he fixes, he educates me on how to avoid a setback. He is a great teacher and a miracle worker. The Physical Therapist makes sure I learn how to do the exercises Dr. Benson recommends for me. Airrosti is THE place to heal when you work with your medical partner.

by Jeffrey Schmidbauer

Lower back pain over left side. Painful to stand (In a profession where I’m on my feet all day) Overall: The facility is clean and reception is precise. Zane Benson is absolutely knowledgeable and passionate about problem solving the issues in the human body. He is funny, professional, and fluent in describing exactly what the method of action is; before, during, and after. Information is provided for at home follow up. It is essential that one follows this to supplement the work done at appointment. Some adjustments may be uncomfortable and will stop at the threshold of pain so as to not injure. Getting a little uncomfortable in the affected area was absolutely worth the end result of being free from pain and better understanding how + show moreto strengthen and avoid further discomfort. *Visit was so impactful that I came back to submit even months after adjustment.

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