Jonathan Horton

Olympic Gymnast


Jonathan Horton is a world champion competitive gymnast. He is the 2008 Olympic silver medalist on high bar and the 2010 Worlds all-around bronze medalist. In addition, he was a member of the men’s Gymnastic Team that won the bronze medal in the 2008 Olympic Games. After being introduced to Airrosti by his teammate and friend Raj Bhavsar, Jonathan went in for treatment and was amazed at the results. He now relies on Airrosti to keep him healthy and active so he can continue to compete on a regular basis.


Hi, I’m Jon Horton, member of the 2008 Olympic bronze medal team and individual silver medalist. I’ve been doing gymnastics for about 23 years now, and I’ve really enjoyed the sport. There are a lot of ups and downs obviously, just like any sport, but the joy I get out of it… It’s high flying, fast paced and a lot of fun!

But, just like anything else, there’s always the hard times. And, for me, it’s injuries. Gymnasts can’t take time off. It’s just the nature of our sport. It’s a year round sport. We have to be 100% all the time. You’re always looking for that fast, rapid style of recovery and that’s where Airrosti comes in. Airrosti has really been that kind of physical help for me so that I can recovery fast, I can get back on the competition floor, and I can get back in the gym and have those long workouts.

The way I heard about Airrosti was by a teammate from the 2008 team. His name was Raj Bhavsar. He had been working with Airrosti for a couple of years and said he saw tremendous results. He had been working with a doctor named Dr. Scott Kelly in Houston. Raj told me one day, “Go in and see him. I know you’re having some pain and injuries. If you ever need to, get in there and see the doctor. I promise they can do some great things for you.”

So I decided to try it out and give it a shot. I went to see Dr. Kelly and within 2-3 visits (knee pain, tendonitis) I was back on my feet, no problem! I was able to tumble, vault and do all kinds of things.

Since then, I’ve gone back to Airrosti for shoulder injuries, which are common in gymnastics. We put so much emphasis on upper body strength, so my shoulders are always aching with small injuries. Airrosti has really been able to work them out, and they feel a lot better…even my wrists!

I’m a firm believer that Airrosti can pretty much do anything for any part of your body. It’s rapid recovery, and you feel a difference after 2 or 3 days. I’m definitely a believer in it and I’ve recommended it to a lot of my teammates and friends. It’s not just athletes that can go in and see Airrosti. It’s really just for the everyday person that has aches and pains or an injury. It truly is rapid recovery! To have Airrosti at my disposal and know that they are there to help me out in a time of need for a sport like this… It’s great!