Roland Jones

Pro Basketball Player


Roland Jones is a professional basketball player who has played for many pro European leagues. The game of basketball is his passion, but injuries threatened his playing career. After hearing about Airrosti Roland flew into San Antonio to receive treatment. After just one session, said he felt 5-10 years younger.


I came to Airrosti because I have 3 torn ligaments in my ankle. And I’ve had 2 prior ACL injuries and had 2 major surgeries on my knees. I’m a professional basketball player in Europe. I’ve been playing in Europe for over 10 seasons and, just with the problems with my knees alone, I really was in doubt if I would ever play again.

My agent just, word of mouth, kind of found out about the Airrosti clinic and was like, “You’ve been doing the physical therapy stuff for about a month/a month and a half, and you’re seeing results—but it’s not the results you really need to get back out and compete. Why don’t we give this a try?”

So he got in contact with one of clinics in San Antonio. I flew down. And I just have to say that, after the first day, I walked out of here feeling like I was 5-10 years younger! It’s the most amazing thing that I’ve ever experienced as far as just actually feeling the results and feeling rejuvenated after a session.

I’ve been doing regular physical therapy for many years with many different injuries. And, of course, it helps to a certain degree…but nothing like Airrosti. The procedures that they did with me have just been phenomenal. I would recommend this basically to anybody. It’s not just for professional athletes, it’s for everyday hardworking people to your weekend warrior.

I just have to say that Airrosti is probably the best thing I’ve ever done or experienced in a long time. Because of Airrosti, I feel like I have a couple more years that I’ll be able to play and enjoy the thing I love the most to do—and that’s to play professional basketball.

Airrosti gets an “A” from me. It’s just incredible. I’d like to thank the people here (at Airrosti)…and I’ll be back!