5 Reasons to Start Biking Today

5 Reasons to Start Biking

No two exercises are the same. Different workouts involve different muscles, different movements, or different ways of training your body. Depending on your body type and goals, some exercises might be more beneficial to you than others. There is one exercise, however, that’s almost universally loved by athletes: biking. What makes biking unique from most other exercises?

1. Biking is Very Low Impact

Many exercises cause strain on your bones, joints, and muscles. This can be from too much weight or resistance, or it can be the nature of the exercise.
Take running for instance. When you run, each time your foot hits the ground you put all of your weight (and then some) onto your foot, your ankle, your knee, and your hip. If your form isn’t perfect, this can lead to a serious injury.
Biking lessens the impact on your joints and bones. Instead of the high impact movements involved in running, your energy is rotational, so you distribute the strain more evenly throughout your legs.

2. Biking is (Almost) a Full-Body Workout

Although not a ‘full-body’ workout in the traditional sense, you use many more muscles when biking than you realize. You strengthen your legs as you propel yourself further. You strengthen your abdomen and back muscles to keep yourself upright and go over hills. And you strengthen your heart as you ride for an extended period of time.
You may not feel it in your core the same way you would after sit-ups or other ab workouts, but you still use a variety of muscles every time you get on a bike.

3. Biking Gets You Outdoors

When you exercise in a gym, you’re always stuck in the same environment. You may get bored of exercise, and that’s not what anyone wants. Biking, on the other hand, allows you to change up your routine and see new scenery every time you go out.
Did you take a left last time you rode? Well, why not try taking a right this time? See your surroundings in a new light, and get to know your neighborhood like you never thought you would.
Being outside in the sun also helps you get more vitamin D, which your body uses to better absorb calcium and keep your bones healthy and strong.

4. Biking Boosts Your Immune System

Exercise, in general, boosts your immune system, but being on a bike is like putting it in overdrive. Biking gets you outdoors, gets you fresh air, and helps all of your systems function better.
It also puts less stress on your body than other forms of cardio, so if you’re not feeling 100%, you can still go out and hit the road to get your body running smoothly.

5. Biking is Just Plain Fun

Remember being younger and hopping on your bike? Remember feeling the wind on your face, the excitement of being in nature, and the thrill of roaring down the road at 20 miles per hour with nothing separating you from the asphalt but a thin bit of tire? Well, you can have that again, it’s as easy as going down to the store and picking up a bike.
When you keep exercise fun, you keep exercising. The more you exercise, the healthier you become. So if you’re looking to shed a few pounds, or even if you’re an experienced fitness pro looking to try something new, hop on a bike and get pedaling.
Although biking is a low impact exercise, there are still risks associated with it. Falling, for one, can cause injury, but even having an improperly set up bike seat and handlebars can leave your back sore and neck strained. That’s where Airrosti comes in. Our expert trainers take the time to find the root cause of your pain and fix it fast. If you’re experiencing pain, don’t hesitate to call Airrosti or visit us online to schedule an appointment, so you can get back to doing what you love.

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