Banish Body Pain

Banish Body Pain

Today’s blog is written by Airrosti’s Dr. Amanda Gibson in Bastrop, TX. Read her article below to learn more about why the foam roller is such a beneficial fitness tool.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could stop injuries before they happen? Maybe you are completely healthy and want to stay that way, or maybe you’re experiencing the everyday symptoms of chronic pain, acute stages of an injury, or have inflamed and sore areas of your body.
Whatever your circumstance, if you’re ready to take action for yourself and your health, it’s time you learned how to use one simple tool. This tool will help you find and relieve your sore spots, uncover tightness and then annihilate it. This tool will improve your range of motion, teach you how to breathe and relax, and substantially increase your body awareness. Finally, this tool is easy to use and puts you in control of your body and your healing.
No, this isn’t magic, this is something tangible and useful. This tool is the foam roller−­ an inexpensive piece of equipment that looks like a giant tube. The foam roller will find and destroy your calf and knee pain, your butt and back pain, keep your mid back moving like a yogi, and so much more.
True, the foam roller will see the very worst and the very best of you as you silently curse its curves, then thank it for the relief and recovery. Your breathing and body awareness will improve when you dedicate time to your roller, pledging to use it regularly. If you’re into DIY, the foam roller is the ultimate tool designed banish pain and rebuild the toughest bodies around. Spend a few moments a day working out your hotspots, encouraging blood circulation, and flexibility in your tissues and joints.
At Airrosti, we teach people in office and in local mobility workshops how to use the foam roller to alleviate body pain. This simple tool can do a lot to boost circulation in sore areas and promote supple muscles and tissue. With regular attention, your body can go from house of pain to a temple of health, keeping you out of the doctor’s office and in charge of your own healing.
Foam rolling can be key in decreasing your pain and improving your muscle recovery times, but it can’t solve everything. If you have an injury or area that needs more help than foam rolling alone can provide, the trained team at Airrosti is here to help. Give us a call or visit us online to schedule your appointment today, and get pain free fast!

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