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Became an Airrosti Provider:2013

Undergraduate School:Texas State University

Graduate School:Parker University

Hometown:Austin, TX

Hobbies:Rock climbing, trail running, family time, cooking, reading, gardening.

Interesting Facts:Married to Steven Gibson in 2011; Had preemie baby (3.3oz) Lucas in 2014; Ran across the Grand Canyon in 2016 (24+miles); Completed Hell’s Hills 50k in 2019; Awarded Best in Bastrop 2019 – Chiropractor – Runner-Up. I’m really into rock climbing and have a goal to visit as many new climbing areas as possible in my lifetime. Pastimes include canning apples, jam and baking sourdough bread.

What Airrosti Means to Me:Since joining the Team in 2013, I have been continually impressed with this company’s ability to take care of their own people. Airrosti has given me a mission and a family.

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by Mike O’Hara

I met Dr. Gibson at a fitness convention at the Airrosti booth. I spoke with her about my hip and knee issues (that have come and gone since high school), along with my “not so good” first experience with another Airrosti Provider. I’m a personal trainer and gym owner, so I showed her some videos of some of the corrective exercises I was doing. She was impressed and assured me she could help me, so I set up an appointment. She fixed me in one session like it was nothing! Her attention to detail, knowledge, and ability to listen with intention are what separates her from any other Airrosti Provider, Chiropractor, massage therapist, physical therapist, or other bodyworker! She’s the best, hands down, and I cannot recommend her enough!

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by Kathy Toensing

I HIGHLY recommend Airrosti in Bastrop, TX under the care of Dr. Amanda Gibson and Rebekah, who teaches you how to do the exercises prescribed by Dr. Gibson. I have had ankylosing spondylitis since I was 12 years old, and since being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis 10 years ago, I have seen many rheumatologists and tried many of the various medications to help relieve symptoms of arthritis. My body doesn’t respond well to most of these types of medications. As a result, the only medication that currently take for my pain is hydrocodone, which I do not want to take but it helps manage the pain. I was leery about going to a chiropractor, but after seeing Dr. Gibson, I wish I had found her many years ago! I always knew that I needed to + show morekeep moving, but now that I have learned exercises that I can do at home to maintain my movement, I am feeling so much better! My goal is to eliminate the need to take the hydrocodone. I am so very grateful for the expertise and care of these ladies! They treat the whole person and not just they physical body. I will be forever grateful for their help and compassion!

by Tina Cain

I’ve known for years how effective the quick and lasting outcomes are of the Airrosti approach on pain issues that have surfaced for me a few times. Dr. Gibson is very knowledgeable with technique and is very detailed in her explanation of treatment. What launched her into next level expertise was her confidence in helping my 87 year old momma with some severe hip pain she was having. My mom trusted my suggestion to see Dr. Gibson and after just the first visit she experienced complete relief. To see the look of comfort come over my mom’s face in that moment where I knew Dr. Gibson had found the right combination of pressure was the glorious release! Aside from my own personal gratitude, I cannot say enough wonderful things about the ver+ show morey caring and skilled Dr. Amanda Gibson!

by Salvador Esparza

I came in to see Dr. Gibson with a lower back problem with pains and cramps shooting down to my hamstrings. The exercises she gave me were direct to the point. I’ve had these annoying issues for 2 months and now they are gone.

by Connie McMahan

Once again Dr Gibson’s amazing and this time therapy and specialized exercises got me back on my bicycle, mountain trails and running in record time. Other doctors tell this clumsy 61 year old woman with back and knee issues to be careful and only walk. Dr Gibson gives me the therapy, exercises and encouragement to recover and live my life to the fullest with out the pain and long recovery from surgery.

by Mary Teague

Dr. Gibson helped me through teaching me exercises, how the body works (education), and how to help myself (practice). Dr. Gibsons techniques work so much so, when I injured myself a second time; I paid private pay so I could ensure I got treatment from Dr. Gibson!!! I continue to refer my friends and family too

by Mervyn Doherty

Ten years of pain and Docter Gibson spotted the trouble area right away. I was very impressed with her knowledge and ability. She is certainly the doctor to go to if you live in Bastrop County.

by Jana Hellsbusch

I have had lower back pain on and off for years and recently more than usual hip pain. Dr. Gibson was able to identify the painful location and the problems causing the pain. Her deep tissue massage combined with physical therapy that I can do at home has been a tremendous relief. I highly recommend this type of treatment and this particular DC.

by Tatevic Shakaryan

When I first came to Airrosti and met Amanda, I thought she was going to think I am crazy. I’m young and yet I was always in pain, back pain, headaches, ankles, and feet, I mean head to toe literally. I had a baby a few months prior and pregnancy really did a toll on my body, as did nursing. Amanda was a GODSEND! She listened to each of my complaints on day one and at each of my visits. We came up with a game plan on how to treat and educate me on my body. I am so beyond grateful. I was finally able to wake up without pain and actually get sleep at night. Unfortunately, we have since moved, or else I would love for Amanda to treat me during my second pregnancy.

by Rebecca Bishop

Dr. Gibson is awesome. I came in originally with a severely pinched nerve in my neck, had hip issues and knee pain. Dr. Gibson has not only corrected the alignment causing all of these issues, but we discovered that the pinched nerve was directly related to/causing the migraines I had been suffering from. She has also taught me how to treat my body better, to listen to it when I’m hurting and how to stretch/exercise to keep me out of her office!!

by Debbi Goertz

I went in the Airrosti office because I have issues with muscles in my back. Dr. Gibson examined my back and after careful evaluation, she manipulated the muscles and relieved my pain. Exercises were suggested which should help prevent my back muscles from spasming. I am very happy with the treatment I received.

by Dennis Patrick

I was rear-ended in a car accident and didn’t start hurting till three days later. I called and made an appointment with Airrosti. Immediately after the first session, I was out of pain for a couple of days. I went for a second session and was painless for a longer period of time. After the fourth session, I really felt great without any pain or stiffness. This is unreal to out of pain in that short period of time. I highly recommend everyone go to Airrosti for a quick recovery.

by Brandy Schwettmann

When I went in to see Dr.Gibson for the fist time, I had not been able to move my neck for about a month, suffered terrible shoulder and neck pain and after 4 visits with Dr. Gibson, I have 95 % movement in my neck and shoulder as I am so very grateful for Dr.Gibson and Rebekah! Thank you ladies and it was great getting to learn from you both and if I have any other needs I know where to go…. months of pain and in just 4 sessions I feel amazing! Thank you, both for the tools to improve my health and wellness!!

by Maria Sanchez

I am extremely grateful I found Dr. Gibson. I have had this chronic neck/shoulder pain for over 10 years. The pain affected my daily routines, work and sleep. I have no other way to put it except daily misery. In the past I had tried chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, cupping, PT, trigger point injections and Rx meds with no relief. Today was my third visit with Dr. Gibson and am extremely pleased with results. I felt tremendous relief after my second visit. I can’t thank her enough. James has also been great with providing a home exercise plan that has been very helpful as well. I would strongly recommend Airrosti for any aches and pains!

by Dana Thornton

I owe Dr Amanda Gibson a debt of gratitude that I can only hope to repay by spreading the news of how she has helped me SO MUCH! She treated me for carpal tunnel syndrome and also for 2 herniated discs, L4 and L5. I think of her several times a day as I hear her voice in my head (shoulders back, chin in, tighten abs, squeeze glutes, breathe…) I know that I am sleeping better and living a MUCH improved quality of life because of Dr Gibson and without surgery! She really cares about her patients and I am SO thankful for all of her wisdom and determination. Everyone should try Airrosti before even considering surgery.

by Michelle Rodriguez

I started going to Dr. Gibson for hip pain associated with pregnancy. She did an incredible job releasing that pain and teaching me ways to avoid it each day. I am so thankful for her knowledge and expertise. She was fun to talk to and always had a positive attitude. I highly recommend her for anyone with any kind of pain.

by Michelle Rodriguez

At the risk of sounding overly dramatic, Dr. Gibson has been the best thing that has happened to my knee. As an energetic 32 year old mom, and after 6 knee surgeries over the span of 10 years, airrosti has been an incredible tool in helping manage and control the pain I feel from arthritis, surgury, improper posture, and lack of meniscus. Which in turn gives me the ability to be a playful, adventurous parent. She is honest, and addresses the entire being, not just “what hurts.” She has also helped me with my hips while I was pregnant, and my back after an intense workout session. I’ve learned so much from her, and the application of that helps me live healthier and a more active lifestyle. Plus she gets my humor and talks personally, whi+ show morech during a painful treatment goes a very long way. My knee and body hasn’t felt this whole since I can remember. I recommend her to everyone.

by Suellen Payne

I literally lost the ability to use both of my arms; it happened for no apparent reason and within a matter of hours after severe pain hit my shoulders. The pain was unbearable; a deep ache and numbness from the elbow into my fingers. I went to see an orthopedic specialist who sent me for several MRI’s, then to a brain/spine specialist who then sent me to a neurologist. Nothing conclusive came from those visits except more testing and many prescriptions. Dr. Gibson listened to my stories, looked at my x-Rays and began my therapy. Long story short, I have complete movement in my arms/shoulders and little to no pain. We are still working through deeper issues and making immense progress. I am so grateful to have found Dr. Gibson!

by Suellen Payne

When I first talked to Dr. Gibson; I couldn’t raise either arms above elbow level and I had no strength in my shoulders, arms and very little in my hands. The pain was unbearable. I had been to see a total of 2 Drs & 3 specialists and still no answers just more tests and more medicine. With her help, I began to see improvement after 2 sessions. And after a month or so, the breakthrough happened…she was working very hard on my right shoulder and the last tight “string” gave way. I burst into tears because in that moment the pain was gone and I could reach almost straight up in the air. I am still doing my stretches and exercises; there are days I have soreness, but overall I have I would say at least 98% mobility back and about 65% of + show moremy strength. She is my miracle worker, my support and I would 100% recommend treatment with her!

by Ruth Boland

Amanda since I saw you in November I have improved so much. Between using the techniques I learned from you with the ball , acupuncture and laser therapy on my scars it is amazing how much better I feel overall. Thank you for helping me learn how to better to respond to my aches and pains. If this could become a part of the accepted practices for PAIN MANAGEMENT we all would be better off, as there are no side effects except LESS PAIN and BETTER MOVEMENT. Thanks again for helping me out and if there is anything I can do for you let me know.

by Marcus Smith

It has been almost a year since I’ve seen Dr. Gibson.I have been suffering from chronic back, hip, shoulder, and neck pain for 7 years. I have tried everything, physical therapy, pain meds, massage therapy, acupuncture, and none of it helped. Dr. Gibson definitely had her work cut out for her, but I read up on Airrosti and liked what I read. I have friends that get steroid injections or nerves burned to treat their pain, most of them have it done every month or so. Being shot up with steroids or having nerves burnt was not what I wanted, I know that repeating these treatments over and over will create scar tissue which I can tell you will cause problems later in your life.
I have a 1 inch forward displacement of my L5 vertebrae+ show more, which was fused there 30 years ago, I have a vertebrae in my neck that is a 1/2 inch out of place plus massive bone spurring, I also suffered chronic pain in shoulders which after several MRI’s none of the doctors could tell me why. I had to change PCP’s and noticed the sign for Airrosti, I checked them out and then made appointment. I spoke with Dr. Gibson and was impressed with her knowledge and her purposed treatment.
The first time I saw her I was using a cane, I could barely get up let alone stand up straight. Now I am not using a cane, I can stand up and sit down with very little difficulty thanks to Dr. Gibson, I can also stand up straight with my head held high. I praise God for leading me to Airrosti.
Thank you Dr. Amanda Gibson for everything.

by Doug K.

I am very impressed with Airrosti in general and your professional and educational approach in specific. You have not only helped me significantly to reduce the pain and lack of mobility I was experiencing, but you educated me on how to avoid it as it flares up from time to time, without having to have as much further treatments. I am happy to recommend you and Airrosti to anyone!