You’ve been diligent with your foam rolling habits, but maybe you’ve still got some knots that you just can’t seem to workout. Now what? This is when the lacrosse ball comes into play.

How a Lacrosse Ball WorksBenefits of a Lacrosse Ball

Like foam rollers, lacrosse balls can be used to break down kinks in your body that may be causing stiffness or pain. These kinks and knots are typically comprised of scar tissue or adhesions on the muscle fibers and fascia. If left untreated, these adhesions can stress your muscles and cause tightness that leaves you susceptible to injury.

While the foam roller is great at working out knots in larger muscle groups like the quads, back, and glutes, the smaller lacrosse ball can target smaller areas with more precision to let you get to the root of the pain.

Since the lacrosse ball is so targeted, you usually don’t want to put your full body weight on the ball, but applying slight pressure can release these knotted trigger points and break up adhesions. This leaves you feeling limber and helps avoid future injuries.

When to Use a Lacrosse Ball

A lacrosse ball can be used on a daily basis to keep your body flexible and pain free. Working in a few exercises to your morning can help you start your day. You can also keep a lacrosse ball in your desk at work and use it during breaks.

Using a lacrosse ball after a workout can also help your body cool down and relieve any tension brought on by your cardio or weight lifting session.

How to Use a Lacrosse Ball

There are multiple ways target specific muscles using a lacrosse ball. You can view our Mobility Monday videos for instruction on how to use this and other mobility tools to increase your flexibility and eliminate pain.

If nagging pain or stiff muscles have been keeping you from doing what you love, locate an Airrosti provider near you to start your treatment plan. We pinpoint the root of the problem and treat it directly at the source to get you back on your feet, fast.

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