Healthy Habits One Step at a Time

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You have the healthy recipes, the workout plans, the new water bottle, and a fridge full of vegetables. This should be all you need to jumpstart your healthy habits, right? It can’t be that hard.
In fact, it isn’t that hard. It isn’t difficult to switch soda for water. It isn’t difficult to eat more veggies. It isn’t difficult to get more sleep. It isn’t even that difficult to add exercises to your weekly routine.
What is difficult is trying to do all of these things at once. It’s especially difficult if these practices are new to you and none of them are habits already. It’s like juggling when you’ve never juggled before — things are destined to fail.
Instead, start with one thing at a time. Once you get that under control, add another and another until you’ve accomplished all of your goals.

One Step at a Time

Some fitness professionals are now turning to “habit based coaching” and ditching the rigid meal plans and perfect exercise programs. They start by┬ásimply adding in a daily practice.
You start with one habit that you can perform daily, like taking a 15-minute walk, and once that becomes habit after two weeks, you add on another habit. After six months or so, you’ll be transformed!

Follow Through

Start small. Help yourself see your plan through by starting small and building up from there. Easy starting points are aiming to drink eight cups of water a day, sleep eight hours a night, or exercise 30 minutes each day. Choose one thing and follow it through for two weeks before adding on a new habit.
Make it measurable. Make sure your habits are clear and easily measurable. Instead of trying to “eat more veggies,” try aiming to “eat a cup of vegetables at every meal.” This way, at the end of the day, you know whether or not you’ve met your goal.
Set yourself up for success. Make sure you practice habits that you feel confident you can achieve. Even if the habit is very small, the fact that you can do it on a daily basis and continually meet your goal will boost your confidence and give you motivation to stay on track.
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