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Became an Airrosti Provider:2018

Undergraduate School:University of The Incarnate Word

Graduate School:Parker University

Hometown:Premont, Texas

Hobbies:I like anything outdoors such as biking, hiking, running, camping, fishing and hunting. Also, cheering on the San Antonio Spurs!

Interesting Facts:I was the first in my family to graduate from college. My dad’s family is from El Salvador and they migrated to the US in the 1980’s, and never went back. I had the opportunity to do a chiropractic mission trip and was able to explore my roots. I also did a mission trip to Cusco, Peru for an entire summer before attending Chiropractic school. All throughout college, I was determined to go to medical school. The week of my graduation I changed my plans to attend Chiropractic school, all because my mother couldn’t drive to her chiropractic appointment.

What Airrosti Means to Me:Airrosti means family. I’m more than certain that my purpose in life is to serve. Airrosti gave me the opportunity to do just that. Not only that, but they are extremely supportive, it does make me count my blessings, twice.

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by Rose Bailey

I have gone to Dr. Zelaya for treatment for many reasons, and every time her treatments have been spot on. She is extremely knowledgeable and has helped me make the needed adjustments to my daily work routine. I am in Care Management from home, I use a desk riser so lots of sitting and standing throughout the day. Plus, I use a headset to do my job. If you are experiencing pain from your job, or from using devices such as laptops, or phone use, make an appointment to see Dr. Zelaya. Between her treatments and Nelson’s PT exercise at home routine, they will get you feeling great again.

by Yalitza Ortiz

Today was my first day of treatment for plantar fasciitis. I briefly knew about the condition and knew some exercises. As I was assessed for my first visit I was given detailed info on where exactly the pain begins and ends. I honestly had no clue that my condition had anything to do with my legs as I had pain just in my heels. Dr. Zelaya made me feel so comfortable with my visit and explained everything to me that I honestly didn’t have many questions (I am one to ask A LOT of questions) at the end of my assessment. After my treatment with Dr. Zelaya I was then taken to Jeff. He helped me with exercises that I will need to do daily. I was also very at ease with Jeff during my therapy session and felt very much informed on my condition+ show more. I can honestly say I am EXCITED for my future visits and HIGHLY recommend to anyone in need of assistance with physical therapy.

by Jesse Pena

I called Airrosti on a Monday and they set me up for an appointment the next day. Initially, I was a bit skeptical because I had been dealing with a pulled muscle and knee issues for sometime now. I went to Airrosti 3 times and in that short period of time it truly was life changing, my leg healed, I learned to stretch and exercise the right way, the way that benefits me and my body. I had just sustained a injury to my right leg and had a World Series baseball tournament in Vegas a few weeks later, I came into Airrosti for 3 visits, left to Vegas, played all 5 games in our tournament and ended up being named MVP for the whole tournament. Had it not been for Dr, Zelaya and Dr. Jeff at Airrosti I truly don’t think I would’ve played. Th+ show moreank you for getting me in so fast and really taking care of me and helping my body heal and recuperate in time for my tournament.

by Pedro Martinez

Dr. Tunde, Dr. Zelaya, and Amanda Torres were amazing. They targeted my pain, gave me a treatment plan, and helped me participate in activities I have missed due to my shin splints. The whole team was attentive and helpful in understanding my issues and showing me proper techniques to stretch to avoid further injury in the future. Thank you to the entire staff and team!!

by Anastacia Gatica

After spending countless trips to several knee specialists, with no real diagnosis on my daughter’s knee. I decided to try Airrosti to assess and rehab her knee, in the beginning, it was tough but results were taking part. My daughter is back on the court enjoying herself and has been getting that stubborn knee stronger and stronger. Thanks to Dr. Zelaya and her concern, my daughter is pain-free!!!

by Debbie Oblitas

I came to Dr. Jenay defeated physically and mentally due to plantar fasciitis. As an avid runner and hiker, my life was turned upside down. Dr. Jenay never gave up on my journey. When one thing didn’t work, she tried another. She consulted colleagues and always had my health and best interest in mind. Because of her thoroughness and research, she was able to find an underlying problem that actually was causing the PF – thyroid issues!!! Had she not gone the extra mile, I’d never known this to be a factor of my issue. Since then, I’ve gotten treatment and was able to complete the Rock and Roll Half Marathon this past December. Thank you guys so much! 

by Sue Ellen Osorio

I was treated with what I thought was postpartum carpal tunnel but after a couple of visits, Jenay diagnosed me with De Quervain’s tendonitis. She was knowledgeable and was so compassionate through the process. I also really appreciated Katie’s help with physical therapy and her rocking tape skills. Both are such a great team! I will be back for chapter 2 (knee) and will for sure be using both of them again! Be sure to ask for this duo, you won’t regret the treatment you receive.

by Cyndee Dubinski

I have had Achilles Tendinitis for over a year. I have tried exercises for stretching out the fascia from my foot to my hamstrings with some improvement but still suffered sharp pain every morning! One of my patients, Heather Wedding, came into our office wearing an AIRROSTI logo shirt and I asked if she thought AIRROSTI therapy would help me. She explained that my tendinitis is exactly the Soft Tissue Injury ( the 3 last letters in AIRROSTI ) that they’ve had success with and asked if I was ready to give it a try. That same day I was able to make my first visit with Jenay Zelaya DC. Jenay is very personable, knowledgeable and competent in her AIRROSTI skills. She evaluated me and started Myofascial release. I have to admit that at first+ show more I wondered what I had signed up for, but the results of our first session were amazing! I then had 2 more sessions and can honestly say that I’m pain-free. I have an occasional twinge, but nothing like before my treatment. I’m very happy that I tried AIRROSTI and will recommend it to my friends, family and patients! If I ever have a soft tissue injury I will definitely go to Dr. Jenay Zelaya right away at AIRROSTI.

by Daniel Mendez

My experience at Airrosti was highlighted by a welcoming and knowledgeable staff. Scheduling was flexible and appointments were available on short notice. The treatment was focused on correcting the underlying root cause issues of my injury in addition to reducing pain. I saw an immediate improvement in pain levels and continue to do at home exercises for long-term correction. Dr. Jenay truly made it a great experience and went above and beyond. She had a sincere compassion for my recovery and a genuine passion for the field. Her check-ins and focus on patient education show her investment into the health of her patients.

by Karen Umlang

My daughter Kat came in for Airrosti because of pain in her knee. The pain was such that Kat was sidelined with her ballet career. A visit to her medical doctor resulted in the usual, “do nothing for a week, then go slow & come back if your knee is still bothering you.” Sounds like great advice unless you are training to become a professional ballerina, have a performance in 2 weeks, and are supposed to leave for an out-of-state training opportunity in 4 weeks, but can only go if you can perform at 100%. Dr. Jenay took the time to get to know Kat and how her knee pain was impacting her life. Dr. Jenay identified the problem within the first visit…Kat’s patella (knee cap) wasn’t tracking properly, due to a tight IT Band & a weak+ show more muscle. Being a dancer, Kat is extremely flexible so Dr. Jenay had to consider what was a normal range of motion for Kat when assessing her current situation. By the end of the first visit, with proper manipulation, Kat’s range of motion was improved. She followed up with exercises for homework and 2 more visits over a 3 week span. 4 weeks after Kat’s first visit to Dr. Jenay, Kat is training at Milwaukee Ballet for the summer, pain free & with no limitations. Kat continues to do her exercises prescribed by Dr.Jenay. Dr. Jenay continued to follow up on Kat’s progress even after discharging her. She really took the time to listen & get to know Kat and her world of ballet. Without wonderfully trained Airrosti docs like Dr. Jenay Zelaya, Kat would not be living her dream today.