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Became an Airrosti Provider:2013

Undergraduate School:Texas Tech University

Graduate School:University of Western States

Hometown:Spring, TX

Hobbies:Fantasy football guru and long-suffering Texas Tech Red Raider fan.

Interesting Facts:Once stopped a Pearl Jam concert after slipping on a muddy pipe and taking out about 50 other fans in domino fashion on my way to the ground.

Awards and Recognitions:Cum Laude Graduate (Class of 2011): University of Western States, Doctor of Chiropractic; United States Army Soldier of the Year (2006): 173rd Airbone Brigade and Southern European Task Force

What Airrosti Means to Me:Airrosti is quite simply the treatment answer to common injuries that traditionally frustrate patients and providers alike. It is the answer to so many who have \"tried everything else.\" There really is nothing like the Airrosti Experience.

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by Maegan Ormesher

I have gone to Dr. Welch for three separate issues and each has been corrected and no follow-up issues with each injury. Dr. Welch and his staff are very kind and thoughtful people.

by Carlota Jeffrey

I am so thankful for Dr. Welch and Ben they are awesome. I came in with sciatica in my right leg. The exercises they told me do we’re great. They are so caring and understanding. I will highly recommend them to family and friends if needed. Thank you so much.

by Vicky Suter

I became a patient of Dr. Welch and Ben after suffering progressively worsening neck, shoulder, and back pain over the past three years. I’d also had gait abnormalities from having minimal foot arches and chronic ankle/foot pain from tendon tear repair surgery five years ago. I am 47 years old, work in healthcare in physically confining environments, and also have a small business/hobby that requires repetitive motion of my arms and hands. I’d used anti-inflammatory medications and massage therapy in the past, but they were no longer effective for my pain. I was facing the possibility of giving up my dream career and favorite hobby to save myself from constant pain. I realized that my poor posture was a large part of my problem, and cons+ show moreulted my doctor for a physical therapy referral. She recommended Airrosti as it had worked well for her, and told me that most patients usually see results in 3-5 sessions rather than 10-15 sessions doing traditional physical therapy. Though I work in nursing I’d never heard of Airrosti before, but decided to give it a try. I could not have asked for better providers or a better experience! Dr. Welch’s assessments were comprehensive and Ben’s education was well-structured and easy to follow. I also appreciated that the Airrosti website was thorough and easy to navigate. On my initial visit, my upper body pain was a 8/10; immediately after therapy it was a 2/10. During treatment for my ankle, I participated in a medical mission in China. I spent multiple hours on commercial plane flights, worked long days with minimal sitting, and hiked six miles in a national park mostly uphill . . . all without ankle pain. That to me was nothing short of a true MIRACLE! As a nurse, I treat my patients with the level of care I’d like to receive myself and always try to go the extra mile for them. It is extremely humbling to me to be in the care of providers with the same practice. Dr. Jonathan Welch and Ben are absolutely amazing, and I am so very thankful every day since my therapy that they gave me my life back, PAIN FREE!

by Sam Daynos

I injured myself a month away from my marathon. Walking, jogging and especially running hurt so bad. Dr. Jonathan Welch has helped me tremendously in just one visit only and the pain was 95% gone. I was able to even run my long run of 18miles and the week I saw him even run 25-30 miles. It was amazing how the treatment helped. If not for Dr. Welch and his assistant Ben, I would not be able to do my marathon. Thank you so much! I did finish my marathon 12-3-2017 at the Rock n’ Roll San Antonio.

by Marc Vandusen

I was dealing with nagging soccer injuries for a couple of years. Adductor, lower back and pelvic area. I went to multiple doctor visits, X ray and CT Scan. Nothing worked until I met Dr. Welch and Airrosti! After one visit I was playing again and after three visits I was healed! I highly recommend Dr. Welch! Marc Vandusen

by Melissa Bialowas

After a foot injury, I started walking and running differently. This caused incredible knee pain. In just two treatments my knee pain went away and now, more than 6 months later, it still has not come back. I highly recommend giving it a try!

by Lisa Horn

I saw Dr. Olson for carpal tunnel syndrome which I have endured for 14 years. My hands and wrists would go numb almost nightly and wake me several times a night. I rarely have symptoms during the day, so I just put up with the night time numbness and tingling that I had to shake off to get relief. I wore braces at night on and off, but they were uncomfortable and didn’t help much. I did not want to have surgery. Dr. Olson did several assessments and took time to read my past medical reports of tests I had for my symptoms. He was determined to help me and tried a few different strategies. He did lots of deep tissue massage and explained the reasons behind each different test and therapy used. He took extra time to tape my forearms and wri+ show morests, which helped tremendously. He also has a great personality and a passion for helping people get better.I saw him about 4 times. My carpal tunnel symptoms are not completely gone, but I am waking up less at night and have noticed I have more energy throughout the day since I am sleeping better! I work in the fitness industry and have recommended Airrosti to several of my clients and peers.

by Wes Colvin

After contemplating injections or lifetime pain, I visited Dr. Welch at Airrosti. I was amazed at the results from only a few visits. I had been suffering from severe pain in my plantar fascia and Achilles tendon for nearly six months. With the treatment and education provided by Dr. Welch and LG, I have transitioned from excruciating pain to almost complete recovery in less than a month. Airrosti has given me back my ability to not only move without pain, but also to return to regular exercise.

by Lori Ellis

Dr. Welch helped me to move into the wonderful experience of a life without chronic pain in my back. This pain was so detrimental to my well being for 8 years. His excellent care and life changing advice about changes I needed to make with my body posture and care was the perfect combination for success. Thank and God bless you, Dr. Welch! You owe it to yourself to check out the Airrosti method!

by Kristy Upp

Prior to coming to Airrosti, I had endured multiple spinal injections, 4 years of 3x a week chiropractic care, and had already had a complete disk replacement. I still had pain in my back that was causing me to take medication, limited my activity, and just over all be uncomfortable. In only 4 visits Dr Welch and his team taught me the skills, exercises and tools needed to relieve my pain. I gained my full range of movement back. I was very skeptical coming in that anything would work as I felt like I had already tried it all, and I was just doomed to have a life of pain and medications. I can not believe that I sit here today pain free. It was some work, but 15 minutes out of my day to do some quick exercises to let me get through the d+ show moreay with little to no pain is completely worth it!! I really wish I had known about Airrosti 15 years ago. Thanks Dr. Welch and your amazing staff!

by Linda Reed

After several years of low back pain that started after we had moved from Addison to Frisco, I decided to go back to the gym and lift some light hand weights. With good intentions I incorrectly picked up one of the weights and locked my right shoulder straining my rotator cuff. At church shortly after my injury a friend of mine recommended Airrosti due to his speedy recovery with Dr Welch and Justin. I made the appointment and to my surprise after a few short visits my shoulder was pain free and I have regained full range of motion now. I then pursued help with my back pain using the Airrosti approach. I have spent $$$ with little relief through massage and other sources. After only a few visits and following the recommended homework I c+ show morean now say I have started to jog a little! I am thrilled with the results and will recommend Dr Welch and Justin to anyone who is injured and suffering in pain as I have!

by Michael Gantt

I came in to see Dr. Welch for upper back pain that was making me immobile. After only a few visits and doing some homework with the rubber band/ball I fully recovered. The thing that I liked most about the program was setting up goals to get you healthy with as few visits as possible. After being taught how to take care of my back from Dr. Welch and Justin I am able to avoid further injuries. One year since my injury and still going strong!

by Lisa Noyes

I am 44 years old and pulled a calf muscle while running one morning. I couldn’t walk without pain even when walking stiff-legged and flat-footed. Dr. Welch was able to work me in the same day as my injury, and by the end of the first treatment, I was walking without pain. I continued with his recommended therapy regimen, and after the 2nd treatment I was up and running again. Literally. It was an amazing experience. Thank you, Dr. Welch!

by Karla Gant

My daughter, a cheerleader, rolled her ankle during a tumbling pass. Her ankle literally looked like she had a small apple on the side of it. The next morning she could not put any weight on it. I took her to our ortho where she was diagnosed with a grade 2-3 sprain and placed in a boot. Another mother on our cheer team referred me to Dr Welch after I told her what the ortho had told us. We saw Dr Welch a few days later and he immediately started working with my daughter’s ankle injury. Within 3 weeks after Dr Welch saw my daughter (almost 4 weeks after the injury) she was back to most of her activities and even a little tumbling with very little discomfort. Five weeks after the injury she was released from the ortho to normal act+ show moreivity including cheer. The ortho himself said he was surprised at how fast she had healed. I would recommend airrosti to anyone needing treatment of sprains or needing PT for other injuries. Thank you Dr Welch for helping my daughter return to her activities faster than she normally would have with better healing!

by Steve Dallas

This is a real pleasure to share our 15 yr. old son’s experience with Dr. Jonathan Welch and his Airrosti practice. Micah is a baseball player who battled a pulled quad on his left leg for the final months of his season. He was asked to attend the NTIS in Cary, North Carolina, as the season ended, but we felt if he were not at peak performance, he should stay home. After two sessions with Dr. Welch, Micah was ready to compete in North Carolina, then seven days before scheduled to leave, he sustained a bad ankle sprain. We now thought he wouldn’t be able to play, but Dr. Welch felt he could fix the problem. Once again, after two sessions, Micah was healed and performed well enough to have several college coaches indicate much interes+ show moret in him. To summarize, over a two week period, Dr. Welch healed Micah from a very nagging quad pull then fixed a bad sprained ankle just in time to make the trip. My wife and I highly recommend Dr. Welch and his Airrosti approach.

by Dustin Scherr

My name is Dustin Scherr and my injury happened when I tried to race my 11 year old son without stretching. Let’s just say it did not work out real well for me! I injured my calf muscle, was in extreme pain and could not walk. Thankfully, my friend Michelle Ardoin came to rescue and set me up with Dr. Johnathan Welch first thing the next day. Through his rehab program and 4 office consultations, I am walking like nothing ever happened! I am continuing my exercises to build my muscle back to original mass. Thank you Dr. Welch and Michelle Ardoin.

by Connie Clark

My general practitioner, Dr. Caldwell, referred me to Dr. Welch for lower back pain. By the time I saw Dr. Welch, I was a hunch backed, pain riddled old woman. Even the slightest movement from side to side or down brought me to tears. Dr. Welch and Justin were very patient and listened attentively. I had homework with a foam roller and an ice pack. I do not like ice at all. But Justin gave me some pointers on which to buy. I got one that had pearls and a velcro strap. I love that thing. I can’t say I love the foam roller, but I feel so much better. Dr. Welch has a way of looking at you and really communicating well. I definitely will recommend their services to anyone that would listen. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I can walk, sit, a+ show morend sleep without constant pain and soreness.

by Sharon MacGorman

In 2012, I had re-injured an elbow after falling onto concrete. There was severe muscle damage. After being told about Airrosti through a professional contact I went in for treatment with Dr. Johnson in Carrollton. My elbow was (and still is) better than new. The treatment was not comfortable but so worth the results. In 2015, I sprained my neck after exercising and sought a provider closer to my home and received treatment from Dr. Welch in Frisco. Again, I was very pleased with the results. I am a firm believer in this treatment method. I have told colleagues and friends and have heard only positive success stories re: their treatments.

by Jeff Witt

I went to Dr. Welch with weakness and pain in my elbow. He diagnosed it as bicep tendonitis and only after three treatments I was back to my regular workouts.

by Mari Verastegui

I went to see Dr. Welch for a stiff, painful shoulder. My pain was relieved in the first session! Justin and he taught me exercises that have really helped me regain movement. Not only are they both very knowledgeable, but they are also personable and great conversationalists. I enjoyed each appointment (and that’s hard to say about some healthcare providers). Thank you, Dr Welch, for your excellent care!

by Kinney G.

I was about to have surgery on my right shoulder until I heard about Airrosti. Dr. Welch did his magic and in just two sessions I could my shoulder any way I wanted to. Before the treatment I could not move my up or back. I cannot thank them enough for the job they did for me.

by Mark M.

My sciatic nerve was giving me fits! I thought I was going to have to have surgery to get relief! After one treatment with Dr. Welch I was one hundred percent better after two to three days! This blew me away. I had this problem for a fairly long time. I had heard once you go to see a doctor in this field you have to keep going back again and again. I saw on their website the average was three visits! I went back the next week for my next visit. Image when I said I was 100 percent better, he was glad for me, and said if I am doing that well he didn’t see any reason to do another treatment or charge me for that visit! When has a doctor done that for you? It has been two months since then and still no more pain! I can’t thank him enough!</+ show morep>

by Tamela M.

After nine months of severe hip pain from an injury, I found myself in the office of Dr. Jonathan Welch.
I’m only 51 years old, but could hardly walk and my posture was bent forward in attempt to find relief from the pain. An hour later, I walked out 90 percent improved, in no pain, and perfect posture restored. This treatment is nothing short of a miracle. It was a real shocker to have been able to avoid pills, expensive tests, or even surgery. I’m still in complete awe of my whole experience with Airrosti.

I’m back in the saddle and riding my horse, walking my dog, and bicycling. I can’t express my thanks enough for giving me back my very active life. I now know exactly where to go in the future to eliminate pain. No more + show morewaiting to see if it gets better on its own. Never again will I lose time to pain. To the entire Airrosti team, a most genuine and heartfelt THANK YOU.

by Darell B.

Surgery fixed my excruciating sciatic nerve pain, but nearly 10 years later painful muscle spasms continued and I would often “through my back out.” Dr. Welch’s treatment got really deep into the muscles of my back and then Justin taught me some really great exercises. My back hasn’t felt so good in 20 years. I also had a really tight and painful hamstring on my right side that I believe was related to my back problems. Dr. Welch treated me for that issue and also for my right foot, which had been giving me a lot of pain since January. I now feel pain free and I have learned to move my body the way it is designed to move. I am very grateful for Dr. Welch, Justin and their Airrosti treatment.