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Became an Airrosti Provider:2012

Undergraduate School:Boston University

Graduate School:Palmer College of Chiropractic West

Hometown:Moreno Valley, CA

Hobbies:Playing with kiddos, reading, watching/playing sports.

Interesting Facts:I have been part of the USA Swimming Medical Staff for 10 years and get to travel to exciting International competitions with our team. I have also been the Team Doctor for the Austin Outlaw’s Women’s Football Team for the last 14 years.

Awards and Recognitions:USA Swimming Sports Medicine High Performance Award

What Airrosti Means to Me:It’s a game changer! Being able to positively affect so many patients’ lives in such a short period of time! I’m so happy to have found Airrosti!

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by Wendy Bonn

Tara Morris, DC is the real deal. I had never heard of Airrosti until a news segment about an Olympic swimmer seeking relief from chronic pain, I then drove to Austin from North Texas to see a certain Airrosti practitioner. She also said they promised some real pain relief in less than 5 visits or they would refer you to someone who could help. After a huge surgery I was having excruciating muscle spasms and the surgeons had little advice what to do so I gave it a try. Immediately following one session I could suddenly touch the floor with my fingertips. At the end of our session work my muscle spasms almost completely went away and suddenly I was flexible again. She can work miracles with her hands and training. I’ll admit it really hur+ show morets but 10-30 min of pain for days and months of relief is so worth the temporary treatment site pain!

by Walter McMahan

At 46, I’ve had back problems on and off for over 30 years. The range was a wide gamut from severe spasms that left me incapacitated for a week to the usual something-is-out-of-whack. Two weeks ago my back seized up and it felt like getting stabbed when breathing. After a week of missing work and being in constant pain, enter Airrosti. Oh my, when I think about all the months of my life I could have back if this form of treatment had been around earlier. Three days after my 2nd visit, I was over 90% better. They provide a little manual manipulation (force the fascia to relax) and a good chunk of education on stretches and strength building for the affected area. Sounds simple? Who knew? I love this place. They are not after your money. T+ show morehey are not in the business of coming up with clever ways to keep you coming back. They want you done in 3 visits or less. And their approach works.

by Thad Tucker

I injured my left achilles tendon in October 2014 and developed tendonitis. I rested, visited a podiatrist who prescribed anti inflammatories and orthotic inserts but nothing helped. Each time I started running again the pain in my left heel would return immediately. Finally a coworker recommended Airrosti therapy to me in April 2015. I had never heard of this type of therapy but set an appointment with Dr. Morris. She initially had me complete a variety of walking and movement exercises which really opened my eyes as to how much mobility I had lost in my left leg and ankle. The manipulation of the tendon was somewhat painful but completely worth it as my left leg and foot felt better after the first treatment. The stretching and exercis+ show morees taught to me by Maria were easy to follow. After only three visits I was almost back to 100% and my gait had returned to normal. Amazing! I wish I had discovered Dr Morris, Maria and Airrosti months ago. Highly recommended to anyone with soft tissue injuries.

by David Feltes

Tremendous! I came to the office with a tennis elbow injury that I had randomly fell into literally off a medicine ball that I would sit on at work. My arm hurt a lot, I could barely lift 5 lbs without having forearm and elbow pain. Within 3 visits my arm felt almost 100% better with no pain. I was extremely impressed with their work to the point where I scheduled an appointment for them to look at an ongoing knee pain I had from running and wear and tear over the years. I’m completely fixed now. They’re very progressive experts with flawless techniques and I’d recommend them to my family before anyone else. Thanks Airrosti Rehab!

by Nicole Cantu

I went to Airrosti for back issues–while I didn’t have any single incident or series of incidents that injured me, apparently the tension and carrying too many bags or too heavy of bags at once made my muscles extremely tight. I tried massages, hot baths, stretching, and nothing helped. A friend mentioned going to Airrosti for neck/upper back issues and finding it very helpful, so I decided to do the same. It was worth the investment of time and money! Dr. Morris worked out the muscles, and observed that my right shoulder blade was actually much higher than it should be because my trapezius muscles were so tight that they were pulling it up. Though I experienced what felt like chronic tension in my back, I had no idea how severe the pro+ show moreblem was. Dr. Morris and her colleagues also showed me several exercises to do with a lacrosse ball and the stretchy bands, concentrating on rolling over my trapezius muscles and strengthening several back muscles. So I did the exercises in the office during my appointments so they could observe and make sure I did them correctly, then I did them at home twice a day (for the most part) in between appointments. They also taped my back at the end of each appointment, which seemed to help. Dr. Morris initially estimated that I would need 2-3 sessions, and I noticed a huge improvement by the 3rd session, but decided it best to have a 4th. My back muscles are much more relaxed now, and I had forgotten how they were supposed to feel! The staff encouraged body awareness going forward so I can notice when the muscles are starting to get tense or tight and intervene early with stretches and exercises. The staff advised continuing to do the exercises as needed for maintenance. Also, I mentioned that I drive a lot for work, so they even suggested a stretch to do by sort of holding the steering wheel and pulling back–which has been very helpful because it’s an effective stretch for me and I can do it in the car, on the go, and don’t have to take extra time out or have any special equipment with me. And they did a good job explaining what had led to the problem, so I have made sure not to cram so much stuff in my big purses so they’re not so heavy, straining my trapezius muscles.