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Became an Airrosti Provider:2012

Undergraduate School:Indiana University

Graduate School:Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport IA

Hometown:South Bend, IN

Hobbies:I enjoy being outdoors with my family, playing guitar, fishing and listening to non-fiction audio books.

Interesting Facts:I have been married to my wife Candace for 24 years and we have been blessed with 4 beautiful children! I was a Massage Therapist prior to becoming an Airrosti Provider. I have 6 sisters and 4 brothers. I lost 60 pounds within a year.

What Airrosti Means to Me:It means taking care of patients like I would a family member. It means listening to my patients and resolving their musculoskeletal injuries as quickly as possible. It means teaching my patients how to be an active participant in their recovery. It means working with other Health Care Providers to do what is best for our patient’s injury resolution. It means having a great day when a patient tells you they’re not in pain anymore!

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by Sonia Hunt

“I had hurt my left hand a few years back to where I fell on it and I hyperextended my middle finger and my ring finger. Never would I expect that my pain that I have on my left shoulder blade and the pain that continues to my lower back, be a result F this injury three years later. Dr. Peregrine and his staff are so great! They are attentive to the problem and help you with so many techniques that you do at home, school and at work! I totally recommend Airrosti Of Waco”!

by Treina Gilbert

In January 2020, I was badly t-boned in a vehicular incident. For months I have been desperate for pain relief. I had tried medicinal methods that seemingly masked the pain and did not fully resolve my pain issues. After my very first visit with Dr. Peregrine, I felt some relief. During the visit I was examined and educated on the reasons I was still experiencing pain. Dr. Peregrine demonstrated how my body reacted during the impact of the wreck that caused my Injuries. After working on my pain areas, He and Maddy taught me exercises that are effective in relieving the pain I have experienced. I am very amazed at the results! Thanks so much Dr. P and Maddy!

by Nita Mays

I have gone to Airrosti in Waco for my back, shoulder, and knee. Dr. Peregrine and Ryan are awesome. They are caring and very informative. They have helped me in relieving pain and making healthy lifestyle adjustments. My daughter is now a patient and very impressed with the treatment she received.

by Sydney Grubic

I wanted to share Squids (Sydney) accomplishments from this past weekend. Her tight hamstring still has issues at times but her exercises help tremendously. Previously, she wasn’t able to get enough speed for her vault due to pain but at the Regional Gymnastic meet at Galveston this weekend and competing with 7 other states, Squid got gold in vault as well as floor. She flew and she said her leg didn’t hurt so she got her speed up. She scores almost perfect with a 9.8 on her floor routine and I know the exercises you taught her, had to be accredited to it.

by Brittaney Anderson

Dr. Peregrine and his assistant Alex helped me so much. My injury to my hamstring has been chronic but immediately after my session, I had pain relief. I’m going to continue to work hard on my rehab to continue the healing and strengthening process. Thank you guys for getting me on the path to recovery!!

by Ruel Sword

Being a long distance runner who foolishly amped up weekly mileage by a considerable amount, I was stopped dead in my tracks with plantar. Dr. Peregrine and Ryan Brown at the Waco Airrosti have gotten me back on my way to running with their techniques and therapy plans. These 2 guys have been so great to me and I cannot say enough about their customer service! I highly recommend Airrosti Waco. Go see Dr. Peregrine and Ryan to help you get rid of your pain!

by Tara Ayers

Airrosti is for anyone, not just athletes! I’m not even sure exactly what happened to my shoulder; there was no specific accident or incident. I just seemed to lose mobility in October and it got worse through the fall. I couldn’t even put away dishes in the kitchen cabinets or carry anything that required both hands to lift, because I couldn’t let my arm move away from my body. By January, I admitted I couldn’t fix it myself. I asked around and friends and my borther all recommended Airrosti, so I made an appointment with my local office. I felt pretty sheepish about going in, because I thought this was a practice for athletes — after all, that was who all had recommended I go there — and I’ve become quite a couch potato the past coup+ show morele of years. Dr. Peregrine and Ryan Brown (the doctor and the PT in my local office) didn’t need to know how I’d lost the use of the arm (good thing, since I’m not at all sure), only what movement I could actually do, relative to the other arm, and where where the pain seemed to center. My treatment was almost finished in three sessions. I suspect the “almost” is because of how long I waited, letting the restriction on my arm really take over. I have one more visit next week. Now I have normal range of motion, can sleep through the night without being awakened by pain, and am getting strength and full use of my arm back. When I first went in, I was feeling old and decrepit (and whiny), but now I’m back to my usual activities. My office visits involved simple assessment of my range of motion, some manipulation of the problem area, and lessons in simple exercises to work on between visits. My “homework” includes simple stretches and strategic use of ice. It’s been quite easy and surprisingly effective! It’s nice to feel like me again. If I ever have another problem with a joint or muscle, I won’t waste time: I’ll go straight to Dr. Peregrine and Ryan, and get it sorted out before it can slow me down!

by Charles Graf

I went to see Dr. Peregrine for sciatica nerve pain. I am very pleased with the results of my Airrosti treatment. Dr. Peregrine’s treatments along with stretching and exercise techniques taught me by Ryan Brown relieved my pain after just 3 visits. I would highly recommend them.

by Joshua Jackson

I came to Airrosti because of how uncomfortable I felt on a daily basis due to a constant pain in my neck and back. No matter what I did: sit, stand, lay down, etc., I was in a constant state of discomfort. I had trouble getting to sleep every night and it would affect how I felt the next day. Dr. Peregrine and Ryan Brown at the Airrosti offices in Waco helped me turn all of that around. They were able to educate me on what I was doing that was causing the problem, and how to take preventative measures going forward. The best part was how involved I got to be in my own recovery process. After Dr. Peregrine worked on me, Ryan laid out a plan or “homework assignments” I could execute at home that would help in my recovery. This education i+ show moretself is worth the visit. I still do the exercises at home to prevent flare ups and improve how I feel. My day-to-day mood has improved tremendously. I go to sleep now with no pain and wake up feeling great everyday. I would recommend Airrosti to anyone dealing with pain. The best part about the staff is they care. If your problem can’t be resolved at their office, they’ll comp your visit and tell you where to go. You can tell they’re goal is to get you in and out in the least amount of visits as possible and to keep you out so that you don’t have to spend more money than you have to on your recovery. The priority is YOU. If for some reason I deal with physical issues down the road, I know where to turn for help. Airrosti helped fix my pain FAST!

by Kyla Leslie

I had a lower back surgery in November 2015. Afterward my muscles in my lower back and hips went into a constant state of spasm and I was drastically hunched forward when I walked and stood. When I started with Airrosti I had tried 12 weeks of traditional physical therapy, and I was one of those that religiously did my home exercises every day. I also went to a pain management dr and tried trigger point injections, as well as several different types of muscle relaxers and pain meds. Finally after months of little relief my neurosurgeon recommended Airrosti. I got in with Dr. Peregrine and Courtney and after just one visit I had dramatic results! I continued with them for about 4 months spreading my appointments further apart as we went. + show moreNow I am almost back to a normal posture. I very highly recommend Airrosti!!!

by Tyson Charlson

Ever since I injured my back in college, my lower back has always given me issues when I worked out at the gym. If it wasn’t for Andy and Courtney, I would still be in a lot of pain. Going to the gym now, is amazing! My back feels great and I can live a pain-free life again.

by Tracy Johnson

Dr.Peregrine and Specialist Courtney are amazing. They both are very professional and “down to earth” people, they have never failed to meet my expectations. I walk in to the Airrosti office in Waco TX with pain due to my health issues and in a day or two I’m feeling little to no pain. I’m also given exercises to do at home to maintain treatment to keep me on target in helping maintain my wellbeing. There’s no other physical therapy I trust to care for my needs because the results are so amazing with Dr. Peregrine and Specialist Courtney.My pain and arthritis is well maintained as along as I continue my visits as needed with Airrosti here in Waco Tx.

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