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Became an Airrosti Provider:2022

Undergraduate School:Life University

Graduate School:Life University

Hometown:St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

Hobbies:Singing, traveling the world, adventure and excursions, watching action-thriller movies, spending time with family and house parties :)

Interesting Facts:I'm pretty good at imitating most people that I come in contact with in a fun way - in actions, words, and accents :)

What Airrosti Means to Me:Airrosti is a super supportive family that allows you to be yourself while helping you to grow in so many ways!!

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by Alexx Holland

So glad to have met Dr. Brittany at my gym. She was right on time in helping me resolve a nagging hip issue. I looked forward to the visits. Within 4 sessions I am feeling 100% better. I am proof that this therapy works!

by Ajmal Wardak

Over a year and a half ago, I had aggravated my right elbow playing golf. The pain was a nuisance and I could not get it to heal. I went to the doctor for some anti inflammatory medicine. The medication definitely helped the pain, but it did not completely heal. Six months later I was referred to Dr Brittany by my primary care physician. We had 3-4 sessions where she worked on the elbow and taught me some stretches and exercises to help eliminate the pain. Dr Brittany is a wonderful health care provider and she has helped me get back to normal. Thanks Dr Brittany!!

by Anne-Marie Boemio

I came to Airrosti looking for relief from Plantar Fasciitis. I was five months into foot pain that affected my ability to workout or even just walk around without being in pain. I had tried physical therapy as well as injections with no relief. I’m so grateful that I gave Airrosti a shot. Dr. Brittany is awesome! After 5 sessions with her, my foot is almost 100% pain free! I can jog again, be on my feet all day, and walk with little to no pain. My only regret is not coming to Airrosti 5 months ago. Thanks you!!

by Tanya E Wells

On my first visit with Brittany, my foot was in a terrible condition. It was swollen, burning and alot of pain. In 1 visit with Brittany my foot improved tremendously. She knows what she is doing. She gave me exercises that improved my plantar fasciitis. On top of that, Brittany is a very kind and warm human being who truly loves her work and truly cares about her patients. If you have pain go see her first before getting on medication. You can avoid alot of unnecessary side effects if you try Airrosti. This location is perfect. Easy to get in and out.

by Carmen Musat

I came to see Dr. Brittany Adewoye with upper and lower back pain. It was a straightforward process and an excellent experience! She goes out of her way to ensure all your questions are answered. She works with you to address your health concerns rather than just telling you what to do. She wants to ensure you and her are on the same page and comfortable. I know that I can present to Dr. Adewoye any concern and feel confident that she will address it with care and professionalism!

by N. Teresa Burr

Dr. B listened to my issues with my lower back. She patiently assessed and helped with relieving my pain. Dr. B provided me with the tools to allow me to manage my improvement.

by Andrew DeBenedictis

I was suffering with patellar tendinitis. Dr Brittany got me back to playing football very fast. Her treatment & exercise program were the best!

by Allie Bunch

I came in with severe lower back pain that was effecting my day to day activities. I immediately felt comfortable with Dr. Adewoye, she truly listened, was extremely friendly and easy to communicate with. I had three sessions over the course of a week and I am nearly back to 100%. I was also taught methods to recover in the event of a future re-injury that true do work and provide relief. Very thankful for Dr. Brittany Adewoye!

by Daniel White

Doctor Brittany Adewoye is amazing! I highly recommend her to anyone. I had been feeling pain for 12 consecutive days in my neck, shoulder, and arm. First visit at Airrosti doctor Brittany diagnosed me with upper cross syndrome and started treatments same day. After 3 visits in a week time, I felt like a new person. I was doing exercises at home between visits and they helped a ton. Doctor Brittany is very knowledgeable and professional. I would recommend everyone to go see her. You will not be disappointed! Thank you Doctor Brittany for all you did during my time at Airrosti.

by Uzoma Eze

Where to start? 4 visits in and I am already 90% better. Had a shoulder pain that had made me quit one gym and about to quit the less intense gym I had downgraded to. Dr. Adewoye was the consummate professional with compassion. Warm yet unrelenting. She empathized with my pain and struggles but kept guiding me to stay the course by remixing my therapy as needed but always keeping me on track and encouraging me to work through the discomfort to get to the other side. The other side feels amazing. Been unable to work for the past 2 days because I just feel too good and can’t be bothered to waste this feeling on toil right now. Sitting in office pain free and staring out at a beautiful day that mirrors how I feel inside – should I go on? (c+ show morean’t, really gotta work now 🙂 Thank you Dr. Adewoye. If pain has taken joy from you, you need to see this amazing practitioner right now. I intend to make Airrosti a part of my life now – gym membership, Airrosti regular sessions.

by Nancy Rivera

In 2020 , after my first half marathon, I started experiencing throbbing foot pain. After a year of not improving I went to a Foot Specialist. The Dr. diagnosed me with severe nerve damage and said I would have to get steroid injections on my foot. I was not able to exercise or even go for walks without experiencing pain . I didn’t wear anything but flat shoes for a year. End of 2021 into early 2022, I started feeling a throbbing/burning pain in my ankle, same foot that was giving me issues. My ankle would swell up even while sitting. I finally made an appointment with Dr. Brittany. I was skeptical that she could fix my problem of 2 years. However, immediately after my 1st appointment I noticed an improvement. I was a bit sore from the m+ show moreanual therapy, but there was no pain or throbbing. After my second appointment, my foot and ankle were finally feeling normal, I was even able to do a quick jog during my CG workout. No further therapy was required on the 3rd appointment. A few days ago I was finally able to wear heels! I regret having waited so long to get checked out by Airrosti. My experience at Airrosti was great. Dr. Brittany was very knowledge and gentle with the manual therapy. I highly recommend it to anyone.

by Adam Muro

Dr. Brittany was very professional and helped solve my constant back pain! I highly recommend!

by Jenny Fonseca

I came to the Airrosti office with a very bad lower backache. Dr. Brittany was very attentive, and knowledgeable and was able to find the reason for my discomfort and effectively treat it. Within 3 visits I was feeling like myself again.

by Miguel Guerrero

Came in with a lot of discomfort and pain due to my planters fasciitis and after 2 treatments I’m at about 90% back to normal. I highly recommend Airrosti and Dr. Britanny.

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