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Became an Airrosti Provider:2021

Undergraduate School:University of Houston

Graduate School:Texas Chiropractic College

Hometown:Witbank, South Africa

Hobbies:Trying New Foods Cooking Traveling

Interesting Facts:I am a self proclaimed "super taster"

What Airrosti Means to Me:The atmosphere at Airrosti, is by definition helpful. Doctors and rehab specialists try to help the patient feel better and return to their pain free life from start to finish. The company of Airrosti also helps and takes care of us doctors in multiple ways, and for that I am truly thankful.

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by Molly Onkka

Playing college rugby as the “hooker” (‘front row’ of the scrum) was loads of fun. It caught up to me 30 years later (esp. back and neck). I knew Michael Neely, a long time Olympia, WA chiropractor would be a great place to start. Although bummed he wasn’t a treating chiropractor a thorough review of the Airrosti website inspired me to reach out. Everyone has been great! The folks who coordinated the initial appointment answered every question from appointment to cost (including insurance coverage) to Michael (always good to see him) to Charne S. Charne is outstanding! Patient, clear, enthusiastic, extremely knowledgeable, genuinely cares, on-the-fly can modify an exercise, has a sense of humor, an accurate counter of reps, and ensures g+ show moreoals are met within the session. Having owned a referral-based, billable hour, business with software-based documentation/billing/communication system, Charne manages the session time to meet the needs of both the client and Aiirosti. Seriously, Charne is a gem. Give her a raise!

by Colleen Dominguez

Best Experience Ever! If you’re in pain, go to her! I made an appointment with Dr. Smuts after a few months of worsening hip pain. I was looking for noninvasive treatment and literally ANY relief from persistent, intense pain and muscle weakness. I could barely stand in the mornings, walked with a limp, couldn’t tie my shoes and nothing was working for me. Dr. Smuts really listened and asked lots of questions each time I went so that she could focus on exactly where treatment was needed. I felt IMMEDIATE relief at the first appointment, and I was overjoyed when I woke up the next day with better mobility and far less pain. I saw her a total of 5 times and she was absolutely amazing every time. Months after treatment she reached out to ch+ show moreeck on me and find out if the exercises and stretches were still helping- how kind is that? She, and physical therapist Christine, helped me so much and taught me so much that I feel better than I have in a very long time. It’s so rare to find a healthcare provider that is so personable and also extremely professional and takes the time to explain everything. I felt so comfortable and genuinely cared for and most importantly, I am living without pain. Thank you, Dr. Smuts!

by Alex Nyman

I came to Dr. Smuts for treatment with a severe frozen shoulder that occurred as a result of surgery. From the first day, Dr. Smuts listened with a sympathetic ear, was incredibly knowledgeable, and super helpful; I was able to wash my hair with both hands for the first time in months! Each visit I got better and better, My range of motion increased, pain decreased, and my strength improved tremendously. Dr. Smuts gave me back my life and a sense of normalcy. She believed in me even when all my providers had given up and told me there was nothing else I could do. I am forever grateful. Thank you, Dr. Smuts!

by Donna Heath

Most caring and thorough doctor’s visit I have ever had. They took the time to listen to my concerns and talk me through all my questions. I absolutely recommend this place!!!!