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Became an Airrosti Provider:2013

Graduate School:Logan College of Chiropractic

Hometown:Champaign, IL

Hobbies:Traveling, hiking, outdoors, cooking, and exploring local wineries.

Interesting Facts:I have a pretty active lifestyle, so most of my free time is spent with my family outside exploring! If you see me out on the weekends you’ll likely catch me with our 2 pups. We have both a full size and a mini Australian Shepherd who love to play and explore!

Awards and Recognitions:2020 Airrosti Regional Clinical Impact Award Winner.

Professional Affiliations:PCES – pregnancy and postpartum corrective exercise specialist

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by Courtney Covert

I have had migraines my whole life, and I recently started having a lot of neck pain that triggered my migraines. Was having migraines almost everyday because of my neck issues. Christina has completely changed my life. I have been having less and less migraines every week and I am so grateful for her giving me the tools to help relieve my pain. I have tried everything, and this is the only thing that has helped me this quickly. Thank you so much!!

by Dottie Di Liddo

I am a paramedic/firefighter and getting ready to retire in 3 months. Back pain is as much a part of life as sleepless nights are. Usually I’d have a few aches and pains but they resolved quickly and life moved on. Recently though the back pain was very bad and not going away. I was waking up at night and nauseous from the pain. I am a very active person and was pretty stressed out. I knew I wanted to be able to remain as active as possible and not further injure myself, and I wanted to be healthy enough to finish the last three months of my career. I called around and liked what I heard about Airrosti. I’ve only been to my two first visits and it’s absolutely amazing how much my back has improved in one short week. I love that everythin+ show moreg is explained to me, I love that I am encouraged (and able) to keep exercising and that I am an active participant in my healing. I can not recommend Airrosti enough, I am so happy that I chose this route to get better. Thank you Dr. Goedken for your expertise and amazing care.

by Sarah Breeden

I went to Dr. Seibert’s office looking for care for hip pain. As an active person, it was really important for me to find a provider who would be able to diagnose and treat my pain and help me get back to feeling like myself as soon as possible. Within three visits my pain had decreased by at least 75%. My mobility was better, my ability to exercise and get back to normal is definitely within reach. What I love about Dr. Seibert is that she is attentive and always making sure I felt cared for and listen to. She was able to give me tools to help diagnose and treat my pain in the first visit. The fascial release component of the treatment has really made all the difference. I also love how she was visibly excited to help me figure out what+ show more has been going on and get me back to normal. Thank you, Dr. Seibert!

by Megan Benzik

The first time I went to Airrosti I was extremely impressed by the efficiency in which they run their facility. I didn’t feel like Dr. Seibert was rushed in seeing me, yet I didn’t have to spend 2 hours there to feel like I had effective treatment. I also love how Airrosti doesn’t just tell their patients what to do, but rather they inform their patients of why they are having the problem and why they exercises will be effective. I believe having the “why” explained really makes you put forth the extra effort to help yourself recover. Typically, I would avoid going to a physical therapist to be treated simply because I didn’t have time. Knowing I don’t have to spend hours there to receive effective treatment and education has made all th+ show moree difference.

by Austin O’Neal

Dr. Seibert of Airrosti has been nothing short of amazing. Since connecting with Dr. Seibert I have felt as though I’ve had my own personal doctor in my corner at all times. If I’m not injured, Dr. Seibert still checks in with me regularly via email and also makes frequent trips to the gym. I tend to be stubborn when it comes to getting treatment but with the constant check ins from Dr. Seibert it forces me to take her up on her offers since she really does care about my well being and performance in the gym. That is one reason I love working with Dr. Seibert. She truly does care and wants to see me perform at my absolute best every single training session.

by Maike Height

One of my hobbies is ballroom dancing and as with any athletic activity the risk of injuries intensifies (due to various reason – not to mention not knowing what you’re doing 🙂 ). In one of lessons I severely pulled (possibly with a minor tear) my gluteus medius/IT band. Since I couldn’t put weight on my leg I thought this would take me out of the dancing world for at least 4-6 weeks. Since I knew Dr. Seibert from a prior injury visit I contacted her immediately and upon examination she felt that I’d be back to normal activities within 2-3 visits. Didn’t quite believe that but alas after three treatments (and diligent foam rolling and exercises of course!) I am back to my normal dance schedule! Thank you so much Dr. Seibert and Meghan!!+ show more!

by Vincent Serio

I’ve had plantar fasciitis for 4 years and it never fully healed. I didn’t want to accept that I had to live that way and wear orthodics the rest of my life. I saw Dr. Siebert and she was amazing. She knew exactly what needed to be done. It took 4 visits and a lot of at home therapy but I’m feeling great without surgery. I also had rotator cuff injuries in the past I just ignored and let heal. I was told that even though they aren’t bothering me now they never healed properly. Sure enough, my left shoulder started bothering me when I went back to the gym. Dr. Siebert pinpointed the problem quickly and I was practically pain free in one visit.

by LaRae Hilty

I was as scared as a kitten caught in a tree when it came time to have to see a doctor about some excruciating shin pain I was experiencing while running. I thought for sure I’d be told “No more running, you have seriously injured your bones and muscles, the oceans are going to dry up, the Earth is going to stop turning, apocalyptic disaster blah blah blah.” Much to my relief and surprise seeing Dr. Christina Seibert was a breeze (well not entirely but more about that later)! She very thoughtfully examined me and within minutes knew exactly what ailed me based on my super duper scientific description (me: “ouchy here” ->points to shin). I felt like rainbows shot out of my brain when she informed me it was a soft tissue injury from repeti+ show moretive use and that it was definitely fixable with some intense work … although it would be very very painful (uh oh! Thundercloud rolls in over my rainbows). The easy part was the exercises she prescribed, which included lots of foam rolling and a few targeted stretches/movements for active recovery. She introduced me to the Rocktape foam roller and I’ve been hooked! The not so fun (but kind of hilarious) part of my treatment was the myofascial release Dr. Seibert did at all three of my sessions. She warned me it would be intense due to the area she had to work on (lower leg mostly and a bit onto my i.t. band) and she did not lie! Moral of the story: after two treatments I was able to start running again. It’s baby steps from here on out, slowly building my mileage back up. I’ve been equipped with a pirate’s treasure chest of knowledge about active recovery and I feel more confident going back to my running knowing I have Dr. Seibert and Airrosti as a resource.

by Ailime Durante

As a CrossFitter, I really did a number on my shoulders after attempting the Open workout that required us to do muscle ups as the first movement. I tried getting on top of those rings over and over and over again. By the time I was done that afternoon and sat in my car, I knew I screwed up my shoulders badly: my arms were numb from my shoulders to my hands and I could barely move the steering wheel in my car. But yeah, I insisted on redoing the workout the next day. That just made things worse. Enter Airrosti into the picture. They said most injuries resolve within 3 visits and I was skeptical, after all I couldn’t put on my jacket without flinching in pain. To my surprise, I was good to go after only two visits. I am sure that + show morewithout Dr Seibert’s help, that injury would have lingered and affected the rest of my life for MUCH longer than 2 weeks. I was seriously impressed. Dr Seibert went straight to the source of pain and eliminated it quickly. I cannot recommend her enough for sports-related injuries, especially if you LOVE your sport and want to continue doing it as long as possible.

by Mona Hines

I was diagnosed with De Quervain tenosynovitis from a hand surgeon. I was given a steroid shot and when that did not relieve the pain, the surgeon immediately suggested surgery. Since the pain was in my dominant hand, I was hesitant on surgery. All Strength Training (where I workout) had a free seminar where I met Dr Seibert. She taught us the benefits of using a lacrosse ball. I began speaking to her about my condition, and she suggested I come in to see her. I was not familiar with chiropractic medicine, but I decided to give it a try. And am I glad I did! After several sessions, the pain was gone! I have full range of my hand, whereas previously the hand surgeon had me in a brace for over 6 months. Dr Seibert listens, and focuses on t+ show morehe patient! She is encouraging and wouldn’t give up on me or my hand! I have still continued doing my exercises, including icing my hand/arm. I have learned lots and all my improvement is because of Dr Seibert! Thank you very much! I was looking at surgery. But what I found was a much better alternative. Relief of the pain and someone who truly cares.

by Cameron Shepherd

When I found Airrosti and Dr. Seibert, I was already 6 months into chronic back pain and fed up with traditional physical therapy and chiropractic medicine. After my initial chat with Dr. Seibert, I was cautiously optimistic, and four appointments later I was back in the gym on my way to a full recovery. It wasn’t always fun, and it took time and effort on my part (in fact I still spend some quality time with my foam roller every single day), but I am getting stronger all the time. Dr. Seibert had a clear plan for my treatment from Day 1, and it was easy to trust her from the beginning. There’s no such thing as a quick fix to chronic pain, but Airrosti has given me the tools I need to get back to my life. And for that, I’m very grateful!+ show more

by Lawrence J.

As I reflect on my performance at this weekend’s competition, I realize just how much Airrosti has done for myself as an athlete. Hi, I am 37 years young and have been a competing athlete my entire life in some kind of sports. Sports have been a passion I have never been able to quit. I own and manage CrossFit Park Ridge in Chicago, IL, and in the past year have realized the importance of taking care of my body. Getting older has brought on certain injuries, and long painful recovery, sometimes never really healing. At times, I wanted to give up the competitive side of things and just focus on coaching but realized I didn’t have to do this after getting treated by Dr. Seibert. This is primarily due to the care and commitment she ha+ show mores given to myself and the education she provided about the importance of preventative treatment, and maintaining a pain free, healthy athletic career. Dr. Seibert has relieved the pain I was experiencing as an aging athlete, and showed me a pain free functional way moving forward. She has also shown me the value of sharing this knowledge with a community of athletes I work with on a day-to-day basis. She has done the same thing for numerous members at my gym and for that I will always be grateful. This weekend I had two teams competing in a National CrossFit Competition and the competition was fierce. There were no athlete service providers like Airrosti at the event and if it weren’t for Dr. Seibert, we would not have known how to keep our bodies maintaining competition at a high level under such extreme conditions. We over performed and had an amazing weekend! Most importantly we were “pain free,” during and after the weekend. Thanks!

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