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Became an Airrosti Provider:2016

Undergraduate School:University of Houston Main Campus

Graduate School:Texas Chiropractic College

Hometown:Houston, Texas

Hobbies:I enjoy spending time with friends and love ones and building relationships and cultivating friendships. One of my future interest and hobbies is to travel and discover and experience many vast beauties of the world.

Interesting Facts:I still enjoy watching childrens movies and reading children's books at times. A couple of my favorites include the classic Lion King and Spirit.

What Airrosti Means to Me:Airrosti means the ability to help impact the lives of others by fixing pain fast. Which allows you to get back to your hobbies, activities and things that matter most to you. I look forward to fixing your pain fast and helping your return to those things that matter most to you.

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by Brianna Centeno

I suffered from back pain off and on for 15 years and endured three lower back surgeries due to herniated discs. I was getting epidural injections in my lower back every few months with minimal results when I decided to schedule an appointment with Dr. Hicks at Airrosti. In three visits she was able to help alleviate the pain. She taught me the strategies and exercises to maintain my back health. Now, six months since my last visit with Dr. Hicks, I continue to live pain-free. I’m more active than I’ve been in years and it’s given me a boost in mood and motivation as well.

by Kathleen Decker

I called on Airrosti for some help with my IT band. 2020 brought us all new challenges and a lot of difficult change. Like many others, I ended up working at home which meant a lot more time sitting, standing with poor posture, etc. I started having some pain in my hip and legs and knew I needed some help. Thankfully, Dr. Christy Hicks came to my rescue! During my first online appointment, Dr. Hicks seamlessly diagnosed the issue I was having. The first stretch she taught me brought intense relief within the day. Thanks to Airrosti’s smart video system, Dr. Hicks was able to actually see what physical symptoms I was displaying. And thanks to Dr. Hicks’ incredible knowledge and uncanny way of teaching, I caught the scoop on the physical m+ show moreechanics of my body — plus how to make needed corrections. Within days, and despite a major weather disaster, I had received my care kit in the mail. Dr. Hicks sent videos for how to use the tools in the kit using the app (and via email), so I could get started on alleviating my symptoms right away. Dr. Hicks’ communication with me was top-notch: she checked in on my progress and kept me focused on the future — and feeling better. I have already recommended Airrosti to others and specifically recommended Dr. Hicks by name. She was an incredible resource to me. Dr. Hicks has an incredible ability to bring her technical, medical knowledge and transform it into digestible, understandable tidbits for laypeople like me. Coupling that with her clear interest in her patient’s success — not to mention her good-natured humor and ability to meet me where I was at — I had an incredible experience with Airrosti. I’ve continued the work she helped me start to stay pain-free, and I know I have ongoing access to Airrosti’s useful app. I’m good to go, many thanks to Dr. Hicks at Airrosti!

by Francis Sutton

My daughter discovered Airrosti thru cross fit. After great results, I have tried it and also had great results. We recommended it to several of our friends & family members. They have also found it to be beneficial! A family member that is still using Airrosti during the Co-Vid season recommended I try the remote plan. I had the tools I knew to use, but had lost my momentum during the pandemic and lockdown. My pain level was back up and I was not sleeping well. The pain was interfering with my daily routine. Dr. Hicks got me back on track and the remote package has helped. The roller is intense, but so very necessary! Thank you Dr Hicks for your patience and your care!

by Linda Neiman

Dr. Hicks is awesome! I have had knee, leg problems for years. I have been to every doctor imaginable, went through ever test imaginable, and a couple of surgeries which I know now was unnecessary. They never could find anything wrong with me. I cried many tears, I just wanted someone to tell me what my problem was. My husband found good reviews on next door about Airrosti and encouraged me to try them. I was very skeptical but I tried them. Due to my age I realize I will not be 100% but after going to Dr. Hicks I am 90 to 95% good. I had no idea I could be helped so much…If you have problems don’t hesitate to try them.. you won’t be disappointed.

by Brenda Lucas

I visited Dr. Hicks 3 times for plantar fasciitis. My pain level was a 10. After 3 visits I was back to dancing and walking 2 miles a day. She was very professional and educated me and my husband on how to take care of this by doing additional therapy at home. She was a joy to work with. My husband intends on seeing her for shoulder pain. Highly recommend this treatment. 👌