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Became an Airrosti Provider:2007

Graduate School:Texas Chiropractic College

Hometown:La Porte, TX

Hobbies:I love spending time with my family. I have six lovely children, five rowdy boys and one sweet girl.

Interesting Facts:I married my highschool sweetheart that I met while doing a highschool musical(I was a boy dancer...I know). I used to be a garbage man and a landscaper. I once had a pet alligator. My dog weighs over 200lbs and he's not overweight.

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by Jenny Davis

I’m a pro ultra runner from the UK, currently preparing for a solo 750-mile speed world record attempt in Antarctica. I’d been suffering from Achilles problems for the last year and no conventional medical treatment was working. After 3 Airrosti sessions, my Achilles is pain-free and I’m starting up my usual training again. The team has been incredible and I’m so grateful for their help and support in getting me to the South Pole.

by Nancy S.

I’m far from being an athlete, so I’m not your typical Airrosti patient. I heard about Airrosti from a relative, who suggested I give it a try. I immediately called and made an appointment, desperate for relief.
I knew a spinal fusion was on the horizon for me, but wanted to make sure it was truly a last resort. I’d tried epidural steroid injections, physical therapy, water therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, heat, ice, TENS units, and enough Aleve to eat through my stomach. The first time Dr. Tom Danisiewicz worked on my back, I stood up and walked out of his office pain-free for the first time in YEARS.

Unfortunately, due to extruded disc herniation with compression and nerve roots tears, the pain was back afte+ show morer a couple of weeks. It’s been a really long journey for me. I survived two lumbar surgeries and now have L-1 fastened to S-1 with rods, pins, screws and bolts (by the looks of my MRI), so my lumbar spine is REPAIRED, but it’s been a long and bumpy road to recovery. Back surgeons never tell you how awful the recovery will be!

I’ve had IT band and tendon issues, and horrific muscles spasms as a result of my surgery. Specifically, my hamstrings and quadriceps cause me tremendous suffering.

There’s only one doctor who can help me, who is kind enough to continue seeing me and helping me make myself well. In treating me, he has probably had to go outside the box to figure out what on earth to do for me, and he is always willing to take the time to figure it out. Dr. Tom is patient and kind and has worked through my many physical issues relating to my back surgery. Without him I might be laid up in bed, on disability. I’ve been discharged many times! He doesn’t have the heart to send me away, haha.

Until I get this body to cooperate, I will continue seeing him and will be forever grateful for his help. He is a fantastic doctor! I can’t say enough good things about him and his practice. He knows where every tendon and muscle is and what it is attached to and why it is hurting me! I am so thankful to have him!

by Betty F.

For years, I suffered terrible pain with plantar fasciitis for years. After a few visits with Airrosti, my foot pain was gone. Airrosti’s methods work and make lasting changes.

by Lois B.

Airrosti has effectively treated me for golfer’s elbow which i suffered with on my own for at least 6-8 months. Also I found their treatment to help me correct some other issues I was having. They did a better job with my muscle and joint aches/pains than anyone else I have ever had treatment by.

by Ronald M.

I went to Airrosti with my right shoulder having only 40-50% movement with no pain. After 4 visits with the team i was up to 90% movement with no pain. I highly recommend this type of treatment to all my friends. Thank you so much Airrosti!

by Ronald Maus

I went to Airrosti with an issue with my right shoulder having only 40-50% movement with no pain. After 4 visits with the team, I was up to 90% movement with no pain. I highly recommend this type of treatment to all my friends. Thank you so much AIRROSTI.

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