David Armstrong, DC


Became an Airrosti Provider:2011

Undergraduate School:Emporia State University

Graduate School:Parker College of Chiropractic

Hometown:Dodge City, KS

Hobbies:Working out, hunting, fishing, sitting by the firepit, smoking great meat on my pit, hanging with the family.

Interesting Facts:Was an Athletic Trainer for the Denver Broncos.

What Airrosti Means to Me:It is an awesome, selfless team that works together to get people out of pain and back doing their favorite activities.

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by Ronda Ebner

I have been a patient of Dr. Armstrong for many years. I have chronic lower back pain that flares up occasionally. During a flare up, the pain is constant and on a scale of 1 to 10 a 9.5. After one appointment, I get so much relief. Usually after 3 sessions, I am back to normal. Dr. Armstrong truly cares about his patients. I have also taken my daughters to see him for treatment. My 13 year old is a level 5 competitive cheerleader. She will ask to have airrosti treatments when she feels like she has pulled something so it doesn't get worse or cause her to not be able to go full out during practices. I am constantly recommending airrosti to others and if they want the best, go see Dr. Armstrong.

by Patricia Magoon

I had dealt with a frozen shoulder for more than one year! At times excruciatingly painful! My Doctor sent me to physical therapy on two different occasions, each time for an entire month, sadly, my shoulder seemed so badly injured that nothing helped. Then another doctor asked if I would like to see a physical therapist doctor?! I didn't realize there was such a doctor! Of course I said "yes"! I was sent to Airrosti - to Dr. David Armstrong. OMG Dr. Armstrong had part of my mobility back in 30 SECONDS!!! Most of my mobility was back in about 3 weeks!!!! Yes, part of my mobility will never return, but that is not anyone's fault. I finally have my arm back, I can reach for things again and can actually put my own clothes on again - after alm...+ show moreost 1 1/2 years! Thank you, Dr. Armstrong! God Bless you

by Natie Sutton

I have been suffering lower back pain for the last few years and this year seemed to have been getting worse. I have been to my PCP and was giving shots and pain medicines which I rarely took as I didn't want to be dependent on them and the shots only lasted about a week. I was getting worried nothing was going to help and I didn't want to result in surgery as I know people who has been through that and still have issues. My PCP recommended that I should try and I am glad they did. On the first visit, though painful, I was almost with out pain after the session. Friends and family could tell the difference, I was able to move without pain. I still have a couple of more visits but I am without a doubt pleased and very thankful for Dr D Armst...+ show morerong to work out my pain. Also want to thank Ricardo Ruiz for giving me the stretching tools to continue to help keep pain the away. THANK YOU!!

by John Kirby

I am a runner and had an injury for over a year that would not heal....a strained upper hamstring that formed scar tissue. I stretched and massaged the area as I have always known to to do with injuries but to no avail, nothing would help with this injury. I heard from advertisements of Airrosti helping local NBA players with their injuries so I made an appt. Three appointments later, the pain while running vanished. Thanks to my Airrosti trainer, the pain was gone, but also, he gave me tips and advice to help with future problems active people face on a daily basis. I am a Southwest Airlines employee that does have issues from time to time that require some form of rehab, but from what I've learned from the arrosti tech, I feel like I can ...+ show moredo on my own without an appt.

by Nora Flores

In Nov 2013 I sprained my ankle training for the half marathon. It was pretty bad. I injured it on an early Saturday morning run and was back @ work on Thursday...walking on it. Even the nurse that had to give me a thumbs up to come back to work couldn't believe it. Everyone says, "stay off the ankle" but I was so grateful to be off the crutches after only one treatment. THANK YOU DR ARMSTRONG!!!

by Racheal

Thank you Dr. Armstrong for helping my son get back on the football field as quickly as he did. We appreciate the sincere attention..

by Logan Reynolds

Dr. Armstrong is fabulous. I broke my back (got bucked off a horse) and nothing worked to take away my pain! I'm in the fitness business, so being active is an every day thing. I needed to get better. Thankfully I found Dr. Armstrong. I'm good to go now and can't thank him enough for setting me free of my back pain! He is a true professional who loves what he does. He's in it to help those that need him! Thank you Dr. Armstrong!

by Denise Saathoff

I have bad ankles from injuries when I was a young girl. I started working out as an adult and I did a run one day and after my foot started to hurt. Finally went to a doc to see why I was hurting all the time. Doc told me that I had plantar fasciitis and if it's bad I might have to look at maybe getting surgery. After two years with pain and discomfort I finally went to Dr. Armstrong. Don't know why I waited so long, but after a few visits I was feeling a whole lot better. I've been able to progress in my workouts. Highly recommend!

by Sean McL

I was playing soccer one day when I was tackled and twisted my ankle the wrong way. I felt a sharp pain in the back of my ankle, and found out it was my Achilles' tendon. I tried stretching and stretching, and continued to play. Two weeks after the incident, I was at my high school practice, doing 50 yard sprints when I felt an extreme pain go down my ankle. I finished off the sprints, but I knew I had pushed my Achilles to the max and needed to get help. So I chose Airrosti. I was nervous at first, since it was my first time. Then I met Dr. Armstrong, and he worked wonders. After the first couple minutes of treatment, I could run without pain again. Dr. Armstrong did wonders for me and I highly recommend him for anyone else.

by Caitlin McL

I was running during a soccer game when all of a sudden I had this horrible pain in my left quad. It was so bad I had to sit out, limping over to my bench. I thought I would have to miss the rest of the season because I had torn my quad muscle. However, a friend told my parents and I about this amazing treatment center, Airrosti. After some debates and fears of going to Airrosti, I can honestly say it was the greatest decision for my athletic career. I walked in terrified, but came out with a huge smile on my face. The first time I met Dr. Armstrong he made me smile and laugh, even when I was concentrating on not screaming while he was pressing on my leg. Then after his pressing I was seen by Morgan, his Recovery Specialist, to help me with...+ show more excursuses and stretches to do in order to have a speedy recovery. They were all so nice and truly cared about me and my recovery. I had only 3 more visits after that one. So what should have taken at least a month to fully recover, I was back in two weeks! Since then I have been to Airrosti many other times and had the same, speedy results. Dr. Armstrong is truly amazing and I thank him for everything he does to help athletes like me and other people get back to doing what they love. I wholeheartedly recommend going to Airrosti for any injury you may have. And again, thank you Dr. Armstrong for everything.

by Selina Padilla

I was going to a private foot physician for severe pain on my right foot due to a torn ligament and plantar fasiitus. I was headed for surgery when a co-worker told me about Airrosti. I did some research and after what I read and people saying treatment worked I decided to opt out of having surgery and head for Airrosti. Meet with Dr. Armstrong who worked on my foot and sweet Morgan who gave me exercises to do at home and work. My foot pain is gone and I can now run, walk, without pain. Thank you Dr. Armstrong for helping me get back to what I so love to do with no pain. I would highly recommend Airrosti.

by Bailei H.

Over the past years iv been going to Airrosti. I've been there for just about everything. Thumb, knee, back, but somehow Dr. Armstrong has me feeling good as new. I play all year around volleyball, so being hurt wasn't an option. Every time something started to hurt my mom would say "I'll call Dr. Armstrong" and we would go and come out with no pain. Without Dr. Armstrong I probably wouldn't be playing volleyball right now because I would be hurt. So thank you Dr. Armstrong for everything! 🙂

by Al M

For over 10 years I have suffered from chronic migraine headaches. After endless doctor visits and ridiculous amounts of medication, prior to undergoing surgery for degenerative disc disease, as a last resort and with nothing to lose I went to visit Dr. Armstrong. Much to my surprise the years of pain were minimized to almost nothing within the first visit. I canceled my surgery and to this day have had no need for it. I find that Dr. Armstrong has the magic touch when my headaches return which occasionally they do. But I certainly prefer this over all those doctor visits and useless medication and certainly prefer it over surgery. My experience with Airrosti came by chance but it is my first referral to anyone that is experiencing physical...+ show more pain.

by Jenna V.

I cannot thank Dr. Armstrong enough for what he has done for me. My first Airrosti experience was following a shoulder injury. After straining my shoulder I finished my basketball practice thinking it was no big deal. I woke up the next morning barely able to roll out of bed or get ready for school, and we faced our biggest rivals later that night. There was no way I was going to play. A friend recommended that I see Dr. Armstrong and he was kind enough to get me in for an appointment with him that day. I walked in with some skepticism and walked out like a new person. I played the entire game with hardly any pain and was completely healed after two more visits. Since then I've returned with ankle injuries and have had the same fantastic re...+ show moresults. I feel confident that injuries with not be a factor in hindering my athletic career thanks to Dr. Armstrong and his awesome treatment, as well as the recovery and strengthening tips from Morgan. I recommend Airrosti to anyone suffering any type of pain or injury because of the excellent results and friendly faces.

by Mischelle V.

In the past year I have had a problem with numbness in both of my hands and arms. In the last 3 months the numbness got progressively worse, happened all day long. It finally got so bad that I went to see my PCP. Of course they did the usual steps of a nerve conduction test which showed mild carpal and ulnar tunnel. Injections and surgery were discussed, but I did not want to go that route. Went to see David and within the first visit noticed a BIG change. For the first time in a long time I was able to sleep through out the night without any tingling or numbness waking me up. Love the feeling that my problem could be resolved with surgery. Thank you David and Morgan!!!

by Heather W.

For 7 years, I had a chronic injury that produced pain and popping under my left shoulder blade. This pain caused me undo stress which lead to headaches. Other doctors were not able to pin point the problem or take away my ongoing pain. I figured I would just have to deal with it. I didn't believe that Dr. Armstrong would be able to help me until I finally went for my first treatment! My pain decreased and so did the popping! I only wish I would have known about Airrosti to begin with. After only a few more visits and exercises, to continue on my own, I was PAIN FREE!!! Now, I sometimes forget the injury ever existed, it's fantastic! Now, Airrosti, is my Go To Stop after any injury or discomfort. I have been seen for a crick in ...+ show moremy neck, sprained foot and SI problems due to pregnancy. For each of these I have had a rapid and full recovery! Thanks Dr. Armstrong and all those at Airrosti!

by Justin Leggett

I injured my shin in late October and thought there was no way I would be able to run the San Antonio marathon. After three treatments with Dr. Armstrong I was able to compete and finish the marathon with no pain whatsoever. I highly recommend this method of treatment.

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